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Crushed Seraphim

Crushed Seraphim ☆ Crushed Seraphim ↠ Debra Anastasia - Crushed Seraphim, Crushed Seraphim How does a foul mouthed angel end up as the last hope for all of Heaven and Earth When Seraph Emma is maimed and tossed from Heaven by a rogue angel who s taken charge she fears she ll never be allow

  • Title: Crushed Seraphim
  • Author: Debra Anastasia
  • ISBN: 9781936305742
  • Page: 230
  • Format: Paperback

☆ Crushed Seraphim ↠ Debra Anastasia, ☆ Crushed Seraphim ↠ Debra Anastasia, Crushed Seraphim, Debra Anastasia, Crushed Seraphim How does a foul mouthed angel end up as the last hope for all of Heaven and Earth When Seraph Emma is maimed and tossed from Heaven by a rogue angel who s taken charge she fears she ll never be allowed to return Tasked with the impossible job of showing the self loathing and not even human Jason his worth Emma is sure she s doomed to fail Meanwhile having wormed hisHow does a f. ☆ Crushed Seraphim ↠ Debra Anastasia - Crushed Seraphim, Crushed Seraphim How does a foul mouthed angel end up as the last hope for all of Heaven and Earth When Seraph Emma is maimed and tossed from Heaven by a rogue angel who s taken charge she fears she ll never be allow

  • ☆ Crushed Seraphim ↠ Debra Anastasia
    230Debra Anastasia
Crushed Seraphim

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  1. Debra creates pretend people in her head and paints them on the giant, beautiful canvas of your imagination What an amazing job that is The stories hit her hard while driving the minivan or shaving her legs, especially when there s no paper and pen around She has written a smattering of books in a few genres paranormal romance, contemporary romance and romantic comedies She lives in Maryland with her husband and two amazing children.DebraAnastasia

  2. samsawesomness 20What a FUN book I have determined that Debra Anastasia is going to tell me an incredibly entertaining story, whether she s writing the love story of a homeless man, and his completely dysfunctional brothers, or in this case a story of good and evil colliding and finding an unexpected love Emma is a seraph who has been sent to earth as Jason s Christmas Angel Emma s job is to show Jason, who is a half breed vampire his self worth Heaven has an aversion to the half breed vampires, [...]

  3. My feelers are still out on this book I m taking a couple of things away from it Too good to be true vampires and fallen angels and reincarnation and a hot as hell devil Also, I like to be tempted by the fruits of the utmost forbidden

  4. I can say that this book was pretty unique There are so many great books out there that are predictable, which is fine but nothing is better than reading a book and really not being sure what is going to happen next Love that From the author that made me LOVE a homeless guy named Blake, and a thug named Beckett she now has me swooning over Satan Yea, I know right What s truly dangerous Falling from Heaven, or falling in love Emma bad ass, hilarious angel comes to earth on a mission To show a ha [...]

  5. Buddy read w my mods in crime Carina, Leea, Wendy F and Shera as well as some of the TPR girls.Golden Girls book buddy 2013 update I had to drop this one Yet again, it wasn t the book, it was me I feel conflicted enough when I read books with demons and fallen angels in them When I saw that Satan was a character in the book, it made me do a double take I should have paid attention to what I was going to read before picking this up I went into the read blindly as a buddy book chosen by friends, [...]

  6. Update as of October 26, 2012 Just want to publicly state that since reading this book in spring of 2011 I have had to make a decision about my personal opinion on pulling fanfiction to publish for money And I have come down on the side of Not Okay Hard This book came out way before the Twilight fanfiction fandom exploded with greed and as I hadn t been able to read it as a fic, I bought and loved the book Today, I would not have bought it This practice has broken the fandom in two, and has brok [...]

  7. Let me go to Hell Life without you will be worse Please Don t make me miss you, Emma Love feels amazing Go ballistic Fly with me from here Do anything do something I actually really enjoyed this Its a fabulous twist between good and evil, and Debra has created a wonderful modern world full of half breed vamps, Christmas Angels, and the Devil himself.When Debra contacted Donna and I to review her book we were immediately drawn in by the blurb a fallen Angel named Emma actually she was thrown out [...]

