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Born in Fire

Born in Fire Born in Fire Best Read || [Nora Roberts] - Born in Fire, Born in Fire Three modern sisters bound by the timeless beauty of IrelandThe eldest Concannon sister Maggie is a reclusive stubborn and free spirited glassmaker with a heart worth winning Margaret Mary is a gla

  • Title: Born in Fire
  • Author: Nora Roberts
  • ISBN: 9780515114690
  • Page: 478
  • Format: Paperback

Born in Fire Best Read || [Nora Roberts], Born in Fire Best Read || [Nora Roberts], Born in Fire, Nora Roberts, Born in Fire Three modern sisters bound by the timeless beauty of IrelandThe eldest Concannon sister Maggie is a reclusive stubborn and free spirited glassmaker with a heart worth winning Margaret Mary is a glass artist with an independent streak as fierce as her volatile temper Hand blowing glass is a difficult and exacting art and while she may produce the delicate and the frThree modern sis. Born in Fire Best Read || [Nora Roberts] - Born in Fire, Born in Fire Three modern sisters bound by the timeless beauty of IrelandThe eldest Concannon sister Maggie is a reclusive stubborn and free spirited glassmaker with a heart worth winning Margaret Mary is a gla

  • Born in Fire Best Read || [Nora Roberts]
    478Nora Roberts
Born in Fire

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  1. Nora Roberts is the 1 New York Times bestselling author of than 200 novels, including Come Sundown, The Obsession, The Liar, and coming in December 2017, Year One the first book in The Chronicles of The One She is also the author of the futuristic suspense In Death series written under the pen name J.D Robb There are than 500 million copies of her books in print.

  2. When I was little, I used to have this ridiculous dress purse that I d carry around with me Most little girls would probably fill their purses with makeup or toys, but what did I fill mine with Tiny glass figurines Our family would go to Vancouver and I would salivate over tiny blown glass unicorns They were like crack to tiny Flann I hoarded them and carried them around but I did not exercise due care with them I d wrap them in toilet paper to attempt to keep them whole but, in the end, I had [...]

  3. I was craving a milkshake and nothing goes down smoother than a Nora Roberts romance Good thing I can always count on the local library to quench my thirst Originally published in 1994,the Born in Trilogy tells the story of the Concannon sisters, Maggie and Brianna Their father, Tom has died and their mother, Maeve increasingly difficult for the sisters to take care of on their own Born In Fire is Maggie s story Maggie is a glass blower and her items soon catch the eye of Dublin gallery owner, R [...]

  4. This is my first novel by Nora Roberts, I will admit to avoiding her books thinking they were just fluff Eating my words, which should make some of you very happy You ll be mine, and glad of it I ll be yours She lifted her face to the wind And glad of it Born in Fire is the first in the Born In Trilogy about three sisters haven t met the third yet set in Ireland, woven with history and rich in character Maggie is the oldest Concannon sister, she s bright, strong and very unique Her life has been [...]

  5. Ha sido una de las relecturas m s especiales que he hecho Lo le hace ya a os, y aunque recordaba lo b sico, todos los detalles de la historia de Maggie y Rogan se hab an perdido con el tiempo Y no solo ha sido especial reencontrarme con ellos, sino que lo he hecho en ingl s el primero libro que leo de Nora en ingl s, debo a adir y vaya cambio a mejor Casi parec a que pod a escuchar el acento irland s de los personajes al leer los di logos Sin duda, uno de mis libros rom nticos favoritos Siempre [...]

  6. Irelandd romancejust perfect You can see the following review also here loveandlivetoread.wordpressReally Another great book by Nora Roberts Is that possible The woman is so talented that I find it unfair It was a great read that I enjoyed very much The story is set in Ireland and I couldn t be happy because it s definitely a country I love to read about Maggie is a young but lonely woman She lost her beloved dad five years ago and her relationship with her mother is far from good Actually, bec [...]

  7. I readBorn in Fire a few years ago, but suddenly wanted to read something beautiful and not very demanding Often that is just what going back to a book that I already read and loved means to me It is like a vacation, when I go to the beach and just lay on the sand or take a little swin I don t have to worry, I don t have to agonize wondering whether I will like what is to come Just revel in it Of course, it has to be a well written book As I share a love for Ireland withNora Roberts, this book s [...]

  8. I decided to read books that have forever piqued my curiosity since I was kid I would see these books line the shelves at the library, on and on These authors still are bestsellers and incredibly productive Thus, a little fun project that both entertained and surprised me I selected these authors based on recollections of my hometown library back then, so it s not necessarily all encompassing Here is part two of four Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 It was a horrible, horrible version of Taming of th [...]

  9. I don t usually read books that were published before I was born, but I feel like once I read one series of an author, I have to read all of the others as well.

