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Caged in Darkness

Caged in Darkness Caged in Darkness Best Read || [J.D. Stroube] - Caged in Darkness, Caged in Darkness A witch raised in a cage of darkness Savannah Cross was born into a life of isolation and abuse As a child she witnessed her parents perform acts of malevolent evil and now feels permanently tainted

  • Title: Caged in Darkness
  • Author: J.D. Stroube
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 429
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Caged in Darkness Best Read || [J.D. Stroube], Caged in Darkness Best Read || [J.D. Stroube], Caged in Darkness, J.D. Stroube, Caged in Darkness A witch raised in a cage of darkness Savannah Cross was born into a life of isolation and abuse As a child she witnessed her parents perform acts of malevolent evil and now feels permanently tainted by their dark deeds When a coven discovers a tear stricken child wounded on their elders lawn they offer her a sanctuary she has never known Savannah spends the nextA witch raised. Caged in Darkness Best Read || [J.D. Stroube] - Caged in Darkness, Caged in Darkness A witch raised in a cage of darkness Savannah Cross was born into a life of isolation and abuse As a child she witnessed her parents perform acts of malevolent evil and now feels permanently tainted

  • Caged in Darkness Best Read || [J.D. Stroube]
    429J.D. Stroube
Caged in Darkness

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  1. J.D Stroube is an author, artist, and a full time psychology major Her writing crosses many genre s, but most often gears towards fantasy and the paranormal J.D intends to utilize her overwhelming need to know and understand things, to aid her in achieving her Doctorate degree She then hopes to open her own practice to provide counseling for low income families and children In early 2014, J.D suffered severe injuries, which caused her to postpone the release of her novels However, she has since healed and is back to writing If you want to help get Caged in Spirit released sooner, please donate to my editing fund Share this link too gofundme book caged iIf you like the art on my profile, look here for I m an author and book cover artist I do a little of every genre, but prefer fantasy and paranormal You can see most of my portfolio in the photos of my profile on here, but I also just started a Facebook group, which showcases From now until the end of May all custom covers only cost 60 including the spine and back cover facebook Gaelic Book

  2. I read this book before most of the other people There are a few typos in the middle of the book, but not enough to detract from the amazing storyline I did not notice any strange indentations I didn t think that there were any drastic character alterations, but there are a lot of twists to the story I liked that there were twists, because I never knew what would happen It left me on the edge of my seat I know another reviewer said that there were unbelievable circumstances, but this is a parano [...]

  3. The book began by describing Savannah s dark past and then slipped into the current day It has a unique take on witches and other supernatural creatures, which continues throughout the series.As I have read the series in it s entirety one of the few , I think it s important to make sure everyone knows that the ending is unique, which many people are shocked by However, I will tell you that the ending has a real purpose that s revealed throughout the series There are 4 books in it and some parts [...]

  4. This is a very interesting fantasy novel The author includes many twists to keep the reader on the edge of his her seat The ending is not predictable at all a little unexpected The reader will enjoy getting to know the characters and watching their progress and growth in the novel there are a few sudden character development traits that might leave the reader a little confused for a few seconds, but it doesn t detract much from the story Savannah is the main character She has very negative paren [...]

  5. I loved this book If you took the torturous pasts character depth from Lover Awakened only young adult , mix in some magic from The Initiation and The Captive, Part I, and blend it together with the direct writing in the first Vampire Academy you would get this book Of course, that is just the writing style I don t want to give away any of the plot I m glad to see that the next book in the series will be out in October Note This is a fast paced book that takes a lot of different paranormal aspec [...]

  6. As the cover artist for the book, I got a guest pass to read the first half of the book I ve read some passages that J.D would post, but NOTHING compares to the teaser I was able to read The writing is detailed and vivid, and it s clean and easy to read I fell in love with the characters, and particularly one and the storyline so far is keeping me turning the pages I can t wait to read the rest of this story as I have been thinking about what will happen next ALL DAY and ALL NIGHT It s like they [...]

  7. This book was pretty intense Wow I m a little taken back by the ending though but only because it wasn t what I was expecting give me time to let it sink in The book starts out with Savannah telling her story of her past up until she was 9 years old, her life was utterly hell As witches, Her parents were thrown out of their coven because they started practicing dark magic the really bad dark magic When Savannah was a baby, her mother adored her , but as time went on they grew darker and darker a [...]

  8. Savannah S showed up in the darkness at Maye Emmons home She had escaped her parents die hard black witches who made her watch sacrifices twice a week human sacrifices and was not going back Fortunately, Meadow Falls knew all about her parents they had helped found the coven there and had been kicked out of it when folks found out their dark leanings Going to school was a chore, S had her best friend Willow and Maye s other itinerant person, Ash to watch over her but they all want her The Meadow [...]

  9. nocturnereads Caged inWith a heart wrenching beginning, this novella will grab your attention and refuse to let go Each character helps build emotional connections until you are completely immersed, and it creates the feeling you are experiencing the situation Stroube, as a debut author, does a great job with details, flow, and an awesome climax The open ending does a great job setting the stage for the next book without the feeling of incompleteness This is a great Urban Fantasy geared towards [...]

