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The Wishing Spell

The Wishing Spell ☆ The Wishing Spell ✓ Chris Colfer Brandon Dorman - The Wishing Spell, The Wishing Spell Alex and Conner Bailey s world is about to change in this fast paced adventure that uniquely combines our modern day world with the enchanting realm of classic fairy tales The Land of Stories tells t

  • Title: The Wishing Spell
  • Author: Chris Colfer Brandon Dorman
  • ISBN: 9780316201575
  • Page: 154
  • Format: Hardcover

☆ The Wishing Spell ✓ Chris Colfer Brandon Dorman, ☆ The Wishing Spell ✓ Chris Colfer Brandon Dorman, The Wishing Spell, Chris Colfer Brandon Dorman, The Wishing Spell Alex and Conner Bailey s world is about to change in this fast paced adventure that uniquely combines our modern day world with the enchanting realm of classic fairy tales The Land of Stories tells the tale of twins Alex and Conner Through the mysterious powers of a cherished book of stories they leave their world behind and find themselves in a foreign land full of wonAlex and. ☆ The Wishing Spell ✓ Chris Colfer Brandon Dorman - The Wishing Spell, The Wishing Spell Alex and Conner Bailey s world is about to change in this fast paced adventure that uniquely combines our modern day world with the enchanting realm of classic fairy tales The Land of Stories tells t

  • ☆ The Wishing Spell ✓ Chris Colfer Brandon Dorman
    154Chris Colfer Brandon Dorman
The Wishing Spell

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  1. Chris Colfer is an Emmy nominated and Golden Globe winning actor best known for his portrayal of Kurt Hummel on the FOX television series Glee He is also a New York Times bestselling author whose books include the first three novels in the Land of Stories series The Wishing Spell , The Enchantress Returns and A Grimm Warning as well as Struck By Lightning The Carson Philips Journal which is a novelization based on the script he wrote for the film Struck By Lighting Colfer also co produced and starred in that movie.

  2. 4.5 This was SO much fun Such a quick and engaging read I loved how all the fairy tales I know and love were incorporated into the story I actually listened to the audiobook, which is read by Chris Colfer, and it really enhanced my reading experience I will admit, I found the writing at times to be a tad lackluster, but that was mostly a problem with showing vs telling that I think can be attributed to the fact that it s a middle grade novel I think this is a series I will definitely be continui [...]

  3. Who ever said an actor cannot be an author No one ever, because it s not true at all.Well this was such a lovely surprise The world that Chris Colfer introduces us to is filled with magic, charming creatures and familiar names of princesses, princes, fairytale heroes and heroines.Although I m one of those readers who can read anything from children s books to mature adult books, it doesn t mean I like everything I stumble across For my middle grade reads, I look for 1 creativity, 2 enchanting an [...]

  4. In Which I Drink Haterade and Review The Wishing SpellI m not getting my hate on just to hate I m getting my hate on because this book was the most painful reading experience I have ever had I didn t think a book could irritate me so much that it would result in a terrible weight in my chest, but it did It did.Colfer s prose is cliche and redundant from the first page His sentences are short and simplistic with no signs of imagery or depth Instead of showing emotion and action, Colfer opts to te [...]

  5. Actor, Golden Globe winner, 2 time Emmy nominee, one of Time Magazine s 100 Most Influential People in the World, singer, screen writer, producer and now author And all of that at just 22 years old I understand how some people might be a bit skeptical in regards to Chris Colfer s actual writing talents, but the truth is the guy just seems to be a natural born storyteller, and it doesn t matter which medium he uses for it.His first novel, The Land of Stories The Wishing Spell , is the first book [...]

  6. The main reason I am writing this review here is because I am tired of hearing only positive things about this book I find it misleading and I know that there are many other better written stories for our readers Chris Colfer is an actor on the television show Glee, and this book reads like a long drawn out screenplay Descriptions are either nonexistent or so basic that my students could paint a far better image When describing a cavalcade of knights arriving in front the twins, Colfer describes [...]

  7. I picked this book up at the airport because I was trying to convince my ten year old brother to start reading imaginative stories and less Diary of a Wimpy Kid.I figured I d read it first and see what it was like Then I found out the author was this dude on glee, apparently, and I admit my enthusiasm kind of dipped And, good thing it did, because this book was very I don t know The plot and the fairytale world was good enough, but the whole story was quite bland Not to mention that the girl tw [...]

