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The Understorey

The Understorey Free Read The Understorey - by Fisher Amelie - The Understorey, The Understorey Let s start this place on nonexistent fire Promise She sucked in an excited breath We closed our eyes and I placed my feverish mouth to hers Immediately violent zealous flashes of shimmering flames

  • Title: The Understorey
  • Author: Fisher Amelie
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 166
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Free Read The Understorey - by Fisher Amelie, Free Read The Understorey - by Fisher Amelie, The Understorey, Fisher Amelie, The Understorey Let s start this place on nonexistent fire Promise She sucked in an excited breath We closed our eyes and I placed my feverish mouth to hers Immediately violent zealous flashes of shimmering flames climbed to the furthest point trailed like rain down the pitched ceiling and spilled down the walls gathering at their feet pools of fervent bubbling silvery liqu Let s start this. Free Read The Understorey - by Fisher Amelie - The Understorey, The Understorey Let s start this place on nonexistent fire Promise She sucked in an excited breath We closed our eyes and I placed my feverish mouth to hers Immediately violent zealous flashes of shimmering flames

  • Free Read The Understorey - by Fisher Amelie
    166Fisher Amelie
The Understorey

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  1. Fisher Amelie resides in the South with her kick ace husband slash soul mate She earned her first mama patch in 2009 She also lives with her Weim, Jonah , and her Beta, Whale All these living creatures keep the belly of her life full, sometimes to the point of gluttony, but she doesn t mind all that much because life isn t worth living if it isn t entertaining, right Fisher grew up writing She secretly hid notebooks and notebooks of dribble in a large Tupperware storage container in her closet as a kid She didn t put two and two together until after college where it suddenly dawned on her, Hey, I like writing She s a bit dense No, I m not Yes, you are Put down that Oreo, your butt can t take any You re rude Yeah, yeah Anyway, she likes to write and has finally beaten her self esteem into submission enough to allow herself to be scrutinized under the other readers microscope No No Not a cover slip Last time it gave me a ra mumbling Rescue Fisher from her metaphorical specimen slide at fisheramelie

  2. I m sorry I really did want to enjoy this book I tried What is their spark The references to their electricity started to mean nothing because that wasn t going anywhere Basically when their parents say it s hormones it s the best explanation the author gives So that s what I went with The problem I had with that though is Elliot is too perfect and too pure to ever have a single hormone ever He hangs out with cripples and feeds poor women and children Oh and helps pregnant teens Until he holds a [...]

  3. I am all about the love The story is told from the boy s POV which was very intriguing I ve only read a few books like that The build up and story between the two main characters was just beautiful I loved them completely The whole we don t know what going on here but we re gonna gow with it approach made me love it even I am so happy that Fisher didn t dwell and debate forever on how they didn t understand what was happening between them They just went with it and enjoyed being together The wr [...]

  4. This book was delightful I ve been trying to find a word for it and that s what I ve come up withJules and Elliott are just gorgeous and this book left me seriously feeling all warm and fuzzy.At times I had to keep reminding myself that they were only 18 because their endearments made them seem like an old married couple but they were just wonderful in their interactions.I absolutely reccommend this book to anyone who loves a great romance.The prologue will pull you in and there are definitely m [...]

  5. These characters are so likeable, by the end of the book, you feel as if they are the kids you went to school with and saw only yesterday The love between Elliott and Julia is so extraordinary, it s as unique and electric as the gift that they share And then there s the climax of the book I don t want to write any spoilers, but let s just say it s quite the page turner I can t wait for the next book Great job, Fisher

  6. For those hindered by the first few pages trying to decide if you want to continueease do I really wanted to like LIKE this book and feel bad for 3 stars, but I just couldn t muster up 4 What makes it worse is seeing how everybody has really liked this one so far I really LOVED the characters, their interaction as well as the writing style Sharp witty comments and reference to pop culture were great AND, it was super cool to see nearly the entire book from the male perspective I think it was jus [...]

  7. It took me a while to read this as I felt myself a bit bored I have no clue why Jules and Elliot share some kind of mystical thingy, or what the point or purpose there is for it It seemed like just some random addition to make this qualify as a paranormal story without there ever being a reveal of any information on the thing Basically, it just is, and the reader is to go along with it and just accept it without questions.I read in the Glassheart Chronicles that another couple ends up with their [...]

