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The Dark Highlander

The Dark Highlander [PDF] The Dark Highlander | by ✓ Karen Marie Moning - The Dark Highlander, The Dark Highlander Journey to a world of ancient magic breathtaking sensuality thrilling time travel Journey to the world of The Dark Highlander Crisscrossing the continents and the centuries here is a novel as gripp

  • Title: The Dark Highlander
  • Author: Karen Marie Moning
  • ISBN: 9780440237556
  • Page: 120
  • Format: Kindle

[PDF] The Dark Highlander | by ✓ Karen Marie Moning, [PDF] The Dark Highlander | by ✓ Karen Marie Moning, The Dark Highlander, Karen Marie Moning, The Dark Highlander Journey to a world of ancient magic breathtaking sensuality thrilling time travel Journey to the world of The Dark Highlander Crisscrossing the continents and the centuries here is a novel as gripping as it is sensual an electrifying adventure that will leave you breathless I am Dageus MacKeltar a man with one good conscience and thirteen bad ones driven to saJourney to a. [PDF] The Dark Highlander | by ✓ Karen Marie Moning - The Dark Highlander, The Dark Highlander Journey to a world of ancient magic breathtaking sensuality thrilling time travel Journey to the world of The Dark Highlander Crisscrossing the continents and the centuries here is a novel as gripp

  • [PDF] The Dark Highlander | by ✓ Karen Marie Moning
    120Karen Marie Moning
The Dark Highlander

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  1. The only other calling I ever felt was an irrepressible desire to be Captain of my own Starship I was born in the wrong century and it wasn t possible, so I chose to explore the universe by writing fiction instead Books are doors to endless adventure KMMKaren Marie Moning is the 1 NYT bestselling author of the Fever Series and Highlander novels.An alum of the Immaculate Conception Academy, at seventeen she attended Purdue University where she completed a BA in Society Law, with minors in Philosophy, Creative Writing and Theatre, while working full time as a bartender and computer consultant She intended to go to law school but after an internship with a firm of Criminal Attorneys, decided against it For the next decade, she worked in insurance, where she wrote intercompany arbitrations and directed commercial litigation At the age of thirty, she decided it was time to get serious and do what she d always wanted to do write fiction novels.Beyond the Highland Mist was published in 1999 and nominated for two RITA awards She then published six novels in her award winning HIGHLANDER series, and received the RITA Award in 2001 for The Highlander s Touch.In 2004, she began writing the 1 New York Times bestselling FEVER series The books have been optioned twice for potential franchise development by Twentieth Century Fox and DreamWorks Studios, but the rights are currently held by Moning who has expressed a desire to one day see it as a television series Her novels have been published in over thirty countries She divides her time between Ohio and Florida and is working on two future projects for Random House Publishing I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library Jorge Luis Borges

  2. Warning this review contains spoilers.Actually, no just one big spoiler And it s not really a spoiler, but you know how precious some people can be.This cat just had the ending of Shadowfever spoiledOkay, so this is a romance novel You pretty much know how they all end, right Happily Ever After with lots of sex and pregnancy babies.So far this is the only one I ve read that HASN T ended with pregnancy All I can say is THANK YOU What the hell is romantic about meeting a man and finding out a mont [...]

  3. This book oozes hotness from every pore Wow Well done The recipe for a great book Hmm what could it be In a large bowl of Scotland, put in two brothers Add a bit of druid extract, and mix it through time and space When you are done with mixing, separate the brothers in two bowls, each will get his own book Now, in each bowl add a seriously intelligent woman who s not affraid to believe in the impossible Mix some , for the ingredients have to fall in love Are they in love yet Yes Stop mixing and [...]

  4. This is my favorite romance book featuring my favorite hero, Dageus This book is Dageus and Chloe s story in the Highlander series Dageus is a sexy Druid who was cursed with 13 evil souls for using the standing stones for personal gain to save his brother s life He is struggling against the evil inside of him and trying to find a way to banish them when he meets Chloe Chloe is a lover of antiquities who finds Dageus fascinating and decides to help him in his quest Dageus tempts Chloe to be a bit [...]

