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Cold Cereal

Cold Cereal ☆ Cold Cereal ✓ Adam Rex - Cold Cereal, Cold Cereal Cold Cereal Facts Serving size chapter Number of servings Primary human characters Scottish Play Doe aka Scottpossible changeling Erno Utz genius Emily Utz supergenius Magical creatures at least

  • Title: Cold Cereal
  • Author: Adam Rex
  • ISBN: 9780062060020
  • Page: 491
  • Format: Hardcover

☆ Cold Cereal ✓ Adam Rex, ☆ Cold Cereal ✓ Adam Rex, Cold Cereal, Adam Rex, Cold Cereal Cold Cereal Facts Serving size chapter Number of servings Primary human characters Scottish Play Doe aka Scottpossible changeling Erno Utz genius Emily Utz supergenius Magical creatures at least Mick Leprechaun or Clurichaun Harvey Pooka rabbit man Biggs indeterminate origin hairy large Evil organizations Goodco Cereal CompanyPurveyor of breakfast foods aspirinCold Cereal Fact. ☆ Cold Cereal ✓ Adam Rex - Cold Cereal, Cold Cereal Cold Cereal Facts Serving size chapter Number of servings Primary human characters Scottish Play Doe aka Scottpossible changeling Erno Utz genius Emily Utz supergenius Magical creatures at least

  • ☆ Cold Cereal ✓ Adam Rex
    491Adam Rex
Cold Cereal

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  1. Adam Rex grew up in Phoenix, Arizona, the middle of three children He was neither the smart one older brother or the cute one younger sister , but he was the one who could draw He took a lot of art classes as a kid, trying to learn to draw better, and started painting when he was 11 And later in life he was drawn down to Tucson in order to hone his skills, get a BFA from the University of Arizona, and meet his physicist wife Marie who is both the smart and cute one.Adam is nearsighted, bad at all sports, learning to play the theremin, and usually in need of a shave He can carry a tune, if you don t mind the tune getting dropped and stepped on occasionally He never remembers anyone s name until he s heard it at least three times He likes animals, spacemen, Mexican food, Ethiopian food, monsters, puppets, comic books, 19th century art, skeletons, bugs, and robots.Garlic and crosses are useless against Adam Sunlight has been shown to be at least moderately effective A silver bullet does the trick Pretty much any bullet, really.

  2. Read the complete and original review at Word SpelunkingMagical creatures leprechauns, rabbit men, fay, a might be bigfoot , clever young characters, wicked baddies, and an action packed, wildly fun and funny story Cold Cereal by Adam Rex has everything you could ever want in an MG fantasy and a heck of a lot that you never even knew you wanted SUMMARY ON BACK OF ARCScottish Play Doe aka Scott is used to being a little different, and not just because of his name Sometimes he hallucinates things [...]

  3. Oh, Adam Rex You are so cool, I can t really stand it Example In the prologue of this book, a series of people are passing by a pet carrier in an airport A woman with a tight ponytail that hoisted her face into a permanent, painted grin bent in front of the cage Aw, hewwo, widdle Chihuahua, she said Hewwo Then she rose to go wherever it is people like that come from Seriously I love this man I want all his tshirts.That saidThere is A LOT going on in this book Junk Food Factory, puzzles treasure [...]

  4. This book had me until the very end the satirical look at breakfast cereals who wouldn t want to try Burlap Crisp or KoKo Lumps , the unicat, Harvey the semi invisible rabbit man were all fun and a little charming I got the joke about Sir Reggie Dwight being John Doe The idea that Emily and Erno had a strange ok, bizarre home life, that Scott saw strange things, that Goodco was, well, evil All well and good.The setting is New Jersey and Goodco is a multi national cereal company that also dabbles [...]

  5. Ever wonder what really is in your kids cereal Goodco Cereal Company claims There s a little bit of magic in every box Of course, most consumers don t realize that there is truth to this statement and that Goodco has an agenda for children all over the world Scott s mom works for Goodco and the family moves to Goodborough, NJ where the Goodco headquarters is He meets Erno and Emily Utz, a set of twins his age, who are geniuses The kids soon find out that Goodco is experimenting on children, has [...]

  6. I wanted to love this book I really did The premise of an evil cereal manufacturer stealing the magic of leprechauns, rabbits, and vampires to make its cereals so addicting is genius But I just couldn t get into this book It seemed like there was just one crazy thing happening after another and one crazy creature being introduced after another many from completely out of nowhere It kind of reminded me of the bedtime stories I made up for my kids when they were younger ding to them each night, [...]

  7. Q Is this book funny A Well, don t read it while you are actually trying to eat cold cereal, or you run the risk of blowing milk out your nose and possibly getting a blue candy marshmallow lodged in your sinus cavity.Q Does this book illuminate important social issues Can it be read within the marxist critical framework A Yeah, sure.Q Does it have lots of vampires A Not really, no.

  8. This book has everything non stop action, a host of interesting and well developed characters, complex and creative world building, tons of humor but many touching parts as well, and charming illustrations Also, a unicat.

  9. I loved Adam Rex s first foray into middle grade books, the award winning THE TRUE MEANING OF SMEKDAY COLD CEREAL, unlike SMEKDAY, doesn t begin with an alien invasion and thus takes a bit longer to get off the ground Instead, we re introduced to the Cold Cereal Trilogy s rather large ensemble which includes Erno and Emily Utz, twins who look nothing alike and live with their foster father and giant nanny, and Scottish Play Doe, the new kid in school who sees strange things One of those things b [...]

