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Reminiscences of the Cuban Revolutionary War: Authorized Edition

Reminiscences of the Cuban Revolutionary War: Authorized Edition Reminiscences of the Cuban Revolutionary War: Authorized Edition Best Read || [Ernesto Che Guevara Aleida Guevara March] - Reminiscences of the Cuban Revolutionary War: Authorized Edition, Reminiscences of the Cuban Revolutionary War Authorized Edition THE BASIS OF THE MOVIE CHE PART ONE FROM STEVEN SODERBERGH STARRING BENICIO DEL TOROThe dramatic art and acute perceptiveness evident in Che Guevara s early diaries fully blossom in this highly readab

  • Title: Reminiscences of the Cuban Revolutionary War: Authorized Edition
  • Author: Ernesto Che Guevara Aleida Guevara March
  • ISBN: 9781920888336
  • Page: 123
  • Format: Paperback

Reminiscences of the Cuban Revolutionary War: Authorized Edition Best Read || [Ernesto Che Guevara Aleida Guevara March], Reminiscences of the Cuban Revolutionary War: Authorized Edition Best Read || [Ernesto Che Guevara Aleida Guevara March], Reminiscences of the Cuban Revolutionary War: Authorized Edition, Ernesto Che Guevara Aleida Guevara March, Reminiscences of the Cuban Revolutionary War Authorized Edition THE BASIS OF THE MOVIE CHE PART ONE FROM STEVEN SODERBERGH STARRING BENICIO DEL TOROThe dramatic art and acute perceptiveness evident in Che Guevara s early diaries fully blossom in this highly readable and often entertaining account of the guerrilla war that led to the Cuban Revolution Reminiscences is one of the two books for. Reminiscences of the Cuban Revolutionary War: Authorized Edition Best Read || [Ernesto Che Guevara Aleida Guevara March] - Reminiscences of the Cuban Revolutionary War: Authorized Edition, Reminiscences of the Cuban Revolutionary War Authorized Edition THE BASIS OF THE MOVIE CHE PART ONE FROM STEVEN SODERBERGH STARRING BENICIO DEL TOROThe dramatic art and acute perceptiveness evident in Che Guevara s early diaries fully blossom in this highly readab

  • Reminiscences of the Cuban Revolutionary War: Authorized Edition Best Read || [Ernesto Che Guevara Aleida Guevara March]
    123Ernesto Che Guevara Aleida Guevara March
Reminiscences of the Cuban Revolutionary War: Authorized Edition

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  1. Ernesto Che Guevara, commonly known as El Che or simply Che, was a Marxist revolutionary, physician, author, intellectual, guerrilla leader, diplomat, and military theorist A major figure of the Cuban Revolution, since his death Guevara s stylized visage has become an ubiquitous countercultural symbol and global icon within popular culture.His belief in the necessity of world revolution to advance the interests of the poor prompted his involvement in Guatemala s social reforms under President Jacobo Arbenz, whose eventual CIA assisted overthrow solidified Guevara s radical ideology Later, while living in Mexico City, he met Ra l and Fidel Castro, joined their movement, and travelled to Cuba with the intention of overthrowing the U.S backed Batista regime Guevara soon rose to prominence among the insurgents, was promoted to second in command, and played a pivotal role in the successful two year guerrilla campaign that topled the Cuban government.After serving in a number of key roles in the new government, Guevara left Cuba in 1965 to foment revolution abroad, first unsuccessfully in Congo Kinshasa and later in Bolivia, where he was captured by CIA assisted Bolivian forces and executed.Guevara remains both a revered and reviled historical figure, polarized in the collective imagination in a multitude of biographies, memoirs, essays, documentaries, songs, and films Time magazine named him one of the 100 most influential people of the 20th century, while an Alberto Korda photograph of him entitled Guerrillero Heroico, was declared the most famous photograph in the world by the Maryland Institute of Art.

  2. This is a wonderful account of battles on the ground during the Cuban revolution, but it can be very hard to follow at times The book features lots of different names and places which can leave the reader at times quite confused.Although this book lacks a considerable amount of stand out anecdotes, there is a story about a puppy that will tug on the heart strings and a few tales of individual acts of bravery that you will have no choice but to admire.This is not a book that encourages you to jud [...]

  3. Full review at The Pluviophile Reader wp p3VFNP 8l3 5 stars.Paperback, 320 pages.Read from February 07 to 16, 2015.I picked up this gem while I was actually in Cuba back in January of this year It was my first trip to Cuba and I realized how little I knew about this fascinating little country with its big and expansive history Thankfully there wasn t a shortage of propaganda where I was staying If I had money and space in my suitcase I would have purchased quite a few books.Che is a remarkable [...]

  4. I think this is probably necessary reading for anyone who ever cared about political change You don t have to agree with him, but it s fascinating to a point.There s a lot of reciting of facts names mostly and while it s actually quite touching that he cared enough to want the names of his fellow revolutionaries to be remembered, it doesn t make it a page turner.Mostly, it was one of those books which didn t change my mind so much as reassure me that I hold the opinions I hold for good reasons a [...]

