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Fell [PDF] Fell | by ñ David Clement-Davies - Fell, Fell In this dark thrilling fairy tale it is the wolf who saves the girl Fell the dark furred twin brother of Larka the heroine of The Sight must face life without his sister or the rest of his loving

  • Title: Fell
  • Author: David Clement-Davies
  • ISBN: 9780810911857
  • Page: 353
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] Fell | by ñ David Clement-Davies, [PDF] Fell | by ñ David Clement-Davies, Fell, David Clement-Davies, Fell In this dark thrilling fairy tale it is the wolf who saves the girl Fell the dark furred twin brother of Larka the heroine of The Sight must face life without his sister or the rest of his loving pack He s a lone wolf now a kerl an outcast from his kind who shares his sister s fatal gift for seeing the future and the thoughts of others This gift leads him to beIn this dark thrilling f. [PDF] Fell | by ñ David Clement-Davies - Fell, Fell In this dark thrilling fairy tale it is the wolf who saves the girl Fell the dark furred twin brother of Larka the heroine of The Sight must face life without his sister or the rest of his loving

  • [PDF] Fell | by ñ David Clement-Davies
    353David Clement-Davies

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  1. David was born in 1964 and went to Westminster School and Edinburgh University There, Clement Davies read History and English Literature, specializing in the Italian Renaissance, and Russian Literature and Society For many years, he dreamed of one day becoming an actor taking a drama course and working in theater However, he was also interested in writing and soon became a freelance travel journalist.Clement Davies lived in a little mountain home in Andalusia region of Spain to write The Sight, has traveled the world and now also lives in London He has also written a musical, two adult novels, and a play, set in the present and the 17th century, called Startled Anatomies, alongside his children s books His online publishing website is phoeniarkpress and from there he is trying to create a grass roots publisher.

  2. Technically, it was a good book, but I didn t like it It had everything to make it enjoyable, a good vocabulary, decent structure and a pretty good plot But for those who read The Sight and Fire Bringer it was a serious let down His other wolf based novel was provacative and amazing, creating a hidden world that was rich with culture and depth It was brilliant but this one seemed lacking, or even less than lacking It was missing something that I can t seem to pin down I actually haven t read the [...]

  3. VERY NEARLY BETTER THAN THE FIRST AND I DIDN T EVEN THINK THAT WAS POSSIBLE David Clemet Davies totally nailed it with his breath taking sequel to The Sight , his amazing previous masterpiece Clemet Davies weaves words the way Monet could weild a paintbrush His writing was, as always, riviving and extrodinary Fell is the story of the she wolf Larka s brother Fell, now a loner Fell, like his sister, weilds the Sight, an ancient and terrifying power that has seperated him from other wolves, even h [...]

  4. Fell is the continuation of the story and destinies begun in The Sight, and reads very similarly The prose is lovely, full of nature images and details, plus multiple nods from past to future in mythology, fairy tales, allusions to scientific discoveries, and out right prophecy not only about the immediate future, but also about the world to come and easily recognizable as our own as it stands The allusions to future scientific discoveries were always a treat to stumble across, as they enriched [...]

  5. While I loved Fire Bringer and The Sight, I must say this is definitely not as fulfilling as those two books.It became quite apparent to me about halfway through the book that DC D thrives in the world of animals and lacks in the world of humans I can t say this with all certainty, as I haven t read his two human books But I can say the human side of this story was hardly compelling, while the animal side grabbed me every time.What I liked Fell I love Fell and everything about him His adventure [...]

  6. I LOVE this book because in the first book, The Sight, Fell was my favorite character When I found out there was a second book about Fell, I did a happy dance XD Fell the book, not the character is about a black wolf called Fell, of course who in the first book, was Larka s, the main character, brother It turns out that he had the power of the sight too, and he eventually in his travels finds a human girl who for some mysterious reason, also as the power of the sight The first human who ever had [...]

