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The Halo Chronicles: The Guardian

The Halo Chronicles: The Guardian [PDF] Unlimited ☆ The Halo Chronicles: The Guardian : by Carey Corp - The Halo Chronicles: The Guardian, The Halo Chronicles The Guardian High school sopho Alex Grabovski is cursed with a gift the ability to see the goodness and evil in her fellow human beings in the form of halos rings of light or darkness that surround the body Her go

  • Title: The Halo Chronicles: The Guardian
  • Author: Carey Corp
  • ISBN: 2940012503558
  • Page: 498
  • Format: Nook

[PDF] Unlimited ☆ The Halo Chronicles: The Guardian : by Carey Corp, [PDF] Unlimited ☆ The Halo Chronicles: The Guardian : by Carey Corp, The Halo Chronicles: The Guardian, Carey Corp, The Halo Chronicles The Guardian High school sopho Alex Grabovski is cursed with a gift the ability to see the goodness and evil in her fellow human beings in the form of halos rings of light or darkness that surround the body Her goals in life are to keep moving find her best friend and to remain invisible A new foster family and new school offer her a real chance at a normal life But in order. [PDF] Unlimited ☆ The Halo Chronicles: The Guardian : by Carey Corp - The Halo Chronicles: The Guardian, The Halo Chronicles The Guardian High school sopho Alex Grabovski is cursed with a gift the ability to see the goodness and evil in her fellow human beings in the form of halos rings of light or darkness that surround the body Her go

  • [PDF] Unlimited ☆ The Halo Chronicles: The Guardian : by Carey Corp
    498Carey Corp
The Halo Chronicles: The Guardian

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  2. I picked this up after it showed up in my recommendations Although I ve been on a bit of an angel kick I ve had really bad luck finding good stories involving them I can t expect Nalini Singh to write a book a monthbut it would be nice The book cruised along fairly well but about halfway through I just knew I was not going to like how it ended I ended up interested in the Jonah Becke relationship than I did Alexia Gabriel s And I hated Derry from the second he showed up I found him far creepier [...]

  3. I m speechless right now, words cannot describe the beauty of this book I need to get myself together before I post a review Update Ok this story was beyond amazing I really dont want to give anything away so I wont say too much What I can say though is Carey captured the emotions of teenage love heartache perfectly The end is so bittersweet but I m giddy waiting for the next

  4. Ok, I ve never written a review, and since many I read are the same rehasing of the plot given in the book description I ve decided I m going to start posting my favorite quotes In the middle of the light is the most exquisite boy I ve ever seen His face is both achingly perfect and terrifyingly severe I am not that girl My name s Alex I spend my days trying to dodge the darkness and, if at all possible, stay one step ahead of it The most I can hope for is to make it to my eighteenth birthday so [...]

  5. I don t actively search self published works I m trying to get over that prejudice and I actually have a couple self published books in the queue If it lands my lap, I ll read it Still, I heard some buzz about this book and actually bought it for my Nook for 2.99 I heard it was really, really good so I thought, Yes, I ll give this one a try So here s what happened when I started the book I was rolling my eyes a bit The sanguine language of yet another angsty, paranormal YA novel But the next day [...]

  6. Unbelievably amazing Loved, loved, LOVED this I started it last night and didn t go to bed until I had finished it Carey Corps writing is fantastic But oh, that ending You re killing me I can t wait to read from this author, and hopefully the wait for the next book in the series isn t too long

  7. I really enjoyed this book What I appreciate the most is that the author allowed the angel in the book, to be an angel She didn t turn him into a blood sucking vampire or a werewolf or some other ridiculous thing I really enjoyed the charactes and the story line and I hope there will be a sequel to this story.

  8. Sometimes, sneaking a peak at the ending before making it all the way to chapter two can be a Godsend I don t care if I m missing the whole point of the story when I say Blah.

  9. THE HALO CHRONICLES THE GUARDIAN BY CAREY CORPThis book was simply amazing I am now seeking the rest of the series that I know this book must belong to Carey Corp is a fantastic writer with the ability to write a story without worrying about taking chances with her characters By the way I couldn t help but picture Lucas Till as Gabriel, keep that in mind for a movie deal So many authors are afraid if they allow characters that their readers truly love to end up having an outcome that is not such [...]

