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The Hunting of the Last Dragon

The Hunting of the Last Dragon [PDF] Download ☆ The Hunting of the Last Dragon : by Sherryl Jordan - The Hunting of the Last Dragon, The Hunting of the Last Dragon The last of the great fire breathing dragons has awakened Everyone thought all the dragons had been wiped out until a fierce flying beast appears and leaves the village of Doran in flames There is on

  • Title: The Hunting of the Last Dragon
  • Author: Sherryl Jordan
  • ISBN: 9780064472319
  • Page: 231
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Download ☆ The Hunting of the Last Dragon : by Sherryl Jordan, [PDF] Download ☆ The Hunting of the Last Dragon : by Sherryl Jordan, The Hunting of the Last Dragon, Sherryl Jordan, The Hunting of the Last Dragon The last of the great fire breathing dragons has awakened Everyone thought all the dragons had been wiped out until a fierce flying beast appears and leaves the village of Doran in flames There is only one survivor Jude an ordinary man who never intended to be a hero He d rather avoid any danger but a strange strong willed girl from a distant land has herThe last. [PDF] Download ☆ The Hunting of the Last Dragon : by Sherryl Jordan - The Hunting of the Last Dragon, The Hunting of the Last Dragon The last of the great fire breathing dragons has awakened Everyone thought all the dragons had been wiped out until a fierce flying beast appears and leaves the village of Doran in flames There is on

  • [PDF] Download ☆ The Hunting of the Last Dragon : by Sherryl Jordan
    231Sherryl Jordan
The Hunting of the Last Dragon

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  1. Award winning New Zealand author Sherryl Jordan began her writing career with picture books, but soon moved on to novels for older readers Her breakthrough came with Rocco, published in the United States as A Time of Darkness, and since that time she has gone on to pen many titles for young adult and juvenile readers that have been published both in her native New Zealand and throughout the world The recipient of a 1993 fellowship to the prestigious writing program at the University of Iowa, Jordan used her time in the United States to speak widely at schools and conferences about her books, which blend fantasy with bits of science fiction and romantic realism All my young adult novels have been gifts, she noted in the St James Guide to Children s Writers I don t think them up They hit me over the head when I least expect them overwhelm me with impressions, sights, and sounds of their new worlds enchant me with their characters and dare me to write them.

  2. So I have a lot of different thoughts on this one, but there was a lot that I liked very much the two main charries, though 3 , and hence the overall positive rating Quick question, though Was the word fart used in medieval times It probably was, but I just would never have thought that it was, so it was a little jarring But anyway If anybody is interested in the story or has specific questions, lemme know and I can try to give you of my thoughts on it

  3. Picked this up on a total whim because it had dragon in the title It was a cute little story I really liked the two main characters After starting it I realized I ve read almost everything by this author on accident She always seems to surprise me when her name is on a cover Oh It s THIS author happens every time.But seriously, that POOR POOR dragon I felt really bad for him.

  4. If you have never read this book, I highly recommend that you do At first I wasnt really excited to read this book once you pick it up at times you can t put it down I rated it four stars because it was kind of really slow at the beginning The one thing that I really liked about this book is the way each chapter started and ended The way she wrote them sounds like a day that they start and end Jude s life changed the day he walked home from the fair, his hometown village had been burn to the gro [...]

  5. Jude was the son of a swine herder, whose ambitions extended only as far as buying a new bow and perhaps finding a bit of excitement in his life Then the dragon came and burned his village to ash Sunk in grief, he falls in with a traveling group of entertainers, and gradually befriends the Chinese girl they have on exhibit But destiny will pit him once again against the dragon that destroyed his home.I made it over halfway before I just got too bored with this The dragon is a faceless menace who [...]

  6. When I initially picked up this book I thought the description on the back of the book was very well put together, and it made me interested in reading the book The description revealed nothing about the plot, but rather described the beauty and fear of the dragon However, when I got to the inside cover description, I was initially drawn away because it seemed like the novel was going to have typical story line However, as I begin to read I was instantly draw back by the first sentence which is [...]

  7. Remember, Jude, the worst dragons are the ones in your mind an awesome quote from this book Jude is not a hero, he s afraid of the dark, of nightmares, and certainly horrified by the news that a dragon has been terrorising villages, leaving nothing but scorched land in its wake When his entire village is wiped out by the dragon, being the only one alive, Jude is scared as ever Persuaded by an wise old woman to embark on a possibly fatal journey to hunt the very last dragon of its kind, and to av [...]

  8. The Hunting of the Last Dragon by Sherryl JordanFantastic NZ author Sherryl Jordan does it again Jude is no hero, but when his family falls victim to the dragon, he sets out to destroy it.He rescues a strange beautiful young Asian girl who was sold to a carnival and caged as a freak because of her language and bound, crippled feet.The story starts with the tale being told to a Monk who writes down everything Jude tells him of his strange, and heroic journey Another BRILLIANT book by this author, [...]