  8. This book was fabulously refreshing I loved the fact that it was not about vampires, or werwolves, or any other infectious supernatural creatures It was about unrequited love The love shared between the two main characters is what many would kill to have I don t want to give anything away for those that have not read this book yet, but let me just say it is a book that I would highly recommend to friends This book is one of a kind I can t wait for the next one

  9. review to come soon on my blog tessmwi kind of have to wrap my head around the book first cause its a little whelming 8 10 11Alrighty now I think I have wrapped my head around itnce it has been 5 months since I read the book the first time I think it just took me the second time through.Okay so The Understorey was totally my favorite book of 2011en Callum Harper came out, and now it is my favorite, but I guess what I can say by that is Fisher is Awesome For me to read a book twice is a pretty bi [...]

  10. Firstly I want to mention The Understoreys cover I love the wispy smoky colours on the black background they really stand out and it looks so pretty Before I read the book I had no idea what it was meant to be, now I realise that it symbolises the supernatural element of The Understorey, but without giving away some of the plot, I can t tell you I had a few mixed feelings over this book Some aspects I adored, others I didn t, but the ending really blew me away The descriptive passages throughou [...]

  11. The Understorey is a sweet YA novel about love, friends and soul mates Fisher Amelie does a wonderful job by going into great detail with her characters and the setting events within the novel The prologue quickly engages the reader and gives you the notion that things will not end so well in this story I must say I enjoyed Amelie s writing style and her attention to detail is what really saved this book for me I did not like the slow build up of the story, it felt way too slow I found myself sk [...]

  12. Wow what can i say about this book Let me say that i love Fisher Amelie and anything she writes i love, and this was just as expected a master piece I finished this book in one sitting that is how much i loved it.Jules and Elliott were best friends when they were little until the 7th grade when suddenly Eliott stopped talking to Jules and broke Jules s heart Then on the first day of their senior year every thing changes, and suddenly Elliott wants every thing to do with Jules and he will do anyt [...]

  13. 2 00am at night Well Im freaked the eff outUpdate After some nightmares and sleep I liked this book, the ending was full on and the present she got from Jessie freaked me out Im a woos, my bedroom is described exactly like Jules and it was late at night ok Was definetly worth the read Loved the begining of the book especially Delightful huh Jen

  14. Hmmm Honestly I m not to sure what I should say Overall this book was pretty good Just not what I was expecting This book was advertised as a paranormal romance , but besides the fact that they were both born on Leap day, and by the end of the book had figured out how to read each others emotions, or some other jazz like that, it wasn t It really read like a Young Adult romance which, by the way, I have never read before So I guess I could say that reading this was completely new to me But if t [...]

  15. Rating 4.5ish my preludeHave you seen Big Fish or Moulon Rouge, or any other Tim Burton or Baz Luhrmann films How they make you feel a strange out of body experience, or like you re watching life unfold while you are in a tank of water like Houdini And a pull tugs at your clothes, your hair, your limbs, and you re not sure why, but this strange feeling makes the sight irresistible This was my Big Fish I loved it so much And throughout the first hundred pages, I kept thinking to myself This is so [...]

  16. See my Full review at The Fairytale Nerd.LOCATION SETTING Modern day setting The story is set in Bramwell, a small town in West VirginiaIN CHARACTERS The main characters are Elliott Gray and Julia Jacobs Elliott is tall and handsome Not a typical jock he s the quarterback and a science geek He s the boyfriend any father would almost wish for his daughter Julia is tall and slender Long, black hair with large curls Beautiful without even trying And Jules is not the Bella type Thank heavens for tha [...]

  17. When I first saw the cover of this book, I thought it looked very pretty later I found it helped out with visuals in the book Then I read the little blurb and it makes it seem like they are in a kind of void searching for something and they just can t quite find it yet It was very elusive and intriguing I liked that Fisher Amelie put it in those kind of terms because of how the books is I really enjoyed what Jules and Elliot have together Its something very unique and something we all would like [...]

  18. I don t even know why I picked this up I was in the mood for some paranormal, and although it wasn t exactly that, it was still amazing WHAT DID I JUST READ Brilliant I can t really form thoughts that make much sense right now.I loved Elliott so much I loved the fact that most of the book is from his POV, too, because I can tell Fisher enjoyed writing his character, and I always appreciate when writers love writing their male characters And Julia I actually have a girl crush on her.Their relatio [...]

  19. I read The Glassheart Chronicles and was instantly drawn in to the story presented by Fisher Amelie it s a sequel of sorts, and I m really interested if there is a special Gray family trait I am not a love story person because usually written relationships drive me bonkers That being said, wow I absolutely loved this book I mean it It has stuck with me and towards the end it caused some emotional turmoil, mainly because I was truly scared for the characters Funny and lovely but also haunting and [...]

