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The Circle trilogy

The Circle trilogy Free Read The Circle trilogy - by Nora Roberts - The Circle trilogy, The Circle trilogy A battle is brewing between the forces of good and evil as Lilith the most powerful vampire in the world gathers her dark minions around her The goddess Morrigan rises up to stop her and with her

  • Title: The Circle trilogy
  • Author: Nora Roberts
  • ISBN: 9780515142716
  • Page: 399
  • Format: Ebook

Free Read The Circle trilogy - by Nora Roberts, Free Read The Circle trilogy - by Nora Roberts, The Circle trilogy, Nora Roberts, The Circle trilogy A battle is brewing between the forces of good and evil as Lilith the most powerful vampire in the world gathers her dark minions around her The goddess Morrigan rises up to stop her and with her a circle of six. Free Read The Circle trilogy - by Nora Roberts - The Circle trilogy, The Circle trilogy A battle is brewing between the forces of good and evil as Lilith the most powerful vampire in the world gathers her dark minions around her The goddess Morrigan rises up to stop her and with her

  • Free Read The Circle trilogy - by Nora Roberts
    399Nora Roberts
The Circle trilogy

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  1. Nora Roberts is the 1 New York Times bestselling author of than 200 novels, including Come Sundown, The Obsession, The Liar, and coming in December 2017, Year One the first book in The Chronicles of The One She is also the author of the futuristic suspense In Death series written under the pen name J.D Robb There are than 500 million copies of her books in print.

  2. While not a huge fan of Nora Roberts I have to be impressed by the sheer volume of work she puts out, but most of it does not interest me This trilogy is what I would call a HUGE exception, it was entertaining, the story line that some have thought predictable was captivating and I find it an epic example of what I hope to find when I read any book in this genre This is the gold standard I use to measure other works against The thing here is why The main thing for me in any book is to be enterta [...]

  3. This is my favourite Nora Roberts trilogy, it has everything for lovers of Paranormal romance Sorcerer, witch, scholar, warrior, shapeshifter and vampire, with a sprinkling of time travel I couldn t put it down and couldn t wait to finish it to see what happened to all the characters By the same token I was really sorry when I did finish it One for the re read pile I think

  4. This is one of my all time favorite series Nora Roberts at her finest And the audio reading is in one word Perfect A wizard, and vampire who are twin brothers from the 11th century are charged with a witch from 20th century New York City, and three others in a quest to save worlds plural from an ancient vampire queen who wants to turn human kind into one gigantic food source The quest outlined by the Morrigan, an ancient goddess is vague, and seemingly impossible, but the circle needed to fight [...]

  5. I have loved all of the books that I ve read written by Nora Roberts, but this by far is my favourite series I love Cian I don t read too many books over again, but this is a series that I ve kept close at hand

  6. Excellent seriesyou would want to try to audio version, the narrator has a powerful voice Also get all three books, you won t want to miss what happens to 1 Sorcerer2 Witch3 Vampire4 Scholar5 Shape Shifter6 WarriorI was sorry when it ended.

  7. read it twice couldn t help it romance novels are my vice add vampires, shape shifters, and witches and my geek side comes out geek side romance novel reread

  8. I m not really a very big fan of fantasy literature, but if there are vampires, witch and dragons in the scene, i would surely love it that s why i was so amazed and i can say that this Circle trilogy is really worth reading Morrigan s Cross Book 1 , Dance of the Gods Book 2 Valley of Silence Book 3 is a great trilogy book, way better than the Twilight saga, i might say It s a fantastic mix of time travel, vampire chronicles, and romance.All of the following characters had some kind of deepness [...]

  9. Cian was the very first vampire I fell in love with and I still love him even now The series was so good I read right through the night and finished it and started all over again The first book is about Hoyt and Jenna and basically sets up the rest of the story The second is about Blair and Larkin and the last book is about Cian and Moira The 6 are enlisted by the goddess Morrigan to fight the vampire queen Lilith and army of vampires In the midst of all this they find love.By far one of the mos [...]

  10. I believe this series is Nora Roberts writing at her very best I love the whole fairytale aspect of it I actually wanted to give the series a five star rating, but I am giving it 4.5, only because of what I felt were the silly conversations between Lilith, the Vampire Queen, and her subjects To wit Bring me someone to eat OR After practically draining a human being between them, Laura uses her napkin, delicately dabbing at her lips, and says, I needed a civilized meal Absolutely silly.The rest o [...]