  9. This book looked interesting and the way it read was certainly a different way all together that made me smile The way the story was portrayed was certainly different But in the end it was a very bland and predictable story, especially since in the beginning you are told right away that everyone lives and is just fine In the end you don t have the suspense, the worry the hint of danger that you d get with any other book It s sort of like I flipped to the last page and read it, then read the book [...]

  10. Jude wants to be a man, destined for greater things than watchign the four plagues his little sisters and the swine his family raises to survive He sets off to buy a new bow he s saved for years and returns to his village that night, tired from the ten mile walk to town His village is gone Fire and ash still burn and drift where once there were homes and people Everyone is dead Everyone His family, the kids who made fun of his big size and clumsy ways.A stirring of air the noise of wings and Jud [...]

  11. I am a huge fan of Sherryl Jordan books I resisted picking this one up and it was different from other things she had written Younger kids and dragons was really not what I wanted to read about HOWEVER I got desperate for something of hers to read and thought this was better than nothing I am so glad I did The writing is great again This is like the kids view of epic stories What did I love about it The care he took of his new companion, the very grown up life he had to take on when discovering [...]

  12. i ve enjoyed other jordan books, but this was just flat on the page and never got better boring characters, boring plot, boring storytelling devices there s no drama, since the frame story tells you in sentence one that everyone survives to tell the tale the story plods through every cliche imaginable damsel in distress, reluctant and possibly unsuitable hero, helpful crone, arrogant male foil, beautiful but dumb dragon, ingenuity and teamwork saving the day i can t imagine this book would have [...]

  13. If you re like me, a good ol fashion tale of dragons is fascinating, magical, and often has the capability to leave you in awestruck wonder This book, I am afraid, did not It felt drawn out and dull at times, and the personality of the characters felt underdeveloped, even cookie cutter It is, however a coming of age type story with elements of exploration of cultural differences, which could be looked at as opportunity to be used as teachable moments, if that is something you are looking for in [...]

  14. At first I wasn t very impressed with this story I didn t like the characters, the plot seemed predictable, and some of the writing I just found irritating But when I reached the end of the story, I realized that its purpose redeemed it somewhat In my opinion, the best type of books are the ones that teach valuable lessons by telling us a story Although the story was bland, I think that Sherryl Jordan did succeed in teaching us about facing and conquering fears.

  15. After Jude becomes the sole survivor from his village after a dragon attack, he finds himself becoming friends and unlikely allies with Jing Wei, the freak in a sideshow in a quest that could kill them both A great mix of fantasy and historical fiction that could lead fans of one genre to the other.

  16. I thoroughly enjoyed the book It s also been forever since I have read it but I would most definitely read it again I would recommend this to friends granted I would think they would like it given what kind of books they read Sorry I do not have much on this review but I should have another review once I read the book again since it has been a great deal of time

  17. A Quickie ReviewThough the story of this book was decent, the style was awkward, and I really didn t care for the way that God s name was misused throughout Fans of dragon lore should stick to the writings of Anne McCaffrey, Donita K Paul, and or Bryan Davis instead of reading this mess.Score 1.75 5

  18. This book is kinda boring for the first couple chapters The middle is where it really got me If you are a person that loves adventure I think this is a good book for you I love how Tybalt gives up being a lone ranger to take care of his new friend.Spoil alert my favorite part is when Tybalt stood up to the king and said I d rather go with her and die then live and be without her.

  19. Set in medieval England, a rustic young man and a Chinese girl escaped from a freak exhibit take on and slay a dragon The whole thing about the way the Chinese people abused their daughters by breaking and binding their feet grosses me out, but it is a historical fact Other than that, it is a very good plot about two courageous young people Recommended for young people.

  20. This is one of my favorite books that I have read It is about a boy that makes a quest to go out to find a dragon that he must kill because it hurt something of his If you like fiction I recommend this for you to read.

  21. I only read this because I had read another book by this author that I really enjoyed I would not have picked this book up otherwise It was a really nice read It is not a big book, so I read it in a couple of days It was a nice break Highly recommended.

  22. Good and nice But the boy is such a dimwit, How could he not see the girl like him I was a bit frustrated because of it But the ending satisfy me so I guess I will forget his foolsihness The deaths are sad even the dragon s.

  23. A very realistic human boy, Jude, must end of the reign of terror that a lone dragon is causing With his family and village burned, he wanders around until fate brings him to Jing wei and the strength to conquer his inner dragon.

  24. Unexpectedly lovely, this book is as much about culture clash, romance, and self discovery as it is about a dragon Sherryl Jordan has a deft hand in crafting believably flawed and endearing characters, even when they don t speak.

  25. I read this book when I was younger and I loved it then For the past few years I have been trying to think of the title again the main reason why I like to buy the books I read I m planning on buying it so I can read it again.

  26. I loved this short story It had great history, as well as a touching story of friendship I recommend this as read aloud on a short road trip.

  27. I like the format of the story where the protagonist of the story is trying to find the answers to the questions that he is asking.