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To Live and Drink in L.A.

To Live and Drink in L.A. To Live and Drink in L.A. Best Read || [Ben Peller] - To Live and Drink in L.A., To Live and Drink in L A If David Sedaris Chelsea Handler and Charles Bukowski had ever consummated a threesome the result would most likely be Shawn Michals the protagonist of TO LIVE AND DRINK IN L A This series of semi

  • Title: To Live and Drink in L.A.
  • Author: Ben Peller
  • ISBN: 9780615436364
  • Page: 422
  • Format: Paperback

To Live and Drink in L.A. Best Read || [Ben Peller], To Live and Drink in L.A. Best Read || [Ben Peller], To Live and Drink in L.A., Ben Peller, To Live and Drink in L A If David Sedaris Chelsea Handler and Charles Bukowski had ever consummated a threesome the result would most likely be Shawn Michals the protagonist of TO LIVE AND DRINK IN L A This series of semi autobiographical stories follows Shawn as he moves from the Midwest to Los Angeles and deals with topics such as his stubborn refusal to own either a car or a cellphone hi. To Live and Drink in L.A. Best Read || [Ben Peller] - To Live and Drink in L.A., To Live and Drink in L A If David Sedaris Chelsea Handler and Charles Bukowski had ever consummated a threesome the result would most likely be Shawn Michals the protagonist of TO LIVE AND DRINK IN L A This series of semi

  • To Live and Drink in L.A. Best Read || [Ben Peller]
    422Ben Peller
To Live and Drink in L.A.

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  1. Ben Peller Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the To Live and Drink in L.A. book, this is one of the most wanted Ben Peller author readers around the world.

  2. Let me give you a sample of mister Peller s prose But to this day I feel maybe because when he made this confession to me and I actually seemed to listen is the reason he put me down as someone to contact in the case of an emergency Did the author put this phrase in the mouth of a harebrained, grammatically challenged character No, we are still in the Preface, this is Ben Peller speaking.A few pages further on, we find this , and my army of empty 1.75 liter bottles of Smirnoff bottles on the flo [...]

  3. This book was a bit strange Some people seem to love it, and others apparently hate it Though I didn t hate it, I didn t enjoy it as much as I did the sequel, To Live and Love In L.A It starts and ends strong, but in the middle tends a bit toward the bizarre But a lot of the stories are touching A quick example from one of them, Strange Love, which deals with his bipolar mother s suicide The year before I was set to graduate high school she had gone off lithium completely She seemed to grow and [...]

  4. I don t really understand why this book has such a good rating, I guess it s just not for me As I said, it was an easy read and not very entertaining, nothing significant happened It was like reading a book about an ordinary man, with a drinking problem who is a writer and who jumped around from job to job It was funny in some parts but that s not enough for a book as it would be for a movie To me, a book needs to enrapture you I wanted character build up, I wanted stories rather than hearing [...]

  5. The To Live trilogy keeps getting better I enjoyed this installment better than the first one, if only because Peller seems to be taking life seriously His alter ego, Shawn Michals, loves and unleashes himself on the romantic scene of Los Angeles Made me think of a male West Coast Carrie Bradshaw I ve seen some of the episodes, but still have to read the book on my to read list This book approaches love, sex, betrayal, and heartache with humor and care Not sure where this trilogy s going, but I [...]

  6. Ben Peller seems to inspire intense emotions in readers, some pro and some con Count me into the former group This book exceeded my expectations Thought it was going to be a wild drunken romp through L.A and it was that, and MUCH MORE A young man, Shawn, comes out to the West Coast from the Midwest and encounters criminals, people of questionable sexuality, revolutionaries, and most importantly, himself A very funny and very thoughtful book that was an easy read Apparently it s the first in the [...]

  7. I thought i had written a review for this thats kind of irritating, anywaysi liked it, its a quick read and psychologically i sympathized w the main characters state of mind throughout his journey It was entertaining and humorous at times I also connected with the fact of it being set in Los Angelesrry trying to recall all my original thoughts but cant right now, but if youre looking for some quick entertainment, there ya go

  8. Never thought a writer could blend Los Angeles and Love so well Peller did it, once again finding hints of humanity in a city so many consider shallow This book made me laugh, and also cry Most of all, it made me feel Loved it.Ben Peller

  9. Being a closet pro wrestling fan, I thoroughly enjoyed Ben Peller s Living the Gimmick Then I heard that To Live and Drink In L.A was along the lines of Chelsea Handler and Mindy Kaling, so naturally I had to read it I blown away This book is great It charts Shawn Michals path from the Midwest to Los Angeles It has a lot of partying, but also plenty of heartfelt moments Peller obviously cares about his characters I especially liked that he was unflinching in his depiction of his protagonist Am v [...]

