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Wizard's Holiday

Wizard's Holiday ☆ Wizard's Holiday ✓ Diane Duane - Wizard's Holiday, Wizard s Holiday Rest and relaxation that s what Nita thinks she s going to get when she and her partner wizard Kit go on a wizardly cultural exchange program But nothing about wizardry not even vacation is ever quite

  • Title: Wizard's Holiday
  • Author: Diane Duane
  • ISBN: 9780152052072
  • Page: 231
  • Format: Paperback

☆ Wizard's Holiday ✓ Diane Duane, ☆ Wizard's Holiday ✓ Diane Duane, Wizard's Holiday, Diane Duane, Wizard s Holiday Rest and relaxation that s what Nita thinks she s going to get when she and her partner wizard Kit go on a wizardly cultural exchange program But nothing about wizardry not even vacation is ever quite that simple. ☆ Wizard's Holiday ✓ Diane Duane - Wizard's Holiday, Wizard s Holiday Rest and relaxation that s what Nita thinks she s going to get when she and her partner wizard Kit go on a wizardly cultural exchange program But nothing about wizardry not even vacation is ever quite

  • ☆ Wizard's Holiday ✓ Diane Duane
    231Diane Duane
Wizard's Holiday

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  1. Diane Duane has been a writer of science fiction, fantasy, TV and film for than thirty years.Besides the 1980 s creation of the Young Wizards fantasy series for which she s best known, the Middle Kingdoms epic fantasy series, and numerous stand alone fantasy or science fiction novels, her career has included extensive work in the Star Trek TM universe, and many scripts for live action and animated TV series on both sides of the Atlantic, as well as work in comics and computer games She has spent a fair amount of time on the New York Times Bestseller List, and has picked up various awards and award nominations here and there.She lives in County Wicklow, in Ireland, with her husband of twenty years, the screenwriter and novelist Peter Morwood.Her favorite color is blue, her favorite food is a weird kind of Swiss scrambled potato dish called maluns, she was born in a Year of the Dragon, and her sign is Runway 24 Left, Hold For Clearance From her official website

  2. This has to be my favorite of the Young Wizards series, although others come close The premise, the story, the characters, the places everything Duane did fantastically in her other books gets stepped up a notch.While Kit and Nita s journey was strange and eye opening and seeing the depths of the Lone One s ambiguous deviousness was fun especially as a girl this time But it has to be admitted it was the events with the foreign exchange wizards back on Earth that stole the show.I like watching Da [...]

  3. The first 70% of this wizard exchange holiday was everything you d expect of alien wizards visiting and getting to know other worlds and cultures good, wacky fun some clashing of worlds and nice, relaxing kickback time at the beach The last 30% proves that there s no such thing as a holiday for our poor wizards.The pacing did feel a little off on this one, and with Nita and Kit s half of the story in particular, the resolution almost feels like it comes out of nowhere I m sure there are hints th [...]

  4. This was different in some ways It was nice to see Dairinne being smacked down by the planetary wizards And by her coworkers However, while her ego may have been cut down some, I don t think it affected her basic self confidence Nita and Kit are sent off on a holiday that of course, turned out to be anything but an actual holiday.Dairinne s wizardly guests turned out to be just different enough to drive her nutse had to stop one in all innocence from eating part of their house and lets not even [...]

  5. Another good book in this series In this one, Nita and Kit go on holiday to a paradise planet where people live long, simple lives and die in peace, remaining afterwards as whispers that comfort those left behind Only problem They ve permanently locked themselves in this state They can t evolve any further and they need to.Meanwhile, back at the ranch, three alien wizards are visiting Yes, it s all a big student exchange program One s a tree, one s a gigantic bug and the other s a stuck up alien [...]

  6. Dear Diane Duane,Who told you you could do that Because you shouldn t be able to do that Just sayin.Much love and fist shaking ,Nancy

  7. I think this marks the point where the series, or perhaps Nita and Kit themselves, begin to mature Before I begin the spoiler part of this review, I ll say this much nobody gets a holiday Bet you d never guess that view spoiler The really interesting part of this book, to me, anyway, is that it implies that the Lone Power is actually necessary to spur races civilizations on towards growth Previous to this, at least in the books I ve read of this series, It s invention, death, has been played as [...]

