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The Lost Stories

The Lost Stories ¸ The Lost Stories ☆ John Flanagan - The Lost Stories, The Lost Stories Unconfirmed accounts of a group of Araluen warriors tales of adventure battle and triumph over evil have spread for centuries throughout the known world Most notable is a clan shrouded in mystery p

  • Title: The Lost Stories
  • Author: John Flanagan
  • ISBN: 9780399256189
  • Page: 318
  • Format: Hardcover

¸ The Lost Stories ☆ John Flanagan, ¸ The Lost Stories ☆ John Flanagan, The Lost Stories, John Flanagan, The Lost Stories Unconfirmed accounts of a group of Araluen warriors tales of adventure battle and triumph over evil have spread for centuries throughout the known world Most notable is a clan shrouded in mystery phantom warriors known as the Rangers Two names pass the lips of every storyteller Halt and his apprentice Will They and their comrades in arms are said to have traveUnconfirmed acco. ¸ The Lost Stories ☆ John Flanagan - The Lost Stories, The Lost Stories Unconfirmed accounts of a group of Araluen warriors tales of adventure battle and triumph over evil have spread for centuries throughout the known world Most notable is a clan shrouded in mystery p

  • ¸ The Lost Stories ☆ John Flanagan
    318John Flanagan
The Lost Stories

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  1. Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information.For mysteries by this same author, see John A Flanagan.John Flanagan grew up in Sydney, Australia, hoping to be a writer It wasn t until he wrote a highly uncomplimentary poem about a senior executive at the agency where he worked, however, that his talent was revealed It turned out one of the company directors agreed with John s assessment of the executive, and happily agreed to train John in copywriting After writing advertising copy for the next two decades, John teamed with an old friend to develop a television sitcom, Hey Dad , which went on to air for eight years John began writing Ranger s Apprentice for his son, Michael, ten years ago, and is still hard at work on the series He currently lives in a suburb of Manly, Australia, with his wife In addition to their son, they have two grown daughters and four grandsons.

  2. If you loved the series, you ll love The Lost Stories, I know I did The Lost Stories are just a series of short stories that answer some of the questions left unanswered by the series Most are only two or three chapters long and can be finished off pretty quickly Personally, I normally skip these types of releases Most that I ve read in the past have felt like money makers for the author than anything with real content for the reader.I really enjoyed the Ranger s Apprentice series though so I t [...]

  3. This is yet another the eleventh in fact addition to a wonderful series of YA books I love them for their characterisation, for the rich world, for the fact that both men and women are heroes in this world, for the fact that it is set in a pure older time with a clear distinction between good and evil and just because it s great entertainment as a series And like all great book series both the target audience of 12 16 year olds and adult readers can enjoy them I know this to be true because my [...]

  4. Good grief, I love these books This one was just a collection of short stories related to the series, but it was so good Lots of feels as in, fangirl squeals and sobs , although the last one didn t excite me that much as I ve said before, I m not a huge fan of Alyss view spoiler I m also not one of those people who likes to see characters grow up and get married and stuff Just a personal preference to leave those things in my imagination hide spoiler To make this review easier, I thought I d do [...]

  5. Firstly, just a warning, this review contains spoilers.Secondly, for the record, I would actually give this book 3.5 stars, which I rounded up to four.Don t get me wrong, I absolutely love this book it is really well written, and I incredibly enjoyed seeing all the characters again, and getting all my questions answered, and seeing the marriages between Cassandra and Horace, Will and Alyss, and seeing the continuing relationship between Gilan and Jenny But I give the book 3.5 stars for two reaso [...]

  6. I really liked this book, just not as much as I have liked the other ones The only reason for that is because someone dies that is important to the main character, but i don t wan t to spoil anything.

  7. The Lost Stories is a unique book The author John Flanagan writes a series of short stories that answer questions sent to him by his fans 1 Death of a Hero How Halt finds Will.2 The Inkwell and the Dagger What happened to Gilan when Halt and Horace went to Gallica to rescue Will in The Icebound Land.3 The Roamers an adventure that Alyss and Will have together.4 Purple Prose is an assignment Will and Halt have to capture some moondarkers who have been wrecking and plundering ships.5 Dinner for Fi [...]

  8. An omnibus of ten stories revolving around the Ranger Corps in the Kingdom of Araluen.Flanagan takes an unique approach introducing this collection of short stories he has written around the Ranger s Apprentice by having an archeology professor in 1896 dig up a chest full of reports at a dig site He ends with a fragment afterword that introduces his new series, The Brotherband Chronicles.All are in the Ranger s Apprentice series Hibernian , 0.25 Death of a Hero , 0.5 Inkwell and the Dagger , 3.5 [...]

  9. I m really not a fan of short story anthologies so I am a bit nervous for this Discoveries 1 star This is me being completely selfish I hate the idea of our characters being dead so that no one even remembers them, and all their things are buried and dead and gone, with these strange people digging them up and going through it.Death of a Hero 4 stars I am so glad that we got to learn about Will s biological family, and don t think it could have be explained in a better way.The Inkwell the Dagge [...]

  10. This would have gotten 4 stars, but the stories just were too uneven One or two I really enjoyed, and would have preferred to have had them expanded to a whole novel Others seemed to me to be nearly filler , even if they did flush out aspects of the over arching story.

  11. 3.5 stars for this enjoyable collection of short adventure stories set in medieval England but called Araluen These tales feature mostly Will and Halt, but also Crowley, Gilan, Alyss, Horace, etc Will s dog Ebony and his horse Tug play key roles, too.1 Death of a Hero Halt finally tells Will the whole story of how both of Will s parents died and how Halt brought baby Will to Redmont Castle2 The Inkwell and the Dagger Gilan deals with loose ends and fallout from book 2, The Burning Bridge3 The Ro [...]