  7. Like The Sight, this is one of my favorite books There is nothing like a novel about wolves, especially wolves who save the world In the first book, they save the world from themselves, and in the sequel, they save the world from humanity s folly While I don t remember seeing these themes in The Sight, Fell truly is an environmental book, broadly demonstrating our impact on nature Or rather, or future i.e present impact on nature as seen from the past The novel also deals with gender inequality, [...]

  8. Okay, let s try to write a review for this Fell is a sequel to The Sight, picking up five years later with an older Fell, along with a new prophecy, new adventures, and harking back to some familiar faces Ultimately, I m docking a star vs its predecessor because despite being a slightly shorter book, it felt much longer and really dragged its heels, to the extent that I was looking forward to finishing it and just moving on to something else already.It s really, really hard to pick out exactly w [...]

  9. Fell written by David Clement Davies, is a fiction book I chose to read this book because it is the second book to The Sight Also because this book is about wolves and my favorite animal is the wolf Fell is a lone black wolf who possesses the sight The sight is a power born too few animals and it is both a curse and a gift It gives Fell the ability to touch minds, control others, see through another s eyes, see the past, present, and future in any body of water, and understand any animal But als [...]

  10. Monika Lee 6 19 11ELA 702 Have you ever felt like an outcast Pushed away by your peers and friends because of something you could do or know Fell, a black furred wolf from Transylvania is an outcast from the rest of his pack and is isolated from his sister, Larka, due to the fact that both his sister and him share the gift of seeing the future and other peoples thoughts This causes him to become a kerl , which means lone wolf.In the book, Fell by David Clement Davies it also tells the story of a [...]

  11. I ve been waiting for this book ever since it came out, and now that I ve read it, it was worth the wait I have to compare this one to The Return of the King The scope is tremendous, the pace is exhilarating, and the depth is astounding If The Sight made me cry in a few spots, I could hardly stop crying while reading Fell Mr Clement Davies hits all the right notes and weaves his story with impressive skill The bond between Fell and Alina is deep and profound, and the message of love, courage and [...]

  12. Fell was as amazing and captivating as the sight Although I prefer the Sight to Fell, I was still in awe with David Clement Davies writing This book, much like the Sight, forces the reader to question everything they understand about life Whether it be the moral views of life and death or what waits for us beyond death, this author makes you question it over and over When the book is done, you have no answers then you started with yet somehow you feel satisfied with the questions asked As if yo [...]

  13. David thinks of nothing but getting to America He has a love affair with a woman named Matilda In the end she served a great purpose in his life because she made his trip to America possible.When David arrives in America, he was greeted with no kindness David finds out he has no family or friends in this land Eventually when he goes into a Jewish neighborhood he feels like he doesnt belong there People were calling him a greenhornaE made him feel bad about himself, and he very quickly decides th [...]

  14. I thought this book was pretty good It challenged me like The Sight did, but I thought at times the author got rambly and drifted off the story line I also think he was talking WAY too much about religion and death At those times, it was a pretty dark book But aside from that, it was an excellent read Very exciting, and a nice ending.

  15. When I first saw that David Clement Davies had written a sequel to The Sight I was ecstatic I loved The Sight, as well as Fire Bringer This book feels completely different from both of them Even though this is technically a sequel, it really doesn t have much to do with the first book, other than having some of the same characters In fact you don t even have to have read The Sight at all This book copies the same cover style as the first, with the main wolf character s face taking up the whole c [...]

  16. David Clement DaviesI don t know what it is about this man, but the two books I read Sight and now Fell were really difficult to read It might have been because I was working full time over the holiday and just didn t fancy reading when I got back home, not to mention the fact it was Christmas and it is a time to spend with family But onto the review words of evaluationI preferred this book immensely compared to the Sight as it included of an adventure, in my opinion and it included humans, whi [...]

  17. I must say that David Clement Davies did it again I m not going to post a lengthy review for this book must be taken in carefully to devour the magic that lies hidden within the pages of Fell This book had me up for hours on end turning page after page I was utterly appalled at one point of the book and I wanted to toss it across the room and stop reading But I kept on reading because it was so intriguing I simply love the relationship that formed between Alina, and fell, and Catalin These three [...]

