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Oz: Ozma of Oz

Oz: Ozma of Oz [PDF] Oz: Ozma of Oz | by â Eric Shanower Skottie Young L. Frank Baum - Oz: Ozma of Oz, Oz Ozma of Oz Dorothy Gale plunges into adventure again this time with a talking chicken named Billina Dorothy and Billina are washed off their sailing ship to face drowning starvation and screaming Wheelers str

  • Title: Oz: Ozma of Oz
  • Author: Eric Shanower Skottie Young L. Frank Baum
  • ISBN: 9780785142478
  • Page: 443
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] Oz: Ozma of Oz | by â Eric Shanower Skottie Young L. Frank Baum, [PDF] Oz: Ozma of Oz | by â Eric Shanower Skottie Young L. Frank Baum, Oz: Ozma of Oz, Eric Shanower Skottie Young L. Frank Baum, Oz Ozma of Oz Dorothy Gale plunges into adventure again this time with a talking chicken named Billina Dorothy and Billina are washed off their sailing ship to face drowning starvation and screaming Wheelers strange men with wheels instead of hands and feet The multiple Eisner Award winning and New York Times bestselling team of Shanower and Young returns to Oz with this comics aDorothy Gale p. [PDF] Oz: Ozma of Oz | by â Eric Shanower Skottie Young L. Frank Baum - Oz: Ozma of Oz, Oz Ozma of Oz Dorothy Gale plunges into adventure again this time with a talking chicken named Billina Dorothy and Billina are washed off their sailing ship to face drowning starvation and screaming Wheelers str

  • [PDF] Oz: Ozma of Oz | by â Eric Shanower Skottie Young L. Frank Baum
    443Eric Shanower Skottie Young L. Frank Baum
Oz: Ozma of Oz

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  1. Eric Shanower Skottie Young L. Frank Baum Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Oz: Ozma of Oz book, this is one of the most wanted Eric Shanower Skottie Young L. Frank Baum author readers around the world.

  2. The story is far from ending up Creative Team Writer Eric Shanower based on the original works by L Frank Baum Illustrator Scottie YoungBEWARE THE WHEELERS Dorothy returns in another adventure but to her surprise she may not being in Kansas any but it s not Oz either.Dorothy and her new companion, Billina, are now in the wonderful land of Ev Billina is a hen, but unlike Toto, the dog, Billina is able to talk while she is in the magical realms, making her interesting to read in the story And don [...]

  3. While Dorothy ends up proving herself worthy of being Ozma s champion in this book, there s a second hero who is sometimes overlooked Bill the chicken pussrebootsir blog 2015

  4. Didn t really enjoy this one as much, mainly because the plot wasn t all that and what s with the title Also, switch Ozma back to Tip please

  5. This is another book that I grabbed off of the kids shelves because it looked fun And the story was, but the design was confusing It s the third book in the graphic novel series of the Oz books, so it must be selling well But I wonder who the audience for these books is because of some of the design choices.The story was the classic Baum tale The story editing allowed the heart, humor and drama to come through very well So that would work for kids or for grown up fans of the series But I just di [...]

  6. This was without a doubt my favorite book of the bunch The original text served as the other half of the inspiration for the film Return to Oz and is full of wonderful little bits of plot At this point, this is the third OZ book by Baum A series he never intended to happen but once Wonderful Wizard of Oz was so popular, he decided to make it a series While the first two books I felt lacked some plot logic and had some characters giving up quite easily, this book really starts to develop into som [...]

  7. This is the third book in Marvel s Oz series, these are graphic novel retellings of the L Frank Baum s Oz books This was a fantastic book I really really enjoyed it I loved the illustration and colors and really enjoyed that Dorothy was back in the story.Dorothy has returned to Oz with her only company being the chicken Billina Right off the bat they run into some very scary Wheelers and find and activate Tik Tok who assists them in their flight from the Wheelers The whole thing culminates in Do [...]

  8. I LOVE this series In this 3rd book in the series Dorothy comes back and we meet many new characters Dorothy and Uncle Henry head off on a journey by ship to Australia As fate would have it Dorothy washes overboard and ends up on a strange island with a talking hen named Bill Dorothy resolves to call her Billina and the two explore the mysterious Land of Ev It isn t long before they get involved in the problems of the Land of Ev They find a mechanical man named Tik Tok who fills them in on the h [...]

  9. Ozma Of Oz is a great book, and much of the storyline from Return to Oz is borrowed from the plot elements here If you re familiar with that movie, you ll know what s coming most of the time And Ozma does have some really great plot elements, plus it introduced the fabulous Billina I m really enjoying how Shanower is adapting the Oz books He obviously has a great deal of affection for the source material, and I d say that it s a fairly close adaptation, from my memory I do like the art style tha [...]

  10. While I m not a huge fan of Skottie Young s art too many facial expressions involving mouths open very wide this is a fun graphic retelling of the third Oz book Shanower s pacing seemed well suited to the material, and the story moved along quickly and in a way which will entertain readers, whether they ve read the originals or not.As in the original prose version, this volume added several characters to the world of Oz, including the delightful Tik Tok, a copper mechanical man that needs to be [...]

  11. Despu s del baj n del segundo volumen, ste vuelve a subir el nivel La historia es sencilla y entretenida, aunque siga lejos de la del primer volumen, y los dibujos de Skottie Young se notan m s trabajados que en la segunda parte.

  12. Rating 4 The retelling from the story was really great and Mr Shanower does an excellent forwarding letter, which gets you really excited about reading the story and why he loves it so much The art was excellent like always and it was an exciting read.

