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The Last Convertible

The Last Convertible [PDF] Download Ò The Last Convertible : by Anton Myrer - The Last Convertible, The Last Convertible Tells the story of five Harvard men the women they loved and the elegant car that came to symbolize their romantic youth It is also the story of their coming of age in the dark days of WWII and the

  • Title: The Last Convertible
  • Author: Anton Myrer
  • ISBN: 9780060934057
  • Page: 309
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Download Ò The Last Convertible : by Anton Myrer, [PDF] Download Ò The Last Convertible : by Anton Myrer, The Last Convertible, Anton Myrer, The Last Convertible Tells the story of five Harvard men the women they loved and the elegant car that came to symbolize their romantic youth It is also the story of their coming of age in the dark days of WWII and their unshakable loyalty to the lost dream of Camelot of grace and style in the decades that followed. [PDF] Download Ò The Last Convertible : by Anton Myrer - The Last Convertible, The Last Convertible Tells the story of five Harvard men the women they loved and the elegant car that came to symbolize their romantic youth It is also the story of their coming of age in the dark days of WWII and the

  • [PDF] Download Ò The Last Convertible : by Anton Myrer
    309Anton Myrer
The Last Convertible

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  1. Anton Myrer, who died of leukemia in 1996, was a best selling author whose themes were America s loss of innocence and the use and abuse of power He is particularly remembered for The Last Convertible 1978 , a summation of the American experience during and after World War II, and for Once an Eagle 1968 , which traces the life of a regular Army officer and his family from before World War I to Vietnam Orville Prescott, in The New York Times wrote of Once an Eagle Myrer is a superb story teller.who cares about the narrative and is a master The Army War College Foundation, which is republishing the novel this year, describes it as a perceptive study of the profession of arms an a chilling overview of armed conflict Myrer forces us to smell and feel the battlefield as well as hear and see it Myrer also wrote Evil Under the Sun 1951 The Big War 1957 , of which one critic wrote, I doubt if it is possible to come much closer to an American War and Peace The Violent Shore, 1962 The Intruder A Novel of Boston 1965 The Tiger Waits 1973 and A Green Desire 1981 The Library has copies of all eight novels in much read first editions and, in the case of six of the eight, in leather bound volumes recently donated by Mrs Myrer.Born in Worchester, Massachusetts, Myrer grew up in the Berkshires, Cape Cod, and Beacon Hill all settings for his novels A 1941 graduate of Boston Latin School, he interrupted his education at Harvard after Pearl Harbor to enlist in the Marine Corps and spent than three years in the Pacific He rose to the rank of corporal, took part in the invasion of Guam, and was wounded He returned to graduate from Harvard magna cum laude and subsequently lived on the Cape, in Portugal, and at the time of his death, in upstate New York where he received books by mail from the LibraryAll who have read Myrer s novels know the strength and passion of his moral vision Barbara H Stantonnysoclib notes notes4

  2. 2014 You can t go home again, or at least not always I do so love this book, but this time through, the central device struck me as a little shopworn, the ending rushed and annoying from the standpoint that these characters are summing up their lives and they are younger at the end of the book than I am now But the achingly nostalgic tone, the homage to the music of the protagonist s adolescence, that car, oh, that car all of that still works for me, and will keep me coming back again and again [...]

  3. I ve readbyAnton Myrer several times and have thoroughly enjoyed it every time I ve just added it to my all time favorites list It tells the story of 5 Harvard men and the women they loved in the carefree years leading up to World War II where their biggest worries where the next dance of the Big Band Sounds of those days would be and who would be driving the huge, beautiful Packard convertible they called The Empress Their lives are turned upside down with the beginning of WWII It is a wonderfu [...]

  4. Wonderful book The Greatest Generation from pre war college days to post war readjustment trying to make up for time lost and friends lost finishing school, jobs, marriage, kids A very personal yet sweeping view of the war, the homefront, swing, and friendships, seen through a small group of college buddies, thrown together, torn apart, and thrown together again, all held together by memories and a beautiful old Packard convertible called, The Empress Makes you want to mix a stinger and listen t [...]

  5. Posledn kabriolet je kniha, o ktorej som nepo ula, a k m som ju nedostala ako dar ek k narodenin m Ide o klasick pr beh jednej gener cie zasiahnutou druhou svetovou vojnou Je to pr beh pred, po as a po vojne Na skupine piatich kamar tov sledujeme ich bezstarostn osudy od za iatku t dia na Harwarde a postupne tak, ako sa bl i vojna, je c ti , e aj pr beh je st le ponurej a chm rnej A v etko je spojen jedn m autom kabrioletom, ktor postupne putuje medzi kamar tmi a na jeho stave v podstate sleduje [...]

  6. Anton Myrer creates masterful character development in his novel revolving around Harvard students, WWII and ensuing family years filled with love, grief and personality conflicts Following the book s title a classic four door green late 1930 s Packard convertible nicknamed Empress is featured throughout the book providing transportation for dates, football games, Boston s Back Bay as well as memorable jaunts to Nauset Beach on Cape Cod.

  7. This is one of my absolute favorite books When I wish to be caught up in a time that only existed for a fragile moment in lhe lives of a select group, this is one of the best to capture the experience and anguish of joy, sorrow, love, laughter, and longing all in one 0ther books that have the same effect for me are The Best of Families by Ellen Berlin, and Circle of Friends by Maeve Binchy I think at least one of these is probably due for a re read soon.

