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The Istanbul Puzzle

The Istanbul Puzzle [PDF] The Istanbul Puzzle | by ↠ Laurence O'Bryan - The Istanbul Puzzle, The Istanbul Puzzle The Istanbul Puzzle is a thriller mystery novel first published January It s the first in a series of novels featuring Sean Ryan and Isabel Sharp being published by Harper Collins and a ser

  • Title: The Istanbul Puzzle
  • Author: Laurence O'Bryan
  • ISBN: 9781847562883
  • Page: 291
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] The Istanbul Puzzle | by ↠ Laurence O'Bryan, [PDF] The Istanbul Puzzle | by ↠ Laurence O'Bryan, The Istanbul Puzzle, Laurence O'Bryan, The Istanbul Puzzle The Istanbul Puzzle is a thriller mystery novel first published January It s the first in a series of novels featuring Sean Ryan and Isabel Sharp being published by Harper Collins and a series of other publishers around the world Buried deep under Istanbul a secret is about to resurface with explosive consequencesAlex Zegliwski has been savagely beheaded HThe Istanb. [PDF] The Istanbul Puzzle | by ↠ Laurence O'Bryan - The Istanbul Puzzle, The Istanbul Puzzle The Istanbul Puzzle is a thriller mystery novel first published January It s the first in a series of novels featuring Sean Ryan and Isabel Sharp being published by Harper Collins and a ser

  • [PDF] The Istanbul Puzzle | by ↠ Laurence O'Bryan
    291Laurence O'Bryan
The Istanbul Puzzle

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  1. My first novel, The Istanbul Puzzle, was short listed for the Irish crime novel of the year 2012 My second novel, The Jerusalem Puzzle came out in January, 2013 My third, The Manhattan Puzzle, was published in October, 2013 The fourth novel in the series, The Nuremberg Puzzle, was published April, 2016.My roots go back to a small estate deep in the Mountains of Mourne, near the Silent Valley, in County Down, Northern Ireland I went to school in Dublin, drank way too much, studied English and history, then business, then IT at Oxford University While a student, I worked as a kitchen porter in a club near the Bank of England.After that I spent ten years working in the City of London, the creaking hub of world finance Now I have three kids and a day job helping writers publishing companies with their social media and digital marketing In 2007 I won the Outstanding Novel Submitted award at the Southern California writer s conference I am a committee member of the Irish Writing Union, and I founded the Dublin Writers Conference My research has taken me all over the world, from San Francisco to deep in the Arab world I like looking at the stars and listening to the stories of strangers.

  2. I bought this book and two sequels which I now know I will not read and donate to some good cause for selling It is one of the first recommendations I got on GR back when I arrived Sadly the book is mostly a Dan brown light novel with an interesting promise that never really delivered the promise after all It lacked excitement which apparently Dan Brown could manage several books as well Have not read the new one or seen the Inferno movie so far.I like historical novels that offer some excitemen [...]

  3. I liked TIP much than the typical thriller for several reasons a the protagonist isn t a superman in respect of physical traits and he s not a professional spy, either b the plot is fast paced and sufficiently complicated that the reader has to pay attention which is a proxy for saying you can t predict the end of the book after the third chapter c there s heaps of historical research and local Istanbul color in the book While I enjoyed TIP a lot, the decision to give it four rather than five s [...]

  4. Alek, a photographer is beheaded in Istanbul A video of his murder is posted on You Tube Sean Ryan, who works with Alek, tries to find out why he was killed.There is a nice mix of chapters in this book, with the bad guys having a brief one to keep the reader in the loop and longer chapters written in the first person as Sean tries to solve this mystery This novel has a good plot where you read what the bad guys are up to something but Alek got in the way With Sean investigating what went wrong, [...]