  5. Keep an open mind and heart, because I can tell you one thing for sure when these Keltars love, they love completely and forever 5 Deliciously Dark Stars I am completely and forever in love with the MacKeltars This book is not as light hearted as the first book, or rather book 4, Kiss of the Highlander However, it has the right balance of romance, fun, passion, a to die for hero and a heroine that has the strength, compassion, and desire to not only save her man and but bring him to his knees In [...]

  6. Even if you have not read the previous Highlander books by Moning, this is a must read book if you are a fever series fan That s because Dageus, the main character of the book, plays a vital role in the last 3 books of the Fever series, ie Burned, Feverborn and most probably in Feversong which was not published when I was writing this review it will be out in January 2017.Dageus is the man of the 3 Ds Dark, Dangerous and Druid He is inhabited by the souls of 13 ancient evil druids Draghar as a p [...]

  7. 5 Delicious stars Dageus finds himself cursed with evil Druid spirits, after saving his brother s life, by using time travel for personal reasons, which is forbidden by Druid law And the only woman that can save him is Chloe his fated bride Chloe is sweet and I adored her strong will and determination to save her warrior.Dageus oozes sexuality from the very first page and is everything you could want in an alpha male He s dangerous with a wild heart, in a body of a jaded man I m going to love yo [...]

  8. Another great book by KMM It wasn t as funny as the previous books in the series, but that was expected the title The Dark Highlander was a dead giveaway.As many readers before me and many others after, I m sure , I m in love with Dageus How could I not fall for a hero whose fault is to love too much I confess I was a bit turned off by his firt appearance, view spoiler because I don t like seeing my heroes having sex with anyone else but the heroine, hide spoiler but KMM made me forget that pret [...]

  9. I have not read any of the others in this series, but this reads fine as a stand alone This is the story of Dageus the dark one with the evil Druid spirits possessing him and Chloe and their HEA.I think I did a few times This is flat out B O R I N G and has all the romance tropes present This was written in 2002, but it s still got that cheesy 90s romance vibe going on This pretty much sums up the book I think I m just WAY over this kind of romance The sex scenes aren t sexy, there s no real plo [...]

  10. 4 Final Star No No This series just CANNOT BE OVER For me Why Yes,I know that this book is just Book No.4 in this series but for me this one happens to be the last because I read this whole series out order.But I m glad this journey ended up with a 4 STAR bang Will miss these Characters.And yes Would defiantly recommend 3This series in Ratings 1 Beyond the Highland Mist 5 Stars Review review show 2 To Tame A Highland Warrior 1 Star The ONLY book in this series I rated so low Here s why Review re [...]

  11. Posted on Under the CoversThirteen Druids possess Daegus s soul, cursing him with a darkness that no one else can bare to contain Transforming him from the once flirty and easy going Scot, Daegus s life has now dimmed His eyes, once the color of gold, are now dark His mental shields keep the 13 at bay, but just barely and Daegus can only find relief when he is inside a woman.Chloe, a self proclaimed nerd and lover of antiques finds herself the victim of that old saying, Curiosity killed the cat [...]

  12. I dont know which of the twin s stories I like best Drustan s Kiss of the Highlander or Dageus s The Dark Highlander but both are top of the game At the end of Drustan s story we find Dageus sacrificing his sanity, for all he knew, his very life to see his beloved brother reunited with his mate but at a cost.The Dark Highlander begins with Dageus alone in 20th century Manhattan desperately searching for a way to free himself from the 13 evil spirits taking up residence within his body for breaki [...]

  13. Never has corny as hell made such an amusing impact on my constant judgmental ways to romance as this book has First, I oogle the Goodwill book section itching for some fun romance on 50% Off Day and what did I get Nothing Ziltch Nadda When upon looking closer a book did stick out to me.This one.I rolled my eyes at the thought of even thinking about getting this in my eyes just another time traveling Scotsman Viking English Gentleman novel which by the bye, is indeed in fact just that However, n [...]