  10. Have you ever picked up a book on a sheer whim Maybe it wasn t a whim exactly which led me to read, Cold Cereal but the book s odd brand of whimsy radiated from the moment I laid eyes on the cover.In a plot that might delight fans of Terry Pratchet, Lemony Snicket and Monty Python, a clash of fairies, knights and breakfast cereals come together in a hodgepodge of humor and adventure that makes up the first in what appears to be a new series Scottish Play Doe Scott is the son of a movie star fath [...]

  11. Scott, whose real name is Scottish Play Doe, has recently moved to Goodborough, New Jersey due to his mother s new job at Goodco Cereal Company Scott, who sometimes experiences hallucinations before getting migraines, begins to see some unusually strange, imaginary creatures such as a man with a rabbit head, a unicat a cat with a single spiraling horn in the center of its forehead , and a leprechaun named Mick.Mick informs Scott that Goodco has been kidnapping magical creatures for their magic t [...]

  12. Yet another fabulous audio book penned by Adam Rex At this rate, I m not sure I would enjoy reading the physical book as much on my own as hearing them read in such fabulous voices This was a different narrator than The True Meaning of Shmeckday , but the range was equally as impressive The story had an excellent blend of characters, contemporary culture, mythology and advertising consumption as a means to take over the world A truly enjoyable read listen, the only pro AND con was realizing that [...]

  13. This one is edging into 3.5 or 4 star territory, but I have to reserve that until I read the sequel And, yes, there WILL be a sequel This book ends fairly well, you are not left dangling off the cliff, but there s a lot story available And I did laugh You can t help it.The Goode and Harmliss Cereal Company, now known as Goodco, There s a little bit of Magic in every box has found a way of trapping magical creatures and draining their magical powers to use for evil purposes I really loved the pa [...]

  14. I think I need to read this book as opposed to listening to the audiobook Where Adam Rex s humor shines in The True Meaning of Smekday, I wasn t quite feeling it as much in Cold Cereal I think part of that had to do with the audiobook narrator s deadpan expression throughout the entire story The only time he used any sort of expression in his voice was when he was doing character voices and even then, his voice for Emily and Polly were pretty much identical Even at the height of tension and acti [...]

  15. Listen, this book is kind of cracked out It s cracked out in a way I ultimately enjoyed, but there were times in this book where I was like why am I still READING this Then Adam Rex would pull me back in and I would look at the clock and realize I had been reading a long time Still, it s a hard book to booktalk and a hard book to sell if you give too much information Also, I don t think this is going to be a series so HOLY LOOSE ENDS, BATMAN I feel like hardly anything got resolved at the end I [...]

  16. a good read, creative, but at times painfully slow pratchettesque but would have been better paired down slightly not sure if students will enjoy or notry odd book quiet enjoyable overall to me, but with I think a small if fun audience would make a good Terry Gilliam movie

  17. Tou ila jsem, aby se mi ta kniha l bila A jist m zp sobem se mi i l bila Byla tady spousta skv l ch n pad a nadp irozen ch bytost k zbo ov n Ale nemohla jsem se po dn za st, moc m nezaj malo, co se bude d t d l a mysl m, e si za p r m s c nevzpomenu, o em to v bec bylo Nicm n za ko koro ce d v m 3

  18. I loved The True Meaning of Smekday, and this one had a lot of the same humor and fun characters It just had a little too much going on in it to get really rolling until the very end, when I didn t want to put it down Maybe some better pacing or planning would ve brought this to a 4 star read for me.

  19. I read Cold Cereal after immensely enjoying The True Meaning of Smekday series and found Adam Rex had stayed true to form it was a well crafted and hilariously fun book I can t wait to read the rest of the series Keep it up, Adam Rex

  20. Great book Tells how the cereal company, Goodco, could be doing bad things for the Fay, a magical group of animals, such as leprechauns, unicorns, and many .

  21. Initial Response WELL that was interesting High Lights Okay, so I really don t know how to review this book It s like nothing I ve ever read before Scott was probably my favorite character, which is good because he was the main character XD His full name is Scottish Play Doe and can I just That name Like, WHAT IS THIS MADNESS view spoiler OKAY BUT THEN AT THE END GAH MACBETH slow clap That was SO CLEVER and it just came together PERFECTLY AAAHHH hide spoiler All the names are like SUPER WEIRD AN [...]

  22. The weirdness of the premise is what attracted me a book about an evil cold cereal company, secret societies, mad scientists, magical creatures, and abused orphans Lots of action, a bit of horror, dark comedy, and tragedy.Unfortunately the author doesn t seem that confident in the story he s telling It moves too fast without taking the time to let this bizarre setting simmer It rushes over plot holes The action sequences are undone by coincidence after coincidence There is a lot of noise and mov [...]

  23. I enjoyed the first half of this much than the rest It seemed like it was going to be really fun It reminded me of the show Gravity Falls, but then it got really bogged down and convoluted with this overly complicated backstory stuff with fairies and Merlin and time travel sort of I guess there are sequels and I can guess where they re going in the next one I don t think I ll read any though.

  24. A good, silly frolic with leprechauns, a possible bigfoot, super smart twins, and an evil breakfast cereal corporation Sets itself up to be a series.Recommended ForFans of Skulduggery Pleasant, maybe a precursor to Terry Pratchett or Douglas Adams.

  25. A good book I want my kids to read when they are a little older It covers corporations, truth in advertising, Arthurian Legend, unnatural food ingredients, and mind control Overall, very thought provoking Though, it definitely makes me not want to eat cereal for awhile.

  26. This was another Magic is real, and it sucks book and I just wasn t in the mood Also, it s definitely a book about boys for boys with only one protag who is female, and she feels very alien I quit when they showed the wall of dead people heads Not my kind of book.

  27. I liked this book although it took me a little bit to get into it Weird plot that kids will like and interesting characters with odd traits made this story appealing to me.