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Love Walked in

Love Walked in Free Download Love Walked in - by Marisa de los Santos - Love Walked in, Love Walked in When Martin Grace enters the hip Philadelphia coffee shop Cornelia Brown manages her life changes forever But little does she know that her newfound love is only the harbinger of greater changes to c

  • Title: Love Walked in
  • Author: Marisa de los Santos
  • ISBN: 9780452287891
  • Page: 463
  • Format: Paperback

Free Download Love Walked in - by Marisa de los Santos, Free Download Love Walked in - by Marisa de los Santos, Love Walked in, Marisa de los Santos, Love Walked in When Martin Grace enters the hip Philadelphia coffee shop Cornelia Brown manages her life changes forever But little does she know that her newfound love is only the harbinger of greater changes to come Meanwhile across town Clare Hobbs eleven years old and abandoned by her erratic mother goes looking for her lost father She crosses paths with Cornelia while meetinWhen Martin Gra. Free Download Love Walked in - by Marisa de los Santos - Love Walked in, Love Walked in When Martin Grace enters the hip Philadelphia coffee shop Cornelia Brown manages her life changes forever But little does she know that her newfound love is only the harbinger of greater changes to c

  • Free Download Love Walked in - by Marisa de los Santos
    463Marisa de los Santos
Love Walked in

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  1. Marisa de los Santos is the New York Times bestselling author of LOVE WALKED IN, BELONG TO ME, FALLING TOGETHER, THE PRECIOUS ONE, and her newest novel, which continues with characters from the first two, I LL BE YOUR BLUE SKY Marisa has also co authored, with her husband David Teague, two novels for middle grade readers SAVING LUCAS BIGGS and CONNECT THE STARS.Marisa and David live in Wilmington, Delaware with their two children, Charles and Annabel, and their Yorkies, Finny and Huxley Marisa is currently at work on her sixth novel for adults, I D GIVE ANYTHING.

  2. I finally met my match an author that slowed me down I m a very fast reader skimmer actually you get read that way , and the style and beauty of this book deserved to have every savory word read Clearly an accomplished writer in the craft of poetry, de los Santos conveys the flow and beauty of the written word in this novel In addition, she molds likeable, believable characters, and creates an intriging story.I will read anything she writes

  3. I would look at this book and read the back cover everytime I went to Borders So, I recieved a gift card for Barnes Noble so I went ahead and purchased this book I m not sure what I was expecting but I was a little disappointed with the development of the story of Cornelia and Claire I found the frequent references to old romanticized movies and actors lame and completely over done As someone who has a few film courses under her belt but generally dislikes all romantic comedies with very few exc [...]

  4. For the first two thirds of this book, I was in love The prose was so taut and engaging, I didn t want to put the darn book down even though I am technically supposed to be reading Emma The cultural references alone books, movies, music were enough to keep me riveted I loved the pert and unique language of the adult heroine Cornelia Also, the author was very adept at creating very different, very believable voices for the two protagonists Cornelia and Clare.So, when the last act came around, I w [...]

  5. I was skeptical about this book at first a former coworker at the bookstore told me I had to read it, but we tend to have different taste I expected generic chick lit, and was extremely surprised it wasn t that at all It was amazing I adored it I carried it around for days so I could read every chance I got I loved it so much that I m having a hard time articulating why, exactly The writing was captivating, and I identified with both of the main characters in various ways The chapters alternate [...]

  6. Love Walked In centers on an unlikely meeting between two narrators Cornelia, a 31 year old cafe manager, and Clare, the 11 year old daughter of Cornelia s current boyfriend What unfolds is a strange and at times hopeful narrative of relationships, connections, and love.Cornelia s narrative is chatty like a girlfriend catching up on a whopper of a story , but it s often over the top The author uses Cornelia as a place to indulge in being in love with her own precocity, and it is often irritatin [...]

  7. This is one of the best written books I ve read in years From the first paragraph, I was hooked The writing style was just fantastic It far exceeded my expectations in terms of a first novel.Cornelia is someone I think I would be friends with in real life I found myself in her world through the vivid descriptions It was almost as if the main character was inviting you into her life.I didn t want to read it too quickly and I couldn t put it down because I felt like I had to savor every single wor [...]

