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Footfall [PDF] Footfall | by ↠ Larry Niven Jerry Pournelle - Footfall, Footfall They first appear as a series of dots on astronomical plates heading from Saturn directly toward Earth Since the ringed planet carries no life scientists deduce the mysterious ship to be a visitor f

  • Title: Footfall
  • Author: Larry Niven Jerry Pournelle
  • ISBN: 9780345418425
  • Page: 254
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Footfall | by ↠ Larry Niven Jerry Pournelle, [PDF] Footfall | by ↠ Larry Niven Jerry Pournelle, Footfall, Larry Niven Jerry Pournelle, Footfall They first appear as a series of dots on astronomical plates heading from Saturn directly toward Earth Since the ringed planet carries no life scientists deduce the mysterious ship to be a visitor from another star The world s frantic efforts to signal the aliens go unanswered The first contact is hostile the invaders blast a Soviet space station seize the survivors They first appear a. [PDF] Footfall | by ↠ Larry Niven Jerry Pournelle - Footfall, Footfall They first appear as a series of dots on astronomical plates heading from Saturn directly toward Earth Since the ringed planet carries no life scientists deduce the mysterious ship to be a visitor f

  • [PDF] Footfall | by ↠ Larry Niven Jerry Pournelle
    254Larry Niven Jerry Pournelle

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  1. Laurence van Cott Niven s best known work is Ringworld Ringworld, 1 1970 , which received the Hugo, Locus, Ditmar, and Nebula awards His work is primarily hard science fiction, using big science concepts and theoretical physics The creation of thoroughly worked out alien species, which are very different from humans both physically and mentally, is recognized as one of Niven s main strengths.Niven also often includes elements of detective fiction and adventure stories His fantasy includes The Magic Goes Away series, which utilizes an exhaustible resource, called Mana, to make the magic a non renewable resource Niven created an alien species, the Kzin, which were featured in a series of twelve collection books, the Man Kzin Wars He co authored a number of novels with Jerry Pournelle In fact, much of his writing since the 1970s has been in collaboration, particularly with Pournelle, Steven Barnes, Brenda Cooper, or Edward M Lerner.He briefly attended the California Institute of Technology and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in mathematics with a minor in psychology from Washburn University, Topeka, Kansas, in 1962 He did a year of graduate work in mathematics at the University of California at Los Angeles He has since lived in Los Angeles suburbs, including Chatsworth and Tarzana, as a full time writer He married Marilyn Joyce Fuzzy Pink Wisowaty, herself a well known science fiction and Regency literature fan, on September 6, 1969.Niven won the Hugo Award for Best Short Story for Neutron Star in 1967 In 1972, for Inconstant Moon, and in 1975 for The Hole Man In 1976, he won the Hugo Award for Best Novelette for The Borderland of Sol.Niven has written scripts for various science fiction television shows, including the original Land of the Lost series and Star Trek The Animated Series, for which he adapted his early Kzin story The Soft Weapon He adapted his story Inconstant Moon for an episode of the television series The Outer Limits in 1996.He has also written for the DC Comics character Green Lantern including in his stories hard science fiction concepts such as universal entropy and the redshift effect, which are unusual in comic bookscmillan author larryn

  2. In the vast reaches of the immeasurable cosmos, a tiny dot is traveling at immense speed, in the background of the flickering lights, seen from the oblivious, distant Earth, the unimaginable is arriving, a small, unimportant looking object, first not recognized by the people of the third planet, the preoccupied astronomers, for what it is orbiting an average star, called Sol Aliens, at last, are coming, we are not, is it good or bad, who knows Alonee destination, is our world, unprepared, divide [...]

  3. Footfall is an Independence Day the movie type book, about an alien invasion and a wide range of humans across the globe reacting to said invasion I m sure you ve seen Independence Day and I hope you didn t like it because it sucked but have you seen Mars Attacks now that is a great alien invasion film smart and hilarious Footfall is much better than Independence Day but it is a far cry from Mars Attackse first thing you should know about Footfall is that the aliens in question who are invading, [...]

  4. Moderately entertaining artifact of the 1980s, predictably sociologically dated and occasionally downright embarrassing in its treatment of sexual issues , but that isn t the biggest problem here Footfall is a shining example of science fiction s general refusal to face up to the challenge of conceiving a plausible invasion by an extraterrestrial power without stacking the deck severely in humanity s favor through biology, psychology, or plain old stupidity Here our species faces the peril of a [...]

  5. A good alien invasion story with some fresh aspects to it The enemy resemble small elephants and have a herd culture to match This leads to many misunderstandings but also to some opportunities I thought the opening was really good, with the introduction of some interesting characters It was fun to learn about the enemy, called snouts by humans The late middle sagged a bit for me but it picked up again at the end SF writers become some heroes in this one That was cool The book is long and I felt [...]

