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Queen of America

Queen of America Queen of America Best Download || [Luis Alberto Urrea] - Queen of America, Queen of America At turns heartbreaking uplifting fiercely romantic and riotously funny QUEEN OF AMERICA tells the unforgettable story of a young woman coming of age and finding her place in a new world Beginning

  • Title: Queen of America
  • Author: Luis Alberto Urrea
  • ISBN: 9780316154864
  • Page: 237
  • Format: Hardcover

Queen of America Best Download || [Luis Alberto Urrea], Queen of America Best Download || [Luis Alberto Urrea], Queen of America, Luis Alberto Urrea, Queen of America At turns heartbreaking uplifting fiercely romantic and riotously funny QUEEN OF AMERICA tells the unforgettable story of a young woman coming of age and finding her place in a new world Beginning where Luis Alberto Urrea s bestselling The Hummingbird s Daughter left off QUEEN OF AMERICA finds young Teresita Urrea beloved healer and Saint of Cabora with her fatherAt turns he. Queen of America Best Download || [Luis Alberto Urrea] - Queen of America, Queen of America At turns heartbreaking uplifting fiercely romantic and riotously funny QUEEN OF AMERICA tells the unforgettable story of a young woman coming of age and finding her place in a new world Beginning

  • Queen of America Best Download || [Luis Alberto Urrea]
    237Luis Alberto Urrea
Queen of America

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  1. Luis Alberto Urrea is the award winning author of 13 books, including The Hummingbird s Daughter, The Devil s Highway and Into the Beautiful North May 2009 Born in Tijuana to a Mexican father and American mother, Luis has used the theme of borders, immigration and search for love and belonging throughout his work A Pulitzer Prize finalist in 2005 nonfiction , he s won the Kiriyama Prize 2006 , the Lannan Award 2002 , an American Book Award 1999 and was named to the Latino Literary Hall of Fame He is a creative writing professor at the University of Illinois Chicago and lives with his family in the burbs dreaming of returning West soon.

  2. Don t tell my husband but, ever since reading The Hummingbird s Daughter earlier this year, I have a major crush on Luis Alberto Urrea I was so enthralled with that book that I immediately read his maybe autobiography Nobody s Son and followed that up with the chilling Devil s Highway highly recommend When I heard that a sequel to Hummingbird was due in late 2011, I went on a mad search for an ARC copy and did find one, which I just managed to finish as he is starting the book tour for Queen of [...]

  3. I m not entirely sure where to start here, but I loved this book and devoured it, as I do all of Urrea s books He s definitely become one of my favorite authors and one I can always recommend without hesitation Queen of America is a sequel to the epic Hummingbird s Daughter, and they can definitely be read out of order, but I recommend reading them in order The characters are all so colorful and so full of life that you ll want to get to know them in the first book Urrea s storytelling is magica [...]

  4. This review of Queen of America originally appeared in The Washington Independent Review of Books on January 12, 2012 Posted to on February 15, 2014, as the link is currently dead.Queen of America, the long awaited sequel to 2006 s The Hummingbird s Daughter, is the culmination of 26 years of research and writing by Pulitzer Prize finalist Luis Alberto Urrea The Devil s Highway A True Story Based on the life of his great aunt Teresa Teresita Urrea, the Saint of Cabora, the novels chronicle her a [...]

  5. Live, love and laugh along with the Queen of America and her menagerie of characters.As a first time reader of this authors work, I was quite surprised by Urrea s writing style His Queen of America is definitely not what I expected, in fact it was better than I expected The main character of this book, Teresita, on who the story is based, actually existed, although most of the book is fiction Urrea has a pre sequel to this book, which I have not yet read, however this did not affect my reading o [...]

  6. I ve been waiting for this to come out for over a year The prequel, The Hummingbird s Daughter is one of the best books I ve ever read And I have yet to find a Urrea book I dislike Needless to say, I have high hopes for this.Post reading happy to report this book did not disappoint me I loved watching Teresita become a wife mother, and try to figure out her role in the U.S.

  7. You may not have been wondering, as I had, what happened to Saint Teresita after the central figure of The Hummingbird s Daughter saved her fleeing family from extermination by standing atop their train, arms outspread, hair flowing in the breeze, as it chugged through a narrow defile on its way from Mexico to Arizona, escaping attack only because the marauders feared for their very souls to assault the legendary young girl who offered herself in such a sacrificial pose Then The Queen of America [...]

