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The Gamble

The Gamble The Gamble Best Download || [Kristen Ashley] - The Gamble, The Gamble Nina Sheridan desperately needs a timeout vacation With a fianc who can t even remember how she takes her coffee Nina wants some distance to rethink her engagement Flying halfway around the world fro

  • Title: The Gamble
  • Author: Kristen Ashley
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 417
  • Format: Kindle Edition

The Gamble Best Download || [Kristen Ashley], The Gamble Best Download || [Kristen Ashley], The Gamble, Kristen Ashley, The Gamble Nina Sheridan desperately needs a timeout vacation With a fianc who can t even remember how she takes her coffee Nina wants some distance to rethink her engagement Flying halfway around the world from England to a mountain town in Colorado should do the trick But when she finds a gorgeous man at her rental cabin Nina s cold lonely adventure suddenly heats up The ownNina Sheridan desp. The Gamble Best Download || [Kristen Ashley] - The Gamble, The Gamble Nina Sheridan desperately needs a timeout vacation With a fianc who can t even remember how she takes her coffee Nina wants some distance to rethink her engagement Flying halfway around the world fro

  • The Gamble Best Download || [Kristen Ashley]
    417Kristen Ashley
The Gamble

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  1. Kristen Ashley was born in Gary, Indiana, USA She nearly killed her mother and herself making it into the world, seeing as she had the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck already attempting to accessorise and she hadn t taken her first breath Kristen grew up in Brownsburg, Indiana but has lived in Denver, Colorado and the West Country of England Thus she has been blessed to have friends and family around the globe Her posse is loopy to say the least but loopy is good when you want to write.Kristen was raised in a house with a large and multi generational family They lived on a very small farm in a small town in the heartland and existed amongst the strains of Glenn Miller, The Everly Brothers, REO Speedwagon and Whitesnake and the wardrobes that matched.Needless to say, growing up in a house full of music, clothes and love was a good way to grow up And as she keeps growing up, it keeps getting better.

  2. 4.5 Wonder Max Stars Duchess He threw his other hand out, his gaze drifting the length of me as he said, Fancy ass clothes, fancy ass purse, fancy ass boots, fancy ass accent His eyes came to my face and he finished firmly Duchess Nina and Max SpoilersOk so this is only the 4th book by Kristen Ashley that I have read The other 3 being the books from the Three Series which is her PNR series The Three Series was iffy for me I hated the first book Until the Sun Falls from the Sky with a deep passio [...]

  3. In my life, I ve learned when to let shit go and when to fight for it This, babe, what we got, I ll fight for What is it about Kristen Ashley s books that just leaves you with thewarmest, fuzziest feelingsever They just reach right into your heart and connect you so deeply with each of the characters big smile Absolutely LOVE her writing and I m officially in love with Macho Mountain Max Tired of her boring life with her bland and clueless fiance, Nina decides she needs a timeout to rethink what [...]

  4. Solid 4 starsWow Kristen Ashley is one fantastic storyteller I adore her charismatic characters, her intimate writing style, and her fabulous, sexy, overprotective, alpha heroes Her heroes are truly swoonalicious Overall, I really enjoyed The Gamble I did feel the book was a tad long winded and wish the hero and heroine spent time together without the constant interruptions from the secondary characters With that said, I still loved this story I loved Max s and Nina s characters I loved their c [...]

  5. I made it to page 1354 of 1466 before I decided to stop torturing myself Kindle pages The book isn t THAT longough it sure felt like it.The main character, Nina, is British American really, but has a British Accent I didn t like her It s not that I disliked her, I just didn t like her I found her very one dimensional, without depth to her character And she says Um a lot A LOT I tried to use the find button to find a specific paragraph that really irked me, but I gave up after the first 100 Um s [...]

  6. There are already many excellent reviews of this book, so I m going to keep mine short I kept seeing Kristen Ashley s name show up on my friends status and review updates, so I had to see for myself what all the hoopla was about Well, to be honest, I can t quite put my finger on it, but whatever it is about this book and this author, I m sold The writing isn t flawless and it took me a bit to get used to the author s style, but once I did it was easy to read and I couldn t put it down The charac [...]

  7. 5 stars Contemporary RomanceThe Gamble is my second Kristen Ashley read, and I enjoyed it as much as Sweet Dreams, mainly because yummy, protective alpha hero Max actually rocked my world than SD s Tate Nina and Max were great together, and the story kept me completely engaged, despite the fact that it s very lengthy The Gamble is another winner, and I m looking forward to reading from this author 5 stars One of my favorite scenes is when Max mops the floor with Nina s snooty ex fianc , Niles, [...]

  8. REVIEW COMPLETED SEPTEMBER 6, 2012 You ll get the good stuff, Duchess Wonder Max Divine.Admittedly, my Max did change his eye color from grey to brown Whatever He is gorgeous Forgot about carin about someone so much you would do everything in your power to stop them havin pain I should have read The Gamble sooner rather than later Yes, Sweet Dreams and Tate will always stay above and beyond, however, Max he is simply another divine KA hero I was surprised that he had very few jerk ish moments, a [...]