  8. After two semesters of doom and gloom novels, my soul needed verbal cuddling I can see this book translating into a chick flick, the type of movie mothers bring their daughters to and weep mercilessly halfway into the film The title itself says it all.I wasn t hooked immediately into this book, as I normally am with guilty pleasuresd here s why The author didn t have a set voice she settled into Her chapters alternated between Cornelia, a thirty something cafe manager, and Clare, an eleven year [...]

  9. Reading, it is truly what I love to do However, I do not like wordy books By this I mean, when something can be essentially and beautifully written in say 10 words, why ruin it by writing it with 20 The story, its premise and its entirety are nice concepts which had the possibility of many things Yet, I could not wait for it to end because the boos itself is so over the top wordy, I just wanted to scream Perhaps it was just me, but some of the sentences were just painful because it was as if the [...]

  10. 3.5 Cornelia, the under achiever in her family, is the manager of a caf One day a Cary Grant look alike walks in and her life changes This is a chick lit, romance novel with great heart The novel is told in alternating points of view Cornelia, and Clare, an eleven year old with a chaotic home life I loved them both, though I was somewhat incredulous at several plot points Clare is a wonderful child character smart, observant, brave and caring, she is also frightened and fragile Several of her ch [...]

  11. Audio Version.Written by a poet, Love Walked In described love, family, and womanhood in a beautiful heart wrenching way.I quote a section describing exactly, well almost exactly how I feel about my purpose as a mother The main character s mother has just told her daughter about her life growing up with a mentally ill and alcoholic mother I swore nothing like that would ever touch this family And her whole body tilted forward when she said it so great was her ferocity It was the scene in Gone Wi [...]

  12. I really enjoyed this book, because it was beautifully written, and the story was a unique one I was a touch disappointed by the ending, but what else is new And again, in reflecting upon what the ending was, I m not sure that I could find a suitable one I just didn t think that Cornelia would give up the house she inherited to Viviana and Clare It was a huge self sacrifice This may sound odd, but I would have felt better if they would agreed to exchange some form of payment I m not being cynic [...]

  13. I picked up this book by accident, not having read anything by this author, and I am so glad I did This story is to be read slowly so as to savor the author s writing style It is a book about a single woman, a wonderful little girl, and a lot of love

  14. So after that cynical, depressing Indian book I thought what I needed was some chick lit, and this was supposed to be intelligent than average chick lit Was it Well, if continual annoying references to old movies in which I have absolutely no interest , a slightly less hackneyed perhaps story line, and a heroine who s making a valiant effort at having a Personality qualifies as intelligent chick lit, okay, I ll give it to you I guess the fact that I didn t close the book halfway through says s [...]

  15. There s a kind of holiness to love, requited or not, and those people who don t receive it with gratitude are arrogant beyond saving I held fast to that fact too, held fast and then, in the last seconds, let it go I released my thanks into the air like birds, with the hope that, if they didn t find Martin, they d at least add themselves to whatever accumulation of goodness might be out there.Love Walked In wasn t what I was expecting, I was expecting something sweet and cute, and it was, but it [...]

  16. Wow, I can t remember exactly how this book came to my attention I think I fell in love with the cover and then listened to an interview with the author on Bordersmedia It s hard to describe this book and how it s written crisp, elegant, gut wrenching, lyrical, heartbreaking, then funny At first it was hard to get used to the author s style and I had a hard time getting into it, but then after the first 80 pgs or so don t all great books take about that long I was so attached to the characters a [...]

  17. The stars are for Teo, being half Filipino More about this soon UPDATE Love Walked In was the book club s book of the month for February It was supposed to give out feels was it and it did, except that I felt the feels much later in the story Or maybe it was just me because I didn t really feel anything for Martin Grace Sure, he was depicted to be Cornelia s dream boy did I just say dream boy How high school, haha but I didn t like him at all I didn t like him at the start at the time he walked [...]

  18. Sorry, Anastasia, this book sucked.This is your typical chick lit novel where the single girl Cornelia meets the guy of her dreams, hates the guy of her dreams, and loves the guy who has been under her nose the whole time In addition to the single girl, there is also an 11 year old girl, Clare, whose mother leaves her on the side of the road and her father who happens to be Cornelia s dream man doesn t want to take responsibility of Clare So Cornelia steps up and decides to take Clare in Its suc [...]