  8. Dickensian in scope, this ribald novel is peopled by the humble and the haughty, the meek and the mighty pilgrims, prostitutes, yeoman, warriors, cowboys, vaqueros, royalty, revolutionaries, financial exploiters, gamblers, tycoons, corrupt politicians, drunks, rogues, and outlaws It s gritty, bawdy, tender, and tumultuous, and sometimes turgid, as it meanders down several long and winding paths When it stalls at intervals, patience and the love of prose and colorful character will keep the reade [...]

  9. I love love love this book which I read slowly because I didn t want it to end I bought it a couple years ago and have been hanging on to it to read at the right time As someone who usually lives in Tucson I bought it at the Festival of Books and had it signed by the author who is always so gracious this year while I am living in New Zealand seemed like the right time The descriptions transported me back to the desert southwest, and the characters had me turning to to learn about the history of [...]

  10. Luis Alberto Urrea has done it again.Urrea has released his new book, Queen of America Little, Brown , the sequel to his brilliant 2005 novel, The Hummingbird s Daughter And while the tone of the books is different, the book is classic Urrea In Daughter, Teresita Urrea the author s great aunt discovered her healing powers, earning her the name Saint of Cabora and leading an uprising of Mexican revolutionaries that prompted her and her father to escape to the north America describes her journey t [...]

  11. ARC received through the First Reads program.I made a bit of a blunder when I received this book I didn t immediately find a copy of The Hummingbird s Daughter to read first As a result, I felt like I was plunked down in the middle of a story, and it took a bit of flailing around to find my place and grab hold of the narrative thread Granted, I still have not read The Hummingbird s Daughter, so I can t be certain that s why I didn t enjoy Queen of America as much as I expected to.Teresita is 19 [...]

  12. I loved Luis Alberto Urrea s Into the Beautiful North so when I found out about the opportunity to review Queen of America, I jumped.drey s thoughts Queen of America is a long and rambly story of Teresita Urrea the Saint of Cabora after she escapes Mexico and lands in the United States and chronicles her journey from healer to wife to mother.As you follow along on her travels, you often forget that Teresita is only barely out of her teenage years She learns that fame is fleeting wealth and love [...]

  13. The sequel has some of the same wonderful qualities as Hummingbird s Daughter but, for me, it is lacking a certain something to place it in the same league as the original What Urrea repeated that I loved the same sprawling, magical sentences that grip me there is a passage about the blue horse that is simply perfect brilliant secondary characters, like Segundo although I felt there were less I cared passionately about this time around Tomas, Tomas, Tomas I just love this man s flaws and passion [...]

  14. I didn t love this book as much as it s predecessor, The Hummingbird s Daughter, but it was still very good It s just such a different book where HBD was the epitome of magical realism, QoA is historical fiction Perhaps that difference is due to being set in the U.S instead of Mexico, or to Teresita growing up, or to the increased historical material The first third or so of QoA moves very slowly, reflective of how Teresita s life is just treading water at that point, trying to keep ahead of as [...]

  15. This is the second half of a fictionalized life of Teresita, the Saint of Cabora Teresita was given the gift of healing, and is sought after for her spiritual powers People gather wherever she goes to have her give her blessing and mend their bodies Rebels carry her picture with them to battle Opposing assassins come to kill herd she is in her teens, a saint This poses problems teenage girls have lots of challenges already, but adding sainthood makes life even complex, both for Teresita and her [...]

  16. Luis Urrea has done it again He has left me overwhelmed by another beautiful, lyrical, compelling story It took me time to get through this one because his work needs to be savored I loved the Hummingbird s Daughter so much I wasn t sure that he could live up to the expectations I had for this sequel but he surpassed them Once again, lovely, moving and tender prose along side a magical, yet fully human cast of characters all wrapped up in masterful storytelling It is thankfully, a very different [...]

  17. 4 1 2 stars The sequel to one of my favorite books last year, The Hummingbird s Daughter To say it s not as strong in some ways is no discredit to Urrea, both because of the excellence of The Hummingbird s Daughter and because he is trying to stay true to history The language here remains superb how many times did scenes describing food make me hungry The characters are well drawn The amount of research that went into this book must have been immense I viscerally disliked that some of the charac [...]

