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Defending Jacob

Defending Jacob ↠ Defending Jacob ☆ William Landay - Defending Jacob, Defending Jacob Award winning author William Landay has written the consummate novel of an embattled family in crisis a suspenseful character driven mystery that is also a spellbinding tale of guilt betrayal and t

  • Title: Defending Jacob
  • Author: William Landay
  • ISBN: 9780385344227
  • Page: 144
  • Format: Hardcover

↠ Defending Jacob ☆ William Landay, ↠ Defending Jacob ☆ William Landay, Defending Jacob, William Landay, Defending Jacob Award winning author William Landay has written the consummate novel of an embattled family in crisis a suspenseful character driven mystery that is also a spellbinding tale of guilt betrayal and the terrifying speed at which our lives can spin out of control Andy Barber has been an assistant district attorney in his suburban Massachusetts county for than twentyAward winning aut. ↠ Defending Jacob ☆ William Landay - Defending Jacob, Defending Jacob Award winning author William Landay has written the consummate novel of an embattled family in crisis a suspenseful character driven mystery that is also a spellbinding tale of guilt betrayal and t

  • ↠ Defending Jacob ☆ William Landay
    144William Landay
Defending Jacob

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  1. William Landay is the author of the New York Times bestseller Defending Jacob Previous novels include Mission Flats, winner of the Dagger Award for best debut crime novel, and The Strangler, which was an L.A Times favorite crime novel and nominated for the Strand Magazine Critics Award as best crime novel of the year.

  2. Many things were a turn off for me in this legal thriller, like Andy Barber s propensity to hint at future developments as he narrates the past To wit I think about that now, how I should have seen Laurie then, should have paid attentionI was a foolI know that now These multiple vague references combined with mysterious transcripts from another trial frustrated me Then at the end, there s a twist, followed by an abrupt ending where we have to guess what happens And the story itself didn t pull [...]

  3. I ve always had a weakness for these mystery crime thrillers you know, the dragon tattoos and angels demons of the world I suppose I should be a little embarrassed by this but I m not They are my peanut butter and fluff.Defending Jacob is some of the best fluff I ve ever tasted It is written by a former assistant district attorney from Massachusetts with a real knack for this type of storytelling Jacob is perfectly paced with a tugging suspense that doesn t abate until the final sentence And it [...]

  4. It has been YEARS since a book has had a twist that I didn t see coming Well played William Landay, I would never have imagined the ending of this book I will definitely have a book hangover from this one I can t start a new book because I can t get this one out of my head

  5. This is as much a nuanced family drama, love story, and social inquisition as it is a murder courtroom legal thriller If you can get past a few contrived plot points this is where readers will divide , and engage with the narrator, whose reliability or unreliability is a puzzle to piece together, you will be satisfied with this warm yet dark story of a community and family unhinged by a violent crime The author is a former DA who is skilled at informing the reader about the law and procedure wit [...]

  6. I m annoyed As I said in one of my updates, this is an odd book, a psychological thriller with little understanding of psychology It s written in the first person from the father s point of view He was very annoying with his stubborn blocking of the truth from himself to his unemotional narration If the author meant to convey a kind of underlying emotional tension, he failed miserably The ending felt like a cheap shot, and I feel cheated.

  7. I m trying to put my finger on what makes Defending Jacob such a compulsive read Landay clearly has a killer storytelling instinct The pacing of this novel is near perfect He drops just enough clues, teases with just enough foreshadowing to keep the reader completely engrossed at all times I started listening to this as an audiobook and finished it in print, not being able to turn the pages fast enough Defending Jacob is not a unique plot by any stretch In fact, when I first heard about this boo [...]

  8. Some time ago, I was standing in CVS Pharmacy getting a prescription for my daughter s 10,000th earache 10,000 being a rough approximation While I waited for the amoxicillin to be filled, I wandered over to the magazine rack to do some browsing I instantly noticed something The magazine book rack sure has changed since I worked in a pharmacy in high school Most of the magazines had motorcycles or abdomens on them Most of the books had abdomens and corsets There was very little to interest me, an [...]