  8. Let me just start off with this disclaimer I normally do not like books about Angels I don t know, something about the way their wings are attached to their backs just grosses me out And when I started Crushed Seraphim, it took me a page or two to wrap my head around the story Well, that s not true There is a great opening scene with Jack that just about made me swoon, however, Emma took me a little longer to fall for But, isn t that the beauty of a story is every quite as it seems By mid book I [...]

  9. 1.5 starsFirst thing I m gonna say is.I m sorry.I m sorry I didn t like this book.I m sorry for the low rating.I m sorry because the author is totally and completely cool and awesome, and I was so excited to read this but it just didn t do it for me.I couldn t get in to the fact that both Jason the vamp and Jack Satan fell for Emma after a day, an afternoon, moments of meeting her I couldn t believe that Emma The angel fallen angel human was soooo bad mouthed and yet so naive and gullible The sh [...]

  10. I am so mad at Debra Anastasia I did not want this book to end I could have gone on reading forever and was hopelessly disappointed to see the percentage I had finished grow I found myself zooming through the early pages as I discovered this book was not what I was expecting and then slowing to a crawl because I wanted to stay in the world the author has created a little longer Crushed Seraphim is breathtaking The imagery is vivid, the story has twists than a corkscrew perm and the characters a [...]

  11. This review can also be found here thebookboudoir 20I always wanted to read Crushed Seraphim when it was fanfiction but I sadly, never had the chance When I learned it was being published and I ordered my copy I told Ms Debra that I was going to take notes during every chapter, like reviews you d post on FF So I did and it was fun.That aside, I loved the book so much It made me giggle and swoon, and even shed a few tears I found myself torn between which guy, Jack or Jason, I liked best Now I ju [...]

  12. Where in the universe can you find an angel with a potty mouth and a devil with a heart of gold Why, in Crushed Seraphim, of course Debra Anastasia has created cheeky, clever characters in her debut novel, and the unusual cast kept me thoroughly entertained The writing is smooth and captivating, particularly when Debra writes the character of Jack, aka the devil Jack forever sucks on a lit cigarette, its smoke swirling around him as he jokes about cigarettes killing him one day, his motorcycle b [...]

  13. How can I put into words how I felt reading this Ho Li Shit It s like I went to war with only one bullet on my gun, like I went bungee jumping and the rope got cut mid air, like Superman decided to take a nap while Lex Luthor raised hell all over town.I was jumping, laughing out loud, cussing like a sailor which I don t like doing , giving my sister the middle finger every time she tried to take me out of my room, and honest to God, I shit you not, my mom was thinking about calling the hospital. [...]

  14. I read the entire book in a single sitting It was truely epic A whole swarm of beautiful love stories all wrapped up together The action was fast paced and the heroine was extremely likeable I found myself invested in and involved with all of the characters The settings were real and vivid, the descriptions were amazing But for me, it was the dialogue that just made the book Whether snappy and full of wit, or so sweet that it made me want to cry to one particular characters repertoire of inappro [...]

  15. I had no idea what I was getting into when I started reading Crushed Seraphim It wasn t until a few chapters in when I realized that the reader was going to get a taste of this author s comedic work, which delighted me beyond belief Where in the world did Ms Anastasia came up with this imaginative and creative story where a bad angel runs havoc in heaven and where you will find compassion for the devil There is suspense, action, moments where I busted out laughing, and even a love triangle I wa [...]

  16. I am loving this book Emma s tough girl with the heart of gold and soul of a warrior queen personae is captivating Jason is the perfect compliment to her sensitive, strong, sexy and unabashedly adoring her in spite of the complicated circumstance they find themselves facing The prose is lyrical and meets my need to have a visual film playing on my reader s mind screen I am now at the I don t want this to end too quickly and, I am pro lly going to read late into the wee morning hours phase Can t [...]

  17. Oh I love this book It provides such a unique and refreshing view I m disproportionally glad that the ending promises a sequel Because it s implicit, right, Debra You wouldn t leave us eternally damned to the Hell of wanting and not getting it, right I absolutely love Jack though I have a crush on God Yes, I understand that s blasphemous and my heart beats for Jason, I really want to comfort him It s a good thing I don t need to choose I have a written consent from the author to keep the three [...]