  6. I thought long and hard about giving this one 4 stars It was really a toss upI think on a different day, I might have done so I really enjoyed this book, but sometimes it felt like there was a lot of fluff in it I listened to the audio of the book, hoping to finish in time to discuss it with the SFF Audio crew Unfortunately, I didn t quite finish in time Their podcast episode was pretty good, it summed up a lot of my feelings.One thing mentioned on the podcast was that this book wasn t particula [...]

  7. Footfall is a fun alien invasion story, full of up tempo optimism and enthusiastic good feeling for humanity, science fiction, and The Right Stuff It s a happy, fast paced beach read in the spirit of Independence Day.

  8. Elephant like aliens attack Earth Plucky Earthlings fight back It s actually not at all bad if you like that kind of thing.This book was described somewhere as a rich tapestry I recently read 99 Ways To Tell A Story, which has a witty page telling the story using the conventions of the Bayeux Tapestry, and I suddenly saw Footfall retold in the same way.I think it would work quite well To start off with, in a tapestry you expect all the characters to be two dimensional What else would they be And [...]

  9. This is an excellent invasion from outer space book The kind of good, old fashioned slam bang adventure that was very prevalent in SF at one time.One quirk of these elephantine invaders is they will fight but if they surrender, they belong to the winning side permanently So they are confused when humans surrender and then fight back They consider those humans to be dangerously rogue , and kill them instead of conquering them.Also, one of the aliens is captured by our side and becomes a part of a [...]

  10. Audiobook is 24 hrs About 41 2 hours in There s a zillion well 124 characters, lots of women and sexual intrigue, and it s set nearly in the present, with an oncoming alien attack I guess they were going for a mainstream bestseller like Lucifer s Hammer 8 years earlier , and apparently they succeeded, back in the 80 s It starts slow I m listening in the car, and get confused as to who s talking There s a lot of Russian Cold War stuff that we don t worry about much these days At least someone jus [...]

  11. Although I generally enjoy Niven and Pournelle s work, this one was just too heavy handed Footfall was everything I dislike about sci fi condensed into one book self gratifying and self absorbed writers writing themselves as heroes, ridiculous aliens, extreme nationalism, sexism up the whazoo, and a complete disregard for character development Some of these are explainable though not justifiable from a context sensitive reading Indeed, maybe I wouldn t have hated this book if I d read it in 1985 [...]

  12. I was hooked on Niven and Pournelle ever since I read A Mote in God s Eye, which hit every right button for a space based alien contact epic Footfall told a story closer to home, asking what if the aliens came to us at Earth, what would we really do, how would different groups of people react, and how would the aliens respond to the alien ness of us Though it s familiar territory, Footfall really delves into the human aspect, extrapolating from hard science and politics to paint a very plausible [...]

  13. In this day of wonderful, kind, helpful aliens or omnipotent, unstoppable, tree hugging, environmentalist aliens a nice old fashioned invaders from outer space story is kind of nice I like it I enjoyed it Not only a good yarn like the word okay, a good story gh but also some nice insights into the way people think While I can t quite give a blanket recommendation to Larry Niven s works, this is one I really like So, prepare for the worstd ready yourself for aliens who want to dominate the world. [...]

  14. 1995 The first and best Science Fiction I ever read I loved every second 2016 I thought it was time for a revisit to one of the best books I d ever read and the book that taught me big busy was nothing to fear when picking a book The cast of characters were many Wes Dawson is wonderful, one character makes me mist up near the end, we re offered better female characters from Niven, there are aliens I could hate and even care about a few.A word of note to readers When Archangel Michael is launched [...]

  15. More catastrophe survivalist misogyny from Niven and Pournelle Maybe it s because I just recently read Lucifer s Hammer, or maybe I m getting older, but I m finding my earlier affection for Niven s work fading I m sure there s a literary term for what the author s have done in Footfall and L.H but I m going to have to describe it All of the characters we meet and there are a lot make the right decisions and are clearly superior to the common people who we don t ever really get to know Put anothe [...]

  16. Compulsively readable page turner Perhaps the most realistic aliens invasion of earth novel I have ever read My second time around reading this, 15 years later, left me with nearly the same high level of delight as last time.And the importance of science fiction writers to the war effort Maybe less realistic, but still a lot of fun.Of course, aliens invading earth is really the perfect setup for what is a pro military somewhat conservative world view Endless accumulation of nuclear weapons Wish [...]

  17. d blood, amazingly red, hemoglobin for sure, like some madman had bombed a Red Cross blood bank The metaphors, amazingly compared, similes for sure, like some hackmen had written a crappy genre book without really giving a shit.

