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Eventide Í Eventide µ Elle Jasper - Eventide, Eventide Newly bitten tattoo artist Riley Poe feels herself changing in unimaginable ways Eli Dupre her vampire lover has seen the change in her and fears for her humanity His rival Victorian tells her she

  • Title: Eventide
  • Author: Elle Jasper
  • ISBN: 9780451236258
  • Page: 302
  • Format: Paperback

Í Eventide µ Elle Jasper, Í Eventide µ Elle Jasper, Eventide, Elle Jasper, Eventide Newly bitten tattoo artist Riley Poe feels herself changing in unimaginable ways Eli Dupre her vampire lover has seen the change in her and fears for her humanity His rival Victorian tells her she must see the patriarch of the vampire cult that attacked her to save her soul In the vampire cult s fortress in Romania Riley will face her worst fears and the dark powerNewly bitten tattoo. Í Eventide µ Elle Jasper - Eventide, Eventide Newly bitten tattoo artist Riley Poe feels herself changing in unimaginable ways Eli Dupre her vampire lover has seen the change in her and fears for her humanity His rival Victorian tells her she

  • Í Eventide µ Elle Jasper
    302Elle Jasper

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  1. Elle Jasper spent her youth buried in the pages of Mary Shelley, Edgar Allan Poe, Bram Stoker, and Stephen King Growing up on the salt marshes of Savannah, Georgia, she was always fascinated by the city s ancient cobblestones, eerie church spires and Gothic Revival architect as well as the dark, not so publicized side of Savannah, both steeped in tumultuous history After an education at Armstrong Atlantic University, she forged her love of Gothic literature with an active imagination to pen her own stories She is now a full time writer and lives amidst the moss and shadows of Savannah.

  2. I am generally a Riley Poe fan I enjoyed the first 2 books in this series, where tattoo artist Riley Poe becomes entangled in the world of vampires In book 3, Riley is still dealing with the aftermath of having 2 vampire bites Victorian warns that Riley needs help, but of course neither Riley or Eli, or any of Eli s family listen So, Riley begins changing and not in a good way To bring Riley back, drastic measures will have to be taken, the question is whether it will be too late.The overall sto [...]

  3. Review courtesy of All Things Urban FantasyThe Dark Ink Chronicles is a series that started out edgy and oh so cool featuring a tattooed rocker protagonist, a steamy Southern setting, and a deliciously dangerous love interest The sequel was a tad disappointing with a much slower pace and not as much character development as I was hoping for Sadly, EVENTIDE, the latest installment, is even of a let down Where do I start EVENTIDE feels like a rush job Not the pacing, which is sluggish at best, bu [...]

  4. 3.5 stars Now that Riley has been bitten by both Valerian and Victorian, she s having to deal with a lot of strange voices and happenings and sometimes she s unsure what s real and what s not On top of all that, she doesn t tell anyone and continues to act as if everything is alright Things only fall apart when she can no longer account for huge losses of time and ends up attacking people she cares about.OkayI liked the book but it s just a tad confusing and for about 65% of the book, you have t [...]

  5. Riley knew having vampire venom running in her veins would mean increasing un human tendencies but she never thought she d actually turn Valerian s venom is acting on its own though and slowly Riley is turning into the thing she never wanted to be Flying across the world and putting her trust into people she doesn t know may be the only way to stop the progression Victorian and Valerian s father may be the key to saving her from herself But what will have three powerful vampires venom do to her [...]

  6. Genre Paranormal RomanceRating 3 stars Gizmo s Review Riley Poe is having all sorts of problems this time out She s been kidnapped by Victorian who wants to run away with her to Romania and make her his forever She s been losing track of time, she s having hallucinations, she see s herself actually killing and drinking blood from humans, and her superhuman powers may be causing problems than they re worth Her brother Seth, and best Friend Nyx, are scary worried about Riley but can t do anything [...]

  7. 3.5 StarsThis review was posted at Under The CoversRiley is going through changes Having been bitten by Victorian and Valerian, she has all that strigoi power in her and is starting to take over.At first it s just dreams, then she s losing chunks of time Her tendencies are becoming evident and harder to fight But of course, Riley thinks she can handle everything herself Even when she s getting out of control.The pace of this book was a bit slow, I think, and a lot of that is because we spend a [...]