  10. I liked this book better than I thought I would, but it still only gets 3 stars because it went back and forth between being a bit cheesy and corny to being pretty good Once I thought I was really getting into it, I d end up rolling my eyes or chuckling at something that I thought was silly and would have been better if it were set outside of high school Also, I m not a fan of the I just got off my surf board kind of look I like my main male characters to be tall, dark handsomed maybe an bit bro [...]

  11. umis was like a train wreckI had to finish spending lots of time with my hands covering my eyes Remember back when the Twilight movie debuted and lots of screaming little tweens were lining up to see it There was an article on Yahoo, explaining to the mothers of these little balls of quaking hormones, how to explain the Unreality of the movie and storyline boys don t think about you all day like that and No boys don t sit and stare at you during class like that etc etc Personally, I have no idea [...]

  12. Not exactly what I was expecting It was still a good read I got enough into it that I cried at one point in the book.

  13. Rating 2.5 starsThis review doesn t really contain any major spoilers, but if you haven t read the book, read with caution I had high hopes for this book I haven t read many books featuring angels and have been meaning to read this for a while, but was a little disappointed I think that maybe I waited too long to read it, if I had been 13 16, I might have enjoyed it, but at 18, I found it too cheesy.I don t think Corp is a bad writer, it s just that I don t feel like she conveyed all the charact [...]

  14. I have to admit that I could not finish reading The Guardian Chronicles for reasons which have not directly to do with the novel, but are of personal nature.First of I found out that I find eBooks terrible distracting to read and therefore better suited for short stories than for novels, secondly I have a strong personal dislike of reading first person present tense narration and last but not least, I finish very few books that centre around or deal with sexual abuse, there s enough of that goi [...]

  15. Alrighty so this book is kind of hard to write a review for I read it in the span of about seven hours, which is strange because it s only 200 pages or so I found myself not wanting to finish it because I saw the rather dire ending coming, and I couldn t bear to suffer through that emotional turmoil Which leads me to my next point These characters are SO RELATABLE It s amazing how much time and effort was put into the character development, in Alex, especially I feel like I watched her grow and [...]

  16. It s every girl s dream a gorgeous boy, who not only is your knight in shining armor, but turns out to literally be your guardian angel He doesn t move from your side, he is respectful, he protects you and offers you his strength.Gabriel is that sort of boy to Alexia What else can she do but fall in love with her personal angel It is a very intriguing and romantic outline for a book It was definitely what drew me to it.Then I started reading the book, and the words were perfect so perfect, in fa [...]

  17. Oh man oh man WHYYYYYYYYY It was a cute book, I was thinking it focused on Alex s powers but it was mostly for her being protected and ready whenever the time come to accept her destiny and powers Protected by Gabriel, her guardian angel.Fast read, adorable characters like Gab, Kate, Kate s mom, Steven and Becke And the emotions that Alex felt throughout the entire book is so detailed that you feel them too Especially with Mr.Creeps, god this man makes me want to kill him and take a 6 hours bath [...]

  18. GOSH DARN IT THERE BETTER BE A 2ND BOOK PLLLZZZZ I AM UNSATISFIED WITH THE ENDING OF THIS BOOK This is a fast, packed, moving adventure Alex s talents are really cool at times i feel it would b a curse buuttt i m kinda torn whether its a gift or a curse cuz of her gift she got Gabriel and becuz of her curse she lost him to a gun i hope there really is a sequel like reallllyyyy badly and i hope gabriel returns and alex DOES NOT end up Derry i mean hes really funny and loyal but i really dont want [...]

  19. ii teared up a couple times reading this book it was an amazingly written book, and the plot and everything was done greate, Alex, is a teen who can see the good and bad in people she can see their halos the brighter the halo, the better the person is well Alex has been jumping form foster home to foster home until Kate and Steven take her they are both wonderful people and Alex has anything she could ask for with them but she plans on running away to find her best friend Derry well before she c [...]

  20. Words are not enough to describle my love for this book Simply amazing You have Alex, a foster child that has been moved in with a couple that is actually really nice But Alex isn t normal She can see halos, a shadow that surrounds someone s whole body that shows their mood based on it s color By this point I was sold.While being harrassed by a group of guys, she is saved by somone whose halo is so bright she can t even see clearly and even passes out After a few embarrassing moments she can foc [...]