  9. 4 the definition of guilty pleasure STARSAnd another Kristen Ashley book for me I simply can t stop with this woman I m guessing it has something to do with my current mood and my need to read something lovely that makes me feel goodke coming home, or eating comfort food in grandma s kitchen.Anywaywhy did I put the definition of guilty pleasure up there in my rating Because it s one of those chick flicks where you have to suspend your disbelieve and just go with the flow I looked to the ceiling [...]

  10. DNF 45% I give up My first Kristen Ashley read and most likely my last I ve heard so much about her books, I finally got around to trying one and unfortunately the experience was not so great Rather miserable to be honest Just gonna get straight to the problemsTHE WRITINGDear gawd There is absolutely no structure or editing in this It s a looooong winded mess with no direction I needed to re read a Lisa Kleypas book to flush this out of my system Gah Use of parenthesis Charlie, as ever if he d b [...]

  11. Nina Sheridan desperately needed a timeout from her life especially her fiancee So spending a week in a rented A Frame in the Colorado mountains sounds like haven.Unfortunately, when she gets there she has a nasty surprise The owner changed his mind and is staying in the house.And to top it all, her car went into a ditch and she has a nasty flu A great start, no And that s just the beginning.Nina was an OK heroine, I liked her She s feisty, argumentative, has a pretty bad temper, and she s hell [...]

  12. You think to slide back, settle for something that made you run away because you think it s safe, because it s familiar, because you re scared of takin a gamble on me, I m warnin you now, Duchess, I m not gonna allow that 4 Holden Maxwell Stars Be still my heart This book was all kinds of sweet and adorable and wonderful The Gamble may be wordy but it was so worthy 670 pages and I regret nothing Perhaps it has something to do with the way the author made me feel so ooey and gooey inside all thro [...]

  13. Loved this book The main reason I loved it Max Nina is tired of her life Living in England, engaged to a boring man who never listens to her, she decides she needs a time out This brings her to the Colorado mountains for a two week get away She arrives to the house she s rented, only to find there had been a mix up The owner Max is in town After getting in an argument, Nina decides to leave for a hotel But its storming And she is really ill She ends up in a ditch and none other than Alpha Mounta [...]

  14. The Gamble definitely paid off.I ve decided that my re reads will be done on audio With my busy schedule and real life, I don t have time to enjoy my re reads any The beauty of audiobooks is that you can listen to them anytime I listen to them when I m exercising, baking, doing school pick ups obviously not when my little munchkin is in the car and when I m mucking around on Pinterest As these are re reads, I don t need to worry that I ll miss something important or need clarification on a plot [...]

  15. 5 Macho Mountain Man Stars The Gamble takes place in a small town named Gnaw Bone, Colorado This is the place Nina Sheridan goes to for a timeout from her fianc Niles When she arrives at the cabin she rented, she meets Max, the owner of the Cabin Max only rents out the cabin when he isn t home, so there has been a mix up He pretty much kicks her out of the cabin and tells her to go to a hotel Nina gets pissed off then storms away only to get stuck in the snow and fall sick Max finds her and take [...]

  16. 4 Please stop saying you re sorry before I hit you stars You lose anyone, there s no replacing them What you need to get is that s precious You get to keep that You don t want to replace it That doesn t mean you can t find something else just as good Welcome to Gnaw Bone, Colorado I m not sure why I spent my time searching through pictures to find my perfect Max and Nina, where really, I could have just gone with Did I just age myself I love, and I mean LOVE Kristen Ashley books I have no idea h [...]

  17. 4 stars In my life, I ve learned when to let shit go and when to fight This, babe, what we got, I ll fight for The Gamble was my second ever Kristen Ashley novel I think I discovered it on a random listopia list here on This is the book where I fell in love with her as an author, and I devoured the Mountain Man series I ve never read another series like this one, and I don t think I ever will.I love Max and his Duchess Such a wonderful story of a lost woman who found herself with the help of the [...]

  18. I ve never actually watched one of those Lifetime movies that are dramatic and sappy, but I imagine that this is what they are like Along with an improbable romance, there are kidnappings, suicide attempts, bar fights, abusive men, murders, and alien babies okay, maybe not the alien babies Too bad because that would have been awesome oh, oh, how about alien twin babies and one of them is an evil twin Yes I love evil twins This book is about Nina, an American girl who has spent most of her life i [...]

  19. Dear GR Friends, After reading the 3 books in this series I am packing up my shit and moving to Colorado I m going to get me a Mountain man Anyone with me We shall leave on the red eye Sincerly Kellie Ok Seriously after reading the Rock Chick series and falling for most of them but Luke took top spot, and then the Dream Man series and falling head over heels for Tack and Hawk I didn t think I had much in me Until I met Max, Ty and Tate GOOD DDAAYYMMNNNN My hoo ha was quivering I loved this stor [...]

