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Angelfall [PDF] Unlimited Ò Angelfall : by Susan Ee - Angelfall, Angelfall It s been six weeks since angels of the apocalypse descended to demolish the modern world Street gangs rule the day while fear and superstition rule the night When warrior angels fly away with a helpl

  • Title: Angelfall
  • Author: Susan Ee
  • ISBN: 9781444778519
  • Page: 131
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Unlimited Ò Angelfall : by Susan Ee, [PDF] Unlimited Ò Angelfall : by Susan Ee, Angelfall, Susan Ee, Angelfall It s been six weeks since angels of the apocalypse descended to demolish the modern world Street gangs rule the day while fear and superstition rule the night When warrior angels fly away with a helpless little girl her seventeen year old sister Penryn will do anything to get her back Anything including making a deal with an enemy angel Raffe is a warrior who lies brokIt s been six wee. [PDF] Unlimited Ò Angelfall : by Susan Ee - Angelfall, Angelfall It s been six weeks since angels of the apocalypse descended to demolish the modern world Street gangs rule the day while fear and superstition rule the night When warrior angels fly away with a helpl

  • [PDF] Unlimited Ò Angelfall : by Susan Ee
    131Susan Ee

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  1. Susan Ee is a USA Today bestselling author of the Penryn the End of Days trilogy, ANGELFALL, WORLD AFTER, and END OF DAYS Her books have been translated into over twenty languages, and her short films have played at major festivals She used to be a lawyer but loves being a writer because it allows her imagination to bust out and go feral.Sign up to hear about her next book at susanee or follow her on Twitter Susan_Ee.

  2. This is my favorite book of 2011 This review may contain extreme amounts of gushing III The above was my immediate reaction after finishing this book There simply were no words to describe how much I loved it, how it horrified me, shocked me, tore at my heart again and again Brilliant.2011 turned out to be a great year for Angel books for me I know that might seem strange when you think of the popular horrible ones cough Hush, Hush cough Halo cough Fallen cough But there is indeed hope for this [...]

  3. Oh my goodness, I think this book might have just ruined the entire urban fantasy and possibly dystopian too genre for me Because, where can I go from here Does it ever get better than this Please be warned right now that this review is going to be nothing less than gushing I loved everything about this book, so much so that I may need to keep writing in italics I can t believe I nearly didn t read this book I ve looked at the other rave reviews for it so many times and I kept coming back and re [...]

  4. In the beginning, it starts with a single feather drifting slowly down from the sky When 17 year old Penryn sees this simple sight, she is filled with incredible dread, because this lovely, floating, ephemeral thing is an unlikely sign of terrible things to come Six weeks after a devastating attack on earth, the world has been torn apart by a war between angels and humans Caught up in a battle she doesn t understand, Penryn watches in horror as an angel named Raffe is cornered and brutally strip [...]

  5. Warning, warning this review has a lot of expletives because this book makes me so damn happy I also get a bit of an attitude when a book makes me overjoyed, so be forewarned I m a little sassy This book just makes me feel so incredibly happy inside that I just can t help expressing myself When I finished this book I basically did this Yes, I fainted from sheer happiness and then got up and danced Ya got a problem with that I think that you all know thatonebook that you always wish for, especial [...]

  6. HELL TO THE YES.When I was a little younger, I used to be obsessed with angels I used to wish to become one, the day of my death, how morbid and often absurdly made the said wish when blowing candles, on my birthdays.Therefore, everyone in my vicinity would see carry an angel story around I was smitten with them This peculiar obsession lasted for years and so my pile of angel books read became real impressive Kissed by an Angel, Hush, Hush, Unearthly, Fallen, Daughter of Smoke Bone, Once Dead, T [...]

  7. This main characterThis worldThis storyI ve read this twice three times now, and I don t know how to do it justice in a review.

  8. The morning beckons and when I turn over, the book I finished in the midnight hours is beside me The fantasy world is slipping away, unable to follow me into the light Reality creeps in with the rising dawn, but I m reluctant to meet it I want that world, those characters, that emotion back but it s over Time to find a new one in a new book and so the hunt is on but the sadness at leaving a good friend remains.Ee has done something amazing here and not just because she s written probably one of [...]

  9. Susan Ee, I salute you Please do mankind a favor and send a copy of your book to every author who has ever written a book about angels maybe they ll finally understand that they re not going about it right.Youare.Thisis how you write a book about angels.Thisis how you write a post apocalyptic book Thisis how you write a kick ass heroine.Thisis how you write a gut wrenching romance.Thisis how you write a torn family.Thisis how every book deserves to be written Angelfall begins in a post apocalypt [...]