  5. This review first appeared on the Booksquawk website I entered a contest on HarperCollins website authonomy to receive a proof copy of The Istanbul Puzzle and I won Yeah, me It was doubly nice as I love puzzles and my guilty pleasure has always been religious conspiracy theory thrillers This one certainly didn t disappoint The book is due to be released the middle of this month, so this is a pre publication review Just as riots break out in London after a minor incident at a local mosque, Sean R [...]

  6. This was a great find for all those who like a fast paced action adventure story This story is in a similar genre as The Davinci Code only with plausible adventure and believable characters Sean is still traumatised from the death of his wife and his sadness continues at the news of the death of his best friend Alex, who was working on a Turkish heritage site for their academic research Sean goes out to Istanbul to identify the body and his adventures start there when he meets up with an intri [...]

  7. The Istanbul Puzzle is gripping and superbly written, with a fluent and judicious storyline building up to a great finale The very authentic two main characters are likable and beautifully three dimensional Their deeds are comprehensible and coherent within themselves.Laurence obviously loves and knows about Istanbul and its smells and sounds, its dark corners, the century old history, the diametrically opposed expectations to the future of Occident and Orient just tied together by one bridge Th [...]

  8. This review first appeared here forwinternights.wordpress and is from a review copy.The Istanbul Puzzle might be the first novel by Laurence O Bryan but it is such a confident, atmospheric and thoroughly gripping thriller that I m relieved to report that the second, The Jerusalem Puzzle, will follow after just a year That book will continue the adventures of the two extremely likeable leads introduced to us here Sean Ryan, a director of the Institute of Applied Research in Oxford, and Isabel Sha [...]

  9. Sean Ryan is a broken man, who in the aftermath of his wife s death in Afghanistan has buried himself in his life s work at an institute he started The latest project is studying mosaics at Hagia Sofia in Istanbul When Sean gets a call that his best friend and colleague, an outspoken Greek on nationalist views, has been beheaded he is determined to find the truth and not let down his friend in the same manner he feels he let down his wife At the same time large numbers of Muslims are gathering i [...]

  10. 4.5 StarsSean Ryan just learned that his friend and co worker, Alek Zegliwski, has been killed while working in Istanbul Sean must leave London in order to identify Alek s body, but once he lands in Istanbul, Sean realizes there is to his friend s death than he realized With the help of Isabel Sharp, a British diplomat, Sean escapes death numerous times as he hunts for the people that killed Alek Little does he know that there is a deadly virus being tested and unleashed in Istanbul by the same [...]

  11. Irish writer Laurence O Bryan s breakout novel, THE ISTANBUL PUZZLE, marks his entry into the thriller adventure genre and he does it with a skilled writing style I had access to a galley proof from a friend who met the author in Dublin While not an historical novel, per se, the book is filled with great historical detail taking the reader from the Ottoman Empire to the present day The storyline is well developed with intrigue and corruption showing the way The puzzle metaphor works quite nicely [...]

  12. I completely enjoyed this book from beginning to end and can easily recommend it to any reader who enjoys action, adventure, intrigue, history and travel O Bryan has demonstrated his knowledge of Istanbul and then has taken it a step further in speculation.Part of what I enjoyed about the book, aside from the characters, setting and premise was the fact that the author showed a great deal of respect for the country Turkey , its people and customs I personally appreciate that as I am a firm belie [...]

  13. I have just finished reading The Istanbul Puzzle by Laurence O Bryan It is 2am, I should be in bed sleeping, but I couldn t put it down I found it impossible to read just one chapter as each chapter made me want to carry on reading.This is a superb first novel by Laurence O Bryan, it deserves to be a best seller In my view it has the potential to be turned into a television drama or cinema film I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the two main characters and hope they will be together agai [...]

  14. From the first page, The Istanbul Puzzle by Laurence O Bryan captures the readers interest and then continues with a page turning story to the end A gruesome murder, interweaving plots, unexpected twists, cliff hangers, and make this book hard to put down Be prepared to stay up late reading this well crafted story.This is the first in a series and I can t wait for the Jerusalem Puzzle to be released in January 2013.

