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The Wolf's Hour

The Wolf's Hour The Wolf's Hour Best Read || [Robert McCammon] - The Wolf's Hour, The Wolf s Hour This book is a remarkable tale of pulse pounding excitement with a uniquely sympathetic fascinating portrait of the werewolf as noble warrior and conflicted being Complex compelling and utterly real

  • Title: The Wolf's Hour
  • Author: Robert McCammon
  • ISBN: 9780671731427
  • Page: 109
  • Format: Ebook

The Wolf's Hour Best Read || [Robert McCammon], The Wolf's Hour Best Read || [Robert McCammon], The Wolf's Hour, Robert McCammon, The Wolf s Hour This book is a remarkable tale of pulse pounding excitement with a uniquely sympathetic fascinating portrait of the werewolf as noble warrior and conflicted being Complex compelling and utterly real. The Wolf's Hour Best Read || [Robert McCammon] - The Wolf's Hour, The Wolf s Hour This book is a remarkable tale of pulse pounding excitement with a uniquely sympathetic fascinating portrait of the werewolf as noble warrior and conflicted being Complex compelling and utterly real

  • The Wolf's Hour Best Read || [Robert McCammon]
    109Robert McCammon
The Wolf's Hour

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  1. Robert Rick McCammon was a full time horror writer for many years After taking a hiatus for his family, he returned to writing with an interest in historical fiction.The sixth book in his Matthew Corbett historical fiction series, Freedom of the Mask, was published in May 2016.The second book in the Trevor Lawson I Travel by Night series, Last Train from Perdition, was published in October 2016.His next novel, a standalone book called The Listener, will be published in February 2018 by Cemetery Dance.McCammon resides in Birmingham, Alabama He is currently working on the seventh Matthew Corbett novel, Cardinal Black.

  2. Michael Gallatin is a master spy during World War II He also happens to be a werewolf He comes out of retirement for one last mission to stop a secret Nazi operation called Iron Fist Can Michael stop Iron Fist and retain his humanity The Wolf s Hour is what would happen if Captain America was a werewolf instead of a super hero Yes, I remember the atrocious CapWolf storyline from the 1990 s That doesn t count since it didn t happen during World War II.Wolf s Hour tells two parallel stories one of [...]

  3. Straight epic WWII historical adventure filled with heroism and sacrifice or a sexed up epic werewolf story from childhood through adulthood What do YOU prefer Fortunately, YOU don t have to make a choice It s all here And guess what This is all a huge tome with a very long and very adventuresome escapade revolving WWII from resistance fighters, going deep into enemy German territory, Russia, and back to England It s a pretty wild ride and a ton happens If you like your stories long and exciting [...]

  4. I ve only read two McCammon books so far SWAN SONG and THE WOLF S HOUR , but I ve come to a conclusion.Robert McCammon doesn t write novels He writes masterpieces.I expected that of SWAN SONG, since many folks place it up there with and, in some minds, above one of my favorite novels, Stephen King s THE STAND After reading SWAN SONG, I felt the praise was warranted It s a towering classic of our genre.What I didn t expect was for THE WOLF S HOUR to rival the majesty of SWAN SONGE WOLF S HOUR is [...]

  5. British agent Michael Gallatin parachutes into occupied France on a mission deemed critical to the imminent Allied invasion of Europe in June 1944 He s assisted by a secret only three others on earth are privy to Michael Gallatin is a werewolf Resistance fighters, Gestapo agents and civilians caught in their web each sense something unique about Gallatin, and as the story moves back in time to Russia, we see how an adolescent Mikhail Gallatinov came to acquire his unique abilities If you don t c [...]

  6. What if one of the Allies greatest spies during WWII was a werewolf The Wolf s Hour is the story of Michael Gallatin, born Mikhail Gallatinov His journey is sprawling and meaty, full of intense moments, both emotional and physical Although I am not sure this technically counts as an epic, it feels very epic to me Because there is so much to see about how Michael goes from being a privileged eight year old during the bloody Russian Revolution to a thirty four year old British Secret Service spy Y [...]

  7. This is probably my favorite of all the McCammon books How can you go wrong with a werewolf master spy fighting against the Nazis You can t.Its just pure pulp fun Some may consider it trash but they re just not enlightened.