  14. Eesh was this book bad and I was so looking forward to the dark and mysterious Dageus MacKelter It rates up there with the first book in the series Beyond the Highland Mist Yet another formulaic KMM Highlander read, which can happen in a series, but I really felt like I was rereading parts of Kiss of the Highlander all over again This book though has to be the worst so far in terms of excessive over the top filler narration Just pages and pages of the stuff adding to the boredom.The story goes t [...]

  15. I really loved this book A lot I can see why it s a fan favorite It lacked the humor that was in Kiss of the Highlander, but that s to be expected considering the title and premise of the book I fell head over heels in love with Dageus right from the start His character was multidimensional and fascinating I could feel his internal struggles and his deepest longings Chloe is one of my favorite heroines Her character was delighful and fun to read I definitely recommend this book.

  16. 4,5 Stars a joy to read it s romantic, fast paced and engaging about an amazing highlander and his future big loveBook 2 about the MacKeltar twins K.M Moning can really write engaging and romantic stories Just as book 4 in this series, I read with interest an amazing story about time travel, ancient myths and great love The hero, Dageus MacKeltar have ended up in a modern day New York He s a highlander from the sixteenth century who suffered a cruel punishment and fights against a black darkness [...]

  17. I stopped reading romance novels decades ago because their formula is just irritating as hell And as romance novels go, this wasn t the worst.But it s still the standard formula.And my serious question is, Why are the women always virgins And why is their first time always so wonderfully orgasmic Write a romance novel about a woman who has lived a genuine life, and the incredibly hot and rich man still wants her Take me to the beach Why I didn t like this book Gorgeous brainy, sassy, virgin Hell [...]

  18. allah m ifade edemeyece im kadar a r g zeldi.bu art k karen ne yazsa severim in tesinde bir ey ger ekten yazd i in seviyorum.b yle bi i yok ncelikle unu diyeyim, ilk defa bir kitapta Adam Black gelsin diye bu kadar bekledim D D D D sevmedi imden de il keratay ama b t n olaylar bu zamana kadar bu herif y z nden, iyi de olsa, kt Adam n yanl anlamad ysam kendi sevdice i i in planlar var, bu y zden bu kez bizimkilerle oynamaktansa yard m etmeyi se iyor rfsz asdfasdfsB R SONRAK K TAP ADAM IN a a a aa [...]

  19. Yes This is my life now I have become a romance novel junkie I m not sure what exactly happened to cause such a major shift in what I am willing to read, but it happened I REALLY LIKED THIS BOOKThey say the first step to getting help is to admit that you have a problem so here goesDaegus s actions toward Chloe in this book are just awful He kidnaps her then ties her to his bed as his captive and invades her dreams because he has druidy mind powers Then, a few days later, he gives her the option [...]

  20. I LOVED Dageus Even though i really enjoyed the last couple books they were a little bit slow starting for me but NOT this oneis had me glued to the pages from the get go I m also a sucker for the bad boy Whether he was in a kilt, leather trews.mmy or modern day black trouserse man just screamed SEXY BAD BOY This was definitely my favorite so far i also really enjoyed the story between Silvan and Nellie that ran throughout both Drustan and Dageus booksry sweet

  21. Loved it as much as Karla Kellie said I would Looking forward to Immortal Highlander next Thanks for the recommendation Karla.

  22. In short Hero 5 5 Heroine 5 5 Plot Point, Originality 4 5 Writing Style 4 5 Steam 3 5 Romance 4 5 Angst Suspense 5 5 Darkness 4 5 Humor 0 5 Secondary Characters 4 5 Drama Conflict 4 5 Mystery 4 5 Twists 4 5 Pacing Steady Action 4 5

  23. Alright, I give this one 3 stars cos of the plot It was interesting to a point But I feel like Dageus story suffered a lot because of it And that is why I m left a little disappointed ALOT wanting where his story is concerned Let me attempt to explain myself By the time I reached the 79% mark in this book, these were my thoughtsIs it just me or does Dageus seem ALOT hotter, a lot darker than the telling of his story He s supposed to be the dark one right The one fighting the intense forces of th [...]

