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Wildefire ↠ Wildefire ↠ Karsten Knight - Wildefire, Wildefire Every flame begins with a spark Blackwood Academy was supposed to be a fresh start for Ashline Wilde A secluded boarding school deep in the heart of California s redwood forests three thousand miles

  • Title: Wildefire
  • Author: Karsten Knight
  • ISBN: 9781442421196
  • Page: 414
  • Format: ebook

↠ Wildefire ↠ Karsten Knight, ↠ Wildefire ↠ Karsten Knight, Wildefire, Karsten Knight, Wildefire Every flame begins with a spark Blackwood Academy was supposed to be a fresh start for Ashline Wilde A secluded boarding school deep in the heart of California s redwood forests three thousand miles from her old life it sounded like the new beginning she needed after an act of unspeakable violence left a girl in her hometown dead But Blackwood is far from the peaceful hEvery flame begin. ↠ Wildefire ↠ Karsten Knight - Wildefire, Wildefire Every flame begins with a spark Blackwood Academy was supposed to be a fresh start for Ashline Wilde A secluded boarding school deep in the heart of California s redwood forests three thousand miles

  • ↠ Wildefire ↠ Karsten Knight
    414Karsten Knight

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  1. Karsten Knight is the author of the historical mystery NIGHTINGALE, SING, the time traveling thriller PATCHWORK, and the Polynesian volcano goddess trilogy WILDEFIRE Simon Schuster though some say his writing career peaked at the age of six, when he completed a picture book series about an adventurous worm He is a graduate of College of the Holy Cross and earned an MFA in writing for children from Simmons College Karsten resides in Boston, where he lives for fall weather, bowling, and football season For information on Karsten or his books, please visit karstenknightbooks.

  2. I didn t say anything, Ash said Maybe not with your mouth, but your eyes just called me a slut First, the good, because I m a positive person The main character in this book is a Polynesian girl A person of color A very rare thing to happen within an YA novel.But now the bad Just because the book makes an effort towards diversity, doesn t mean it s going to be good And for me, this book was not good.Believe me, I wanted so much to love the main character I wanted her to be feisty, I wanted her t [...]

  3. Wildefire by Karsten Knight is what The Goddess Test should have been and wasn t.In fact, Wildefire does many things right that the YA genre has been getting wrong Those involved in the recent uproar over the lack of cultural inclusion in this genre can take a nice, refreshing, Polynesian breath of fresh air.Or, you know, enjoy one of the many OTHER aspects of Polynesian culture Ashline is the modern reincarnation of an ancient Polynesian Goddess Her sister, Eve, is also a reincarnation of a god [...]

  4. This is not for me A shocking amount of pointless, gratuitous, glorified violence that is written in such a way as if it should be applauded by the readers and to my chagrin, yes, apparently some do think it is perfectly OK, no, cool, for a girl to beat up another girl for messing around with her boyfriend everyone s flippant attitude towards this violence really, a week s suspension for knocking someone unconscious a girl with her teeth knocked out trying to be mouthy with her victimizers and, [...]

  5. This is going to be a very long review I probably shouldn t even say review More of a discussion, really, of what I thought about this book and why I was not impressed by it.The last book that produced such a visceral reaction in me was the latest one in the Strange Angels series That one, I didn t complete because well, I disliked it that much This one I felt compelled to complete because people whose reviews I follow assured me that this book gets better After completing it, I have come to the [...]

  6. I did NOT see that coming No, I didn t Not At All.Okay, so Karsten Knight and I got off to a rocky start Not personally, of course, but in terms of his prose I read the first chapter of Wildefire on the Simon Schuster website, and I was not very impressed I wished desperately that a competent editor would take a pair of shears to the prose and trim it It was florid, there were too many similes, and it was trying too hard to be pretty prose , if you know what I mean Being a hype whore, I knew I w [...]

  7. Sigh Do you know how you are really excited about a book and you have this feeling you are going to LOVE it But soon as you start reading it you start to wonder if you have received the same copy as others who fell head over heels in love with it Well, that is exactly what Wildefire was for me I have a confession I totally fell for the hype with this one I really wanted to love this Even when I felt like giving up halfway through, I continued on in hopes that it would get better But, alas, for m [...]

