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The Running Man

The Running Man Free Download The Running Man - by Richard Bachman Stephen King - The Running Man, The Running Man The Running Man is set within a dystopian future in which the poor are seen by the government as worrisome rodents than actual human beings The protagonist of The Running Man Ben Richards is quick t

  • Title: The Running Man
  • Author: Richard Bachman Stephen King
  • ISBN: 9780451197962
  • Page: 166
  • Format: Paperback

Free Download The Running Man - by Richard Bachman Stephen King, Free Download The Running Man - by Richard Bachman Stephen King, The Running Man, Richard Bachman Stephen King, The Running Man The Running Man is set within a dystopian future in which the poor are seen by the government as worrisome rodents than actual human beings The protagonist of The Running Man Ben Richards is quick to realize this as he watches his daughter Cathy grow sick by the day and tread closer and closer to death Desperate for money to pay Cathy s medical bills Ben eThe Running Man is se. Free Download The Running Man - by Richard Bachman Stephen King - The Running Man, The Running Man The Running Man is set within a dystopian future in which the poor are seen by the government as worrisome rodents than actual human beings The protagonist of The Running Man Ben Richards is quick t

  • Free Download The Running Man - by Richard Bachman Stephen King
    166Richard Bachman Stephen King
The Running Man

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  1. This is a Stephen King pseudonym.At the beginning of Stephen King s career, the general view among publishers was that an author was limited to one book per year, since publishing would be unacceptable to the public King therefore wanted to write under another name, in order to increase his publication without over saturating the market for the King brand He convinced his publisher, Signet Books, to print these novels under a pseudonym.In his introduction to The Bachman Books, King states that adopting the nom de plume Bachman was also an attempt to make sense out of his career and try to answer the question of whether his success was due to talent or luck He says he deliberately released the Bachman novels with as little marketing presence as possible and did his best to load the dice against Bachman King concludes that he has yet to find an answer to the talent versus luck question, as he felt he was outed as Bachman too early to know The Bachman book Thinner 1984 sold 28,000 copies during its initial run and then ten times as many when it was revealed that Bachman was, in fact, King.The pseudonym King originally selected Gus Pillsbury is King s maternal grandfather s name, but at the last moment King changed it to Richard Bachman Richard is a tribute to crime author Donald E Westlake s long running pseudonym Richard Stark The surname Stark was later used in King s novel The Dark Half, in which an author s malevolent pseudonym, George Stark , comes to life Bachman was inspired by Bachman Turner Overdrive, a rock and roll band King was listening to at the time his publisher asked him to choose a pseudonym on the spot.King provided biographical details for Bachman, initially in the about the author blurbs in the early novels Known facts about Bachman were that he was born in New York, served a four year stint in the Coast Guard, which he then followed with ten years in the merchant marine Bachman finally settled down in rural central New Hampshire, where he ran a medium sized dairy farm, writing at night His fifth novel was dedicated to his wife, Claudia Inez Bachman, who also received credit for the bogus author photo on the book jacket Other facts about the author were revealed in publicity dispatches from Bachman s publishers the Bachmans had one child, a boy, who died in an unfortunate, Stephen King ish type accident at the age of six, when he fell through a well and drowned In 1982, a brain tumour was discovered near the base of Bachman s brain tricky surgery removed it After Bachman s true identity was revealed, later publicity dispatches and about the author blurbs revealed that Bachman died suddenly in late 1985 of cancer of the pseudonym, a rare form of schizonomia.King dedicated Bachman s early books Rage 1977 , The Long Walk 1979 , Roadwork 1981 , and The Running Man 1982 to people close to him The link between King and his shadow writer was exposed after a Washington, D.C bookstore clerk, Steve Brown, noted similarities between the writing styles of King and Bachman Brown located publisher s records at the Library of Congress which included a document naming King as the author of one of Bachman s novels Brown wrote to King s publishers with a copy of the documents he had uncovered, and asked them what to do Two weeks later, King telephoned Brown personally and suggested he write an article about how he discovered the truth, allowing himself to be interviewed King has taken full ownership of the Bachman name on numerous occasions, as with the republication of the first four Bachman titles as The Bachman Books Four Early Novels by Stephen King in 1985 The introduction, titled Why I Was Bachman, details the whole Bachman King story.Source enpedia wiki Richard

  2. I ended up reading this book in one day Fast paced action pack book that will keep you on adrenaline Would recommend

  3. Well nowThis was not what I expected AT ALLE RUNNING MANis not only different from the movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger but has a much deeper storyline and greater sense of desperation and hopelessness among the very interesting charactersE RUNNING MAN is still a TV Reality Show broadcast on the Free Vee that survives by ratings and is still corrupt in its methods of revealing less than the truth to further incite wrong doing by the participants and gain a greater audienceE RUNNING MAN contestan [...]