  21. This completely captivated from the very first sentence I have never felt so desolate and utterly alone as I did reading Alexia s character She was so heart breaking I almost couldn t stand it I m not going to give you a whole plot of the book The gist of it is Alexia is special She can see good and evil in people Some people are so evil that they make her sick, physically Gabriel protects her He tells her from the beginning that he is only there temporarily He can only stay until his job is don [...]

  22. Although this story was typical enough with the new girl trying not to fall for the hot supernatural guy, the delivery of the story was very original I finished this a few days ago and wanted to think about what to say I enjoyed reading and will certainly keep reading the chronicles The characters were all well developed with good reasons for their behavior One of my favorite characters was, the still very childlike, Derry I hope to see of him in the next part of the story Why did I take a star [...]

  23. REVIEW 5 STARS Alex has a special ability and that ability is to see whether people are good or badShe is able to do that with the colors that come off thema grey black for bad and a white gold yellow for good.She has seen this her entire life.Alex has recently come to live with her new foster parents who do not know she has this ability.She gets into a tight spot one day and Gabriel saves her.Gabriel is a Serapha guardian angel.nt to do a duty and that duty is to protect Alex.Gabriel and Alex f [...]

  24. I am16 pages into this book and have had to put it down a few times because I felt braincells dying Really Really, this book is reviewed so well But I find the writing to be expected of a 15 year old is the writer 15 and 16 pages in she cant even speak because she s so enad with a guy with painfully cliched features I swear to God Gabriel is explained exactly nearly word for word as Edward Cullen and Christian Greye they brothers And really the cliche sleaze teacher and that whole scene Does thi [...]

  25. If Ms Corp won t write a sequel, she s plain cruel I mean, with the ending like THAT, and no book two NOOOOO We would never know what s Alex real power is I ll be heartbroken because it s kind of a star crossed love story, and I HATE star crossed couples Even when the couple broke up is better than this kind of ending And I m serious scratch my hair good book, actually I love Gabriel and his protectiveness But I hate the ending I really do How the hell was my response My next response is, what t [...]

  26. Evil dwells all around us, but not all have the eyes to see it for what it truly is Alexia, however, has the special gift or perhaps curse to do so She can see the halos around people, good and bad But evil has always had a thing for her, as it seems to chase her where ever she goes Yet, it is that very same evil that summons the gorgeous boy from Los Angeles to her aid Strange and awkward at first, Gabriel seems to have eyes only for our Alexia, unceasingly shielding her from evil But, really n [...]

  27. I thought this book was the best book I have ever read I saw some reviews saying they saw the ending coming, but for some reason I didn t I don t want to give too much away The characters were really relateable There are some swear words, but only a few This book might be inapropiate for some people, but I thought it was fine I was really sad when I finshed the book I was up for another 30 minutes thinking about the ending Again, I was really surprised, and I can t wait for the next book I was [...]

  28. OMG I loved this book I started out slow with it only because I would start reading and get interrupted with some annoying thing like the dryer buzzing, or the phone ringingbut once I was able to actually sit and read for several minuets without any interruptions I did not want to stop I have this book on my Kindle and I carried it everywhere with me Every second I got I was reading it this past week The characters are amazing I loved the suspense throughout the story, the relationship that deve [...]

  29. All I can say about this book is the annoying romance between two kids who barely know each other and already love each other and would die for each other I need something than 10 year olds declaring their love for each other but I guess that s what I get for reading an angel book Looking for something a little real between the characters, they re too dead and boring Not to mention the female lead, she got on my nerves the most All she did was complain and whine about why anyone would love her [...]

  30. There are not enought great words in any kind of vocabulary that can describe just how awesome this book is As soon as I finished the first chapter, I immediately knew that this book was going to be one of my all time favorites, and I tell you now, it did not disappoint I m so in love with Gabriel, he s the epitome of what every boyfriend should be, but I m so proud of Alex, and am totally in love with her character as well I simply could not put this put down It was so heartbreakingly beautiful [...]

  31. I don t know what to say This book was amazingly beautiful I cried through so many parts but I think there were happy tears along with the sad ones The emotion in Carey Corp s writing was breathtaking I readthis book cover to cover, only putting it down to get 4 hours of sleep, and then pick it up and continue reading until the book ended with tear marks on the last page Readers, get a tissue box ready and be ready for a gigantic cliff hanger My first thought after I finished this book and dried [...]