  8. One of my favorites in the series so far It s funny to see something as ordinary as a student exchange program be entirely different with wizardry Who would expect a giant centipede, a talking Christmas tree, and a prince to be lounging in their living room This book probably was the funniest so far Some of it was in the dialogue, and some in the situation Picture the aforementioned Christmas tree wearing a baseball cap.On thing that I thought was cool was how the author developed Roshaun s char [...]

  9. This series just gets better and better Diane Duane has some pretty deep things to say about entropy and choice which I found very interesting and will continue to ponder Most fantasy series don t go this deep while still staying this entertaining and enjoyable to read I also enjoyed going back and forth between Nita Kit s story with Quelt on Alaalu and Dairine s story at home with Sker ret, Filif, and Roshaun I don t always enjoy books that go back and forth between two different stories, but t [...]

  10. A re read to prep me for new book coming out soon I tend to forget just how good Diane Duane s Young Wizards series is Highly recommended for all children and young adults who like to read fantasy I personally think this series is better than Harry Potter and almost on par with Dianne Wynne Jones Be sure to start with the first one So You Want to Be a Wizard and to read them in order.

  11. My favorite out of the series by a honking mile not that the others are bad, this one is just that good It s not often when the A and B plots are almost equally as enjoyable, and the balance here is phenomenal though I confess to liking Dari s story a bit than Nita s, simply because I prefer and relate to Dari better than Nita And the Sun Prince Hoo yeah Wizard s Holiday, rated 14 , rated 5 5 stars.

  12. Dairine s dealing with no longer being the kid wizard prodigy, Kit and Nita feel like real grown ups now, and the wizard cultural exchange program is a brilliant premise Plus every scene between Roshaun and Carmela is PURE GOLD.

  13. While I enjoyed reading this book, I had some very mixed feelings about one of the two main plots in it I also got a bit confused by some of the details.The main idea of the story is that Nita and Kit end up partaking in what was explained to be a sort of wizard exchange program wizards visit other cultures, and in return, their home is used to house exchange wizards from other planets However, the math of it didn t make any sense to me I figured Nita and Kit would go to a home where one or two [...]

  14. While I enjoyed the premise of the book, I feel that there are a few too many things that were lacking to give this story a better rating.First the things I liked I loved how very varied the alien species are throughout these series They re not just humanoids with extra bits tacked on and with the widely different species, the dangers and fears and cultures are tailored to show that I particularly enjoyed the parts where human culture was shown as kind of terrifying to other species.And Ponch Oh [...]

  15. Young Wizards book 7.If a people is stagnant, does an outsider have the right, or even an obligation, to disturb the waters and make them move forward Nita s sister Dairine applies, without permission, for a sort of interstellar exchange program Her punishment when caught is that Dairi is restricted to the Solar system, while Nita and Kit the titular Young Wizards take the trip The planet Alaalu seems a paradise, a place where the people rejected the Lone Power and Its gift of entropy The inhabi [...]

  16. Dairine signs herself and Nita up for an excursion , but gets in trouble for it and is grounded But Nita and Kit are allowed to take advantage of it for a trip to Alaalu, and Ponch goes too Since it is an exchange program, Dairine is left at home to cope with the three alien exchange students assigned to them Initially with hilarious consequences, but later things become serious when the Sun begins to show signs of major problems Meanwhile on Alaalu, the family with which Kit and Nita are stayin [...]

  17. The title is obviously a reference to Busman s Holiday , the idea being that people ostensibly go away on holiday and then wind up doing the same thing that they d do at home That s slightly unfortunate for the characters, but good for us as readers.This book introduces several new characters, but it works well they all get enough time to stand out and become memorable There are also 2 plots going on, with a thematic link but no real interaction between them view spoiler Interestingly, 1 of them [...]

  18. This was good, although I m getting tired of the Wizard books the longer they go on The one before this was really boring, so unless the next book is terribly exciting and has character development, I don t know if I ll read it The new characters in this book were awesome though, and Dairine s part of the story was exciting I always thought Nita liked Kit, but this seems to be ignored in the book.