  20. Finished this book last night It was good and there will definetly be a second The lead characters, Elliot and Jules, were so gooey,I thought it was hysterical Like another reviewer had mentioned, they did speak very properly and some of their endearments were a little old fashioned for such young adults to use I wish Jules would have given Elliot a bit of a harder time since she claimed that he broke her heart so many years ago But they were so sweet together I smiled the whole time Another thi [...]

  21. Julia has been the odd one out for some time now, and is really surprised when Elliott begins to pay attention to her Sure, they used to be friends but that was a long time ago, and they grew apart in ways than one It only gets weirder when she and Elliott find out they share this connection How on Earth can they avoid each other now Julia tries, probably because heartbreak wouldn t be worth the risk Sometimes, you have no choice in the matter My Thoughts Aww, a love story Okay, so yes there wa [...]

  22. This story definitely had a new perspective of soul mates I didn t quite understand why Elliott and Jules had a supernatural connection but it did help when it came to getting out of dangerous situations.There was a lot of pointless conversation in the story It seemed to have scenes that made no difference to the story at all I mean that Jesse was a big problem but he really wasn t until like the 2nd half of the book I thought there would be problems with Sawyer Tuttle but he was a pointless cha [...]

  23. OH MY GOODNESS This book was such a delight to read OMGILOVETHISBOOKOMGOMGOMG Take a deep breath haha anyways, I love Jules and Elliott, they are so cute, adorable and a beautiful couple They cracked me up so much Their thing is an amazing connection, its such a mystery but has such potential of being so powerful that I can t to see as it happens The way the book has ended as me squirming in my seat LOL, I just can t wait the next book Spoiler Alert I just know that Jesse is alive, he is psychot [...]

  24. Perhaps I have read too many stories about love this summer Or maybe I was just feeling a rare burst of bitterness, but for some reason the relationship between Elliot and Julia in this book bothered me constantly I felt suffocated in their gooey romance and overwhelmed by the immature adoration and obsession they had for each other Granted, they are teenagers, and as teenagers that is how you typically express love I get it But I kept thinking how awful it would be to have young readers finish [...]

  25. I can t believe it took me so long to read this book I really loved the story I enjoyed getting the story mostly from Elliott s POV, although, having the same events retold from Julia s POV at key moments was a very nice touch I liked both Elliott and Julia very much Just when I thought that they might be a little too perfect both individually and together , Elliott would throw a punch, or Julia would attack a football player and it would tarnish their halos just enough to make them interesting [...]

  26. Honestly, I couldn t help but to enjoy this book however, I found the morals presented in a very obvious and occasionally stifling manner The messages are sound don t have sex before marriage respect women don t undervalue a good education and, of course, respect your elders, etc but sometimes the messages were delivered through intensely formal and stiff sounding dialogue whether internal or external The tone, language and syntax seemed out of place for a group of eighteen year olds Even the co [...]

  27. This was such an incredible love story The paranormal part of it is unlike anything I ve read so far Very different than the typical vampire, angel, immortal, etc The love between the 2 main characters was breathtaking and passionate was dripping off the pages I loved it And the story takes such a terrifying turn So gripping and suspenseful Overall, the characters were so well written that you literally felt all of their emotions with them The pacing was terrific, very exciting Such a great read [...]

  28. Oh I loved it Next book now please The fact that this is told from Elliott s perspective gives this story something different from so many others, it also endears him to the reader even I think I love the dynamic between Jules and Elliott There goofy personalities are wonderful, and the Princess Bride references are fantastic A fav movie of mine I actually found myself giggling out loud during some points I hope that there will be from this fabulous series

  29. I m not certain, but I think that this book is this author s debut novel And if that is true what a debut This book sings with poetic narration and amazing detail I adore books that seem like paintings with words meaning, I want to vividly see what the author saw as she wrote it Ms Amelie certainly accomplished that Every scene was perfectly etched in my mind This author s colorful personality shines in this book I cannot wait to read further work from her Excellent job

  30. This was a pleasant surprise The story is about a boy named Elliot and a girl named Julia Jules Elliot and Julia have been best friends until 7th grade when Elliot stopped talking to Julia Then when the get to they re first day of they re senior year everything changes Elliot will do anything and everything to get Julia to see that they were meant to be together I love this book because it had the right amount of romance and at the end some action