  18. I was thrilled to see that there was a sequel to THE SIGHT I devoured this book in three days and was in tears at the end Clement Davies has a real talent for writing about the animal world in a philosophical, multi layered way And I loved the thematic dynamic between dark fatalism and the odd sense of mystique surrounding the Sight, a theme that he also pulled of so well in the first book Granted, Clement Davies writes about Fell s struggles and story compellingly than Alina s, but I enjoyed r [...]

  19. This book is basically a continuation of The Sight The young black wolf in the sight is now old and so is the boy he keeps seeing This time the book tells the story from the wolf s point of view instead of the boy The Black wolf s name is the same as the title Fell and his family of wolves journey the world with the help of the boy who is now a man, to try and save their forest from a foreseen darkness I gave this book three out of five stars because it was an interesting read, but it carried on [...]

  20. this book is a great follow up to The Sight the book i thought was my favorite book until i read Fell five years after what happened at the bridge trying my hardest not to give anything from the sight away to people that haven t read it and after Fell became a Kerl, a lone wolf, he has a vision from Larka, telling him to find the Guardian So he sets off looking for the Guardian Alina is living a hard life, having many weird dreams, and being called a changeling, a child of goblins But after she [...]

  21. Absolutely loved it Very touching story Nice to see that Clement Davies wrote about a powerful female lead character Not your typical tough guy concourers the world Alina is portrayed as a strong female with honorable qualities and a strong determination About time the girl saves the day I enjoyed the interaction between animal and human So often the wild thing is tamed, but I was glad to see that when all was said and done, no one had to change who who they were The I read, the I did not want [...]

  22. this book is the best i hav ever read because i luv reading books that comes from an animal s point of view this book is a sequel to The Sight also by David Clement Davies In this book the legend and fantasies of the mysterious power continues a kerl is searching for the guardian of all lera, and he will soon find himself in a relationship with man The story is very visual with deep descriptions and u can picture a movie once u start reading one thing i especially like is the language the wolves [...]

  23. This continuation of The Sight takes place many years later after the events of the first book This story follows Fell, now an old wolf, on his journey to help a human girl, Alina Unlike The Sight, there are a lot of human world perspectives and plot lines in this book This book also felt really cinematic and dramatic in comparison There were so many well written scenes and locations and everything in this book I had no trouble picturing IMAX quality scenes I guess my biggest complaint is that w [...]

  24. I enjoyed this sequel even than the first, which is rare for me Normally I can only see a series of any sort as one whole story but the first s ending was rather depressing It stuck with me which is good and definitely makes you think about your environmental footprint however it almost seemed as if there wasn t hope This second shows the internal struggle many have over what is right and wrong, light and dark, etc it shows growth in both Fell and Alina Shows the power of man, of WOMAN, and of [...]

  25. A wild trek through the savage Transylvanian countryside in the year of Vlad Tepesh Fell returns to fulfill a quest set by his sister Larka, find the human and help him first he thought it was the same boy he had returned in the last story No, it s a girl, but made to dress as a boy to hide her identity A beautiful and dark read, with the fear and wonder of life and death and where our lives lead us in the end So much is spoken in this book besides the story, what will you hear

  26. This was one of those I had to push through, as it was painfully long at the beginning but the pace picket up towards the end I enjoyed it and read it because I had loved David Clement Davies The Sight so much, but it s not going to be one of my favourites.

  27. Just as impressive as the first A beautiful end to a tragic tale I can t wait to read from this author.

  28. I have read the sight and fell both and I love them The plot is very thought out and the story puts a nice twist to your normal fiction fantasy books.

  29. This one was almost as good as the first It had the humans playing main roles, and it was written differently The otter beaver things talk too.

  30. It s hard to believe that the same author who wrote The Sight and Firebringer, two of the greatest masterpieces of the animal fantasy genre, wrote this monstrosity It s a direct sequel to The Sight, even though it had a perfect conclusion and no reason at all to continue Right off the bat, this novel starts off on the wrong foot What s that The last book stared wolves who were dynamic, interesting, and had layers of depth than an onion Well, here s a plain, boring human protagonist that s just [...]