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The Little House Collection

The Little House Collection Free Download The Little House Collection - by Laura Ingalls Wilder Garth Williams - The Little House Collection, The Little House Collection Little House in the Big Woods Little House on the Prairie Farmer Boy On The Banks of Plum Creek By the Shores of Silver Lake The Long Winter Little Town on the Prairie These Happy Golden Years The Fir

  • Title: The Little House Collection
  • Author: Laura Ingalls Wilder Garth Williams
  • ISBN: 9780060529963
  • Page: 113
  • Format: Boxed Set

Free Download The Little House Collection - by Laura Ingalls Wilder Garth Williams, Free Download The Little House Collection - by Laura Ingalls Wilder Garth Williams, The Little House Collection, Laura Ingalls Wilder Garth Williams, The Little House Collection Little House in the Big Woods Little House on the Prairie Farmer Boy On The Banks of Plum Creek By the Shores of Silver Lake The Long Winter Little Town on the Prairie These Happy Golden Years The First Four Years Little House Books. Free Download The Little House Collection - by Laura Ingalls Wilder Garth Williams - The Little House Collection, The Little House Collection Little House in the Big Woods Little House on the Prairie Farmer Boy On The Banks of Plum Creek By the Shores of Silver Lake The Long Winter Little Town on the Prairie These Happy Golden Years The Fir

  • Free Download The Little House Collection - by Laura Ingalls Wilder Garth Williams
    113Laura Ingalls Wilder Garth Williams
The Little House Collection

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  1. Ingalls wrote a series of historical fiction books for children based on her childhood growing up in a pioneer family She also wrote a regular newspaper column and kept a diary as an adult moving from South Dakota to Missouri, the latter of which has been published as a book.

  2. Like so many people, I read and loved these books as a girl When my son was an infant and I was looking for something to entertain me during his marathon bouts of nursing, I decided to read the series again I still found it immensely enjoyable, but with one striking difference When I was a child, Pa Ingalls seemed like the coolest dad on the planet he played the fiddle, made his own bullets and took his family on all sorts of adventures all over the unsettled west As an adult, however, I thought [...]

  3. OK, so I m a little generous with the whole Little House series Sue me But for me, as a child, they WERE amazing, and here s why.When I was in first grade in a tiny, tiny town in Arkansas, and hating school with the heat of a thousand suns, each member of the class was given identical packages at Christmas time They were books I d been reading for a long time already, so loved a new bookbut disappointment set in as my classmates who got their books first opened them before I had a chance to open [...]

  4. I read this series when I was in fourth grade it was many many years ago However, the story has not left my mind I absolutely adored these books, and I m sure I would love them just as much if I re read them I remembered feeling as though I was with Laura s family during every journey they went through It s a fascinating story and a true one at that I d recommend that everyone reads this series at least once in their life

  5. I read these as a young girl and loved them That s about all I remembered about them, though So I decided to read them again, and I m so glad I did Reasons I loved these books 1 They are clean and wholesome.2 They teach responsibility and hard work.3 They teach about gratitude and being happy with what you have instead of looking elsewhere for happiness.4 FAMILY is emphasized and taught to be an important part of society Laura s family is warm, loving, and kind.5 After reading about all of the w [...]

  6. Okay, I ll admit it I still re read these I just finished a ramble though the pioneer prairies with Laura and enjoyed it throughly I know there is an outcry about the treatment and representation of Native Americans in these books, not to mention women, African Americans, and children But let s calm our politically correct minds for a moment and think about the treasure of literature these books are Specifically, they are WONDERFUL for educating young people about how people of color, minorities [...]

  7. These books taught me to fall in love with reading Not only did these books teach me so much about life in general such as how to make cheese from scratch but they really just expanded my worldview as a child I have a great sense of nostalgia when I think of this series But than that, I feel that Laura Ingalls Wilder had such a gift for storytelling Her literary voice is just beautiful The stories were humorous, and touching, and you always wanted things to turn out for the best for the family [...]