  9. Defending Jacob was a riveting and very enjoyable thriller one that will send chills up your spine My second read of this novel as just as compelling and unsettling as the first A son accused of Murder and a family on trial.Andy Barbers job is to put killers behind bars and when a boy from his son Jacob s school is found murdered Andy is under pressure to find his killer and prosecute.When a crucial piece of evidence turns up linking Jacob to the murder the Barbers lives are turned upside down T [...]

  10. I have had Defending Jacob on my TBR list for awhile and have been waiting for the right time to read it This was the perfect time I love when that happens.I found Defending Jacob to be an original, gripping, complex, and an interesting crime thriller as well as emotional and a thought provoking family drama What made this an interesting read for me was the combination of the legal side of the crime, the courtroom drama and the emotional family drama of a family in crisis after their son Jacob i [...]

  11. This book went through my newsfeed once, a really long time ago, and ever since then I have been wanting to read it When I saw it at my library I snatched it up right away This book did not disappoint What the book was about The book is told from the father s point of view, Andy Barber He was an assistant district attorney that people loved and adored He and his wife, Laurie, had an amazing relationship and one child, Jacob Who was a teenager.All of a sudden, there quiet, peaceful city had a sta [...]

  12. I hated Jacob and would have preferred to rub his cocksure attitude into the sand, knock him over the head with a shovel, and then bury him with said object about six feet under He s emotionless void than passionate Picasso, and he feels absolutely no responsibility for his actions That s your typical teenager, at least on the latter, but not having a heart is not exactly what I strive toward every day of my life And yet I ended up completely immersed in legalese and legal suspense.William Land [...]

  13. 5 brilliant and heartbreaking stars This story isn t about proving Jacob is innocent or guilty At least I didn t think so For me this story was about fathers unconditional love for his son, no matter the outcome Andy Barber is a 51 year old DA Has a wife who is a teacher and a 14 year old son, Jacob Perfect little family They are well known and respected in their community One day, he gets a call that a 14 year old boy has been found murdered in the park, not far from school, with 3 stab wounds [...]

  14. This legal family thriller is strongly reminiscent of Presumed Innocent, the novel by Scott Turow that basically set the standard for every legal thriller that would follow.In this case, the main protagonist is a long time assistant D.A named Andy Barber He s second in command to a D.A with higher political aspirations The two are friends Andy gets all the high profile cases because he s very good at what he does Andy is married to the love of his life, Laurie, and they have a teenaged son named [...]

  15. In a long life there are thirty or thirty five thousand days to be got through, but only a few dozen that really matter, Big Days when Something Momentous Happens The rest the vast majority, tens of thousands of days are unremarkable, repetitive, even monotonous.

  16. 4 stars This was a highly suspenseful legal thriller family drama I was completely caught off guard by that ending I love when that happens The story revolves around solving the murder of fourteen year old Ben Rifkin who was stabbed three times and left dead in a local park I flip flopped countless times on my feelings toward the fourteen year old defendant, Jacob The author, William Landay, did a great job of stringing the reader along pondering Jacob s innocence I found it very intriguing that [...]

  17. William Landay s DEFENDING JACOB has received a lot of hype from its publishers and has been compared to Scott Turows Presumed Innocent Personally, this tale of the fourteen year old son of an Assistant D.A accused of murdering a classmate put me in mind of the William March book THE BAD SEED.Several of Landay s characters lack flesh on their bones and the actions of some are downright unbelievable The Jacob character must be based upon the Sphinx he is that inscrutable or perhaps he takes afte [...]

  18. There s a stanza from a Wendell Berry poem called The Way of Pain that applies to both of the fathers in this story the one whose son was murdered, and the one whose son was accused of murder And then I slept, and dreamedthe life of my only sonwas required of me, and Imust bring him to the edgeof pain, not knowing why.I woke, and yet that painwas true It brought his lifeto the full in me I bore himsuffering, with love like the sun,too bright, unsparing, whole That fierce love, that intensity and [...]

  19. 5 Unwavering Stars Have you ever tried to write a review but no matter how hard you tried , you just couldn t articulate your thoughts properly I feel your pain I ve written and deleted this review times than I care to admit Can you say scatter brain I apologize in advance for this condensed rambling mess which will tell you nothing about the book itself, is the best I could come up with Thankfully, there are numerous fantastic reviews on GR PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE read them Defending Jacob is p [...]