  8. After reading the blurb of this book I am not sure what was I expecting from this book I have not read a lot of World War and spy books, the only plus point of this book to me was that the lead of the book was a werewolf I have read McCammon s Boy s Life which is one of my all time favorites, and I wanted to read books by him so I picked this, a decision I am never going to regret Wolf s Hour tells us the story of Michael Galletine, a British spy, during the World War II He has all the traits e [...]

  9. If Jason Bourne and rabid Lassie had a love child on the set of The Dirty Dozen directed by John Woo, this is what you d get.Nazi s make me fucking sick I can t believe that this kind of shit went down not all that long ago Anytime a Nazi piece of shit gets killed I can t help but want to stand up and cheer and there was no shortage of it in this one Good Fuckers.Oh yeah, and there were werewolves in here too A little spy thriller espionagey yes, that is a word for me, but I believe it was exact [...]

  10. 4.75 starsar perfect That was one amazing adventure Positively the BEST werewolf book I ve ever read The wolf attacks were brutald the back story of how Michael became a werewolf was awesome Besides Boy s Life and Swan Song, this is another favorite McCammon of mine Historical fiction mixed with a horrific mythical creature.equals one awesome story This one will leave you howling at the moonokI know , but I just had to say it.Highly recommended 4.75 stars

  11. We are all familiar with the old adage, Time and Tide wait for none, and this truly applies to me I am that grasshopper that starts working at the last minute be it studying for exams or completing tasks or even reading books Procrastination is something that is like second skin to me and I have to admit that I am not proud of it Only true procrastinators will understand the futility of advising us with dire consequences It is as I said part and parcel of our lives Why am I taking about procrast [...]

  12. I could go even to 9 10 for the sheer amount of entertainment I got out the Michael Gallatin adventures and the skilled control of McCammon over the plot and the pacing of the narrative.There are a lot of things done good in this high octane thriller and few to criticize In true Indiana Jones style the hero goes from one rollercoater ride to another, from the sand dunes of El Alamein to the rooftop of the Paris Opera and from the rushing train on the Berlin outskirts to a desolate rocky island i [...]

  13. Trashy, genre crossing mess about a Russian refugee werewolf fighting Nazis and having sex I read this when I was in my early teens and thought it was pretty pervy, but I m sure it would seem mild compared to lots of later paranormal novels.

  14. Fabulously entertaining, an exotic blend of paranormal, war thriller and romance Defies category Highly recommend.

  15. This is still to date one of my all time favorite novels McCammon has written some great tales but this is one I can and have read over and over and over again 007 meet the Wolf man actually no 007 IS the Wolf man McCammon takes you back and forth between WWII espionage, personal vendetta, 007 spy action and werewolf Russian heritage As much as i would love to read a sequel I don t want the fun of the original to be squandered If you want a great werewolf novel or just an interesting twist on a [...]

  16. The fact that this book even exists is so great, I can barely even contain myself My friend M Sweeney Lawless passed it on to me when I was working on a screenplay based on my werewolf blog, and I fell in love, mainly with the huge balls it took the author to write this book From the Back Jacket He is Michael Gallatin, master spy, lover and werewolf Able to change shape with the lightning speed, to kill silently with savage, snarling fury, he proved his talents against Rommel in Africa And now h [...]

  17. This was a great read It had a bit of everything and it is well written to boot And it works All of it Yes even the werewolf part Well done I want I love the being in the present and then the flashbacks They were some of my favorite chapters Yes Chapters of flashbacks A complete second story I am sure there are amazing reviews out there about this book All I can say is that I can recommend it to anyone Why is there not

  18. I ll be reviewing of Robert McCammon s books, but this is one of my favorites Of course I can t get my wife to read it since she still judges the book by its cover and says, I don t want to read a book with a werewolf on the cover howling at the moon sigh That being said, they really should change the cover art for this book, because it is NOT a cheezy werewolf novel at all It s a fantastic journey thru the life of a man who indeed gets bitten by a wolf and then is taken into the pack of people [...]

  19. The GoodMichael Gallatin is a werewolf who works for the allies during World War II The top brass asks him to head deep behind enemy lines to make contact with a double agent so that he can retrieve information that will reveal Hitler s Super Secret Plan to overcome the grim economic consequences of running a military state and actually win the Second World War Why does it all fall to this dapper, lycanthropic individual Because he s the man for the job, dammit The Not so goodYa got your present [...]