  13. I truly felt like I went on a journey, reading this book Illustrations with a sense of scope, and the text had humour as well as a philosophical bent.

  14. Parece que Marvel se ha dado la tarea de realizar una muy fiel y bien hecha adaptaci n de la serie de la Tierra de Oz y esta vez toca el turno a la tercera novela del grupo son 14, las originales con una 15ava escritra por otra autora terminando un trabajo de Baum En esta ocasi n, Dorita quien no aparece en el segundo libro llega a la Tierra de EV, donde el maligno rey Gnomo mantiene cautivos en calidad de objetos a la famila ex real de Ev, y la recien estrenada soberana de Oz,Ozma, decide ayuda [...]

  15. I thought it was the first book cause it was the only one at my library and it doesn t say it s the third anywhere in the book I enjoyed reading this comic, but it s a small and correct read I expected a better story than this one especially since it s from Marvel I will still read the rest, hoping to love the rest I found that it lacked of a little action, when thinking of Marvel, we often think of superheroes and action.Je pensais que c tait le premier puisque c tait le seul ma biblioth que e [...]

  16. This is my favourite Oz book and the illustrations are fantastic I m used to the drawings from the original version and the new ones are very different but remind you just how young Dorothy and Ozma are, and I love the highly stylized art The Wheelers are terrible though, I think the artist has seen The Mask too many times I adore the rest and appreciate the different body types the artist used Love this book

  17. Dorothy is traveling with Uncle Henry to Australia, but gets swept off the ship by a big wave during a storm, lands in a shipping crate with a talking chicken, Billina and washes ashore at the land of Ev She finds a key that unlocks Tic too, a mechanical man They then travel to the Capital and embark on a journey to save the Queen and her family.

  18. Another great sequel I loved the designs for the Wheelers They re definitely a new favourite for me.I can t remember if it was this way in the original book, but here the Scarecrow had some surprisingly cold lines He was almost sadistic in this one almost It was hilarious

  19. I love, love, love this artwork The story is wonderful, but the artwork keeps me reading I always want to see how new characters will look This is a great story about Dorothy finding herself in the Land of Ev, and meeting up with her friends from the Land of Oz.

  20. The third volume in this series While I enjoyed Shanower s adaptation and Young s artwork, this series has run its course for me I m sure that there are many volumes to come, but I ve had my fill.

  21. Ok so apparently I read the third one but it doesn t change a thing haha I was expecting so much from this graphic novel The art style wasn t that good and the story was boring I won t continue the series.

  22. Lindas ilustraciones y esos colores Visualmente es un espect culo L stima que la historia me haya parecido tan, tan mala.

  23. Loved this Shanower Young adaptation of Ozma of Oz The Hungry Tiger made me laugh out loud and Bill the chicken steals the show.

  24. Last year I discovered Marvel Comics adaptations of L Frank Baum s classic Oz books Beginning with The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, and continuing with The Marvelous Land of Oz, the combination of Eric Shanower s adaptation of Baum s writing with Skottie Young s amazing artwork had me sold from the first pages The third volume, a hardcover comic collecting the eight comic book issues of Ozma of Oz, is now in stores, and is my favorite so far in this Oz series.If you re familiar with the Walt Disney 8 [...]

  25. Infuriatingly suffers from the same problem as Oz The Marvelous Land of Oz, with the illustrations not always matching up with the text The most glaring example comes from the Nome King s bargain if Ozma or any of her companions can correctly identify the ornaments into which the royal family of Ev have been turned, they will be freed If they fail to make a correct guess, they will be turned into ornaments as well The secret is that the members of the royal family are the only purple ornaments i [...]

  26. The third in Shanower and Young s very successful set of graphic novel adaptations, Ozma of Oz emphasizes both the strengths and weaknesses of the series Young s art continues to be fresh and vibrant special praise is due for his zaftig Princess Langwidere and her voluminous masses of hair, the world weary and sarcastic glares of Billina the hen, and best of all, the wispy, furry little Nomes who populate the Nome King s Dominion These are wonderful creations, and if his Nome King seems little [...]

  27. The tale of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is a classic loved by many I personally love Judy Garland s portrayal of Dorothy Gale and the journey she takes on the yellow brick road to get to get back home to Kansas I read the original story a while back and I saw quite a lot of editing done in the movie compared to the book I felt it was much needed editing after I finished reading it There was just too much filler But, I decided to give Ozma of Oz a try because generally comics make stories seem bet [...]

  28. I have vague memories of seeing the movie Return to Oz years ago I mainly recalled that it was sort of creepy and weird, especially to my younger self when I saw it My vague recall of it was triggered by reading the previous book in this series, since it had some characters in common, but I see that of the source material of the movie was adapted from this book The creepy things I recall from the movie are less bothersome here, though whether that is because I m older or just because the movie [...]

  29. As with the rest of Marvel s Oz graphic novels I ve read, this one does a good job of remaining very faithful to Baum s original story while adding spectacular visual elements and toning down the rather graphic parts like the creepy Princess who switches heads to make it kid friendly In case you aren t familiar with the original, in this Oz book, Dorothy is traveling to Australia with her Uncle when she gets swept overboard in a storm She awakes to find herself traveling with a talking chicken, [...]

  30. These graphic novels really are super awesome The artwork is bad ass I like that even though these are considered children s graphic novels that the artwork is sometimes a bit creepy Skottie Young is seriously boss I ve never read any of the Wizard of Oz books before other than the junior version of the original, so I m not particularly familiar with the story of any of the books outside of the movie for the first one , but I really liked this one Billina the hen was so fabulous And I really lik [...]