  18. Luis Alberto Urrea spent nearly 20 years researching his family history for his enchanting 2005 novel The Hummingbird s Daughter Out of old letters, historical documents and oral histories emerged the fantastical story of the author s great aunt Teresa, a Mexican saint and revolutionary who was the illegitimate daughter of Tom s Urrea, a wealthy landowner, and a Yaqui Indian woman known simply as Cayetana, or the Hummingbird By the final wrenching pages of that novel, Teresita, as she s called, [...]

  19. Sequel to the Hummingbird s Daughter finds young Santa Teresita Urrea beaten and exiled to America for supposedly starting revolutions in Mexico She must adapt to the confines of American cities and culture and is taken in by shysters and lovers in her journey across the U.S with the Consortium Includes time spent at the World s Fair St Louis Sad and full of American dirt and history, the writing isn t as glorious as in Hummingbird, but echoes the turn of the century growing pains of America and [...]

  20. Luis Alberto Urrea is one of my favorite authors, but this book lacks the great story telling and characters in Hummingbird s Daughter and Into the Beautiful North.Tomas Urrea, Teresita s father, was not a compelling character to me, he gets dull pretty quickly The book seemed repetitive to me in spite of the historical setting of the US and Mexico at the turn of the century I stopped reading it halfway through and plan to read of Urrea s poetry and non fiction, life is too short to force my wa [...]

  21. I was so looking forward to this sequel, as I loved the Hummingbird s Daughter and recommend it frequently.This book was disappointing Teresita is a shell of a character for the first half, and so many of the historical pieces feel inserted because they happened in real life, but not because they add very much to the story Perhaps it has been too long since I first read the Hummingbird s Daughter 2009 , but I feel it was a much better book I really didn t get into this book until John Van Orden [...]

  22. a continuation of the factionalized but true story of The saint of Cabora I enjoyed learning the rest of this extraordinary woman s tale, all the fascinating because she was a forbear of the writer, himself It didn t have quite the compelling magic of the Humming Bird s Daughter, however All the same, I ll look forward to Urrea s next book.

  23. It was a little bit of a chore to finish this off It was a sequel to Hummingbird s Daughter which I really enjoyed, but half way through I was beginning to be tired of the Saint of Cabora.

  24. I cannot get enough of Luis Alberto Urrea he is truly a master His prose is gorgeous, detailed when necessary, simple and sparse when most needed This is the second installment of a personal story for him, a family history of his great great aunt who was a healer and who became a fabled saint , St Teresita of Cabora I saw him read if you can even call it that while promoting the first installment of this history The Hummingbird s Daughter It was an unforgettable experience really a performance o [...]

  25. In this sequel to The Hummingbird s Daughter, Urrea continues the story of his ancestor Teresita Urrea, known as the Saint of Cabora As a child, Teresita came out of a near death experience with the power to heal people of their maladies Mobbed by pilgrims seeking healing and revolutionaries inspired by her God given gifts, she has now been exiled to the United States With her are her father Tomas, his young mistress Gaby, their children, and his trusted friends Lauro Aguirre and Segundo Being a [...]

  26. Queen of America is the sequel to The Hummingbird s Daughter, which was a spectacular book A magical realism take on the stories of Urrea s own ancestor Queen of America picks up where the last book takes off, or less, as Teresita and her father Tomas cross the border from Mexico to the United States.This isn t as strong a book as the first And most of the first half lags considerably Unlike with Hummingbird, I found myself putting it down It picks up in the last third or so The difference I th [...]

  27. Queen of America is a sequel to the epic Hummingbird s Daughter and I would recommend reading them in order I listened to this book on audio read by the author I have been listening to audio books for 10 years and this is the best narration I have ever listened to The characters became so life like it seemed as if they stepped out of the book and performed their story in my living room There are plenty of reviews to inform you what the books are about so all I ll say is both of these rate in the [...]

  28. 4 stars The follow up to The Hummingbird s Daughter Teresita has been kicked out of Mexico, along with her father, and they flee to Arizona hoping for a fresh start But she is still besieged by pilgrims, pursued by assassins hired by the Mexican government, and has once again to flee Teresita s journey will take her to turn of the century San Francisco, St Louis, and New York City, where she meets royalty, poets, beauty queens, and tycoons But has she lost herself

  29. I love this authors passion, it just rolls of the page and splashes over me from head to toe Fabulous series, he is the perfect author for me, committed, humorous, descriptive, oh SO descriptive and unpredictable, just sit back, dust off your chaps and hit that dusty trail to the unknown I will miss them all