  10. Book one of Born in Trilogy and our OSRBC book of the month was an engaging but oh SO WONDERFUL ride.The explosive story of Maggie and Rogan is the tale of when scorching fire meets calm water, chaos meets order.We are introduced to the glass blower Maggie in a heart wrenching introduction to the character, and a parents death that is expected yet agonizing.5 years later, she runs her life with an independent streak, surviving with her sister Brianna who owns a BB laden with bitter and unhappy m [...]

  11. A red headed, sassy, aloof woman, who makes glass art, meets a stuck up, scheduled, rich dark hair art business man Of course they are opposites Of course they both sass each other AND of course INSTANT ATTRACTION Really, it was a Pride and Prejudice themed with added hot and heavy sexual fling Cool It was alright for what it was So let me tell you what was wrong with it.1 The main character somehow reminded me of Merida from the Disney movie Brave Not totally Nora Roberts fault, but that is wha [...]

  12. THIS IS MY FAVOURITE NORA ROBERTS SERIES OF ALL TIME, set in Ireland, my favourite setting Born in Fire is the first book in Nora Roberts Born In Trilogy about the lives of three Irish sisters and is the story of Margaret May Concannon, who becomes a famous glass sculptress Her father, who she was very close to, sent her to Venice to study glassblowing, which her mother had resented The heartbreak of her father s death and the bitterness towards her by her mother, who blamed Maggie for ruining h [...]

  13. Another great book by Nora Roberts and can t wait to get my hands on the next book I love Maggie s stubborn character She is a strong person but with a good heart even with a mother who s main purpose is to make her life a living hell but no matter what she is determined to keep her promise to her father to care for her mother and sister Maggie is a great glass artist who does her glass from the soul and never saw the real value of her work until Rogan Sweeney, a gallery owner, sees Maggie s wor [...]

  14. A nice 3.5 for this book The ended just ended and it was really disappointing I wanted but that made me realize that I liked the book because I wanted However, I think the setting was what kept me interested The narrator on this audio book is outstanding so it made me feel like I was really in Ireland Loved that part So this might be a so so book that was made better by the narrator Regardless, it was pretty good I m rambling Long day.

  15. I loved reading about Maggie and her entertaining characteristics and temperament.Maggie is an artist who creates glass sculptures She lives in a small village in western Ireland Rogan is a wealthy Gallery owner in Dublin He wants to represent her work He calls her repeatedly but she never answers her phone He has to travel there just to be able to talk to her After he signs her, he has to send telegraphs to her because she still doesn t answer her phone He views her as irresponsible, scatterbra [...]

  16. What can I say for Nora Roberts that millions of readers do not know already Her language and descriptions, her character building, her fully developed plots leave nothing to be found lacking This is my second book of hers I KNOW SHAME ON ME and it will certainly not be her last.This was a story about family relationships, dreams that die and dreams that come true, love for the art and fighting with inner demons, all set in a magnificent county in the west of Ireland The heroine, Margaret Concan [...]

  17. Como j devem saber, Nora Roberts tem um registo muito pr prio Sempre que pego num livro da autora, sei exactamente o tipo de leitura que vou encontrar um romance, com as suas particularidades que diferem de livro para livro, mas que termina normalmente da forma mais doce poss vel Assim, h que compreender que n o uma obra que agrade todo o tipo de leitores, mas que consegue cumprir muito bem o seu prop sito para quem gosta do g nero.Como j referi tamb m noutras opini es, este livro n o se enquadr [...]

  18. I just don t know what exactly makes me love and adore this author so much but I can t seem to be able to do otherwise I just feel so exhilarated while reading her books, which is funny because for too long I was reluctant to pick one of them as everybody else seemed to crave her work so badly For some reason I got into my head that I wouldn t be as fascinated with her as everybody else seemed to be and it took me way too long to discover how mistaken I was I simply can t stop reading her books [...]

  19. 3 1 2 ESTRELLAS Nacida del Fuego es la primera entrega de una trilog a ambientada en Irlanda y una novela del estilo m s rom ntico y m gico de Nora Roberts Es decir, no hay ning n misterio ni ninguna tragedia exagerada ni asesinato, ni secuestro, ni mentiras es una historia chica chico que no creen en el amor se conocen, se enamoran, resisten esa atracci n amor y acaban juntos El argumento, aunque no tiene complicaciones ni sorpresas, es s lido y Nora Roberts retrata los sentimientos de Maggie y [...]

  20. This was the April old school BoTM for the OSRBC I got a late start, as you can see.I ve never much cared for contemporary romance and until I began the In Death series last July, I had never read Nora Roberts.Speaking of the In Death series, I found quite a few similarities between Maggie Concannon, the heroine of Born in Fire, and Eve Dallas Both had difficult childhoods although Maggie s would be considered idyllic compared to Eve s both are completely dedicated to their work to the exclusion [...]