  10. this was a great book i just hope the story continues i want to know who savannah might end up with at least i hope she ends up with one of them can t wait to read

  11. Ok, I m stuck The story would be a 5 if it weren t for the ending but then the ending is good because it s not expected I really liked this one I look forward to future stories

  12. The author provided me with an ARC copy of this book I thought that it was amazing, with characters that grow throughout the book Savannah is such a deep character, who has many layers to her personality I find her story inspiring Caged in Darkness has a great message to send to people everywhere, which is that no matter how much darkness tries to corrupt you, it is possible to overcome it The book had a lot of surprises and is so much than the synopsis relates I expected this to be a simple pl [...]

  13. More of my reviews obsessionwithbooksMy Rating 3.5 out of 5 starsCaged in Darkness is the first book in the Caged series by J.D Stroub.For 9 years Savannah Cross was held captive in a cage witnessing terrible horrors and being treated cruelly all at the hands of her inordinately powerful parents When a rare occasion arose for her to escape, she took the chance and headed to Meadow Falls witch Coven which she had previously heard of and was warmly accepted by Maye and Ash who quickly became her s [...]

  14. Caged in Darkness had the potential to be a really good book, but the abundance of spelling grammar sentence structure issues kept me from enjoying the story seriously, I want my 2.99 back because it was just ridiculous The premise was really good, but everything was just poorly executed and the writing needs work.I felt like the character s personalities were never really nailed down nothing than words on paper because the writing just wasn t up to par I could never really form a picture of th [...]

  15. Well, I finished this book in 24 hours It was really good But the edition I read wasn t the special edition.

  16. Caged in Darkness was a great read that never slowed down The characters and world are very well developed and flow so well with the story Awesome page turner

  17. When I read this book, I was WOWED by the intensity of the author s written work It was a fast paced novel that practically made me clutch the book till the end This was an exciting read

  18. I started reading this book then my E reader had a major melt down and I lose all my books unit has been replaced and I have retrieved the book again Started reading 06 09 11Savannah begins her journal by giving us some history of how she came to live with Aunt Maye and Ash view spoiler We see her parents through her eyes how they killed innocent people and projected dark magic over her they kept her in a cage where she could not even wash But this child found the strength to escape and find ref [...]

  19. Love Notes I love how strong Savannah is Not to be confused with emotionally available, that she is not Maye, Savannah s foster aunt she seemed like an aunt to me than a mom, was awesome She wasn t a missing in action parent but she wasn t up in the teens business all the time either Ash there are things I loved about Ash, and things that really irked me about him On one hand he can be really sweet, and takes care of Savannah the way a good brother or boyfriend would I ll get to the other hand [...]

  20. Over the past few days I have been reading lukewarm novels that have left me feeling as if I should avoid books by new author for a while Boy, am I glad I didn t do it I read Caged in Darkness in one sitting I just loved it and extremely impressed with the writing of J.D Stroube She writes in such a way that illicits empathy for her characters and their plights.Savannah was terrible abused by her dark magic parents They were so evil that they had been cast out by not one but two covens They kept [...]

  21. This is a difficult book to review, I bought it from Smashwords, which shows that the author has revised it several times It s extremely obvious, because I didn t notice a single editing mistake Thankfully The book was well written, I like the authors voice I wish it were longer, but since it s a series I will get of it I liked some characters and LOVED others A lot of events take place in the book at a fast pace, which means I was never bored I LOVE LOVE LOVE the ending I really felt like the [...]

  22. Caged in Darkness is a book that takes you on a emotional ride It has it all such as a thought provoking plot, yummy male leads, amazing action scenes and pent up romance that will have you turning the pages for The story starts off with Savannah Cross telling the memories of her horrid life when she was 9 years old She was an abused child that had to live her life in a cage and forced to watch as her parents sacrificed countless lives to demons Savannah managed to escape one day, although, she [...]

  23. I want to first say I wrote a review already and then hit a wrong button ACK and lost the whole thing Cannot believe it very frustrating.I am not one to go out looking for paranormal romances Although I have read a few and enjoyed them, my personal preferences are not in this genre I also want to make clear that I am nearly 40 years old and am aware that young adult novels do not always connect well for me.I had some issues with the book Mostly they were at the personal preference end of the spe [...]

  24. I am absolutely stumped about where to start this review I liked aspects of this enough to enjoy it some and I can see the potential within the story, but overall I can t say I enjoyed reading it I think the biggest problem I had with this book was the writing It didn t seem to flow naturally for me The writing in the beginning was really gripping and I couldn t wait to see what was going to happen, but it seemed to have lost that as soon as Savannah hit her teens Plus the point of view changes [...]

  25. I truely LOVED this book I admit it is my first witch story but it has hooked me in The way that J.D Straube writes is beautiful and compelling This book is very addicting and I m so excited to get sucked into the next one This was an intoxicating read that people will fall in love with.The characters are described in such a way that they come to life on the page and walk right into your heart Savanah has lived a life that no person should have to go through However she is strong and has the wil [...]

  26. Awesome That s the best way to describe this book I bought this for my kindle on a whim, I was disappointed in the series I had been reading and wanted something different I was very pleasantly surprised This book was very different than most of the stuff I have read , but in a good way The story is told from different perspectives, which really made for a great pace The characters were very interesting and well fleshed out I LOVED the main character Savannah She was very cleverly written She ha [...]

  27. By J.D StroubePublished By Euphoric Publishing and DesignAge Recommended Y AdultReviewed By Arlena DeanRating 5Series Caged 1Review Caged in Darkness by J.D Stroube was a good paranormal novel that once you got into this read you could get caught up into it especially if you love a witch story This author really knows how to keep the readers attention giving you a very detail read I found the characters were so well developed and described in such a way they seemed to come to life as you were re [...]