  4. After The Most Dangerous Game, there was The Running ManBefore The Hunger Games, there was The Running ManAfter 1984, there was The Running ManBefore reality TV, there was The Running ManThis is a disturbing and enthralling cautionary tale predicted by our fore fathers, seen in new dystopian novels, and becoming all too real in this age of political turmoil, social media, and reality overload.One of King s early novels under his Pseudonym Richard Bachman, he mentions in the foreward that it has [...]

  5. When Ben Richard s daughter gets pneumonia, he turns to the Network for help and becomes a contestant on the deadliest of reality shows, The Running Man Can Richards run long enough to earn the money for his daughter s medicine And what will he learn as he runs for his life for the amusement of the public watching The Running Man This is the best book made into a movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger I ve ever read Actually, apart from a couple character names, the dystopian setting, and the conc [...]

  6. WARNING Do NOT read the author foreward It totally gives away a climactic ending Thanks to the GoodReads community for warning me I feel like I just ran a marathon with a heart condition As soon as I opened the book, I was swept up in the story and couldn t stop until the fiery, breathless end I don t say this often It takes a while for me to feel comfortable in a new book I like to feel things out, come to my own conclusions But Stephen King, in his insidiously masterful way, lured and cocooned [...]

  7. Let me give you the most important information you need before you read this book Do not read the forward by Stephen King before you read the story He spoils his own book s ending in it Yeah, that really sucked because I knew what would eventually happen and it was so suspenseful that it would have been awesome to be kept wondering if this poor shlub would actually make it But, even knowing what I unfortunately knew, I was still on the edge of my seat for the entire book That Stephen King always [...]

  8. Relentless.Stephen King s 1982 novel, published under the pen name of his darker alter ego Richard Bachman, describes a feral dystopian landscape where over population, under employment, financial segregation of society along cultural and class lines and woefully deficient in fundamental healthcare has led to an almost Roman decadence of survival games and cheap entertainment for the pitiful masses King s malnourished and desperate Ben Richards is nothing like the character played by Arnold Schw [...]

  9. English The Running Man ItalianoWhile I am enjoying the sci fi dystopia of acclaimed TV series such as Black Mirror or The Handmaid s Tale , the novel The Running Man falls into my lap The fact is that this novel inspired the 1987 movie of the same name And the fact is that I am one of the few that loved that movie Therefore, I immediately buy the novel Stephen King wrote it in his Bachman phase, maybe it s a minor novel No matter, I bought it and thank God The concept of reality shows is exacer [...]

  10. With rumours of real Hunger Games being played out in Siberia, I found this sickeningly scary in its implications Beware of governments who will make it compulsory to watch dystopian TVBBC report 6 12 2017Description The Running Man is set within a dystopian future in which the poor are seen by the government as worrisome rodents than actual human beings The protagonist of The Running Man, Ben Richards, is quick to realize this as he watches his daughter, Cathy, grow sick by the day and tread [...]

  11. The Running Man completes my read of the four early Bachman Books What a fine way to go out We ve all seen the movie well, maybe only us older GR folk Schwarzenegger uses some wit and the muscles to survive the death match game show that is The Running Man Once again, the movie is the reason I never bothered to read the book, and once again I made a mistake by not doing so Hint They changed the story.Some aspects of the book found their way into the movie A bit of the persona that is Ben Richard [...]

  12. Halt If you have yet to read this Stephen King as Richard Bachman book, let it be known that the introduction should be cordoned off with spoiler warning tape but it s not I would chalk it up to King s beef with the outing of Bachman which I totally respect , but the same thing happened to me with Pet Sematary, so that theory s a bust Shoutout to Richard for attempting to save me from myself after that first debacle Wasn t my favorite King or Bachman adventure, perhaps because these dystopias ar [...]

  13. Este es uno de los libros que m s me sorprendieron de Stephen King No lo ten a pensado leer, ya que no me atraen mucho las novelas de ciencia ficci n futuristas o las llamadas dist picas Sin embargo, al ver que recib a muy buenas criticas, me decid por darle una oportunidad.Fue toda una aventura No pod a soltar el libro en ning n momento Es soberbiamente adictivo, no te da descanso Tiene uno de los mejores inicios que tuve el placer de leer, y con respecto al final por Dios Qu final Ya terminand [...]

  14. I loved this book I know I saw the movie years ago, but I don t know if I ever read the book It was a fast paced book full of action I was feeling tense for the main character the whole time The futuristic setting and societal make up was interesting to me The ending was a surprise for me and it was a perfect end to the book A 5 star read for me

  15. When I was young and not quite so jaded, I still believed that film adaptations were a good idea I am pretty sure The Running Man was the book movie that changed my mind about that.I d seen the movie times than I care to admit before I read the book for the first time my dad was is a HUGE fan of all things Schwarzenegger wow, really spellcheck, you recognize that name and I almost DIDN T read it because I thought the movie was TERRIBLE and that meant the book had to be, too, right Wrong.I think [...]