  21. If you love books with substance and an engrossing story line with well developed characters, I suggest you ignore this book s existence Although I have yet to open it up or indeed see it in real life form and not just an image upon a smudged laptop screen, I can confidently say that I would feel the same Having never read a Nora Roberts book but being subjected to 3 of her movies in a so called Romance movie marathon at a friend s birthday party, I can truly say that she, as an author, has chan [...]

  22. When your head won t give you the answer, it s best to listen to your heart.Oh damn Here s a confession I love novels, even films, that have artists in them Doesn t matter if the artist is the protagonist And this book just captured my heart Unexpectedly, I m telling you my fellow bibliophiles Why, because I was reluctant at first to read this It s been long since I ve read a contemporary romance seriously I read romance but the once with the usual erotic touches Gladly, I read this one Roberts [...]

  23. Opini o no blog howtoliveathousandlivesspA combina o perfeita entre um romance apaixonante, um espl ndido drama familiar e paisagens encantadoras Nos vales verdes e vastos da Irlanda, o leitor arrebatado para uma cultura deslumbrante onde reinam a Hist ria, os mitos, as lendas, a magia Para quem almeja um dia percorrer o mundo, a Irlanda caracterizada neste livro um destino imperd vel A personagem principal, Maggie uma mulher determinada, rebelde e explosiva, com um temperamento vol til que conf [...]

  24. Written in the mid 90s, this book is a big step up from Roberts O Hurley novels, despite nominal similarities mainly in the pseudo shiftless, Irish father.Maggie Concannon isn t the kind of heroine that normally appeals to me She s tempestuous and impulsive and argumentative and way too willing to inflict emotional pain on those nearest to her Fortunately, she has a softer, humbler, caring side to her that comes out when it matters most This let me care enough to want to see her be happy.Rogan [...]

  25. When I read and re read a book, it s almost always going to get a 5 or 4 star rating, or else why re read Born in Fire is the first of a trilogy and unlike some trilogies, you have to have 2 and 3 close at hand as soon as you finish Born in Fire because the unfolding family story is that enthralling Maggie has a dreadful relationship with her hardened, mean spirited, caustic of tongue and tone mother and watching them dance around each other rings so true It s at times heart breaking Adulthood m [...]

  26. This book reminded me of why I don t pick up contemporary romances very often It wasn t terrible, but nothing really set it apart either The family angle with Maeve and Brianna interested me the most and I wish time would have been spent exploring that, but it was clear early on in the book that the romance between Maggie and Rogan would be the focus I liked Rogan he came off as a workaholic but nice Mr Darcy type , but I found Maggie a little frustrating Aspects of her behavior came across inc [...]

  27. Mais um livro da rainha do romance N o li muitos dela, confesso, mas os que li foram todos iguais.O primeiro que li foi o Heran a de Vergonha , por sinal o ltimo desta trilogia Depois li o do meio, da Brianna Heran a de Gelo , e por fim, anos depois, aborrecida de morte e incapaz de pegar num livro a s rio, decidi obrigar me a adquirir este volume em formato bolso e a l lo, apenas para terminar a trilogia Tamb m li uma trilogia sobre flores, A D lia Azul , etc, mas j estava muito aborrecida daqu [...]

  28. I m around book 30s mark in J.D Robb s In Death series, but I ve been curious to see how she writes as Nora Roberts I guess I can say that I not only admire her dedication and her skill, but also her versatility.She can write something set in the future, she can write a story set in the past, and I can say that whatever period in time, I will always be spiraled into the wonderful story she created.Just to make it all clear I thought book one was amazing.There were books I ve rate 4 or 3 stars to [...]

  29. The last time I read one of Nora Roberts trilogies, I went back and picked up an earlier one set in Ireland Born in Fire is the first in the Irish Born Trilogy This one brings the Irish lilt and magic to life.Margaret Mary Concannon is a glass artist who sells her glass under the name M.M Concannon from her small shop in County Clare Her father, Tom, sent her to Venice to learn, despite the angry opposition of her mother Maggie returned and built her own studio, and she s determined to pay back [...]

  30. O, the joys of a Nora Roberts book I ve been a fan for years and decided to re read one of her great trilogies The Born in trilogy is set in Ireland and tells of the Concannon sisters Each one is different but each one is wonderful to read about Born in Fire is the story of Maggie Concannon, a genius at creating glass sculptures As the book opens, she is with her father when he suffers a fatal heart attack Five years later, she and her sister Brianna are following their dreams Maggie with her gl [...]

  31. This story really captured me, the calm and gentle Brianna and the fiery Maggie Concannon were wonderful characters to me And I was captivated by the sad family structure they faced and I would have loved to read with their father as I really liked him, even though he was only present in the beginning.The story does have romance in it, but it did not just feel like a sappy romance so much as a story of these two sisters and their attempts to move on with their lives and deal with their problems [...]