  19. Nita s ready for a vacation A real vacation this time Not something forced on her by her parents or The Powers That Be At least Spring Break has arrived Two whole weeks off from school, with nothing but voluntary wizardry to take up her time Still, even that might be nice to get away fromGood thing Dairine has done her research Apparently there s a sort of Wizard Exchange Program in place so that wizards can witness other species techniques of wizardry without having to deal with the Lone Power. [...]

  20. Wizard s Holiday is the seventh book in the Young Wizard series by Diane Duane, a YA fantasy series which starts with So You Want to Be a Wizard I generally recommend reading the series in order The plot of this installment is basically wizards student exchange program with aliens Nita and Kit head off to stay at a strange planet where everything seems like it should be perfect, but there s a lingering sense of unease Dairine plays host to three alien visitors Uh, popi, Kit said, uh, is it okay [...]

  21. The story itself was a good one, but I almost always find myself wanting of an epilogue with these books They just end too abruptly for my tastes I want to hear Nita and Kit telling her family and Tom and Carl what happened on their trip, and I want to hear Dairine, their dad, and their guests telling Nita and Kit what they missed I want to see Nita and Kit meeting their guests I want reactions

  22. After the events of the last few errantry assignments, Nita, Kit, and Dairine are pretty exhausted Dairine decides to apply for a wizard s vacation without permission and gets grounded to the solar system she can t go outside our little circle of planets Bummer but Nita and Kit and the dog Ponch are accepted to go, and they re sent to the lovely world of Alaalu, where people are tall and sunburned looking and the entire planet is basically a beach Nita and Kit make their plans and get to hang ou [...]

  23. I read this back when it came out, but remembered very little of it Reading a retrospective of the series at online SFF magazine Strange Horizons made me want to catch up on the last few entries, and this was suggested as a good point to step back in and catch up.Dairine, wanting to get away from the tense atmosphere that still hangs in the Callahan household after the events of The Wizard s Dilemma, signs herself and Nita up for an exchange program that would send them halfway across the univer [...]

  24. Note this is the 7th in the Young Wizards seriesNita, Kit and Dairine are hoping for a break from the craziness of their lives Dairine signs up for a wizardly intergalactic exchange program Kit Nita head for the planet Alaalu, while 3 wizards come to stay at with Dairine her father But this turns out to not be as much of a vacation as they d hoped Nita Kit relax on the peaceful planet, getting to know the friendly family they stay with But they slowly begin to realize that this is too good to be [...]

  25. The latest in the Young Wizards series Dairine, Nita, and their father are all still coping with the death of Mrs Callahan in a previous book, and not doing it all that well yet Dairine signs herself and Nita up for a wizards cultural exchange program, unfortunately without first consulting Nita, their supervisory wizards, or their father When the truth comes out, Mr Callahan and the senior wizards ground Dairine Nita and Kit go off on the cultural exchange program, while Dairine stays home with [...]

  26. There are moments in the lives of people, of nations, of cultures, of worlds, on which everything to come afterward hands, or turns like the hinge of a door If intervention comes at one moment, the door swings one way If it comes a moment early, a moment late, the hinge swings another And sometimes no intervention, regardless of its size, is enough to change the way the door swings For a minute, I thought this was going to be a light hearted Young Wizards book, after the last two book s deeper s [...]

  27. Oh, how I love my little wizards.I really enjoyed the introduction of these new characters for this book and, as I understand it, they will be coming along for the ride in the next, so I get to spend time with them Filif is my new buddy and I am not ashamed to say that one of my favorite characters is basically vegetation The plotline of this one was far engaging than many in the past and was a welcome departure from the clear, black and white mentality of Kit and Nita s adventures fighting t [...]

  28. So this one is marked as read before on Shelfari, but I m almost positive this was my first read These books fell off my radar at some point and I just never got around to finishing the series, well, catching up, really.Anyway, another fine offering by Diane Duane I like the fact that the books still feel innovative and fresh, even after such a long time and a somewhat repetitive story arc though much better than most of fantasy.I also find it interesting that they re moving towards cliffhangers [...]