  11. I highly suggest getting ahold of an audio book of this trilogy The narrator is wonderful He has this authentic Irish accent Wow The characters are as diverse as the plot Twists and turns Gothic, time travel, vampires, queens, sorcerers Nora included them all I still cry in book three and know the ending I ve read them and listened to them HmmI think I ll go read again

  12. Loved this series I ve read and re read it so often Wish it would be made into a movie, the characters and storyline are very exciting.

  13. This trilogy is not only suited for fans of brewing romance and melting hearts Of course romance takes the largest part but there is much weight to it for being placed in a fantasy setting with shape shifters and vampires and in a plot that stirs towards the ultimate battle between good and evil Yet, again Roberts shows how she can transform any world, any setting into the background of a great love story.

  14. I am not a big Nora Roberts reader, but I was intrigued by this trilogy It combined two of my favorite subjects vampires and time travel thank you Bram Stoker and Dr Who Just enough romance without being too cloying sweet, and enough gore without being over the top And what s not to like about traveling back in time to save all of humankind

  15. EntertainmentWhen you re totally fed up with the trash on television and the attitudes of people unable and unwilling to help even the poor and destitute, these books are a relief Entertaining, and hopeful Hopelessness is the enemy in any world.

  16. Good against evilThe circle of six battle Lilith and her horde of vampires on Sanheim A very compelling tale of love and faith This is a must read for anyone who lives fantasy with romance thrown in And Nora Roberts has a huge surprise for the ending that I didn t see comong.

  17. Simplesmente adorei esta trilogia Tem de tudo, mist rio, sobrenatural, magia, romance, aventura Aconselho vivamente, at mesmo para quem n o goste muito de Nora Roberts.

  18. Morrigan s Cross As a storm rages, the tale beginsof a powerful vampire s lust for destruction and of the circle of six charged by the goddess Morrigan to stop her One of the chosen is a medieval sorcerer whose quest will take him through time and into the arms of a woman courageous enough to link her destiny to his own Dance of the Gods As the circle of six prepare for their final clash with the dark army of the vampire Lilith, the battleground shifts In Ireland, a stone circle serves as the po [...]

  19. Morrigan s Cross 3 5 This series is something of a mess I can t figure out what genre this is supposed to be categorized inranormal Yes Contemporary Yes Historical Kind of Fantasy Yes Action Not much There is definitely romance Hoyt and Glenna the sorcerer and the wiccan He s from another time, she s from NYC and they re trapped in a house with a whole cast of characters some of them rather annoying and they re training to fight vampires and having lots of sex Mostly I m just thinking that this [...]

  20. When I sought out a new subgenre for romance from historical to whatever , I went to my digital library and looked for books with a long waiting list I figured if that many people were willing to wait that long to read that book, it had to be worth reading.This three book collection wasn t the most popular book on the waiting list till number 280 of 360 for that one I didn t bother to read the BOB blurb figuring it would be a surprise And heck, three ebooks in one and I didn t have to wait three [...]

  21. this is definitely nora roberts and paranormal romance at its best i read alot of romances and most are adorably cheesy and predictable while i love that sometimes nora roberts is a treat because of her unbelievable talent i forgot how easy it is to get lost in her writing but this is definitely one of my favorites by her frst of all the storyline is essentially a modern day epic albeit with a softer perspective than the older ones roberts manages to bring the story and characters to life she as [...]

  22. My dad made me read this set last summer And boy, am I glad I did Morrigan s Cross took a while to really get going and become interesting, but by the end I was clamouring for Honestly, take a rainy afternoon and just get through the first few chapters Once they all arrive in Ireland, it gets really interesting Once I got to book two and three, I was completely into it I was like NEXT BOOK PLEASE The constant wonder of where they would all end up in the middle of the third book kept me going tr [...]

  23. This trilogy was recommended to my by a coworker, since I liked the Twilight series The only thing this set has in common with Twilight is that some of the characters were vampires The first book in this set took forever to read, the second and third went pretty quickly I m not going to go into the story line, but I ll say that it was fairly predictable, and had guessed the identity of the narrator of the story before I finished the second book There was a lot in these novels that I thought was [...]