  10. I liked this book, though not quite as much as I thought I might Then again, my expectations were pretty high Mr Peller takes us into the world of Shawn Michals, a young man from the Midwest who moves to Los Angeles and gets into one crazy adventure after another Some are better worded than others, but above all they are funny, with a definite nod to David Sedaris style Overall, I enjoyed the ride enough to continue on with To Live and Love In L.A Also, for whatever it s worth, the story STRANGE [...]

  11. I don t knowybe I missed something Comparing this to Handler, Bukowski, Sedaris, Max, etc kind of set this up to be a disappointment to anyone who has read those authors first, in my opinion.I expected it to be funnier I expected it to be less long winded I expected it to be a bit raunchy I ended up skimming through the last 2 3 stories because the first half had been a letdown At the end of the day, it was a collection of stories, some with morals, some funny, some dreadfully boring, some poin [...]

  12. so far, bored to tears Just trying to get through it understand why it got such good reviews Maybe the fact that its a biography of a pro wrestler should have been my first clue to not place this on me want to read now shelf A slight oversight BUT, I do appreciate the very candid tales biography Mr Peller has offered, am stunned by the mother s treatment abuse of Shawn, the main character Plus, the stories are pretty funny, well written They just don t take me anywhere emotionally which is why I [...]

  13. A sequel to To Live and Drink In L.A this book trails Shawn Michals through further wild and crazy times in life in Los Angeles Also, importantly, it digs deeper into his psyche and displays a longing and passion not often seen Shawn is obviously a wounded soul, and is hesitant to entrust his heart to love These stories about his travels across the landscape of love and lust in Los Angeles made me both cry and laugh Very passionate, funny, but overall, touching Shawn Michals Ben Peller is the k [...]

  14. Fantastic book I read Peller s Living the Gimmick and was impressed enough to Kindle To Live and Drink In L.A This book blew me away It tells the story of Shawn Michals, a young man from the Midwest who comes out to Los Angeles and gets into all kinds of adventures Kind of like if David Sedaris found himself in a Catcher In the Rye situation in L.A He gets involved with people from all walks of life, and in the end is ready to take the next step with his life Recommended indeed Can t wait to rea [...]

  15. This was a book I wasn t expecting to like as much as I did Mr Peller has done a wonderful job of describing the adventures of Shawn Michals a Doppelganger of Mr Peller s , a young man from the Midwest who comes to Los Angeles with stars in his eyes He instead finds reality, deals with his bipolar mother s suicide, overcomes homophobia, marches on the Pentagon , and in the end completes the first part of a character arc that definitely made me want to read what happens next And yes, I ve read To [...]

  16. Loved Ben Peller s To Live and Drink In L.A I didn t know the sequel would be even better This book follows our protagonist Shawn Michals as he wades through the waters of love in Los Angeles There is so much that goes on in this book, as these stories really dig deep into not only love but the process of being human Of living Yes, Shawn Ben, you did it right Reading this book put me in touch with my emotions, and I will always be grateful for you having the courage to write it Keep writing And [...]

  17. Cool stories that are a lot deeper than I thought they d be Ben Peller delves into himself and the craziness that he finds in Los Angeles He s an excellent writer, very funny, irreverent, and also surprisingly touching These tales weren t all about drinking They ran the gamut from dealing with bipolar relatives to overcoming his homophobia to trying to discover how he could really find happiness in a La la land that offers so many promises Definitely worth a read I ve actually reread it several [...]

  18. Came to this book after reading TO LIVE AND DIE IN fantasyLAnd It s the first book in the To Live trilogy, and was much different than I thought it would be Very humorous as it traces the journey of a young Shawn Michals from the Midwest to L.A I can see how some people on this site love it and some seem to hate it Count me in the love camp It s a great romp, and I tore through it in a week Kept me up laughing and thinking some nights past midnight What can you ask from a book than that

  19. I really enjoyed Ben Peller s To live and Drink in L.a and I think this book is actually even better If I could give it four and a half stars I would The font is still a little weird, but the writing is great Shawn Michals, our protagonist, deals with love, sex, and drama with a lot of style One page you re laughing, the other you re ready to cry Kind of like a crazed love or series of love stories set in a Disneyworld of L.A Overall, a quick and good read, and yeah, the ending is very cool I aw [...]

