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The Wizard's Dilemma

The Wizard's Dilemma [PDF] Download ✓ The Wizard's Dilemma : by Diane Duane - The Wizard's Dilemma, The Wizard s Dilemma Not everything can be fixed with magic young wizards Kit and Nita are having such a tough time coping with adolescence they go their separate ways But then Nita gets some bad news Her mother has canc

  • Title: The Wizard's Dilemma
  • Author: Diane Duane
  • ISBN: 9780152054915
  • Page: 143
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Download ✓ The Wizard's Dilemma : by Diane Duane, [PDF] Download ✓ The Wizard's Dilemma : by Diane Duane, The Wizard's Dilemma, Diane Duane, The Wizard s Dilemma Not everything can be fixed with magic young wizards Kit and Nita are having such a tough time coping with adolescence they go their separate ways But then Nita gets some bad news Her mother has cancer and it may be incurable by medical or magical means. [PDF] Download ✓ The Wizard's Dilemma : by Diane Duane - The Wizard's Dilemma, The Wizard s Dilemma Not everything can be fixed with magic young wizards Kit and Nita are having such a tough time coping with adolescence they go their separate ways But then Nita gets some bad news Her mother has canc

  • [PDF] Download ✓ The Wizard's Dilemma : by Diane Duane
    143Diane Duane
The Wizard's Dilemma

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  1. Diane Duane has been a writer of science fiction, fantasy, TV and film for than thirty years.Besides the 1980 s creation of the Young Wizards fantasy series for which she s best known, the Middle Kingdoms epic fantasy series, and numerous stand alone fantasy or science fiction novels, her career has included extensive work in the Star Trek TM universe, and many scripts for live action and animated TV series on both sides of the Atlantic, as well as work in comics and computer games She has spent a fair amount of time on the New York Times Bestseller List, and has picked up various awards and award nominations here and there.She lives in County Wicklow, in Ireland, with her husband of twenty years, the screenwriter and novelist Peter Morwood.Her favorite color is blue, her favorite food is a weird kind of Swiss scrambled potato dish called maluns, she was born in a Year of the Dragon, and her sign is Runway 24 Left, Hold For Clearance From her official website

  2. Nita s having some problems.First, she s started high school, and while she s still considered brainy, her subjects aren t coming as easily to her as they used to She s starting to feel kinda inadequate next to Kit, who, though a year younger, is still breezing through everything.Going along with that, she s not quite sure what to do about Kit Their partnership is hitting some rough water, and she can t understand how he can insist on being sowrong It s affecting their friendship and their wizar [...]

  3. I will forever be glad I was warned of the subject matter of this particular book in the series in advance, in as spoiler less a way as possible It didn t ruin the book for me, and I don t think it made it hit less hard either.The title of this book is truly fitting When you struggle to find any way but destroying life to save other life, there s not always a clean and happy way out It may take you places you d never imagined going.I went through a very similar situation minus the wizardry, and [...]

  4. Diane Duane writes the most elegant and beautiful wizardry, with Kit and Nita using the Speech and the elements to arrange their spells in an artistically creative way Using the Speech they can understand all living creatures, even the rocks and the water With their motivation being to harm nothing and to assist life whenever possible, they travel the universe on quests They fight the Lone One Evil Incarnate and they liaise with alien wizards And then there are the problems of growing up Nita is [...]

  5. TW view spoiler illness hospitals hide spoiler More like dilemmas, because my word, were there a lot of them I loved this This is what I was hoping the last book would be like Yes, we re still dealing with the Lone Power and Its deceptive ways, but the conflict here is personal to Nita and her family as it directly effects them all At the core of it, without giving too much away, the Dilemma s is that wizardry can be used for so many things moving planets, creating new alien lifebots, stopping [...]

  6. In this one, Nita s mother has cancer and Nita has a dilemma try to cure her mother and ultimately fail, or make a deal with the Lone Power, cure her mother and lose her wizardry forever.Except it s not that simple It never is For one, everyone knows that if you make a deal with the devil, look out for the fine print Or better yet, don t make any deals to begin with Nita doesn t see any other way out.There s boy girl trouble in this one as Nita s mother rephrases one of Robert Heinlein s timele [...]

