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Raven Cursed

Raven Cursed Free Download Raven Cursed - by Faith Hunter - Raven Cursed, Raven Cursed The vampires of Asheville North Carolina want to establish their own clan but since they owe loyalty to the Master Vampire of New Orleans they must work out the terms with him To come up with an eq

  • Title: Raven Cursed
  • Author: Faith Hunter
  • ISBN: 9780451464330
  • Page: 175
  • Format: Book

Free Download Raven Cursed - by Faith Hunter, Free Download Raven Cursed - by Faith Hunter, Raven Cursed, Faith Hunter, Raven Cursed The vampires of Asheville North Carolina want to establish their own clan but since they owe loyalty to the Master Vampire of New Orleans they must work out the terms with him To come up with an equitable solution he sends an envoy with the best bodyguard blood money can buy Jane Yellowrock But when a group of local campers are attacked by something fanged Jane goeThe vampires of. Free Download Raven Cursed - by Faith Hunter - Raven Cursed, Raven Cursed The vampires of Asheville North Carolina want to establish their own clan but since they owe loyalty to the Master Vampire of New Orleans they must work out the terms with him To come up with an eq

  • Free Download Raven Cursed - by Faith Hunter
    175Faith Hunter
Raven Cursed

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  1. Faith Hunter s Jane Yellowrock series is a dark urban fantasy Jane is a full blooded Cherokee skinwalker and hunter of rogue vampires in a world of weres, witches, vampires, and other supernats.Her Rogue Mage novels Bloodring, Seraphs, Host, and the RPG Rogue Mage feature Thorn St Croix, a stone mage in a post apocalyptic alternate reality.The Soulwood series is a new dark urban fantasy paranormal police procedural thriller series featuring Nell Nicholson Ingram.Faith writes full time, tries to keep house, and is a workaholic She gave up cooking for lent one year and the oven hasn t been turned on since Okay that s a joke She does still make cold cereal and sandwiches Occasionally, she remembers to sweep or use the vacuum cleaner Faith researches in great detail, and tries most everything her characters do Research led to her life s passions jewelry making, orchids, bones, travel, white water kayaking, and writing.Jewelry making was the occupation of two of her characters Thorn St Croix, the Rogue Mage, and the main character of BloodStone, written by her pen name, Gwen Hunter She fell in love with the art form Faith makes, wears, and sometimes gives away her jewelry as promo items to fans and as prizes in contests See her FaceBook Fan Page at facebook official.fait for pics She works with stones, pearls, crystal, and glass, wire wrapping larger, undrilled, focal stones Labradorite, ite, apatite, aquamarine, and prehnite are her favorite stones Faith loves 20 orchids Her favorite time of year is when several are blooming Pictures can be seen at her FaceBook page And yes, she collects bones and skulls Many of her orchid pics are juxtaposed with bones and skulls a fox, cat, dog, cow skull, goat skull, that is, unfortunately, falling apart and the jawbone of an ass She just received a boar skull, and the skull of a mountain lion legally purchased from a US tannery killed in the wild.She and her husband RV, traveling with their rescued Pomeranians to whitewater rivers all over the Southeast The poms don t whitewater The pampered dogs stay in the RV in air conditioned comfort And that leads Faith to kayaking her very favorite sport Faith discovered whitewater paddling when she was researching her Gwen Hunter mystery book, Rapid Descent She took a lesson and after a bout of panic attacks from fear of drowning discovered she loved the sport.Faith is one of the founders and a participant at MagicalWords, an online writing forum geared to helping writers And she is a voracious reader.Under other pen names, notably, Gwen Hunter, she writes action adventure, mysteries, and thrillers As Gwen, she is a winner of the WH Smith Literary Award for Fresh Talent in 1995 in the UK, and won a Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Award in 2008 As Faith, her books have been on the New York Times and USA Today Bestseller lists Under all her pen names, she has than 40 books, anthologies, and complications in print in 30 countries For , including a list of her books, see faithhunter , gwenhunter , and magicalwords To keep up with her daily, join her fan pages at Facebook facebook official.fait

  2. 4 A buddy read with the Wednesday UF fanatics BBB Jane does not disappoint This Cherokee tall, dark and dangerous lady who shares a body with the soul of a Big Cat, is one very exciting character whom we can always count on for some danger and adrenaline rush She is so beyond awesome, but despite all around her seeing that, she still has a lot of self esteem issues Because of the nature of her job, a rogue Vampire hunter, it is only to be expected that many creatures, and even some humans, would [...]