  20. A great book that treats both its male and female characters with respect Shawn Michals is the protagonist, but all the women he comes into contact with are equally defined Very well written, and one of the most romantic books I ve ever read One of the stories, How To Trap a Cougar vs How to Trap a Cub flirts with sheer hilarious brilliance Now I ve got to read the prequel To Live and Drink In L.A If it s anywhere near as good as this book, I ll be well sated as far as reading goes for the comin [...]

  21. To be honest, an ex of mine spoke so vehemently against this book that I found his rabid anger ignited in me a desire to read it and see what all the fuss was about I was pleasantly surprised to find this collection of tales isn t just about drinking, but like a boozy Catcher In the Rye Shoot, I just remembered I have to add that book to my My Books page Anyway, I enjoyed this book, I liked the writing, I even liked the bizarre font Shawn Michals is a protagonist worth following.

  22. When a friend of mine recommended this to me, I thought oh great, another Bukowski wannabe But just twenty pages in realized I d been wrong This book is a great coming of age book that tracks Shawn Michals, a young man from the Midwest on his journey to Los Angeles and beyond His spiritual growth is well chronicled with humor and depth Some may say this book glamorizes consumption of alcohol, but I disagree It glamorizes consumption of life Highly recommended And I can t wait to consume To Live [...]

  23. Great book Ben Peller keeps serving up fastballs I enjoyed this book even than its prequel To Live and Drink In L.A This tale tracks Shawn Michals through his adventures in Los Angeles and through an even treacherous land that of love Seriously, this book manages to capture the trials of a damaged, scared human being as he searches for love in a wild landscape Not overly erotic, but very heartfelt The ending provides a twist that has me salivating for the next book chronicling Shawn Michals li [...]

  24. Another solid tale in the Shawn Michals saga, courtesy of Ben Peller This book seemed a bit serious than To Live and Drink In L.A but I was still held fast to not only the humor but the heartache Especially the chapter of being a Lovaholic, to which I can certainly relate Shawn himself seems to be coming a bit grounded as a character, as Peller seems to be becoming precise as an author Had its faults, dragged a bit in places, but there was certainly enough about it that was entertaining enoug [...]

  25. Enticing stuff This is a great tale about a pretty damaged young man who comes to, of all places, Los Angeles to try and find himself Amazingly, the city offers him the promises for growth and healing that he needs Not to mention Peller writes with humor, looking at the devastation of his past and the uncertainty of his future with a smile Very inspiring After finishing it a couple days ago, I read it again right away It s the kind of book I have a feeling I ll be reading every other month or so [...]

  26. I enjoyed Peller s To Live and Love In L.A So I was curious about its prequel This book surprised me at how good it was Just finished it this morning at around 2 00 Funny and also surprisingly thoughtful This collection of tales chronicles Shawn Michals first years in Los Angeles He s certainly a young man out on his own, finding his way in a foreign land Some people seem to hate this book, while many love it Any book that inspires such passions is, in my mind, worth reading I m definitely glad [...]

  27. This is a terrific tome of a midwestern young man s search for identity in a city where everyone is looking for one Shawn Michals encounters L.A s most colorful characters and enjoys every minute From losing his leather pants to discriminating boys from girls he meets in bar after bar it is less a book about drinking than it is about the journey to self discovery in a place that is mythic for false identities In a town known for its shallowness, Shawn manages to find depth and love and all the g [...]

  28. After reading Ben Peller s To Live and Drink In L.A I had high hopes for this book And it was even better than I expected Shawn Michals is like a West Coast cross between Chelsea Handler and Holden Caufield An amazing book, and judging from the twist thrown it at the end, I expect Shawn s saga will continue I can t wait BTW, I did see Ben at the L.A Festival of Books But he was with a beautiful woman, and I didn t want to take too many liberties So I gave him a very restrained peck on the cheek [...]

  29. Read Strange Love How Pro Wrestling Taught Me to Relax and Love My Mom Enjoyed it thoroughly, so I had to download this book it was one of the stories And I was pleasantly surprised to find a complete collection of stories with a great character arc Reminded me of a cross between Janet Fitch and Charles Bukowski And Peller also DEFINITELY brings the funny Enjoy To Live and Drink in L.A.