  19. Must, must, must get past the title, which I would bet you a million trillion dollars is not what the author wanted to call this book, smacking as it does of some marketing gal with funky glasses but terrible taste in books idea of a kicky funky and SELLABLE title Ugh So gross But must get past it, for this book is wholly delightful and surprising and moving and lovely I think it was on the staff recommends shelf at my bookstore it s now a book that I recommend and give to others The story is sw [...]

  20. 3.5 starsCornelia works in a cafe and meets someone whom she starts dating Clare is 11 years old and having a hard time with her mother, as her mother seems to be acting very odd Clare knows something is wrong and is afraid her mother is sick The book started ok for me, but got better It was ok at the start while I got to know the characters and what was going on It really picked up for me in the middle after Cornelia and Clare met, but I have very mixed feelings about the ending I m settling on [...]

  21. I m going to be completely honest about this and hope that my own recent bitterness isn t seeping in to my review at all.First, let me talk about the format of the book I ve only read one other book recently that used a shifting perspective to tell the story I thought the vacillation between Cornelia and Clare to be fascinating, as well as much successfully rendered than The History of Love as well as less confusing than said other book, mainly because each chapter says which perspective is tel [...]

  22. The book starts out when a stranger walks into a store and asks the main character to come to London with him on a whim, which is somehow supposed to be romantic because he s handsome and elegant I didn t find it romantic At all I found it creepy and loaded with red flags of instability I spent the first hundred pages asking myself why I read modern fiction when I get so irked with stories about jumping from one bed to another until you hit the right one and somehow that is supposed to stick des [...]

  23. What I found enjoyable about Love Walked In is the crispness and clarity of the voices employed in storytelling although the initial Cornelia chapters felt too long winded And the alternating narratives of Claire and Cornelia indicated that this isn t your usual romance novel, you know, the one where they trace the path from meet cute to falling in love to happily ever after The focal point isn t even romantic love, not entirely, no But the love you get from friendship and family And I thought, [...]

  24. But in the months that followed Martin s gracing of Cafe Dora s doorway, I d figured out that a real life didn t mean attaining my heart s desire, but knowing it, meant not the satisfaction, but the longing This is a sweet, sweet book with a great story about love in all of its forms, redemption, knowing what you wantd the privledge of having things that you re passionate about.To re tell any of the story would be to spoil its surprises Anyone who s heart is warmed by a cup of hot chocolate, a f [...]

  25. I learned to love the kid But the elements of a normal chic lit is still there The men, the eyes and the dose of fluffy adjectives and sugar coatin around them.

  26. A couple of people have given glowing recommendations for Marisa de los Santos s books, so she s been on my radar for a while Love Walked In A Novel is her first book and I think became a word of mouth bestseller The story is about Cornelia, a cafe manager who loves classic movies One day a Cary Grant look a like walks into the cafe and Cornelia is over the moon to meet Martin The other main character is an 11 year old girl, Claire, whose mother is starting to act erratically to the point that s [...]

  27. Once Clare and Cornelia meet up this book had me hooked And the great wonder is there is a book to follow this one and continue the story.

  28. Marisa de los Santos is an author I discovered just recently, and I absolutely enjoy the spirit of joy and wit she conveys in her storytelling Belong To Me , the 2nd book featuring Cornelia was simply unforgettably heartwarming and funny and I must admit I liked that one much better than book 1 Love Walked In simply the fact that Cornelia and all the other characters were better defined fleshed out in book 2 And truly, the plot of Belong To Me captivated me Not that this one was terrible, but i [...]

  29. Awesome I know, I know it is such an overrated word, but it honestly does apply in this case The writing is lyrical In the best sense of the word Everything out of their mouths, so descriptive In fact, pages one through fifty were a challenge Getting used to the way things were said, Cornelia s thoughts in particular, her wordiness, just like this sentence is going right now, even her braininess had me pulling back a bit But as I have said, I took it as a challenge And from page fifty on, I coul [...]

  30. Okay, I might catch a little grief for this from those of you who gave this book only a couple of stars Yes, I agree that some plot elements were a little too convenient like getting a certain character out of the way, but .Kudos to the author for taking a unique approach to writing and story telling Maybe not totally unique, but something you don t find in contemporary bestsellers today unless you count mid grade fantasy.Cornelia s story is told in 1st person omniscient POV, and I felt like I w [...]