  20. Normally, when a book screams at me, I m going to be a movie, someday I let it go In the case ofDefending Jacob, I sullenly read on, primarily because it was this month s selection for my book club at the Adult Center view spoiler hide spoiler.I would no sooner have shown up on Tuesday AM to face this band of retired teachers and librarians without having read the book, than I would have smoked pot before taking the SAT s.So on I read, becoming increasingly annoyed as implausible plot twists pil [...]

  21. If you have been like me and have this on your Tbr like forever, I think you might want to read it I don t know what took so long for me to read this It was a big surprise I loved this and its a really great book.Its been awhile since I ve read a good courtroom thriller and I will be reading books by this authorIt also has given me the urge to want to read legal thrillers This book played very well on my emotions It kept me in suspense, turning the pages till late at night.Andy Barbour is the [...]

  22. Defending Jacob by William Landay is the most exciting unputdownable legal thriller i have read this year really enjoyed the storyline the plot outstanding i finished it last night i must say what a compelling ending i didn t see coming.Andy Barbers job is to put killers behind bars but in a small town just outside of Boston where he lives is the kind of place parents go to bring up their children safely violent crime is a rarity.A boy from his son Jacob s school is found dead stabbed to death i [...]

  23. Set in a small town in Massachusetts, Defending Jacob tells the story of fourteen year old Jacob Barber, the son of a well respected Assistant District Attorney, who is accused of murdering a boy in his year at school Has Jacob been falsely accused or is he, in fact, guilty of murder Defending Jacob is a well written, disturbing and gripping crime thriller with plenty of twists and turns throughout the novel to keep you interested I really enjoyed this book I was hooked from the very beginning t [...]

  24. I should probably plead the fifth on this one, as so many of my friends enjoyed this legalriller mystery angsty hand wringer Defending Jacob didn t really work on any level for me, sad to say William Landay s many years employed as a DA are evident here, as the courtroom scenes are competently written, but implausibilities abound as does really awful dialogue, particularly amongst adults, curiously enough The end result is as one keen observer noted in a one word dismissal Shlocky With about as [...]

  25. This legal thriller was taut and riveting than any I have read in years Arriving late to the party in reading this book, I am fortunate to have remained unaware of the ending, which was killer The scene played out in the supermarket checkout line was sheer perfection quivering with hatred like a tuning fork I could almost feel it, I swear Excellent work, I recommend it without reservation.

  26. Wowza A gripping courtroom thriller that examines the lengths one husband and father will go to protect his family Make no mistake the pace of the story is slow and the legal process is stretched out in an effort to keep us dangling for over 400 pages to reach a jaw dropping ending Defending Jacob might have been written in 2012, but it has made its way to the top of my favorites list for 2017.

  27. Forget what you believe about the ties that bind family and be prepared to wonder if those who populate your life are really who you think they are, and you will have the crux of William Landay s riveting novel Defending Jacob.To say that this is a heart wrenching story understates the high emotional toll that events take as they play out in the story of one family s drama Jacob is the teenage son of Andy Barber, a local district attorney in the tony suburb of Newton, MA, who is charged with the [...]

  28. I liked this book well enough It was an engrossing read, one that I sped through because I just had to know what the truth was I both hate and love Landay for sprinkling those little foreshadowing comments throughout the book The win felt hollow and rightly so it was obvious that the other shoe was about to drop I just wasn t sure what form it would take For most of the book I fell for the trap and thought that Jacob would be wrongfully convicted and the real murderer, Patz, would walk free Now [...]

  29. I love a good mystery but I ve been putting this one off because the idea of a legal courtroom setting wasn t appealing to me at all The title threw me off I understood it as defending jacob in court, which applies but this is MORE about defending the jacob who is your kid This is the story of two very different 14 year old schoolmates One ends up dead, the other ends up accused of killing the other The parents perspectives on both sides are closely examined Your kid If you have one, it s easy t [...]

  30. I hold books featuring cops and lawyers to a higher standard First, because I AM a lawyer And second, because if you re going to have that kind of protagonist, they need to be actually believable in that role Otherwise find another way into your story And there are many Note all the thrillers that feature retired or former cops, private investigators, random people who just decide to investigate, etc So I was frustrated by this book several times because its protagonist a career prosecutor so of [...]