  20. This was another great Kristen Ashley read I did however find it somewhat long In fact, I am thinking it was over 600 pagesI felt that some of the story could have been shaved down a bit but even so I did enjoy this read over all I am looking forward to the rest of the Colorado series, and of course of the gruff Alpha men that KA gives us in her stories If you are a reader who enjoys Ms Ahsley s style of writing then this will be a book you will highly enjoy A great addition to her many wonderf [...]

  21. Re read on audio April 22nd 2015Just as good if not better the second time around This is classic Kristen Ashley with all the rambling and crazy, fun friends Of course wouldn t be KA without a delicious Alpha male who won t let go or take no for an answer Emma Taylor does an excellent job with Nina s English accent Max calling Nina Duchess made even sense hearing her accent December 25th 2012Well, this was a lot of fun Can I have my own Colorado Macho Mountain Man Max was a typical Kristen Ashl [...]

  22. As usual, Kristen Ashley doing what she does best Hot, sexy, dominant, protective alpha males 5 stars for Nina and Max This book is long To be honest, this was a bad week for me to read it as I had lots going on outside of my reading world but it s been sitting on my Kindle for ages and I just really felt the need for a good KA hero And despite the length of this book, it does not drag At all It s fast paced, action packed and I wouldn t have wanted it to be any shorter.The story is that Nina Sh [...]

  23. I m starting to wonder if I ll ever read a KA epilogue and won t have tears in my eyes 3 This was a re read, and as much as I remembered how great this book was, I actually didn t remember enough, because this was absolutelyfreakingamazinglyfabulous It just confirms Colorado Mountain as my favorite KA series 3The story I loved the beginning, Nina rents a house in the middle of nowhere, during winter, she gets there, meets Max who essentially throws her out, she gets pissed and ends up with a dea [...]

  24. 6 Very Lucky Stars I really wish The Gamble was like those soap opera TV shows that last for ten years or , I would happily read about Max and Nina forever and now I m terribly sad because is over I must say that Kristen Ashley never does me wrong, this novel was absolute perfection to me.Nina is an American girl living en England she has a great job and a beautiful home that was built by her dear brother but her relationship with her fianc is anything but ideal He rarely pays any attention to h [...]

  25. First read Feb 7 10 2012The book s synopsis basically says it all but there is SO MUCH intensity to this book It was a none stop roller coaster ride throughout the whole story.The characters are brilliantly written The story is AMAZING There was so much going on all the time, and yet it wasn t busy I loved the author s style of writing The characters became real and were extremely likeable.This book is not a quick read, so if you want to put the time into a really good read I highly recommend th [...]

  26. I enjoyed that Great story and a great hero by the name of Max Some may be put off by him, with his controlling and domineering way, but I wasn t, I liked him The heroine Nina, is no wallflower, she s great and she doesn t take crap from anyone if she knows you re in the wrong.The story itself took, lots of twists and turns and the ending took by surprise Great HEA too.My Max.

  27. Re read love it as much as the first time.I loved Nina and Max, even with their flaws and issues Even when they were being daft or doing something I did not agree with, it was obvious it was borne out of a sense of fear Great cast of secondary characters and as I thought the first time, Brody needs a story Great exciting plot with characters you care about The writing gives a very real sense of what is happening, and how something is, so you have a very clear picture in your head.As usual with K [...]

  28. This is the second book I ve read by Kristen Ashley I m beginning to think I am developing an addiction to her male characters.

  29. If taking a timeout leads me to my own Mountain Man Max, I m as good as on it right now Wow, he just blew me away, foul mouth and all He brash, arrogant, demanding, possessive, and I just loved him I adored Nina, and she was at her best when she went toe toe with Max Of course, she rarely won, because well, Max is Max, and he gets what he wants, and I for one would agree to anything he said He could Babe , Baby , Honey , Darlin me right into submission Every time he said, Kiss me Duchess it had [...]

  30. I did it I FINALLY read a Kristen Ashley book I wasn t going to, because I really didn t want to, but underneath it all I sort of wanted to and therefore it made it all super hard not to, even though if you were to have asked my GR friends, of which there are many and some of them don t even like KA but some of them are super obsessed with her and they would all say to go ahead and read her except for my friends Karla and Catherine who I don t think will give her a try Whereas, I sat down the ot [...]

  31. 4 Stars Originally Read 1 2 2014 3.5 Stars Re Read 2 8 2017 Overall Opinion I m not feeling like I liked this as much as I did the first go round, so I m dropping my rating from 4 stars to 3.5 It might just be that I had read it before, so the mystery of what was going to happen wasn t there but who knows I was a little disappointed in the H not being upfront with the h about his past, and I was really disappointed how he acted when he found out that she knew some of it I have to say because of [...]