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Found [PDF] Found | by ↠ Karen Kingsbury - Found, Found A Desperate SearchDriven by his wife s dying wish to find their firstborn son John Baxter sets about the search His prayer That Elizabeth s wish would be fulfilled before the upcoming Baxter family r

  • Title: Found
  • Author: Karen Kingsbury
  • ISBN: 9780842387453
  • Page: 208
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Found | by ↠ Karen Kingsbury, [PDF] Found | by ↠ Karen Kingsbury, Found, Karen Kingsbury, Found A Desperate SearchDriven by his wife s dying wish to find their firstborn son John Baxter sets about the search His prayer That Elizabeth s wish would be fulfilled before the upcoming Baxter family reunion One strange turn follows another but when the answers finally come they shake John to his core Will he agree to walk away and keep the secret of a lifetime or wiA Desperate SearchDrive. [PDF] Found | by ↠ Karen Kingsbury - Found, Found A Desperate SearchDriven by his wife s dying wish to find their firstborn son John Baxter sets about the search His prayer That Elizabeth s wish would be fulfilled before the upcoming Baxter family r

  • [PDF] Found | by ↠ Karen Kingsbury
    208Karen Kingsbury

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  1. Karen Kingsbury, 1 New York Times bestselling novelist, is America s favorite inspirational storyteller, with than twenty five million copies of her award winning books in print Her last dozen titles have topped bestseller lists and many of her novels are under development with Hallmark Films and as major motion pictures Her Baxter Family books are being developed into a TV series slated for major network viewing sometime in the next year Karen is also an adjunct professor of writing at Liberty University In 2001 she and her husband, Don, adopted three boys from Haiti, doubling their family in a matter of months Today the couple has joined the ranks of empty nesters, living in Tennessee near five of their adult children.See at authorsmonandschuster K

  2. I wish I could give this book than 5 stars, I loved it And I cried sooo much during this book I also stayed up till after 12 every night this week because I was THAT addicted to this book I love Karen Kingsbury s books

  3. This may be a fictional story, but nothing is fictional about the power of the Holy Spirit I love, love the street ministry scene Surreal, but I believe it happens.All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues as the Spirit enabled them When they heard this sound, a crowd came together in bewilderment Each one heard their own language being spoken Acts 2 4,6

  4. This was a instense book Normally I can read throughout the day while my family is watching tv, but this time I had to focus to really understand all that was happening Dayne is finally coming to terms with his past and discovering how to fill the emptiness in his life He has done well in the entertainment business but never really felt happy Ever since he met Katy Hart he has been looking for a simplier life one that is normal He has been thinking about the Baxter family alot and wondering wha [...]

  5. boy, this book was super intense and super exciting and just everything anybody would ever want in a book finishing the book, I was supper happy with all the progress made in it by many of the characters for example, dayne and his adventure to Mexico, john Baxter finding his firstborn and talking to him eek Ashely s baby boy being born, and the relationship with dayne and Katy although I do wish that the dayty yes, I just made that up relationship would move faster because everyone knows that th [...]

  6. Excellent book Hard topics, adoption and abortion, pain of making wrong choices God can take a mess and make it a message Her 29 11

  7. I am so engrossed in the lives of the Baxter family, their friends Dayne that I can not wait to begin the next book in this series Highly addicting

  8. Many ways to be found Another in this series that I cannot put down and have a hard time waiting for our library to send the next one of Fast, clean and emotional read.

  9. John Baxter is finally able to reunite with his firstborn son, Dayne Matthews It was a long journey to get to this point John decides to hire his own private investigator to find his firstborn He knows Elizabeth would want John to do this Since Ashley found out about the secret , John has to try The investigator finds some startling news Not only who Dayne is, the big movie star, but he s been to Bloomington twice before The first visit is the time Elizabeth passed away, and the second time was [...]

  10. Found is the 3rd book in the Firstborn series The 8th book in the Baxter series.Dayne Matthews is still in love with Katy Hart, but Kelly Parker has other plans for Dayne Kelly Parker calls and drops a bomb on Dayne that he was not expecting Katy is still in love with Dayne but knows there is no way that they can be together.Ashley keeps asking her Dad if he has found their older brother John had hired a PI to find him and the PI did, but they had not expected to find that his son would be the c [...]