  8. After a couple of days immersed in this series for the first time in I don t know how many years, I m left bemused in a lot of ways.From a historical standpoint, there s little else out there for kids that is this rich and complete The everyday details that make up a pioneer life are lovingly dwelt upon in a way that s just far enough removed that even the littlest reader doesn t panic After all, if they all starved to death in The Long Winter, there wouldn t be a next book, would there From a m [...]

  9. Most people love these novels, and I can t for the life of me understand why I was given the collection growing up and read them, but I never cared much for them and never re read them.

  10. From my blog rosesandvellum When I was a little girl, my father used to read me these books It has been a really long time since then and I can hardly remember most of the stories from the book, but I still remember the sense of excitement and adventure in these books Laura and her family were pioneers, and as a young girl she met each move with a sense of adventure and openness to the world I also loved that the girl was called Laura like me.These stories are a true testament to the amazing spi [...]

  11. I started my youngest on reading this series and then thought, I should really read these again It s been years but they are still just as magical and wonderful as the first time I read them although I have way respect for what it must have been like to do the work I do every day in the home but with no technology or ease I love the simple writing style that tells the story of growing up on the frontiers of Minnesota, and Dakota territory The wonderful part about these books is that while you a [...]

  12. I have, ever since I was 8 and received a box set of the Little House books, adored each and every single one of them In over 20 years, my feelings towards these books haven t changed one iota They are easy to read, and chock full of information about life as a young pioneer girl How many times did I wish I could taste Ma s vanity cakes, or see Mary s college dress in person These books are so fascinating, for anyone remotely interested in history, that it makes it impossible to put them down.Th [...]

  13. When I travel on book tours, I prefer home hospitality rather than staying in a hotel Hotels are lonely, they require me to leave at a specific time, and they don t have kitchens stocked with all sorts of tasty snacks The homes I stay at typically put me up in a guest bedroom that previously belonged to a child who has since left the nest Often the child s books are still there.On my recent book tour in Florida, I spent the night in my host s daughter s bedroom where I saw Little House on the Pr [...]

  14. I absolutely ADORED these books as a little girl I just finished revisiting each book in the series, and I think I enjoyed them even as an adult It s a wonderful look at American life in the Midwest as the first pioneers settled in what was then unknown territory I loved hearing about their adventures as they traveled from one new settlement to another, and of all they overcame along the way It s near impossible not to fall in love with the Ingalls family, who are each filled with such optimism [...]

  15. I used to listen to these books as my mother read them My mother got them as a child they kept their gifts in the attic inside their pillow case My mother snuck up into the attic every night to read her books she had not received yet She loved them and still reads them to her children to this day The books themselves are well put together have pencil drawing and explain a lot about the early american heading south Laura is wonderful at describing the suroundings as she moves through the states H [...]

  16. My husband found this collection in a used book store and bought it for me as a Christmas gift He knew how much I loved these books, and that I had this same collection as a child my mom gave me this same set when I was 9 or 10 I tore through all of them at record speed, and loved them as much as ever The day to day life of the Ingalls family, their struggles, and triumphs, brought me back to being a little girl in love with these books The saddest part however, was, that aside from the first bo [...]

  17. I finished this serial a long time ago when I was in the elementary school Back then, I didn t really care if the plot or writings were good or not I do remember the translation were bit confusing.This is part of my childhood, a very personal one for me Laura Ingalls accompanied me through some hard times and good times when I was a kid Like a friend that I ran to to when I needed to hide from the world.I hated Nellie Oleson with her, grieved when they lost their baby brother, trapped in the sno [...]

  18. This isn t five stars for Laura s or Rose s writing style This isn t five stars for the page turning, blood pumping excitement here, nor for the complex plot, as this series has neither of those things This isn t five stars for current popularity This isn t five stars for the impact these books have on my current life This is five stars for a time gone by Laura s childhood, and mine Growing up, I didn t just read about Laura Ingalls I wanted to be her, and was her to some degree Whenever I re re [...]