  7. Yet another book in this series that broke my heart Such beautiful writing Nita gets the terrible news that her mother is dying of cancer In between hospital visits, Nita searches for a dangerous and elusive wizardry that will cure her mother, but the price may be than she can pay She and her wizarding work partner, Kit, have suffered a misunderstanding that keeps them apart Determined to find a cure on her own, Nita falls prey to the evil Lone One, not realizing that Kit might have stumbled on [...]

  8. Montana Library 2GoChanged rules in the middle of a series, shallow everywhere, horrible Kindle transcription, all combine to spoil what could have been a touching and meaningful installment in the Young Wizards books Apparently Duane decided that the rules she had created for this world were not satisfactory to her, because she s changed the way the wizardry works It was annoying enough before that she was insisting on pretending that wizardry was definitely not magic but also not science, bein [...]

  9. Welp, this one took me a long time to finish I m still not quite sure how that happened Part of it was that I started the book while I had far too many things on my plate and thus got distracted But part of it was that at a certain point in The Wizard s Dilemma, I felt like I could see where all of the pieces were, where they needed to go, and had a pretty good idea of how they were going to get there and I really wanted them to just be there already, instead of making me wait I suspect that thi [...]

  10. This book may take a little longer to get into than the previous installments, but once it does, it is the same roller coaster ride as always For the first time since their Ordeal, Nita and Kit have had a major fight Unsure of how to reconcile, they drift their seperate ways for a while And everything is just made ten times worse when Nita s family gets the news her mother has brain cancer.Nita s only hope seems to lie in a very difficult and technical type of wizardry that involves manipulating [...]

  11. A very clever entry in the series, this deals with the issue of parental loss in a genuinely unexpected way And it also finally confronts head on the elephant in the room of all modern world fantasy that if you have superpowers magic, why can t you solve everything And the ending is wonderful I didn t find it as affecting as that of 8, but probably that s because I haven t personally experienced that sort of loss as compared to the situation in 8 But I would certainly put this book on the readin [...]

  12. This isn t the first time I read it, but apparently I didn t review before This one, it s a bit dark The good triumphs in the end, or less, but before the end Nita almost makes a mistake and makes a deal with the devil so to speak As Tom or Carl asked her, Are you doing this for her mother or for you Nita s mother was amazing I think that while I did understand the moral dilemma the first time I ve read it, this time I got out of it and focused on the adult figures

  13. The best part of this book Mrs Callahan s fight with the lone power Seriously, it s like a whole star on it s own I now love Nita s mom She was barely in any of the others and then she comes along with this awesome little scene How could you not love her The worst part of this book The person I usually like a lot Nita She was just sowell, I guess you ll have to read the book to know, because I can t think of the right way to describe it.

  14. Exceptional entry into this series I won t say much, as pretty much everything would be a spoiler but this contains some of Duane s best writing that I ve encountered so far, and it handles extraordinarily difficult and painful topics with a lot of grace I appreciate this book tremendously.

  15. Honestly, this one is going to end up a very long review in time, so please feel free to grab some snacks, pull up a chair, brew some tea, get a blankie, call your family and tell them that you love them that last part actually not being said in jest.Well AnywaySo here we have The Wizard s Dilemma, easily one of my favorite books in the YW series I absolutely could not stop thinking about it, to the exclusion of most topics of conversation for the unfortunate few who were forced to be anywhere n [...]

  16. I own the first four books of this series and don t have anything beyond them marked on , despite knowing that I ve probably read through the seventh book before Strangely, I didn t know how long ago she began this series 1983 or how recently she updated it 2016 , and I find myself wondering how many dedicated fans will seek out the most recent book, and whether I will eventually be one of them Re reading, I observed how some of the manual s functions resemble a cell phone, and I doubt those pow [...]