  12. Some of these stories were awesome and really added something to the overall story But other stories were boring and did not really add anything One of my favorites was definitely the wedding story It was so cute, but still action packed

  13. Basic Premise This volume is a collection of short stories set in the world of the Ranger s Apprentice series They fill in some of the gaps on reader questions that aren t specifically addressed in the novels of the series.Flanagan s short fiction works well, but if you haven t read the series, you won t have a clue what s going on in the stories This was definitely intended for people who are already fans The stories cover most of the logical questions readers would ask what happens to Ranger h [...]

  14. 8 10 A collection of relatively short stories, and they were all great I barely got bored with this book and there was a lot of humour in this one I loved reading in some different characters POV s, especially Gilan s haha, and loved reading about stuff that happened in between throughout the rest of the series And some of the beautiful things that happened in this book oh I really liked this one Have reread each of the stories multiple times

  15. I read the first three books in this series a while ago and couldn t for the life of me remember why I stopped I mean, I LOVE rangers Aragorn, Drizzt, and all you other trackers scouts out there , so I was very much ready to fall in love with this series But after reading Lost Stories, I remembered why I had stopped I HATE Flanagan s writing style For me, it ranges from just meh to NO ONE SHOULD EVER PHRASE A SENTENCE THAT WAY His style is just so redundant For example, The farmer was already dr [...]

  16. There was one story in this collection that bored me so much I thought for sure I would DNF the second story, where Gilan saves the day or whatever But it turns out, that was the only one All the others proved to be either absolutely hilarious or positively hit you in the feelsy I definitely have my peeves with John Flanagan s style, but I ve experienced the world of Ranger s Apprentice too long, and have gotten to know his characters too well, not to hold this series close to my heart 3I can t [...]

  17. So I ve finally finished the published Ranger s Apprentice books don t fear John Flanagan pointed out in the talk I was at on Thursday that there will be at least one I ll start with my thoughts on the Lost Stories and then move back to the series as a whole.This is a series of short stories covering everything from how Will s parents really died, through to random adventures through to important milestones The stories are short and easily digestible, which was good because there were some I l [...]

  18. This is a fantasy novel written by John Flanagan It is the 11th book in The Rangers Apprentice series It is not a continuation of the series, instead it is a collection of stories that explains questions from fans of things that weren t covered in the series For example it includes stories about what happened at the wedding of Hoarce and Cassandra Also it explains what happened when Halt and Will left Gavin It also includes another story that explains how Halt became a ranger, and another story [...]

  19. What a joy it was to be back in the Ranger s Apprentice world with Will and Halt and all the others I had resigned myself to the fact that book 10 would be the last, so this was a very pleasant surprise And while a series of short stories isn t quite the same as a full length book, I still enjoyed it VERY much I think my favorite was the story about Halt before he became a Ranger probably because I ve always thought that a series about his younger years would be just as great as the books we hav [...]

  20. I enjoy some of the short stories in this book Others, not so much I like the ones leading up to Horace s wedding and the actual wedding I like the short clip of Will s wedding and Jenny s and Gilan s romantic dinner that never was The first time I read this book, I really liked the short stories with Halt s backstories Those stories are now partially repeated in the two prequel books, so I ended up skipping them this time while re listening because I d just listened to the prequels I ll admit, [...]

  21. This book has been the cutest, sweetest, and funniest sequel in the whole series I ve never laughed nor was I touched like I did in The Lost Stories A loot of progress that a reader can t help but tear up as he sees the characters mature page byge and feel proud of them That a reader can magically connect with the characters of a story is what made Ranger s Apprentice survive till the 12th book and enjoy such a loyal fandom _ Well done, John

  22. Muito, muito bom Uma hist ria mais interessante e divertida que a outra, todas lindamente interligadas, tornando a leitura ainda mais gostosa

  23. The Lost Stories John Flanagan is a collection of short stories, all about characters found in the original Ranger s Apprentice series Its main purpose is to, obviously make money, but also entertain and answer questions formed in the first ten books The Lost Stories is comprised of nine events, all taking place during or shortly after the time period in which the rest of the series takes, in the middle ages The names of the brief accounts are as follows, in the order they are featured in the bo [...]

  24. Yes, this book took me forever to read And I have a reason for that, I didn t find the book that interesting as all the others books before this one I really liked some of the stories, but most of them I found boring I think if I hadn t read this book I would have missed something, but next time I m only gonna read the stories that I really like But I think if I had read this a few years ago I would have loved it

  25. It wasn t terrible, but it didn t have the same excitement of the other books I know this was kind of designed to wrap up what the books failed to cover, but it should of been written better I guess

  26. I really enjoyed that this book tied up any loose ends that were left from the other books I m sad to see this series getting close to the end.

  27. The Lost Stories is the last book in the Rangers Apprentice series The book tells different experiences and stories of several different characters I would recommend this for young adults It can be violent and hard to follow, which can shaft your mind, I know it did mine The book has a lot of action though which keeps it very exciting throughout the book

  28. Since these are a bunch of short stories, I ll rate them individually I m not a huge fan of this format and I didn t really enjoy the book in general What I did like was the glimpse into the future, I almost wish that had been explored instead of the stories.1 Death of a Hero 2 5 stars We have basically heard this story already, the only thing that was suddenly changed was how Will s mother died, and honestly, I think it was a bad change Not everyone has to die in a herioc sacrifice to save Hal [...]