  24. 3,5 estrellas.El libro comienza con esta frase que ya te deja WOW Dageus MacKeltar caminaba como un hombre y hablaba como un hombre, pero en la cama era puro animal Daegus es Sexo con patas, el sexo el recurso que ha encontrado con protagonista para luchar con la parte oscura que intenta apodersarse de y conservar su humanidad Es un personaje muy complejo, oscuro, apasionado, con un gran coraz n A su vida llega Chloe, una chica entrometida y valiente, y con ella inicia una aventura contrareloj p [...]

  25. OOOOOOOOH I m in love Dageus and Chloe but HOLY CRAP DAGEUS Druid MacKeltar Dageus goes back in time to prevent the fire that kills his twin and as punishment for using the White Bridge for selfish reasons gets 13 new room mates in him Sounds nice right but no they are the are the prophesied dark being who hate the Fae who imprisoned them So slowly they are chipping away at Dageus good side to break out and go loose on our world The only thing keeping Dageus together is LOTSA tooping and a lovel [...]

  26. I love this series Once again, another hot, steamy and oh, so romantic book Heavy sigh This has got to be my favorite book of the series so far.The Dark Highlander is the story of Dageus MacKeltar and his wee lass Chloe Zander Dageus used his Druid magic to save his twin brother Drustan from death and as a result, he became a Dark Druid Dageus is now a tormented soul and he struggles to keep the evil ones inside His only recourse is to have frequent, meaningless sex Dageus is seeking the manuscr [...]

  27. Ahhh can I sum this book up in one word Daegus Dark, Arousing, Erotic, Giving, Unorthodoxed, Sensual.The main character in this book is a cursed highlander that embodies each of those words He is one of the few heros from a book that has stayed with me long after reading it He is a troubled soul with a good heart who finds love where he least expects it Under his bedYou have to read the book to understand that.If you are looking for a book that sizzles in your hand and yet still delivers a love [...]

  28. 3.5 stars Fans of Moning s Fever series are going to like this one So far, The Dark Highlander has felt the most like a crossover between the two series Even though this series pre dates Fever, I find myself enjoying it even knowing the connection between the two I m glad that I read Fever first.This book was a rare treat in the world of highlanders and time travel I was pleased that the time travel went both ways between present day and the 16th century.Dageus was definitely my favorite of all [...]

  29. What can I say, I love men with a little evil in them Well in this case, a lot of evil, but Dageus is one sexy beast If its Drustan against Dageus Dageus would win every time.Dageus used to the stones we heard about from the last book to travel through time and save his brother Drustan from dying in a fire while he was under his enchanted sleep Unfortunately, he broke protocol and is in the doghouse for the transgression This means, he s got 13 evil Druid souls inside of him So far, he s managed [...]

  30. Yay Another wonderful Highlander book This story features Dageus MacKeltar, the twin brother of Drustan from Kiss of the Highlander Dageus has got to be one of my top favorite heroes He is caring, loving, honorable, fierce and dead sexy I really liked the heroine, Chloe Zanders Talk about opposites attract, she was everything that was good and he had been condemned to live with dark and evil spirits living inside him, trying to take control of his will But after meeting and falling for Chloe, Da [...]

  31. The Dark Highlander is not at all similar to its predecessor, Kiss of the Highlander, and that s a sad thing Dageus story is serious, lacking the fun and hilarity of Drustan s story.Basic storyline Dageus body is housing 13 evil Druid souls who want to take over his body unleash evil upon the world He doesn t want to be their meat puppet, so he s been researching in ancient tomes how to fix his problem, while living in the present century Chloe is an artifact nut curatrice meets Dageus when she [...]