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Miss Billy

Miss Billy [PDF] Miss Billy | by ¼ Eleanor H. Porter Nadiah Abidin - Miss Billy, Miss Billy Karena aku tak ingin kau jadi temanku saudara perempuanku atau apapun yang sifatnya berteman cetus Bertram tiba tiba dengan nada berapi api Aku tak ingin kau jadi apa apa selain jadi istriku Billy

  • Title: Miss Billy
  • Author: Eleanor H. Porter Nadiah Abidin
  • ISBN: 9786028851435
  • Page: 451
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Miss Billy | by ¼ Eleanor H. Porter Nadiah Abidin, [PDF] Miss Billy | by ¼ Eleanor H. Porter Nadiah Abidin, Miss Billy, Eleanor H. Porter Nadiah Abidin, Miss Billy Karena aku tak ingin kau jadi temanku saudara perempuanku atau apapun yang sifatnya berteman cetus Bertram tiba tiba dengan nada berapi api Aku tak ingin kau jadi apa apa selain jadi istriku Billy MAUKAH kau menikahiku Billy tak habis pikir Bertram adik paman angkatnya pemuda yang tak pernah serius itu mengajaknya menikah Ya Bertram memang ramah dan me Karena aku tak ingin kau ja. [PDF] Miss Billy | by ¼ Eleanor H. Porter Nadiah Abidin - Miss Billy, Miss Billy Karena aku tak ingin kau jadi temanku saudara perempuanku atau apapun yang sifatnya berteman cetus Bertram tiba tiba dengan nada berapi api Aku tak ingin kau jadi apa apa selain jadi istriku Billy

  • [PDF] Miss Billy | by ¼ Eleanor H. Porter Nadiah Abidin
    451Eleanor H. Porter Nadiah Abidin
Miss Billy

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  1. Eleanor Emily Hodgman Porter December 19, 1868 May 21, 1920 was an American novelist.She was born as Eleanor Emily Hodgman in Littleton, New Hampshire on December 19, 1868, the daughter of Llewella French n e Woolson and Francis Fletcher Hodgman She was trained as a singer, attending New England Conservatory for several years In 1892, she married John Lyman Porter and relocated to Massachusetts, after which she began writing and publishing her short stories and later novels She died in Cambridge, Massachusetts on May 21, 1920 and was buried at Mount Auburn Cemetery.

  2. Oh, my SO funny At first, Billy was just a little bit exasperating, and I felt rather sorry for the Strata However, as you get to know her, and see of her, and as she matures, you grow to like her very much just like the three brothers did, I suspect While William is who Billy is named after, I actually liked Bertram best, then Cyril and then William But they are all great Kate is frustrating, but she s meant to be, and it turns out all right in the end I laugh easily with books at home alone, [...]

  3. Miss Billy 1911 is a pleasant romance by Eleanor H Porter, an author perhaps better known for her children s novel Pollyanna 1913 Billy becomes an orphan around the age of eighteen She has no living relatives, but she still needs a family, wants a family She decides to write one of her father s college friends, a friend she was named after Her name is Billy Her namesake, William Henshaw, is living with his two younger brothers, Cyril and Bertram Also making up the household is Pete, the butler, [...]

  4. This book belonged to my mother but somehow I didn t get around to reading it until now Anyone who likes Pollyanna will like this book, too Written by the same author, the story starts with an optimistic 18 year old girl who descends on a staid trio of brothers It s wholesome, upbeat, and plain fun Of course, Billy, is talented, beautiful, and pure of heart I knew I would enjoy this story from page 9 when one of the brothers is introduced But really to know William, you must know his rooms Willi [...]

  5. This is a very sweet story, published in 1911 I have the three Miss BIlly books that were at my grandmother s house The inscription in this one is dated 1915 I expected an innocent story that would end well, and that s what I got I read the book in a short time because it was interesting and different from books published today, almost child like in its innocence It was like looking back in time Miss Billy starts as an orphan and ends up a bride to be to the right person, and all that comes in b [...]