  20. I loved this book I was speechless when I finished it last night The action was great and the suspense was overwhelming.

  21. Reviewer s Note This is a three and a half star book on the Hugh Scale It is possible that, at some level, I am seeking vengeance on McCammon because this book isn t as good as Swan Song Then again, not many books are I rated Swan Song as a 5 and, in my opinion there is something special in that book There are special parts of Wolf s Hour, though I think, overall those parts do not add up to a higher rating At any rate, 3.5 is a good score from me, and, there are certainly parts of this book tha [...]

  22. When I was in high school I wanted to write a story with a werewolf and my friend suggested I read this book I had never heard of Robert McCammon before so I wasn t sure what to expect What I got was a book that I couldn t put down Wolf s Hour is much than just a werewolf book, although just at that level, it s a fantastic read.Wolf s Hour is as much a World War II novel who s main character, Michael Gallatin is a British spy who also happens to be a werewolf That in itself is a pretty ingeniou [...]

  23. I was expecting this to be the best werewolf novel I would ever read because McCammon is such a fantastic writer but I was disappointed The werewolf portions of the story were excellent and worthy of five stars but over half of the book was of a spy novel and that s just not my thing It may have been well done but I don t care for the James Bond stuff Our protagonist was a little too perfect I like my heroes flawed Fatally so if possible.This was still a good read just not what I was expecting. [...]

  24. The Wolf s Hour is, essentially, two stories In fact, I d go as far as to argue that this novel may well have started out as two completely separate ideas, before being forcibly merged together into its final form I have absolutely no concrete evidence to support my admittedly rather tenuous claim, but at some point over the course of this review I ll try to explain why I think this may be the case.The principal plot thread sees our hero, Michael Gallatin born and raised in Russia as Mikhail Gal [...]

  25. It takes a pretty good writer to pull this off Write an espionage tale about a British spy who is in a race against time to determine what secret the Germans have in mind to thwart the Allied Invasion of Europe Now throw in the fact that he s a werewolf without making the whole thing sound stupid.Yeah, it sounds really stupid, and the front cover of my paperback does nothing to dispel that.But it really works Of course, it helps if you re the type of reader who can suspend disbelief and just sit [...]

  26. What is the soul of a lycanthrope in the eyes of God This is so much than a werewolf story We follow Michael Gallatin, the tortured protagonist of this wonderful novel, from his tragic and violent childhood to his coming of age in a band of werewolves and finally through his adventures as an uniquely skilled spy for the Allies in World War 2.Part coming of age novel, part traditional horror story, part thrilling and atmospheric historical spy thriller it excels at all three I found the spy stor [...]

  27. I will preface this by saying that I love Robert McCammon I think he s a fantastic storyteller I was trying to find another book of his to read and came across The Wolf s Hour b c there was a Kindle edition At first I thought the premise a werewolf helps the Allies during WWII was a bit cheesy, so I was hesitant to read it However, after starting the book I read it in about three days and was quickly enraptured with the story The characters are well developed and well written, and McCammon actua [...]

  28. The Wolf s Hour is my second McCammon book The first read, The Night Boat was Nazi Zombies which I enjoyed and this book, which may be termed Nazi s and Werewolves was equally enjoyable.McCammon is mentioned in the same breath as Stephen King and is an author I want to read of along with King.There are two stories in this book First, is how the main character became a werewolf and his experiences with his pack Second, is the main character taking on the might of the Nazi s.The Nazi story is of [...]

  29. Robert McCammon is such an amazing writer Loved the Wolf s Hour, a brilliant read For me mixing horror, espionage, classic World War II, and adventure it is a win win Has that Brian Lumley Necroscope feel to it except with werewolves instead of Vampires McCammon is such a vivid writer, he really sucks the reader into the atmosphere of the story I could almost smell the gun oil off of the weapons fired or the smell of pine in the forest when Michael was in his wolf form running through the woods [...]

  30. Robert McCammon is a fantastic writer He could make the information on the back of a cereal box entertaining So when you have a plot line like a werewolf fighting Nazis you are in for a real treat.Each segment of the story is a story and it keeps you engaged as you flow through the book You may think you know what s going to happen and then, BAM The fight scenes were so realistic I felt I was watching the whole thing on TV well TV is as realistic as I get with fighting The plot may sound a bit f [...]