  10. 4.5 freaking stars It was a great story.I haven t read much angel books before and this one was quite good.Also the characters fit with the story quite right.There were some funny moments which I really enjoyed.The story The book is about a girl named Penryn who lives in a world taken by angels.She has a sick mother and a younger sister on a wheelchair.While they try to escape , her sister gets caught by an angel , and he takes her away.Now Penryn is desperate to find someone who can help her fi [...]

  11. three stars for the first half of this book, and a million for the last 3 4 i know i am the outlier i am the one percent come on and occupy me.i have read all your reviews of this book you, collectively, the YA goddesses of , and they have made me salivate for this book and the second half or so, basically everything after the tree scene, was really great.but for me, it was a slow startd i was nail biting the first bits, thinking to myself i am going to get flayed for not liking this book the go [...]

  12. As seen on The ReadventurerWell, I guess I got schooled again Clearly I can t hold on to this particular reading prejudice against self published books any , because here it is, a self pub that is not equal in quality to similar books released by major publishers, but, in fact, better than probably 75% of those books Angelfall is a competently written and competently edited novel.If you are a fan of UF and post apocalyptic adventure stories like Blood Red Road and Under the Never Sky, there is h [...]

  13. A review of this is now posted on my blog as well Feel free to check it out _______AAAAAAAAAAARRRGHHH THIS BOOK IS INCREDIBLE.OH MY GOD.I m, like, shaking from the utter epicness and badassery that is this gem of a book I mean, HOLY CRAP A PERSON CAN ONLY TAKE SO MUCH AWESOMENESS THIS IS OVERKILL.I M SHAKING LITERALLY THE BOOK IS THAT GOOD.OH MY GOD.Okay Whew.I need to lie down_.Several minutes hours whatevers laterWoo Okay deep breath So Most of you people are probably like But I just can t hel [...]

  14. HOLY CRAP, BATMAN O An apocalypse check A human heroine who can kick some serious ass check A brooding hot as fuck alien angel check A kidnapped little girl in need of saving check Forbidden love check Ok, so angels are wrecking havoc on Earth and nobody fucking knows WHY In fact I don t think the angels themselves know WHY.And then it dawns on me they all are just hawt for some human pussy Yep At least that s my conclusion so far, because as of yet a lot of details are unclear I need the sequel [...]

  15. If you haven t read these books run to Netgalley They have the first two up for grabs 3 2 15I can not believe this book hasn t received press It is flipping amazing One of the few books that I ve read that creates a whole new approach to the end of the world scenario Angel driven apocalypse Who woulda thunk it Angel books have never impressed me until I started this series You have a strong female MC.A male MC that you wellyou want to hump him No shame.Supporting characters that aren t just lum [...]

  16. buddy re read 11 11 13 and it was just as good the second time around 11 14 12 Soon to be a major motion picture I think I can safely recommend this book to anyone who likes any of these genres or categories Sci Fi post apocalyptic world in ruin Paranormal angels and demons Romance okay, so there wasn t actually one yet, but there is the hint of something forbidden to come Survival Adventure storiesHorror, Gore and Macabre twistsYA books that DON T read like a YA no angst, no teen drama, age is [...]

  17. Where other books like this have lacked cough Hush Hush cough Angefall prevailed I knew this book was going to be good, but I kept putting it off until the series was complete and now that it is I can finally dive in And oh did I dive, I read this whole book in one sitting.I loved what Susan did with this book Angelfall is one of the best balanced books I ve ever read No one thing outweighs the other The action, the romance, characters, and the underlying story all are evenly balanced The bigges [...]

  18. Epic BR with the BBB gang starting April 13, 2015.Warning this is not going to go well.DNF at 36% a whopping 104 pages This is it No YA for me I ve had it Fear not for this won t take very long Life s too short and I m tired of trying to find a YA book I might miraculously like when I could be reading great books YES everyone else in the known universe seems to love this book NO I didn t like it And I didn t even hate it It was just a whole big huge why the hell am I wasting my time with this k [...]

  19. I am not afraid of you, your kind, or your god I actually really enjoyed this than I expected to I m not a fan at all of books that have to do with Angels and or Demons In fact, the only other book I read that had to do with Angels was Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor and contrary to popular opinion, I didn t like it too much Therefore, I was a bit wary about reading another book that involved Angels But I had high hopes that Angelfall would change my opinion and I m glad it didn t di [...]