  11. This was an amazing 3rd book John Baxter is determined to find his first born son, the one he and Elizabeth gave up a long time ago He tries to go through Dayne s agent, who decides that it s not worth it.There is going to be a Baxter family reunion, and John originally plans to tell his kids about Dayne then, but, due to a sudden tornado heads their way, John decides to hold off in telling his kids.What made me so happy towards the end of the book is when Dayne finally got the nerve up and fire [...]

  12. Finally I skipped a few parts because there was a lot of reviewing of past characters but know authors do this often Once again another book More Tears LOL I really can t put the books down because I want to see what happens and I am so invested in the characters.Love the way she shows how God works through all situations.

  13. So Awesome I have now read 8 books in the Baxter Family series and can t wait to start 9 This book had a lot of unexpected events, but some of the ones you expected to happen finally did Love this series and this family

  14. Another 5 starsAnother great update on the Baxter family and the oldest sibling I can t wait to read the next book to see how things work out for all of them.

  15. Another great read Another good book I just love the series about a family and the love they have for each other and God.

  16. I loved this book I love the story can t wait to read the next book in the series Glad John and Dayne met I hope he gets to meet the rest of the family soon

  17. Found Firstborn Series Karen Kingsbury Amazing Grace How Sweet the Sound, that Saved a Wrench like me Another brillant bookThank you Karen Kingsburys Now let me start Family

  18. I was not able to put this book down It is a delightful novel to follow Forgiven This might yet be my favorite novel of the series Losing myself in the well spun storyline was great Just following through D Matthews life felt like a whirlwind and this gave several closure on previous events and series.I suppose the only thing I could warn others is that there is such a deep emotional aspect in these novels that tap something deep within us Perhaps that would scare several people A literature pro [...]

  19. Driven is a way to describe John Baxter He sets off with gusto on his wife s last request to find their lost son in this book, hiring a private investigator, and attempting, in multiple ways to find the son that he had to give up 36 years before.Searching is the word to describe Dayne Matthews Even though he doesn t really realize it, he is searching for belonging, for meaning and for God in his life He draws comfort from his good friend and potential love interest Katy Hart after suffering a ho [...]

  20. This story was skillfully written, I was caught from the beginning John Baxter driven by his wife s dying wish made an attempt to find their firstborn son one they had to give away as a young couple Although the couple went on to have other children they never forgot their first born He knew there would be lots of questions from his children since there was never a mention of another child.He was trying to find this son before their upcoming family reunion with one of the daughter knows the secr [...]

  21. FOUND, the third book in the Firstborn series by Karen Kingsbury was amazing Dayne Matthews world continues to get and complicated Just when he thinks he will be able to set the record straight and start a relationship with Katy Hart, he receives information he can t ignore With his back against the wall, he does what he knows is right, even if it means the end of his chances with Katy.John Baxter is doing everything he can to find his son, the one that he and his deceased wife had to give up [...]

  22. Dieses Buch hat mich fazienierd wie schnell ein Mensch sein Lebn nder kann ist doch mal wieder wor ber man mal nachdenken sollte Ich denke das es ein sehr gelungenes Buch war und passt perfekt in die Serie mit rein War sehr dankbar das Er sich ver ndert hat f r sie aber dann auch festellen musste das Er sich nicht f r sie ver ndern sollte sonder f r Gott Leben ist genau so Aufeinmal kommt was auf dich zu womit du schon immer Probleme hattest und dann pl tzllich musst du damit rechnen das dein LE [...]

  23. Rolling hills is what comes to mind thinking of this book I ascend a hill, get to the top and read faster to get to the next scene I lost a lot of sleep over this read I cried a lot of tears over this story I felt the excitement, thrill and heartbreak.Anyone would want the Baxter family to be their next door neighbors They were a loving family with everyday challenges There was a void in their hearts left by an adoption many years previous Would he be found The storms in the book were in the sou [...]

  24. I think after reading 8 books by the same author and about the same characters the flaws begin to stick out above the good parts Kingsbury has several phrases that she uses frequently close the distance between them, look into the deep, untouched, secret places of his her heart, found his her eyes and held them others They start to detract because where they once were clever or insightful they become trite and over used She drags out major plot points as if that s what needed to get readers thro [...]