  15. Before buying, I looked inside the book on and was able to read the first chapter I knew immediately this book would capture my attention In addition to the fast paced drama, this thriller was set primarily in Istanbul and it was obvious the author had great knowledge of the area It is a book of fiction, and, in the Acknowledgements I have the Kindle version , Mr O Bryan explains exactly which part of the setting he created from his imagination Therefore, you can know that the majority of descri [...]

  16. What a great find for anybody who likes action, adventure stories This starts off with a bang and carries on at a real page turning pace The characters are well written, develop nicely and are very believable The plot takes from Istanbul, London Iraq and finally back to London for the climax, you can tell the subject matter and places have been well researched This is a great first novel and I m really looking forward to the sequel.

  17. Good mystery but the story is partially not believeable enough for me The historical and gegraphical parts are great Sometimes I did not agree with the action and decisions of the main characters.

  18. The Istanbul Puzzle had me gripped from the first page I read it in one day I could well imagine it translated into a fast paced action movie I shall definitely read the next books in the series.

  19. I can tell after one chapter this isn t going to be my thing Severed arteries bubbling like coffee percolator Um, no thanks ding Next please.

  20. I really enjoyed this book.Loved the characters and I look forward to reading The Jerusalem Puzzle when it is released in January 2013.

  21. I have to admit that ever since Dan Brown seemed to revolutionise the Historical Thriller genre, I ve become extremely fond of these Uncover A Long Lost Treasure That Will Change The World As We Know It type books they ve even become a sort of guilty pleasure Released in 2012, The Istanbul Puzzle comes from Irish writer, Laurence O Bryan, who attempts to add his own unique voice to the mix, by introducing Sean Ryan, who s dragged into a sinister terrorist plot when he is summoned to Turkey to id [...]

  22. I really couldn t make up my mind as to whether I enjoyed this historical thriller by Lawerence O Bryan and his introduction of hero Sean Ryan.It begins when Sean s friend and business partner is brutally beheaded while working at the Haghi Sophia in Instanbul.There are things to both like and dislike about the story.Here are what is good about the book in my opinion The author shows a tremendous amount of knowledge about Instanbul and backs this up with very detailed descriptions of the city an [...]

  23. Since this is not my usual genre, I did not know what to expect with this book, but I really enjoyed it The plot was very engaging, kept me guessing and on the edge of my seat, and I really liked the main character Sean The descriptions of Istanbul were fantastic and made it easy to picture in my mind which is very important to me in the books I read Everything seemed to be well researched also which gave credibility to the story I definitely recommend this book and I will be reading the sequels [...]

  24. This fast paced action packed thriller had me glued to the pages from the beginning I enjoyed the two main characters and also enjoyed the writing style of Laurence O Bryan Whilst reading about Hagia Sofia and Hagia Eirene I just had to go and look it up on the internet Laurence writing makes you want to visit these places in the future I look forward to reading books by Laurence O Bryan.

  25. Amazing first book by author Laurence O Bryan I just couldn t stop reading this book once I started Sean Ryan is a protagonist who travels to Istanbul after his colleague Alek is beheaded He along with British diplomat Isabel Sharp unravels the mystery of Alek s assassin Very good plot which can be made in to TV series.

  26. Good but inconsistent I liked the story but the writing was inconsistent For the most part the book is well written but there are sections that in my opinion are poorly written.

  27. The Istanbul Puzzle is the first novel in Laurence O Bryan s Puzzle series featuring Sean Ryan, a widower working at The Institute of Applied Research, Oxford.It begins with the murder of Alek Zegliwski, an employee at the Institute of Applied Research, Oxford The murder attracted a lot of attention considering how he was beheaded in Hagia Sophia This brings his closest acquaintance into the scene, Sean Ryan, the director of the institute and by entering the scene he ends up risking his own life [...]