  6. A nice little story, but lacking any real depth character development The story felt rather choppy at times Still, a pleasant bit of reading, and I m looking forward to continuing with the sequel to see what happens next.

  7. makanya jadi orang jangan terlalu suka ikut campur ma urusan oranglaingara2 Kate yang suka ikut campur, gara2 Kate yang sukanya menyelesaikan masalah orang, gara2 Kate yang suka salah mengambil kesimpulan, semua jadi kacauKate yang bikin Billy pergi dari Boston, Kate yang bikin Billy menjauh dr keluarga Henshaw, Kate yang bikin Billy dan Paman William terpaksa mengambil keputusan yang mereka sesaliBilly, delapan belas tahun, yatim piatu, menghubungi William Henshaw setelah Bibi Ella, adik peremp [...]

  8. The description given of this book is incorrect it actually applies to the 2nd book in the series Miss Billy s Decision In this book, the newly orphaned 18 year old Billy comes to live with the person for whom she is named But, he doesn t know of her existence, and of course, assumes that Billy is a boy His life and that of his two brothers is pleasently turned upside down.Originally published in 1914.I read the electronic version.

  9. Mmm, gak jelek, lumayan bagus dan aku suka, tapi biasa aja plotnya DHal yang aku suka dari cerita romansa klasik abad pertengahan adalah poin poinnya selalu mengena dan bikin baper tanpa tokoh utama wanitanya harus berbuat hal hal idiot dan sok lemah seperti cerita roman masa kini.Layaknya buku asik, buku ini tidak menyajikan sisi galau si wanita secara berlebihan, semua natural, kasual, cenderung keren dan berwibawa dan Miss Billy understand how to behave very well level akut Bukan cuma dia, ba [...]

  10. Lucu, lucu, lucu DBilly, gadis yatim piatu berusia 18 tahun yang ceria, dinamai seperti dengan nama sahabat ayahnya, William.Saat Billy tidak punya siapa siapa lagi, Billy pun meminta pertolongan Paman William Paman William yang baik hati mengijinkan Billy tinggal di rumahnya Sayangnya Paman William tidak tahu kalau Billy itu perempuan.Paman William tinggal bersama dua orang saudara laki lakinya, Cyril si pemusik yang pendiam, dan Bertram, si pelukis yang selalu bicara Paman William juga punya s [...]

  11. This book is very enjoyable it has a nice writing style, diverse characters, and the pacing is quick enough where I was reading it like mad The misunderstandings, for once, were well placed, and actually added spice to the story I m not too big on love triangles or whatnot, but all the characters were nice sorts, so ultimately it was fun to see how they all interacted Honestly, if you ve lived in a house with three unrelated, unmarried men I can see this happening.Which cause me to bring up why [...]

  12. Tertarik baca buku ini karena menurut mba Ifa ceritanya ringan, romantis, lucu Setelah dibaca memang benar ini chick lit jadul Menarik betapa kisah yang terjadi beberapa puluh tahun yang lalu masih relevan hingga kini Tentu ada beberapa kelebay an seperti salah duga yang berlama lama, tapi mungkin disinilah daya tarik buku klasik ini Sikap mereka yang masih sopan dan lurus, refreshing ketimbang chick lit masa kini Kadang2 cape juga baca bobo2an kiri kanan Juga yang membuat saya sangat menikmati [...]

  13. Its an eye opening account albeit fictionalized of white society in Boston in 1914 In the beginning of the book, Porter s main character, Billy, depends on the kindness of strangers as she forces herself in her orphaned status on three bachelor brothers living together in their bubble of a world they like to call their Strata Midway thru Billy uncharacteristically of the era focuses on her career, independence, and altruism Then, oddly, in a sudden turn of events, she changes her position due to [...]

  14. I first read this a decade ago give or take a bit and remembered it very fondly I was suprised to see so few downloads when I pulled up the trilogy on project gutenberg but thought I d indulge in a little nostalic reading over the holidays.Anyhow, I loved the first few chapters but after Billy leaves the Strata I was bored It was not nearly as good as I remembered I probably should have abandoned ship but I hate giving up on books and these are quick reads anyway.If you ve read other books of th [...]