  8. I read this book before I let my eight year old daughter take it on What a lovely surprise this turned out to be This middle grade book was a delight to read as it incorporates many of our favourite childhood fairy tales into the overall story arc Definitely a recommended read

  9. The synopsis of this book showed such a fun, interesting idea, and the artwork is done by one of my favorite book artists I began reading it to see if my daughter would enjoy it, because she gets easily bored with books I ll not be recommending it to her Too bad the artist can t write, too This is obviously a first time writer, and I wonder if he was published so quickly and easily because he s on TV I dunno There was too much going on without much consequence It was supposedly a dangerous and d [...]

  10. Os G meos da FantasiaAlex uma jovem solit ria, demasiado esperta para seu pr prio bem.Connor sarc stico, dissonante, rebeldeDois G meos sem mundo, descobrem o Mundo em Terras de Fantasia N o esse o poder encantador das est rias Mergulham nos em mundos n o nossos, onde nos encontramos e perdemos deliciosamente There is this idea that you either read to escape or you read to find yourself I believe that both things happen A leitura um voo exterior, rumo verdade interior O Feiti o Dos Desejos uma v [...]

  11. I wanted to read this book and like it, but I just couldn t finish it I barely got to the start of Alex s and Conner s adventure, but there were so many things that annoyed me in this book The way the book talked about fairy tales made me want to grind my teeth The emphasis on all fairy tales have a moral and there is only one correct interpretation really was what made me give up on this book It indicates a real lack of research or general knowledge about either fairy tales or literary analysis [...]

  12. The Land of Stories book one follows two twins, Alex and Connor Bailey, who one day after hearing so much about a world full of fairytales, end up in that world I really enjoyed this It took me a very long time to read For some reason, despite reading quickly and the story going by smoothly, every time I looked at my page numbers I felt like I had only read 10 pages I think that s because so much happens in these pages and none of the events themselves were particularly long, so it went by slow [...]

  13. Writing felt annoyingly clunky, and not in a juvenile way though I did think the writing explained EVERY LITTLE THING I am not stupid here in a messy way I listened to the audiobook, and I am surprised Chris Colfer didn t feel the urge to clean his weird sentences The dialogue felt too rigid, and all those he said, she saids annoyed me maybe because it was an audiobook, complete with voice actors I have a feeling Colfer made Alex and Connor twins just so he could refer to them as the twins when [...]

  14. It doesn t matter how greatly you ve been hurt or how much you re hurting, it s what you do with the pain that counts You could cry for years, and rightfully so, or you could choose to learn and grow from it Take it from me I spent years hiding in a hole, afraid to come out because of what people would think of me But one day I decided to leave, and I ended up saving lives The Land of Stories The Wishing Spell is the most incredible book I ve read since The Never ending Story , and that was the [...]

  15. I can see why many wonder about it being another celebrity using a ghost writer but Chris Colfer has been into writting for far longer than you think While not professionally, and it s fun because he didn t do professional acting before Glee and a short movie and ressulted excelent on it, he s done work adapting musicals and being on the writers club at his school While that is cute and all, there s then that he s done the scriptwritting for Struck By Lightning, a movie which he stars and produc [...]

  16. So, was that ending exactly like the Narnia ending or what A part of me thinks I would ve enjoyed the book if I was a bit younger The other part of me is saying uhm Therese you read a lot of children books, and you don t have any problems with them So who knows Maybe I would ve liked it if I was 10 Maybe not.The good parts There were some really good and funny quotes.The bad parts The teacher at the start made me really, really angry She was just extremely pretentious, and when she rolled her [...]

  17. If I had only one word for this book it would be boring There are problems with this book at every level I bought it because I like Chris Colfer and was interested to see what he wrote like He sings way better than he writes.However, all the problems I have with this book are age related He writes like a teenager His diction is painful, problems are CONSTANTLY being solved through happy coincidences, the tension is poorly handled basically non existent , there are italics and ellipses everywhere [...]

