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The Winning of Barbara Worth

The Winning of Barbara Worth Free Download The Winning of Barbara Worth - by Harold Bell Wright - The Winning of Barbara Worth, The Winning of Barbara Worth The secret of Harold Bell Wright s power is the same God given secret that inspired Shakespeare and upheld Dickens Philadelphia Sunday Dispatch It is this almost clairvoyant power of reading the human

  • Title: The Winning of Barbara Worth
  • Author: Harold Bell Wright
  • ISBN: 9781565544727
  • Page: 343
  • Format: Paperback

Free Download The Winning of Barbara Worth - by Harold Bell Wright, Free Download The Winning of Barbara Worth - by Harold Bell Wright, The Winning of Barbara Worth, Harold Bell Wright, The Winning of Barbara Worth The secret of Harold Bell Wright s power is the same God given secret that inspired Shakespeare and upheld Dickens Philadelphia Sunday Dispatch It is this almost clairvoyant power of reading the human soul that has made Mr Wright s books among the most remarkable works of the present age Oregon JournalThe eastern plains of Colorado hold many secrets including The secr. Free Download The Winning of Barbara Worth - by Harold Bell Wright - The Winning of Barbara Worth, The Winning of Barbara Worth The secret of Harold Bell Wright s power is the same God given secret that inspired Shakespeare and upheld Dickens Philadelphia Sunday Dispatch It is this almost clairvoyant power of reading the human

  • Free Download The Winning of Barbara Worth - by Harold Bell Wright
    343Harold Bell Wright
The Winning of Barbara Worth

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  1. Harold Bell Wright was a best selling American author of the first part of the 20th century Between 1903 and 1942, this minister turned author wrote nineteen books, several scripts for stage plays, and several magazine articles At least fifteen movies were made from his novels Seven of Wright s books appeared on the top ten best sellers lists, two of them twice, including a number one seller in 1914, a number two in 1916 and a third best seller three times He s best known for his work entitled The Shepherd of the Hills which was made into the well known, outdoor play, of the same name, performed in Branson, Mo.

  2. This was not a book that I would ve read under normal circumstances The cover was cold and uninviting and the story was not one of typical interest A few months after my mother passed away this book was found among her possessions and I learned that it had been my grandfather s favorite book, so much so that he had named his daughter, my mother, after Barbara Once I knew this I was compelled to read it because it was a part of my heritage So the story itself was actually quite intriguing after t [...]

  3. Three men and a boy are headed from the port city of San Felipe, California to Rubio City, a frontier town along the Colorado River, where there is only a rude trail two hundred and hard and lonely miles of it the only mark of man in all that desolate waste and itself marked every mile by the graves of men and the bleached bones of their cattle I really like how one of those men describe the desert where Rubio City is located A thousan square miles av ut wouldn t feed a jack rabbit Tis the blis [...]

  4. The title will fool you You will automatically expect that said Barbara Worth would play a prominent role in the story Yet in fact she is nothing but a supporting character If anything the title should be The Winning of Jefferson Worth Jefferson, Barbara s adoptive father, is the character followed the most Also, by the Winning in the title you may be tricked into believing this is a romance for someone to win her heart Somewhere, waaaaaay back in the back, there might be a romance going on It o [...]

  5. My copy was printed in 1911 and is part of my small collection of turn of the century westerns Harold Bell Wright also wrote The Shepard of the Hills, which I really enjoyed a couple of times and have seen the John Wayne, Harey Carey movie a couple of times This tracks a young woman through the greening of the San Jaquinn valley in California, where they were able to run the Colorado through and make it one of the greenest farm valley s in the country High Finance and Great Men manuever for Capi [...]

  6. A very interesting but not deep novel about the claiming of the Imperial Valley for agriculture The story contrasts the actions of those interested in making money with those interested in improving the lives of those around them.

  7. A classic of last of Old West with morality tale of Good Business, East vs West America and love story written in 1911 Took me a couple chapters to get involved, then pages flew by.

  8. Slow going in parts but theres a good story here if you re patient The title is misleading because the story of Barbara and the winning of her kind of takes a backseat to what is actually the main story, which is the civilization or reclamation of the deserts of the southwest ie how the pioneers in the area developed waterways and irrigation along with the development of the towns The characters are interesting but some of the stuff about the actual development of the the canals gets to be dry r [...]

  9. The masterful plot actually deserves a higher rating, but I cannot overlook cursing in my rating system I suppose Wright was attempting to create an authentic western setting, but I would have enjoyed the book if he had neglected that particular form of language The main character reminded me somewhat of Captitola The Hidden Hand because she was brave, resourceful, and had a very strong mind, and although she was not as capricious, she was definitely a great character I will say that the love s [...]