  16. This was thumping good fun This is probably the fastest I ve ever paged through a King novel King said this is also the fastest he s ever written a novel He wrote it in the space of a week long vacation Impressive.I d say The Running Man veers slightly away from the typical King novel Most King novels are fleshed out, the characters really developed over time, and the novels themselves quite lengthy But The Running Man is fast paced right from the beginning Yet, even with that in mind, you still [...]

  17. Audiobook Narrated by Kevin Kenerly Good narration.My first Kevin Kenerly audiobook and I enjoyed it very much And no background music Ebook My second read for this novel and, as for the first time, the protagonist Ben Richards spoiled it for me While I understand the reason for his anger and bitterness, I couldn t bring myself to feel any sympathy for him You ll have to make allowances for Mr Richards, Killian said, smiling He seems afflicted with an extreme case of the rudes And that about say [...]

  18. Dear Mr Stephen king,If you met with this review by some chance miracle one day, please make sure to break your contract with Arab scientific publishers.If the reading process add lives to your own, the translation of your books by them actually wastes the only life you will ever have .

  19. This was a pretty good story, but quite different from what I d expected Of course I knew it was a dystopia, and centered around a game show, but other than that, I didn t have much idea about the story I ve never seen the movie and looking at right now, that s probably a good thing so I didn t even have those misconceptions to deal with Ben Richards is not an ex cop who was wrongfully accused of anything He was born into the wrong economic situation and grew bitter because of it Working in a fa [...]

  20. I was pretty surprised to see this book lurking around a second hand store You see, I ve been familar with the film since growing up If you d asked me prior to seeing this document I would have bet on that movie NOT even beeing based on a book, let alone a book by the famous S KingMy second surprise was of course that the book was good I probably shouldn t have been so naive as to think the book would be anything like the spandex rubbish that the movie was, but whatever.Running man depicts a fut [...]

  21. si legge col fiatoneBeh, ogni tanto bisogna concedersi qualche americanata come svago mentale.Non per altro da questo libro hanno tratto un film L implacabile con protagonista il muscoloso Schwarzenegger.Pubblicato con lo pseudonimo di Richard Bachman ne L uomo in fuga ci s immagina un futuro 2025 per noi ormai prossimo in cui il dominio di vizi e perversioni di ogni sorta diventato normalit view spoiler La societ prigioniera della Tri tiv dove 24 ore su 24 vengono trasmessi agghiaccianti realit [...]

  22. 4,5Para m , una obra imprescindible del genial Stephen King, de esos libros que te mantienen enganchado desde el principio hasta el final.Lo mejor sin duda ha sido la manera en la la que King construye el escenario en el que se desarrolla esta distop a, se refleja perfectamente una divisi n de clases brutal, en las barrios bajos, a los pobres los mata el hambre, la enfermedad y la contaminaci n, y la descripci n de sus calles es completamente apocal ptica, mientras que los ricos nadan en la opul [...]

  23. Vamos come ar dizendo que eu amei a premissa desse livro Amei o universo onde ele acontece Todos os elementos dist picos e a mistura com uma periferia futurista s o muito bacanas J o protagonista ok, enquanto todos os outros personagens acabaram sendo apenas cen rio pra mim.Acredito que a escrita tenha sido o meu ponto fraco nesse livro Simplesmente n o consegui ceder N o consegui visualizar muita coisa, tive dificuldades em me situar em algumas cenas de a o, e algumas descri es em excesso me de [...]

  24. It s the year 2025 and society is very different then what we know today Unlike those that claim today the United States is the land of the free and that the ultimate American Dream is attainable by anyone, the system is now designed to keep those who are below the poverty line to stay just where they are However, there is a way out, sign up as a participant in The Games Yes, you can compete on a variety of dangerous game shows in an effort to obtain large cash prizes and get you and your family [...]

  25. In the year 2025, the best men don t run for President, they run for their lives The Running Man is a story set in a dystopian United States in the year 2025 In order to obtain money to cover his sick daughter s health costs, Ben Richards takes part in a game show called The Running Man, wherein the contestant is allowed to run anywhere as a pack of Hunters chase them and try to kill them within a certain time frame.The Running Man is the first Bachman novel I ve read and I felt like I could def [...]

  26. The biggest problem with this book is that I decided to read Stephen King s introduction first where he gave away the ending Bah Still, it was a good journey to see how the protagonist got there, though the end was anti climactic for me For a writer just learning his chops when this was written, it s pretty damn good.

  27. I didn t enjoy this as much as I did the first time I haven t decided if it s the story, the age I read it both times or the narrator for this go round Let me think about this and then I ll write a review.

  28. I really really enjoyed this book Little different from King s usual but riveting nevertheless Was a little disappointed with the ending but I would still highly recommend this one.