  20. Sale Alert January Book Deal for 0.99 on I ve read this book 3 times and loved it Books 2 totally awesome and 3 okay ending are also 1.99 and 0.99 this month So excited to read this AGAIN on April 13, 2015 Buddy Reading with SO Many people oOSarahOo, Cathryn, Danae, Ashley, Angela, Tanya, Catherine, Sarah, Navessa, Brigid, Shandra, Ya, Andrea, Mindy, Maria, Annette, Kristen, Lea, Sara, Athena Shardbearer , Brandi, Nicholas, Carole, Michelle, Tandie, Jenny, Liz, Arie, Allison, Amanda, Jessica, Je [...]

  21. A Badass Hidden Gemdassbookreviews badass hThe Perfect Escape A dark, gritty, gory, post apocalyptic world is so beautifully represented by the author in Angelfall Beautiful you say Yes, beautiful When you read a book, and in your head you can see the world as vivid as if you were looking outside your window, that is beautiful I wanted to take the world building in this book and yell to some of the YA authors out there and say, See, this is how you do it Nevertheless, who am I to judge I suck at [...]

  22. Dear publishers,Why do you publish so many bad books I won t even bother to mention them, you know there are plenty , while wonderful stories like this one have to be self published for us to be able to enjoy them All I have to say is that this book puts some of you at shame.I wonder if this book would have been better if edited, or if it would have been turned into a boring commercial story as many others out there.I usually don t pick up many angel books to read, as I find then not quite origi [...]

  23. I m hemming and hawing to myself in regards to how I want to rate this thing.On one hand, it was super entertaining and I really liked the main character, Penryn I also really liked this new take on the whole dystopian apocalyptic craze angels taking over the world Nice.On the other hand, however, I felt like the world building could have been, well, better I never really felt like I had a true feel for the state of the world and how the Angels figured into all of that Also, I typically prefer a [...]

  24. 5 snowy white winged stars Big reasons why I loved Angelfall Penryn is a real teenager She grieves her loss of hygiene, she misses her throws, she gets into catfights with other girls, she sucks at seduction, she does what needs to be done to stay safe with her family morality be damned Penryn s character was realistic, relatable, and well built There was not a single point in the book where I was frustrated with her or confused about her motivations.The mystery Susan Ee thought up a whole post [...]

  25. V. PARENTAL GUIDANCE ALERT:A Court of Wings and Ruin is NEW ADULT/EROTICA but Goodreads editors won't tell you

    WarningsI want to set the example and start to write reviews for YA books with warnings for nudity, violence and dark themes Thanks to ACOMAF a court of mist and fury trying to pretend that it s a YA book when in reality it s a NA book and then shove sex scenes in young readers throats, I ve been asking my GR friends to add trigger warnings in YA books.Nudity NoneGraphic sex NoneGore and blood view spoiler Some of it At times it reads like adult horror fare than YA, but it s only a couple of sc [...]

  26. Well, I ve just gone through the first page of reviews and they re all four and five stars So I will probably be alone out here in the three star universe for a while To all of the future members of the Angelfall three star club What There s only four of you Well good Let s hold hands and form a Quincunx welcome Please come in and make yourselves comfortable I know that all of your friends and loved ones are outside, having a party and generally loving life because Angelfall has made it so amazi [...]

  27. It s an interesting twist to the angel genre Angelfall isn t the best book about angels that I ve read, but it has restored my faith har har in the genre The first half of the book probably garners a 4 4.5 stars, the second half a 2, so my rating is an average In some ways, it s frustrating, because I enjoyed the first part of the book so much, the ending, as action packed as it was, felt out of place and contrived.I ve got to give props to this book for 1 Creativity Evil, destructive angels out [...]

  28. I liked this book WAY then I thought I would.Action packed from page one, with an extremely dark feel Plus Raffie.

  29. When I was little, I always thought I d be Cinderella, but I guess this makes me the wicked witch.But then again, Cinderella didn t live in a post apocalyptic world invaded by avenging angels Blurb It s been six weeks since angels of the apocalypse descended to demolish the modern world Street gangs rule the day while fear and superstition rule the night When warrior angels fly away with a helpless little girl, her seventeen year old sister Penryn will do anything to get her back.Anything, inclu [...]