  8. Actual Rating 3.5 stars Wildefire by Karsten Knight is a strange beast of a novel Nearly 400 pages, it s a bit of an intimidating novel especially if you had been reading many iffy opinions about it as I had Too much senseless violence Unsympathetic heroine Creepy love interest So many one star reviews had been coming into my feed that, after a while, I had simply deleted the book from my shelves despite my having had the book listed to read since August 2010.But something happened a few days ag [...]

  9. Over the past few years, in the wake of the sparkle madness, we ve seen a wide variety of paranormal mythologies saturate the YA market to the point where much of it has become derivative, overdone and frankly, a little dull To find something original in the market is always pleasant, so a novel centred around a reincarnated Polynesian goddess was automatically a must read for me So far, my GoodReads friends have been mixed in their opinions on the novel, so I will have to be the dull one here a [...]

  10. I read up to page 118 and that was enough for me I could not stand the main character Ash From the very beginning, she grated my nerves her dialogue and her actions were nasty and violent I don t mind violence in a book at all In fact, I ve been known to read some pretty violent books but this was just stupid violence for the sake of what, I don t know And don t get me started on Ash beating up a girl, hurting her boyfriend and then suddenly, she decides to be forgiving when the girls come to he [...]

  11. Read the first 80 pages, skimmed the rest, saw the big secret, saw the big cliffhanger Style and story are just not for me, and I really have no interest in spending the time to write a review More details in my reading status update.

  12. No no no no no no no just a million times no, Karsten Knight I don t really even know why I rated this book two stars it deserves a one but I feel like being nice today so it gets two stars forI guess for even being published Because either Knight is the smoothest negotiator in history, his publishers have never read a good book in their lives, or they all are idiots Maybe even a mix of all three, but I m guessing of the latter Alot of the latter First of all, Ireallyhated Ashline And mostly no [...]

  13. BEFOREWell, what the fuck That s all I have to say after reading the first chapter preview I ll still read it, but now I m a little annoyedTERI give up I tried I seriously wanted to see something underneath all the cut out characters, over the top everything I wanted to find something that would make my heart race, even if it was for a measly second But no Instead, I can t stand it So, I stop right here page 104.I ll keep it simple nothing is realistic It s like Knight took what is desirable tee [...]

  14. Ok, so I didn t finish reading the book, and let me tell you I didn t even want to I would rather go sunbathing on the surface of the sun Also this review might contain a few spoilers for the first three chapters of the book Holy shit There are just so many things I d like to talk about that I don t even know where to start How about the beginning Thank you, voice at the back of my head called common sense and logic, something that the characters in this book lacked So In the opening scene we ha [...]

  15. No Just no.So I logged onto PulseIt for the first time in weeks to find this book was already up for free, and was like, Why not I love mythology, particularly those types of books that try to put it in perspective with the present such as Rick Riordan, the amazing guy that he is and the multicultural aspects that people kept raving about sounded appealing.All I can say is, I have no idea why I went through with finishing the story.First of all, a guy writing from a girl s POV honestly, I didn t [...]

  16. I cannot finish this one I have really tried to like it, but I am going to give up This was one of my most anticipated reads of the summer and I feel so let down I have been told that it gets better but I am having trouble getting past the characters attitudes Ash was so violent that I don t know if there is any way for her to redeem herself I was also shocked at how X Menish this book was I wasn t prepared for that and it felt way to cliche So I am going to let this book go and grab something e [...]

  17. What What What do you mean You can t end the book like this I demand a sequel scuffle straps alter ego to the wall mutters Damn fangirls.Q So, how can I describe Karsten Knight s Wildefire without sounding like a complete and utter psycho A I can t I can promise though that I will not go off stalking anyone I m in a session right now But on the relatively serious note, I have to say that this was one of those experiences that you want to repeat, again and again Seriously I m in heaven Who cares [...]

  18. I created a new shelf just for Wildefire called Pure Torture Seriously I think you have to be a sociopath to truly enjoy this book Nothing but senseless violence from a main character who think her sh t don t stink The book literally starts with a fight all over a stupid boy Fight after fight all in the town of Scarsdale, New York This part cracked me up because I live in the same county and let me tell you, if this happened here the school vp wouldn t just stand by why some girl got her teeth k [...]