  19. I suddenly got a hankering to re read the Little House books after moving into my own house that was built around the same time Ingalls Wilder and her family were beginning their travels My adult eyes were able to appreciate much about the stories i.e rich details of pioneer life intermingled with true prejudice against American Indians The educator and pedagogue in me also deeply appreciates Ingalls Wilder s lived perspectives on what turn of the century education was all about Each of these b [...]

  20. I started reading this set to my school kids We are on the second book These books are timeless and the kids love them When I pulled out Little House in the Big Woods and told them it was our next storytime book, I got waving hands and big smiles They said things like, I love those books, and Those are my favorite books.

  21. The first book and a couple after were read aloud to my class in third grade by my wonderful teacher, Miss Genevieve Emrich Truly a childhood classic, even though I have read a lot of criticism of the series in my years teaching children s literature At the time, it was magical.

  22. I haven t read this series in decades, and yet I still remember so much I should do a reread over the summer.

  23. I read this series at least twice, maybe three times, growing up I need to find the whole set for myself now.

  24. I love each of these books written by Laura Ingalls Wilder I am continuing to read related books by other authors as I am studying what characteristics made up the American Spirit during the great expansion when Americans were Homesteading and during the years following I was very impressed with the attitudes and character of each member of the Ingalls family and of Almanzo Wilder They had a love of family and of God They believed in being their best no matter what was happening in their lives T [...]

  25. I ve read all the books in this set may times over I ve also read other Wilder books, as well as those by her daughter, Rose Love them all From Little House in the Big Woods 1932 Farmer Boy 1933 about her husband s childhood on a farm in New York Little House on the Prairie 1935 On the Banks of Plum Creek 1937 , a Newbery Honor book By the Shores of Silver Lake 1939 , a Newbery Honor book The Long Winter 1940 , a Newbery Honor book Little Town on the Prairie 1941 , a Newbery Honor book These Hap [...]

  26. The Little House Books were the first series of books I read as a young girl It is a wonderful series for children and adults alike It is very interesting to read what life was like in the 1880 s in the early years of our country It was interesting to read in my childhood, but even so today in a sense I thought things were so advanced in the years I was a child but children today have things that I didn t have and of course none of the things in our lifetimes were things that Laura and her famil [...]

  27. Little House on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder is an exquisite set of books that I cherished growing up Read until they were dog eared, this series has to be one of my childhood favorites A story about a young girl growing up on the frontier, it was so popular they made it into a T.V series even though the series didn t do it justice Stories as a young girl I could relate to, the mean girl in town, fights with my sisters, and just the struggles of everyday life of any family The love Ma and [...]

  28. I know my mom read these to me, but I don t know if I read them myself If I did, I was really little I m enjoying the series I like how she describes everything they did to make a life, how much their lives revolved around simply surviving However, the little moral lessons I could do without children should be seen and not heard etc I think Laura passive aggressively describes Mary on a regular basis, making her seem really anal and unpleasant And the way she describes herself is almost arrogant [...]

  29. I read these aloud to my daughter over the course of four months Laura, the author and narrator, describes the life times of her family as they move west What I love best are the depictions of nature They are mythic, going beyond what is seen to make us wonder at the beauty greatness of existence the wolves They are mentioned in several of the books, but my favorite is probably when they are surrounding the house, howling Pa is watching them from a window in the house with a curtain for a door H [...]

  30. Found this 8 book set at the flea market for 5.So far I ve read 3 and I m loving them so muchese stories remind me of a combination of my sister and I growing up with our father showing us how he and our mother did things on their ranches and also reminds me of my mother s stories of when she and her 5 sisters grew up on their ranch with their father and mother helping their father and mother do all the farm work and houseworkabsolutely beautiful stories of how children where told to act and beh [...]