  5. Pasajes y vivencias personales del Che desde el desembarco del Granma en la playa de las Coloradas hasta la batalla final en Santa Clara El libro muestra a un Che intimista que reconoce sus miedos e incluso su falta de destreza tanto con el fusil como con el botiqu n Para Fidel una Cuba libre de Batista es el objetivo final, mientras que para el Che Cuba no es m s que el ejemplo para otros pa ses sometidos Quiz s el aspecto m s interesante que ofrece el libro, desde mi punta de vista, es la disp [...]

  6. I ve always been fascinated by the cult status of Che Guevara, a man who is still held up as a symbol of hope and freedom that resonates with anyone who has felt oppressed by others around them This book covers his diary entries from his time fighting in the Cuban Revolution and gives an honest and interesting eyewitness account of the events that unfolded There are a lot of facts and names in each entry which can make it difficult to read at times, but I admire Che s commitment to keeping the s [...]

  7. It s a great story, but not by Che s telling I don t consider him a very accomplished diarist His is a reportage style, declarative and dry I was hoping for A diarist that has all the tools of creative nonfiction at his disposal and rarely utilizes them A Canonical work for some, an opportunity missed for me.

  8. This is a book important for what it reveals and the man who wrote it rather than the style and prose I read it in bite sizes and the short chapters suited this My only criticism would be that the final stages seem rushed and given short attention compared to the early stages of struggle.The main interest is in the degree of personal sacrifice given by each companero in the struggle Lack of essential supplies, hunger, thirst, exhaustion, lack of shoes, ammunition, reliable support from those the [...]

  9. FINALLY FINISHED aside from the small section featuring a few of castro s letters, this book has likely been my least favorite to read this semester to me, guevara s writing is impossibly bland, mixed with his tendency to be an unreliable and unlikeable narrator but hey, i have an exam next week over roughly 30 pages worth of notes, including bits from this book, as well as two others at least the other two books are memorable eh i don t not like learning about the cuban revolution, as i feel i [...]

  10. This book gives a great insight into the everyday struggles of revolution I find it so interesting, to be able to get inside Che s mind, the incredibly intelligent and cultured man who had a big heart and a dream of spreading freedom and joy across the world Che s admirable attention to detail and his remarkable depiction of a guerrilla s emotional and psychological developments during a revolutionary war makes this a very dynamic read, not to mention his wit, which, at times, will really give y [...]

  11. Very interesting and insightful book Not necessarily a book you enjoy reading immensely but still I consider it a must read into the POV of such an interesting part of human history

  12. Beautifully written by the legend himself Puts you right into the shoes or boots of El Che Very cool piece of history.

  13. many a times I have seen people wearing tshirts with the portrait of Che Guevara but it was not until when I watched motorcycle diaries that I started to comprehend so he really isis memory is a tribute to all the people and their acts which made his mission possible although to fully understand it, one needs to have a map ready and a little knowledge of why Cuba really needed a revolution which I don t have and I will re read this in the near future.Revolution is not easy, not on the receiver s [...]

  14. Real enjoyed to read this book it s a good star to anyone who what to find a few parts of revolutionaries life The Author wrote his story of Cuban Revolutionary War with passion and his thoughts about it.

  15. Every time I opened this book I swear I could hear distant machine gun bursts accompanied by the smell of tropical jungle Obviously this is a classic, a must read for anyone interested in Cuba or guerilla warfare, or indeed the famous historical figure of Che Guevara It will also be of auxiliary interest to Marxists due to its significance regarding the application of Marxism despite the book containing practically no mention of Marxism In other words it s not a theoretical book, it s a journal. [...]

  16. We may know the outcome, and it may not have been intention, but this almost reads in the fashion of a fictional action novel Guevera s distinct analytical style however shines through, and if the reader was somehow unaware it wouldnt take long to realise they were reading history.This is a fairly short diary that spans just over a year from the boarding of the Granma in Mexico to the final victory battle, reading to and from work and for an hour or so a night it took me a couple of days As you [...]

  17. There would be many among us who can pick out the picture of Che Guevara among a thousand others, but know little of his actions and ideologies Che has grown into a global icon over the years, someone featured endlessly on t shirts and mugs So we sort of owe it to him to know about him Reminiscences of the Cuban Revolutionary War is the book to read if you want to gather what happened on the ground in one of the most important revolutions post World War II It is a diary maintained by Che during [...]

  18. Fue al terminar de leer el libro que me di cuenta luego de una investigaci n que la pel cula Che El Argentino fue basada en este propio libro y es que al leerlo sent a eso, que estaba viendo la pel cula.El Che reporta con buen detalle la traves a que sufri durante la revoluci n cubana, hace mucho nfasis en la camarader a de su tropa, la importancia que es la lucha ideol gica para mantenerlos moralizados, creo que es un buen libro si se quiere conocer sobre cambio pol ticos independientemente de [...]