  17. Of all the books in the series I ve read so far, this one felt closest to the original for me I think this was probably largely because it takes place in NYC, while the 2nd 4th books in the series take Nita and Kit to a wide variety of other places I also felt much emotionally invested in this one than in the 2nd 4th books, probably because the plot was much personal for Nita and Kit In books 2, 3, and 4, our heroes are helping out in situations that are really other peoples problems to some e [...]

  18. Young wizard Nita Callahan has faced death several times But now she must face it in a new way Nita s mother has an aggressive, advanced form of cancer, for which the treatment plan is essentially write your will But Nita isn t going to give up that easily Her wizard s manual gives no answers, so she will find one herself She travels to strange pocket universes to gain the skills she thinks she needs, meeting fellow wizards and the Transcendent Pig But is it enough If not, she is prepared to dea [...]

  19. Huh You know, I m not really sure what to say about this one It is a painful book to read But good I want to meet the Transcendent Pig Not to ask questions or anything We could just hang out.

  20. The Wizard s Dilemma The Fifth Book in the Young Wizards Seriesby Diane Duane 3 stars Nita and Kit are back , for anther magical adventure But this time Nita must fight the Lone Power alone The book starts off with Nita and Kit fight about how to solve a problem Nita gets so mad at Kit she leaves him to solve it all by himself it not in the book , but I think Nita is mad at Kit because both she and her little sister both have a small crush on him Nita and Kit stop talking , for two reasons one K [...]

  21. Volume 5 of the series becomes a bit harrowing, as Nita s mother has cancer, and Nita is desperately trying to save her The story is a bit rambling than usual, but that may be because Nita herself is so worried and confused Still a very interesting and touching book, and the ending is a bit of a pleasant surprise when Mom is able to help herself to some degree.Note Nita goes to practice sessions and learns a lot about kernels in the planetary sense, hoping it will help her find her mother s ke [...]

  22. To what lengths would you go to save someone you love I cried while I read this book Actually, just thinking about it brings tears to my eyes The Wizard s Dilemma is a book with a lot of emotional difficulty to it, but that s part of what makes it so powerful.The Wizard s Dilemma is the fifth installment in the Young Wizard s series, which starts with So You Want to Be a Wizard I don t think you necessarily need to have read all four of the previous books to understand this one, but I think it w [...]

  23. This is a very moving story in its own right It s also a good installment in the series, setting up some concepts which will be important in later novels view spoiler This is the story which introduced the phrase Out of ambit the title of the author s blog However, that s one of those plot points which suffers a bit in the updated edition If Nita couldn t send Kit a message through her manual then why not text him instead You can send me text messages while my phone is turned off or out of range [...]

  24. This happened to be the next book in the series, which I am rereading It also happens to be about one of the main character s mother dying Two days ago was the fifth anniversary of my father s death I wasn t so sure I could manage this book I cried plenty but I did finish the book There are two distinct subplots going through the story and I m still not so sure how they tie together so that is why a star was lost Nita s and Dairinne s story was well written The shock and sense of unreality and d [...]

  25. Currently rereading the series after a few years The Wizard s Dilemma is the kind of book that will rip your heart out and hand it to you with a look that says now what will you do The themes are all too familiar as is the point Life is forced to deal with entropy and death, and how we do says a lot about us The Wizard s Dilemma puts Nita in a position that forces her to examine how far she d go to keep her Oath, and what the price and consequence of failing might be But it also forces the reade [...]

  26. Nita and Kit have been partners in wizardry since well, since they started practicing wizardry What are they supposed to do now that everything in their lives seems to be pushing them apart Plenty of non magical issues are affecting Nita s life, including her problems with school and her issues relating to Kit over what kinds of action they should take, and Kit for his part seems to have a wizard of a dog wandering off into other dimensions places he wants to follow With all this going on, Nita [...]

  27. This may be one of my two favorites of the young wizards series the other is Deep Wizardry At this point in my life, I found the hospital scenes so hard to read Almost too much reality there But it s such a strong story Nita s mom rocks As does her dad, really, and Kit s parents, and Tom and Karl, and Seriously, it is so refreshing to read a YA fantasy series in which the adults, as well as the kids, are treated with respect, as the complex people they are The dilemmas 14 year old Nita and her l [...]