  18. I think one of the things I like best about Footfall is the sheer scope of the story It s fitting, I think, for an end of the world story to have a giant cast and a universal reach in this case, outside of the galaxy and spanning 15 years between when the story starts and when the invasion of Earth begins.I like big sprawling books that you can really sink into People talk about world building and I vaguely understand care about what they say, but world building like Larry Niven does in Footfall [...]

  19. Worst Aliens Ever.But seriously, that s 5 reading days that I m never going to get back I m sure some people loves this book, but it was just not for me.

  20. While Footfall is arguably a classic, I m doubtful of the somewhat hedging accolade that many editions of this book carried Probably the finest novel of alien invasion ever written Later editions carry a quote from Tom Clancy Nobody does it better than Niven Pournelle That s peculiarly appropriate, in that NP s co authored titles share similar virtues and vices with most of Clancy s stuff They re obsessively researched at a technical level, have workmanlike but compulsively readable prose, and w [...]

  21. Footfall is perhaps the finest alien invasion novel ever written Nonetheless, in some ways it looks like the result of a bet between Sci fi authors OK, you write a best seller alien invader novel, and I ll go out with your sister oh, yeah, and the invaders must be elephant men Yeah that s it, elephant men Lesser writers couldn t have pulled it off, but Niven and Pournelle jointly have several really fine works to their credit such as A Mote in God s Eye and Lucifer s Hammer And Niven by himself [...]

  22. They don t write books like this any.Multitudes of characters, converging plotlines, cold war intrigues, and a good old fashioned, worldwide alien invasion story There s good and bad in this novel, but at the end, the good outweighed the bad and made the book worth reading I ll start with the bad, and get that out of the way The Bad Too many characters They become hard to keep track of after awhile, especially when you have to also figure out social connections that appeared briefly pages ago.Th [...]

  23. This is probably the best alien invasion book I have ever read This involves an alien ship that arrives in earth orbit and immediately starts a war with humanity, and they have far superior technology The aliens are similar to Earth s elephants, but not really the same That s probably the only thing I do not like about the book, because the book never really comes up with any good explanation unless I missed it of how that evolved But aside from that, this makes for a really cool alien enemy for [...]

  24. Niven and Pournelle are one of the seamless entertainment teams that makes it look a great deal easier than it is That is because Larry Niven is a quality writer and Jerry Pournelle was an established scientist When they bring their talents together the effect is fantastic and, in my opinion, very re readable.Footfall is the story of alien invasion Before you say to yourself, yeah, I saw that movie , let me tell you this that movie which ever one, you pick was probably based off this book or ele [...]

  25. Well firstly, I have read it before, many moons ago late 80s , and I always have enjoyed both Niven solo and with Pournelle, so when it came time to grab a big fat book to take as hand luggage on a brief trip to southern France, thus seemed the ideal companion Unfortunately I was enjoying it too much and despite it being exactly 700 pages, the book ran out before the 4 day break did, not really the books fault I suppose So yes, the book is really good and after about 300 pages I hardly had to lo [...]

  26. Getting used to the alien language is difficult but sort of fun.The aliens morphology is silly but their instincts are interesting.The books is an answer to the question How can a race travel between stars without being peaceful Sagan might argue any such race must have survived cultural adolescence.They managed not to destroy themselves before reaching the space age.This can be done through cooperation and peace.But it could also be accomplished by an instinct to submit once defeated With such [...]

  27. I read this awhile back and remembered it as a fun if not very substantial read It reads like a novelization of an epic disaster movie like Independence Day The aliens look like elephants which is kind of goofy Niven and Pournelle will never be mistaken for great literary writers, They hail from the pulp fiction side of sci fi and their Libertarian views tend to be heavy handed and often weight down their books But ti was fun so I ll give it a cautious three stars.

  28. This book contains approximately 300 pages of embarrassing misogynistic crap, sad cliches, and stupid characters that ruin what could have been a great 250 page alien invasion story Lucifer s Hammer was the same BS And that s a damn dirty shame because The Mote In God s Eye was an incredibly vibrant story, which spurred me to read Niven Pournelle books Move to read here

  29. By the time I got over the novelty of the aliens taxonomy and swallowed the bait on their main weapon of war, I was deep into the quagmire of tedious detail and heavy handed dialogue of the innumerable shallow characters The sexism was palpable but after realizing the book was written in 1985 it s gratifying to realize how far we ve come I enjoyed the challenge to my preconceived notions of winning and losing at war, and as a science fiction book should, it opened my mind to the possibility of m [...]

  30. Hey my first SF book I ever read, as a young teen Elephants taking over the world Yay Depth hell no Fun sure at least that s what I remember, years and years later