  19. J ai finalement termin ma lecture de ce livre que j ai achet Cuba lors de mon voyage en janvier dernier Je n avais rien lu du Che, a manquait ma culture J avoue que lire en espagnol autre chose qu un roman l ger s est av r un peu plus demandant, m me si l criture est relativement simple comprendre et va droit au but.J ai bien aim la premi re partie du livre, moins la seconde On y entre trop dans les d tails de la r volution sur le terrain et cela m int ressait moins que l id ologie laquelle ils [...]

  20. In situations like these, suicide is the gravest stupidity one can indulge in To understand this one line in the book, one needs to have a thorough understanding of the situation that is being referred to Starvation, injury, diseases and bereavement mark it for people who are willing to risk their everything for the greater good the liberation of a nation toiling under the shackles of dictatorship My interest in Che developed as I read the autobiography of Ms Benazir Bhutto and The songs of bloo [...]

  21. Beauty will lie in the eyes of Che s lovers and must read artifact for the same That said let me tell about the book.Expected was strict chronological order of than 2 years of Symbolic Revolutionary war,chapters shows reflexes, before and after on timeline ,around battles and situations.You can take it as chronological not exactly stories best described by titles.Che delivered the account with complete objectiveness even when he talks about himself.This book will not give you a complete picture [...]

  22. From Solomon Says RCRW is a polished version of Che Guevara s field journal, and contains detailed accounts of the entire war against the Batista regime It covers the events from the battle at Allegria de Pio to the fall of the dictatorship.As a field journal, it is a plain, often dry account of the condition of the rebel army their numbers, their supplies, and their morale Much of the book is dedicated to tallies and lists This being a first person account, Che does not paint the bigger picture [...]

  23. R.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N.This page turner is bible on revolution.Read the book and feel what revolution really means It s an important book today when any tom, dick and harry calls any demand made as uprising and struggle for it as revolution Wake up, guys What this book is about could be read in other main stream reviews What i got out of this book could be found in this review I found how a closely knit group of rebels need to lead and manage an uprising against a tyranny that is hundred times larg [...]

  24. Che s diary notes on the campaign in Cuba form the basis of part one of this book while the second part is his memories of events written a few years after the events it states in the preface that it is hopefully to be one of many memoirs of the events by people who took part Che seems very concerned that a factual account is made available for posterity but his is only one account and he only wants to speak about events he was explicitly involved in or witnessed It is an admirable intention and [...]

  25. I picked this book as I wanted to know about Che from very long time This book is a compilation of Che s diary which he maintained during Cuban revolutionary war As such this book is little too detailed for a normal reader who wants to know about Che.You will live with Che throughout this book His endless marches in the hills of Sierra Maestra, His encounters with Cuban forces Initial set back when Cuban army ambushes rebels His asthma attacks in middle of fight , Executing traitors.d so many su [...]

  26. Reminiscences provides Che s memories of the Cuban Revolutionary War, from the time that he and Castro landed on Cuba aboard the boat Granma with only a dozen fighters, to the day they seized Havana and ousted the dictator Batista Most of the book is discussion of small scale skirmishes and battles in the Sierra Maestra, where the revolution grew in strength and popularity as it went from success to success against the largely untrained and unmotivated regime soldiers Whereas much of the book su [...]

  27. Che s effort in producing this account of the revolutionary war was in part an encouragement for others to tell of this story Of course in doing so, Che insisted on the strictest adherence to the facts You can read some of the pointed jokes he made to those whose remarks went too much in the way of individual praise In this spirit, I hope those who read this book also read some of the other accounts Fidel s My Life , Luis Alfonso Zayas Soldier of the Revolution , Our History is Still Being Writ [...]

  28. As with all memoirs or diaries this is a bit patchy, metaphorically speaking there is a lot of ebb and flow It is fairly chronological so its not hard to follow Its has some good insights into how Guevara viewed the revolution, and his morality, which at times is highly commendable The most definite and noticeable is his empathy for the peasants particularly his fellow revolutionaries or campaneros as he refers to them Often listing or mentioning them in detail, this is also commendable of him, [...]

  29. Un cl sico por hecho de ser escrito por un icono como el Che No soy de acuerdo con su pol tica, pero me impresion mucho como se comporte con humanidad y humildad en medio de batallas y traiciones Muy diferente de los que hoy reclamen de luchar por un Dios, un governmiento o un pueblo pero se comporten peor que animales o m s como diablos Me interes mucho los acontecimientos detallados de una lucha y los pensamientos de uno que espera a matar a alguien un una batalla o emboscada El libro consiste [...]

  30. e definitivno nije najbolji pisac koji postoji i ovo nije primer nekakve visoke knji evnosti ili ve te pa ak i naro ito zanimljive naracije ali koliko toliko uspeva da meni kao potpunom laiku pribli i i razjasni duh i su tinu gerilske borbe, kao i da mi pomogne da shvatim za ta su se borili ti ljudi Najja i utisak je ostavio na in na koji su se revolucionari razra unavali sa olo em nacije, ubicama, lopovima, oportunistima i parazitima, alju i ih sve u paketu u izgnanstvo, u SAD Dakle, u Kubi su [...]