  15. So, similar to Pollyanna Grows Up , there was an awful lot of getting everyone mixed up as to who loved who or what went where and mis communication abounding in everyone so often that one wondered if any of the resolutions were truly resolved I wanted to hear about Miss Billy hanging out with her guests and what not And what happened to Spunk, anyway All the drama was so that I was waiting for Grahame Chapman to show up in his military uniform and announce No, everyone stop This has gotten far [...]

  16. Sejak jatuh cinta pada Pollyanna , penasaran dengan karya Eleanor H Porter yang lain Dan nemu yang ini Bisa dibilang novel ini perpaduan Pollyanna, Anne of Green Gables, dan Eight Cousins, dengan tokoh yang lebih dewasa saat cerita pertama dimulai ada 3 buku Miss Billy, Miss Billy Desicion, dan Miss Billy Married Formula anak perempuan yang ditinggal orangtua sepertinya sangat ngetrend pada awal abad 20 D Meski temanya mirip, tapi dalam penulisannya ada kekhasan masing masing Miss Billy sendiri [...]

  17. From the author of Pollyanna, Miss Billy is about a young girl with an unusual namea name that causes a bit of confusion.Though Pollyanna is the famous novel, I found this one to be much less syrupy It s a romance eventually, and it s not extremely deep it was obviously written for young women at the turn of the century but it is a delightful romp.Recommended for lovers of vintage novels.

  18. After reading Pollyanna, I just a little bit dissappointed on this book maybe because Pollyanna like a child than story about Billy who already became teenager But still this is really good book, perharps I will look for the original, something about this translation just not the right feeling More info on this book visit my blog on my classic books

  19. Ringan sekali kisah Miss Billy Aku suka dengan part tentang strata yang ada di rumah mereka Apalagi dengan setiap penghuni yang berbeda di setiap stratanya Aku juga suka dengan tokoh Betram Hangat, lembut, dan lucu Rasanya pasti menyenangkan mempunyai teman seperti Betram Ceritanya begitu ringan dan mudah tertebak, tetapi aku tetap menyukainya Ending yang bahagia, tentu saja.

  20. There are too many male characters in the novel, but somehow there is none I want to marry with William is too old, Bertram is too talkative, Cyril is too introvert, and Calderwell Well, he s just fine, but I couldn t find myself have an interest with him Billy herself is too young to have a romantic relationship with one of these men.

  21. Well, memang butuh kesabaran kalo baca cerita klasik Bukan berarti alur cerita nya yang lambat tapi karena norma orang jaman dulu ngga se blak2an kaya sekarang, jadi hanya untuk urusan hati bisa muter2 sampe ruwet Tapi ada satu hal yang aku penasaran dan didalam cerita tidak pernah disebut2, apakah pekerjaan Billy Berarti warisan yg ia terima cukup banyak kah Hmm

  22. The good things about this book are its innocence and simplicity I like the short chapters and that each of them are given title However, I found it boring At first the book was a page turner but then it became boring The misunderstanding at the end saved it a little.

  23. Cerita bernuansa romance yang terasa sangat mainstream dengan beberapa logika cerita yang kadang membuat kening berkerut tapi ingat, novel ini ditulis pada abad ke 19 tahun 1880 , oleh seorang perempuan pula pada masanya, pastilah ini sesuatu yang luar biasa.

  24. Ceritanya bagus terlepas dari terjemahan dengan gaya bahasa yang kurang nyaman dan beberapa kalimat terjemahannya ada yang aneh Ceritanya lucu dan menghibur, dan berhasil membuatku ngakak dan gemes.

  25. This also was one of my Dad s books It has his name and the year 1928 written in it The copyright says 1911 and I believe it was printed in 1926 It s a hardcover book.I was young when I read it but do remember enjoying it very much.

  26. got this book from goodread giveaway light reading bagus lucu.mpat underestimate novel2 chicklit ternyata bagus juga good friend in 2 days in a row during end year holiday