  8. I never understood my dad until I read this book This book so completely makes you feel a part of the whole pre WWII generation and the music that kept them going despite the great depression.HIGHLY recommended

  9. I ADORE this book One of my all time favourites I even found a hard copy version in an old bookstore on Cape Cod Couldn t get perfect Such a good story, such good characters, oh how I wanted that car And would have taken Dal as well.he was the best.

  10. Very good novel This is a grand sweeping epic that is reminiscent of the style of novels that were big in the 1970 s Nostalgic, soapy, melodramatic stories that seemed to be the norm This one stands out as one of the best from that period Tells the story of five friends from Harvard in 1940 and we see how their lives and loves play out through the second world war years and beyond The novel incorporates wonderful old big band songs into the story which really helps to set the time and places in [...]

  11. Great book I laughed and shed a few tears In the book you follow the lives of 5 Harvard men You meet them as they are starting there first year of college They are normal kids Going to school, having parties and driving to football games Then their world turns upside down when a little thing called Pearl Harbor happens The book spans a 30 year time period You follow them through the war and after Marriage kids It s interesting seeing how things were then I didn t quite understand all of the movi [...]

  12. I wasn t sure in the beginning because I felt it kinda dragged and there were too many characters to follow But I eventually became invested in them and wanted to know what happened.

  13. I read this book for the first time in my early 20s It was another book in which I saw the TV mini series version first and then sought out the book later I loved the mini series but the book quickly became one of my all time favorite books The book captured the innocence and hopes of 4 friends who meet in college, and carries you on their journey through the Ivy League, World War II, the Big Band Era as well as the world of unrequited love It brings home just how much World War II devastated so [...]

  14. After reading this book in my early twenties I had to call my mother, who was the same age in WWII as the book s characters, and ask if she was really as innocent as the author made her generation out to be She assurred me they were, which dumbstruck me, but looking back thirty years later, I think even my generation in their own cynical way was just as naive No matter the age, innocence is a function of youth, and Myrer captured that I recently reread it for the historical content and wasn t ne [...]

  15. Growing up of one generation pursuing their dreams, losing their hopes and at the end being, in one way or another, crushed by the reality The life is not as glamorous as we all dreamt it The realism of the book is relevant also nowadays when we are all raised being exceptional, with high expectations, but only some of our dreams might come true The book shows us to live through the disappointments of life and accept them Very relevant still today.

  16. Tohle je skute n dobr kn ka P b h jedn generace A koli s t m m m jen m lo spole n ho, p esto m n kolik v c opravdu zas hlo Doporu uju pokud m te r di knihy z druh sv tov v lky r di , ale nejen Je to p b h ze ivota, o l sce, ob tov n , v rnosti a p telstv Postavy nejsou ernob l a prost se mi to hrozn hrozn moc l bilo Jen jsem te pon kud v depresi

  17. asn kn ka hlavn jej prvn dv t etiny Ale v z v ru, m sto aby gradovala, j za n doch zet dech Ne snad, e by t mata a my lenky Myrer nedohr l, ale a moc to cel natahuje a navrch se mnohdy to v kruz ch Co je trochu na kodu.

  18. I always resist rating something lower than the average but I just didn t care about most of the characters in this book Considering it is a character driven novel and a long one at that, it felt like a failing I did enjoy all of the WWII passages though.

  19. While parts of this book were transcendent wonderfully written, evocative, heart warming and heart wrenching the other parts dragged it down.

  20. V born pr beh s v born mi dobov mi re liami 2 svetov vojna, vojna vo Vietname, premeny americkej spolo nosti v t chto dob ch udsk a oslovuj ci.

  21. One of the best books I have ever read It s a little bit naive in some parts but so true as a whole book.

  22. There are only moments They like to tell us that time runs along in even, ticking measures, minute to day to month to decade, but that isn t true It s like a groping journey in the fog, hiking up Bootspur Trail on Mount Washington in bad weather, nothing around you but the rock of the trail and the ghostly shadows of the firs and all at once you reach the summit and it s blown clear and the sun is blazing down out of a vibrant, rain washed sky and everything is new and full of clarity and time d [...]

  23. This book chronicles the lives of five young men who enter Harvard together in 1940 with all the hopes and dreams of college undergraduates but who then find themselves pulled into the savagery and disillusionment of World War II The story ends in 1969 after their 25th reunion in Cambridge Myrer himself left Harvard in 1942 and joined the Marines where he participated in the Pacific theater of the war As I read the book, I almost felt as if I were watching a movie Myrer is wordy, but his descrip [...]

  24. This is one of those timeless stories that is relevant whenever you read it It s the kind of book you reread every few years because you want to think deeply and feel deeply about life and relationships The story is deftly crafted, the prose beautiful It reminded me of a Jane Smiley saga so rich in the details of a time passed but still so pertinent to our current situation

  25. I read this so many years ago I remember that it killed my interest early on in the years leading up and during to WWII I was lucky to find it on.

  26. I love the Cape Cape Cod and loved this book My ex told me to read it 25 years ago I finally found it in the storage room where all of our discarded marital furniture had been sitting for 13 years Although The furniture was all around me, I walked out with only The Last Convertible in my hand I remembered the way my ex had commented on the book I could tell he was moved by it and now I understand why The scenes, descriptions, characters, prose are unforgettable I think my ex took away some of th [...]

  27. I read this about 20 years ago and thought it d be nice to make a return to it As others have noted, it chronicles a close group of Greatest Generation friends who meet at Harvard and the nearby women s colleges in the early 1940 s Each male character chooses a different branch of the service in which to participate in World War Two, and their stories are collectively told through the voice of George Virdon The actual convertible The Empress is the literary device to hold the friendships togethe [...]

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