  19. Update I found out WHICH Polynesian Goddess he based it off of And ding ding ding, it s MINE Hawaiian enchantedinkpotvejournalI m so annoyed Yeah, yeah, every volcano brings about birth and destruction Whatever That s SUCH a scientific exoticized view of things If he really wanted to invoke our mythology well he should ve actually paid attention to our origin stories.It s not like it s really hard to find sacred texts pac hm hmcred texts pac hm hmYeah, I m done.Edit Another thing that occurred t [...]

  20. .Yep, so in a nutshell, I was not a fan of this book Like, at all My main issue with Wildefire was that I didn t like the main character.Wait, scratch that I could not stand the main character.Wait, scratch that again I wish the main character had taken a running dive off of a cliff and spontaneously combusted in mid free fall, or met any other catastrophe a la Wile E Coyote.Like so Yes, that s how much I detested Ashline Wilde I had to whip out some visuals of her cartoon ish demise.Why you ask [...]

  21. 1.5 starsTo say I fell for the hype for this book would not be the truthe the truth is that I created my own hype for this book, long before I found Karsten s blog and saw how hilariously funny he is, which only added to it The sad part is that after all my excitement, I didn t like Wildefire I know, I m crying too, because that means that what comes next is stuff I hate to type.It s truth time and if you loved this book, you may not like what I have to say.Let me start off by saying what I like [...]

  22. Well, this book fizzled and died for me For the record, I really wanted to like Wildefire by Karsten Knight, but the read just went from bad to worse For starters, it s not at all what I expected it would be For second, it s not very well written The transitions are clunky and the author uses too many weird devices to tell a story.I always know it s a bad thing when I am not absorbed in a book, but this was ridiculous I spent three days lazily chipping away at this book and didn t get any furthe [...]

  23. The Short Version Unique in concept and engaging in play out, Wildefire covers a range of emotions and builds a strong plot with fantastic characters Filled with witty banter and sarcastic retorts, and written in an incredibly fluid, intelligent way, this one is both fun and interesting Ashline is a phenomenal central character, smoothly built and perfectly damaged to create a well rounded, fully dimensional and relatable protagonist The plot has a very steady pace, and with easily inserted worl [...]

  24. 2.5 starsThis premise is bursting with potential, but these characters need a big dose of likeability While I commend Knight for his bold choice to write from a female POV, Ash s voice needs some work The dialogue and narrative is littered with crude words and phrases that I d venture to say many most females just don t use It s like the Beautiful Creatures syndrome in the inverse However, there is simmering potential in both the premise and writing, so I ll definitely be checking out the sequel [...]

  25. So, I m struck with the urge to tell you, dear reader, to run out and pick up a copy of Wildefire posthaste More importantly, whatever you do, do not try to compare this to The Goddess Test because the only thing that they remotely have in common is the fact that they both feature deities gods goddesses In Wildefire there is reincarnation, a very strong heroine both figuratively and literally , deities from a bevy of religions and places, unusual weather and lightning strikes and in my opinion j [...]

  26. All I can say right now, having just put the book down, is that this is a book you should definitely judge by it s cover, because the text is as fantastic ly deep as the cover is symbolic.

  27. Update I tried to reread this in an effort to complete the series, and just one chapter in albeit a nigh 40 page chapter , I know this isn t going to well Rereading is a tricky business, because sometimes you end up looking at your past self like HUH There s so much girl hate in the opening chapter, not to mention the fact that a girl is murdered for the offense of hooking up with Ashline s boyfriend The writing s clunky, and a lot of things made me side eye already.When Wildefire came out, the [...]

  28. P233 There s a fiery tide coming, and there ll come a time when you re going to have to decide where you stand Do you want to be just a flicker in history Or will you stand up and be a torch in the tide Wh thi bril puhhh.Words Gone All the beautiful ones have been stolen from the stars and knitted into literary jewels by the awesome Karsten Knight Seriously Wow I could lick this book the writing is so utterly scrumptious, divine, brilliant I literally hugged this hardback when I was done and it [...]