  8. Actually rating 1.5, but rounded up to 2 as 1 just seemed a little too harsh.I m done I can t take it any The first book in this series was great and had enormous potential But now with each new book the series is completely going downhill Riley is no longer the character that I loved in book one She s annoying and whiny and although she has gone through physiological changes, I would have thought her character development would have gone a lot different Really none of the characters are as stro [...]

  9. I really tried to read this slowly, I wanted to make it last, savor it But instead I found myself devouring it I couldn t stop thinking about Riley, Eli, Vic and the whole damn cast of awesome characters.There s so much that can t be said without ruining the experience for everyone else In this book we are introduced to vamps, werewolves and immortal beings I hope that means that the series will continue instead of this being the last book in the series I really feel for Eli, he loves Riley so [...]

  10. If you read just one paranormal series this year, let it be THE DARK INK CHRONICLES They re sexy They re evil personified They re adventure, passion and one hell of a freaky ride Bet you can t stop at book one because the journey to the end of book three is the best part yet EVENTIDE, book three of THE DARK INK CHRONICLES, continues where EVERDARK, book two, left us anxiously waiting for what happens next in this addictive series I can t tell you about EVENTIDE without spoiling part of AFTERLIGH [...]

  11. I loved AFTERLIGHT and was not so into EVERDARK but EVENTIDE got me a little excited about the future of the Dark Ink Chronicles series EVERDARK ended on a bit of a cliffhanger and EVENTIDE picks up exactly where it left off I have always liked Riley She is funky, is comfortable in her own skin and loves and protects those close to her She is still struggling with the venom coursing through her body and book 3 deals with her losing chunks of time and not knowing what she is doing She ends up in [...]

  12. I didn t expect this WoW I loved Elle Jasper s first two books and I think Riley and Eli are fabulous, this book, however, took me totally by surpriseI knew that Eventide had to pick up from where Everdark left off and that somehow the adventure had to draw to some sort of closure and it did, but it has marked the beginning of something totally unexpected and newRiley meets new people, or maybe I should say new types of beings and this is where the story is going to go in the future it seems our [...]

  13. What can i say, Im falling for the underdog like always.Im starting to develop feelings for the lovely Victorian even though Eli definitly won me over by the end with his little shocker I look forward to the next book with these new creatures added to the story It ll be a pleasent change from the vampire theme I loved the dark Riley and making her stronger and even kick ass It was a really interesting turn of events But i do kinda find the fact that everyone wants RIley a little tiresome Its ge [...]

  14. 3.5 starsFull review to follow, twimom227 but here s a teaser Riley Poe has tendencies, and she s not just your average tat artist with awesome ink and quirks She s Four times Not only is she a phenomenal artist, she knows how to kick ass and take names later Eligius Dupreedreamboat that he is, is completely and utterly in love with her With a bunch of vampires, werewolves and others in the mix, the story is full of surprises

  15. Ugh this was such a tedious read The butchering od the french language was driving me crazy It s okay to get one or two sentences wrong But EVERY single one of them Even Google translate can do better Also, the fact that every new powerful vampire we meet is labeled freaking sexy and automatically wants the heroine is redundant and annoying Bref, with all these little pet peeves I couldn t even concentrate on the plot I didn t want to give up this series but I now have no interest in putting mys [...]

  16. Review Courtesy of Dark Faerie TalesQuick Dirty Wild ride.Opening Sentence I can still hear the human screams inside my head.The Review I guess it could be said that I did like this book Jasper s imagery and settings are well written, and she does have an innate ability to put your mind right where she wants it, geographically Her characters are sexy, their thoughts and actions exactly what you would expect of them, and you can practically hear their voices, with those awesome accents, right in [...]

  17. openbooksociety article evBrought to you by OBS reviewer HeidiEventide picks up where book 2, Everdark, left off Riley has been bitten by both Arcos brothers and Victorian uses his power of suggestion to abduct her His intention is to take her to his father to counteract the effects of his evil brother, Valerian s bite But his plan is foiled when Eli, true to his word, comes for Riley He takes her with him as Victorian leaves them with an ominous prediction that Riley is changing, that she will [...]

  18. How did we end up here It s the third book in the series and it would appear I m developing a liking for PNR smut I ll take it.Okay, book You ve got fifty pages Go I m watching Riley quickly de evolve into this unlikable super snatch and it s kind of cranking my ass Since I could read the book in a sitting I m just going to follow through until the end Plus I ve come this far so why not What worked .The last third or so of the book was its own redemption, really I finally got to see the old Rile [...]