  10. A great Western story of capitalist adventure and innocent romance cleverly intwined, I really fell in love with this book as I began to read The characters proved to be endearing to the uttermost I m not a huge fan of westerns, so this was a pleasant surprise to me I especially loved the high ideals of womanhood and manhood, and any story in which good triumphs over evil and love over hate nearly always wins its way to my heart if it is written at all decently Harold Bell Wright is a wonderful [...]

  11. I must have read this book decades ago and had forgotten it when I was editing my grandmother s letters and diaries, I found that she and her friends exchanged Harold Bell Wright titles regularly from before 1910 through 1920 They couldn t get enough of his books, especially those set in the west This one is fun for its history of California s Imperial Valley, the northern end of it anyway The romance is entirely predictable if unfair, but if you read Harold Bell Wright, you know there has to be [...]

  12. Too bad Wright wasn t very good with emotions the ending really needed a great and satisfying pay off, and it wasn t there.I m guessing he and every other late Victorian writer in English was heavily influenced by Dickens, but without the Dickensian humor its lack is a a major missing ingredient But I still recommend this, as a curio if nothing else Would love to read other modern readers opinions.

  13. An excellent book So good, if fact, that I continually wondered why this story had not become a movie It has all the drama, suspense and romance needed for a film I read one review which said the plot was too predictable It might have been, but there remained enough to keep me wanting to turn the pages on and on The last night of reading I stayed up late finishing the book.

  14. I am abandoning this one just could not get into it I really love other works by this author, but this one just never grabbed me enough to keep me going I am sad because I really wanted to love it since my grandma read and loved it so much as a young woman Maybe someday I will give it another go.

  15. This book was written in 1911, and therefore was a tough book to get through It tells the story of the reclaiming of the desert that became the Imperial Valley, so once I got into it, I wanted to keep reading.

  16. Have a 1911 copy in my bookshelves from my Grandmother Not best thing I ve ever read, but interesting look at writing style from the period Found characters and subject concerns surrounding land reclamation and economy at the turn of the century not so different from current day.

  17. Anyone who has vacationed in Branson, MO is familiar with Harold Bell Wright s The Shepherd of the Hills I got to wondering what else he had written and was surprised to find out that he was once one of the most popular American writers in the 20th Century So I decided to try him out The Winning of Barbara Worth is often considered his masterpiece and rightly so.The plot revolves around the reclamation of the southern end of California s Imperial Valley and many see it as contest between two you [...]

  18. Although I have most of Harold Bell Wright s books, this book was not at the top of the list to read I just wasn t interested in reading a romance novel however, the book moved up that list when it was mentioned in The Grapes of Wrath, a book that I was reading at that time Early in the book I soon discover that it isn t THAT kind of romance The story is about an orphaned little girl found in the desert beside her dead mother by a group of men From the very beginning, the little girl seems frigh [...]

  19. I loved this book Powerful and relevant for our day even though it was based on events of the early 20th Century Wright wove a fascinating, gripping fictional tale of men and women who tamed the American West, the Colorado River, and the vast, forbidding desert of what is now Imperial Valley Strong characters are brilliantly developed and perfectly intertwine with their story of friendship, grit, determination, and love I found an old hardbound copy, long forgotten, that was given to my grandmot [...]

  20. This was written in a time when innovation and cultivation were celebrated and admired I loved the story and the writing style.

  21. I found this book to be mildly interesting, but overly dramatic and had a somewhat predictable plot.

  22. This is very dated, so people with a scanty vocabulary and no interest in history may as well look for something else, unless they are attempting to remedy those situations This Western adventure is realistic and is not very romanticized, indeed, it contains only the most secondary of love stories But it is a great story and a most interesting look at what the Old West was actually like.

  23. A story about capitalism and how important it is to introduce the human element to it The bad guys think only of what makes good business sense and the good guys take into consideration how business affects people There s a little romance thrown in for good measure too.

  24. My great grandfather So I would have never read it otherwise But I actually like all his books The language is colloquial, he paints a vivid picture of the west, and there is always a moral to the story Not exactly my style, and dated in many ways, but historic I would say.

  25. There is a reference in The Grapes of Wrath to this book It seems that one of the characters found this book to have been life changing, or something Tom said, Don t roust your faith bird high an you won t do no crawlin with the worms I know that s right That s Scripture, ain t it I guess so, said Tom I never could keep Scripture straight sence I read a book name The Winning of Barbara Worth So, I figured I should check it out The author, Harold Bell Wright, after all, was at one time a well res [...]