  18. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and am really looking forward to the second one I literally bought this book and finished it within 24 hours I could picture heaven and hell thanks to the wonderful imagery I loved the characters and instantly loved Emma It was a refreshing read and a nice change from the books I have been reading lately I hope the sequel isn t too long in the making, I need to know what happens next

  19. Buddy read with my girls Blanche, Dorothy and Sophia, and all our friends in TPR I gave it a good 25%, but I just can t do it I had high hopes for this one because of how much I liked Poughkeepsie, but this one felt so spastic I couldn t follow the plot at all Throwing the towel in I still love you girls

  20. I read this book all day long today and I want the sequel, please I fell for the Devil, I cried for Emma and I keep faith in Jason Now I wanna know how they will save Emma from Hell.This sequel couldn t come fast enough.

  21. Very fun book the writing is really unique and the world is brilliant I fell in love with the characters and their strong personalities.This book is about believe not just in god but in possibility for every greatness That when you believe, you can do it be optimistic and maybe you can defeat a great demon dragon with just mere words and that there are reasons for evil to exist and sometimes, life is not fair because evil is given chance to be good maybe he will turn better, may be not but a goo [...]

  22. SILLY This about sums this whole book, but humor me because I d like to elaborate.Let s start with the angelsThey can do pretty much all they want They re like the Voldemort wrapped with Sauron They re a bunch of all mighty s and pussies but they rule the heaven And DON T let me start about their rules.Jason, a half breed slash gasp vampire is a fucking doormat His girlfriend cheated on him AFTER promising forever or some shit like that and that she d be back And what a come back she did What yo [...]

  23. That wasn t blood.It was love.It pours out of you when you lose faith Seraph Emma has been thrown down from Heaven by Everett, a fellow Seraph who was planning to overthrow God.She was given a task Her task was to make Jason a half breed vampire know his worth.At first Emma thought it was a task doomed for failure but the time they spent together, the she finds out that there was to Jason than meets the eye.With the Help of Jason and another unexpected character they journeyed to save God who [...]

  24. Well, take two GoodReads ate my previous review It is no secret that I love Debra Anastasia She s one of my all time favorite writers This take of Heaven and Hell did not disappoint It s hard giving a good review without giving away any of the book And I don t want to do that to you This story is filled with love, and hope, and sex, and lust And that s just the Angel Debra took angels and devils, and put a new spin on them I loved the way she explained the existence of Vampires, and I loved the [...]

  25. What does a angel do when she s tossed out of heaven and God is trapped in Hell She teams up with a vampire to show him his humanity and to save the world from evil, of course Crushed Seraphim by Debra Anastasia is a really good tale, and i love her take on angels, good v evil Characters really jump off the page and demand attention Emma is nothing like the angel s you d imagine, Such a fiercely determined character with her own strong opinions and foul mouth hah she was so fun to read and not a [...]


  27. What can be said about this book Basically this, you ll spend half your time learning about the nuts and bolts of this world, and then you ll spend the 2nd half being entranced by it While the 1st half of this book slowly establishes the creative take on Ms Anastasia s fictional version of Creation God, Angels, Devil, Vamps, etc , the 2nd half manages to ramp it up several notches, until you just have to know what happens next If the Christian or Non Christian reader were to take Ms Anastasia s [...]

  28. 3.5 starsI known t shoot me This one took awhile for me to get into it, though the Prologue was great and drew me in right away Once I hit a certain point, the action picked up a little bit and it started to get better I was able to stick with it But in the end, I still am struggling with giving it than 3.5 stars.Emma is an angel that is sent to earth to help a half breed vampire determine his worth In doing so, she can return to Heaven Throughout the course of the book, this poor girl gets her [...]

  29. Review brought to you by OBS staff member AutumnI read this book in one sitting That rarely happens, but I love it when it does Crushed Seraphim puts a whole new twist on the battle between good and evil Seraph Emma is not your typical angel She is tough, snarky and a little bit irreverent.It s not very hard to find sympathy for Jack, the devil He is the most surprising of characters I was both cheering for him and crushing on him by the end of the story The unexpected is what makes this book su [...]