  18. Rese a completa en el blog La cueva de Danny.No importa cu nto te han herido o cu nto est s sufriendo, lo que verdaderamente importa es lo que haces con el dolor Podr as llorar por a os y con raz n, o podr as elegir aprender de l y crecer Me ha encantado El libro es bastante entretenido y r pido de leer, con muchas aventuras, cuentos de hadas, grandes personajes, un mundo maravilloso, me sorprendi en varias partes y fue m s de lo que esperaba, la verdad, pr ximamente rese a completa en el blog S [...]

  19. Una historia muy bonita y entretenida VIDEO RESE A sin spoilers CONCURSO PARA GANAR EL LIBRO arg youtu 9QIdAaU1bn0

  20. Being a fan of Glee and generally supportive of all the cast and being a huge fan of children s fantasy novels I decided to read this book.I found the writing to be of extremely poor quality for several reasons.1 The sentences were far too simplistic, even for a children s bookFor example he uses Connor said or Alex said every single time they speak 2 As someone else mentioned, Colfer simply tells the reader what is happening rather than showing us, as the writing completely lacks imagination Th [...]

  21. Before I review this book, I must tell you that the author, Chris Colfer, is one of my favorite actors, but as I read this book I put that out of my mind to judge him as a novelist only I have attempted to review this book as fairly and impartially as I do all the novels I read.There is no question that this story is entertaining The number of times I laughed out loud, teared up, and let my imagination run wild with theories cannot be counted Colfer is, as he s said in his own words, a consummat [...]

  22. I really tried to like this book I just couldn t do it The dialogue and narrative is stilted, and the descriptions are just weird sometimes I m still trying to figure out how metal chains rustle Despite all this, I might have liked the book if the characters were even remotely likable or realistic They weren t Every character was so fake I couldn t make it past chapter three I tried I really did, but this book just had too many fundamental problems.

  23. I can t believe that they have a page for this book it s not coming out till next year when it comes out I m so buying this book It s great that Chris Colfer is expanding his horizion with Glee, making a movie, making a pilot for Disney and writing 2 books My bb is going far

  24. Originally reviewed on Books Take You Places.Alex and Conner are doing their best to get by Having recently lost their father to an accident, the twins live with their overworked mother in a small rental home and rely on one another for comfort Alex is an overachiever, the teacher s pet and the logical one of the two, whereas Conner is the comedian, and the impulsive twin Both children hold memories of their father close and look upon his stories when they need comfort On their twelfth birthday [...]

  25. A villain is just a victim whose story hasn t been told This one breaks my heart, I was sure this would be a higher rating The Wishing Spelltook me forever to finish, I really pushed on it I probably should have given up after awhile but I was trying so hard to convince myself that I liked this book Why would I do that Mostly because this book should have won me over so easily It had all my favorite elements middle grade adventure, fairytale retelling and lots of fun recognizable characters This [...]

  26. Initial Excitement I freaking love Chris Colfer, so excited for this My Review The Land of Stories was a delightful tale for anyone who ever enjoyed any fairy tale whatsoever Even when our favorite tales ended, they were still continuing in this world For example, Cinderella is pregnant and the Evil Queen is in Snow White s dungeon Alex and Conner were realistic children who had to track down some impossible items, and reading about their journey was really fun.First off, this book is gorgeous I [...]

  27. This was just as much fun as I remembered I can t wait to finally dive into the sequels Perfect for fans of the TV show ONCE UPON A TIME.

  28. REVIEW ALSO ON bibliomantics 2012 06 29 mThe Land of Stories revolves around two twins obsessed with fairy tales There s brainy Alex who loves to learn, and the Bart to her Lisa, her brother Conner Conner is one of the few likeable characters, with a great sense of humor This is slightly ruined when Colfer makes sure to tell us Conner is funny without meaning to be When things in their life are at their lowest their father recently died and their birthday looks like it will be a meager one , the [...]

  29. 4,5 Ahhhh Neskuto ne mil kniha, nevinn , ale zato m v sebe mno stvo kr snych my lienok a celkovo m pr beh jedno d le it a kr sne posolstvo Ke som sa dopo ul, e Colfer bude vyd va knihu, myslel som si, e to bude presne t kniha od nejakej celebrity, ktor ani doty n osoba vskutku nenap sala, proste len aby boli money No to by som nebol ja Chrisa som si preklepol v aka r znym rozhovorom, a tento chlap k m pr behy a p sanie u dlho v srdci a s to jeho najv ie v ne t m e te v mi pochop te t to knihu Co [...]