  19. Riley Poe managed to get bitten by two very powerful strigoi at the beginning of the series She is now mentally linked with both Arcos brothers, Victorian the not so bad vampire and Valerian the really really bad vampire Not only can she talk with both of them, inside her head, she has slowly begun the transformation into one of them and into something truly evil Riley s visions have continued in Eventide but now they are taking away chunks of time What only seems to be a few minutes is, in all [...]

  20. This book, deserves props for just the amount of sheer genius that was put into it The female HUMAN with VAMPIRE tendencies One that will live a life with an almost lifespan of a vampire One that has tendencies of a vampire But one that doesn t have to drink blood Yet, though I m only guessing Yes she had to drink some blood during the book Yes she was bitten, twice to begin with But she doesn t have to feed Something that is different Something that is new Something that to my knowledge, hasn t [...]

  21. 3.5 Stars I really wanted to enjoy this book as much as I enjoyed the first two in this series but somehow along the way, the story lost its fizz and just can t stand up against the seductiveness of Afterlight and Everdark Eventide starts off where Everdark ended Riley has been taken by the Russian strigoi vamp, Victorian, and she experiences haunting images dreams And worse, she is losing time hours where she doesn t remember what she has done, much less, how the hell she got there Her doesn t [...]

  22. I guess this wasn t worse than Everdark, but it wasn t an improvement either Story wise, Eventide was a kind a mess First half is supposed to be about Riley dealing with her growing vampire tendencies while her and her friends try to find Victorian s brother This part of the book is really slow and uneventful But then the book goes in a whole new direction, introducing us to a group of characters that call themselves the WUP Worldwide Unexplained Phenomena , and they ask Riley and her friends to [...]

  23. We re vampires, Riley he says pulling back and smiling, No need to email when you can cyber chat he taps my temples here Riley Poe is a world famous tattoo artist living in Savannah, Georgia with her adoptive godparents helping to raise her younger brother Riley is not your average human, she is actually a human with tendencies after being bitten by two vampire brothers and was very lucky to escape being changed into one herself Riley may not want to be a vampire but she is in love with one Eli [...]

  24. As seen on Rabidreads Eventide is most remarkable in the way it presents itself on the page Plenty of spacing between lines Healthy doses of italics Rather large epigraphs It makes for an inviting read of a well built character Riley Poe may not be the most straight laced of the residents of Savannah but she is willing to admit that and much much .Perhaps because of the line spacing her thoughts feel less dense than they should I should specify this book is written in a hard first person and onl [...]

  25. Newly bitten tattoo artist Riley Poe feels herself changing in unimaginable ways Eli Dupre, her vampire lover, has seen the change in her and fears for her humanity His rival, Victorian, tells her she must see the patriarch of the vampire cult that attacked her to save her soul In the vampire cult s fortress in Romania, Riley will face her worst fears and the dark powers threatening to destroy her And she ll have to do the one thing she s been determined not to do put her trust in Eli.__________ [...]

  26. I m not sure why I ve been so sucked into this series, at first I was really drawn to Riley s strong stubborn character and her kick ass attitude I m also a huge tattoo fan so to have a main character of a paranormal book own and run a tattoo parlor was kick ass for me I really liked that she is a no nonsense girl that had cleaned up her act to take care of her little brother Now my problem that I ve found is she doesn t stand up to her tough girl hype she s a huge push over when everything is s [...]

  27. What did I think HmmmI bought Eventide the day it was released and didn t finish it until now It sat on my Nook while I read books in between periodically reading a chapter here or there of Riley Poe s P.O loved LOVED the first two books in this series Eventide was probably one of the books I was looking forward to be being released this year I was kind of disappointed and I ll tell you why Riley lost her sparkle, her pizazz The first half of the book feels very repetitive with her changing and [...]

  28. I have to admit that starting a new series by an author I am unfamiliar with is something I am hesitant about I have my favorites and a lot of them but I was gifted the first book in this series and after it sat on my bookshelf for a long time and I had read all of the most recent books from my fave authors, I decided to give this a go The cover intrigued me It was a wonderful decision and now that I have finished the third book, I kick myself for not reading these sooner.Elle Jasper is one of t [...]