  3. 4.5 What I really like about this series is the original stuff I seem to encounter every time.Again, this book was pretty addicting, hard to put down and fast paced And the characters are evolving, something I rarely see and always appreciate Like in the previous books, what I loved the most was Beast The moments when you see Beast s POV are absolutely great, I fell in love with that cat Plus, she s damn funny at times, what s not to love.And I have a feeling that Rick won t be here for much lon [...]

  4. I ve been following this series since the beginning, full of hope and almost admiration for the heroine, Jane Yellowrock She is a fabulous example of what I enjoy in urban fantasy females She s independent, athletic, even tempered, kicks butt, almost never talks about her clothes, and intially, couldn t care less if she had a boyfriend or not However, she does talk about her weapons and armor does that count Her world is a modern day U.S coping with the exotic races of vampires, weres and witche [...]

  5. Faith Hunter barrels into the fourth book in her Jane Yellowrock series with all the subtlety of a monster truck rally.If fine literature is wine and roses, then this series is beer and pizza lively and fun.Truth be told, I am a late arrival to the urban fantasy party I was introduced to the idea by Kevin Hearne s Iron Druid series and was hooked Hunter s Yellowrock also introduced me to her Soulwood series and now I m open for all kinds of fantasy hiding in broad daylight The premise that there [...]

  6. this was good the beginning was a little too detail y for me and i had to skim thru it but overall good bookJane is good Ricky and her still have a thing but he might be traveling for his new possible job with PsyLed Bruiser s still out of the picture really leo is out of the picture for now Jane may stay at her job for leo s security and she may not, we don t know but her job for now is completed she protected gregoire and even though they had a little thing between them when he healed her and [...]

  7. I know there is to the Jane Yellowrock series than just her love life I really do But going into this book, all I could think about was whether Jane was going to end up with Rick now that he s big cat or if she ll kick his big honking cheating ass to the curb Will Bruiser be there to stake his claim Will those two finally cross the finish line So in deference to these burning questions, I ll say right off the bat that after reading this book, I am wholly dissatisfied with this entire element of [...]

  8. 4 Stars I finished this earlier today, and I must say I quite enjoyed it There was so much going on in this one, dare I say a little too much Seriously, that is the only thing pushing this away from a higher rating the fact that the story just has a little too much going on at once In this book the mystery mysteries seemed a bit too nebulous, and I wish they were a bit contained like in later books I also feel like there is some development when it comes to Rick and even Kem that I have missed [...]

  9. I was far from bowled over by this offering in the series It felt too long and poorly paced Also and I never thought this would matter to me there s too much Rick and no Bruiser except for a couple of phone calls.

  10. 2017 Summer Lovin Reading List I d rather fight an old rogue vamp in my underwear, with my bare hands, than deal with relationship problems.Perhaps that s because Jane s love life is complicated That would have to be her Facebook status She is so busy fleeing from all the men in her life that she allows herself to take the blame for a bunch of things that truly aren t her fault But, realistically, that s what happens when you re a woman in charge of something the men involved feel free to blame [...]

  11. Raven Cursed was a fantastic book It is full of information and demands you slow down and pay attention Some much needed answers we ve been wanting from the end of Mercy Blade are answered in regards to Jane s relationship with Rick and what Evangelina is up to The witch s nickname is Evil Evie for a good reason The plot of Raven Cursed itself was good as was it s place in the overall storyline of the series My only complaint is in terms of Jane s emotional growth throughout the series I don t s [...]

  12. See Jane Run.See Jane Hunt.See Jane Fight.See Jane have weird spells cast on and about her.See Jane take the blame for absolutely everything that is happening around her, even thought the majority is really not her fault.See Jane make horrible personal decisions or non decisions about her love life.See Jane call an angel.See Jane battle a demon.In the Jane Yellowrock series I like the magic, some of the characters and story plots But I struggle with Jane s interpersonal communications with most [...]

  13. You may also read my review here mybookishways 2011 12 When we last left my favorite skinwalker in Mercy Blade, there were definitely some strings that needed tyin up, so I was eager to dive back into Jane s world in Raven Cursed In the 4th book of the series, Jane heads out of New Orleans and back to Asheville, North Carolina to provide security for a parley between the MOC of New Orleans and a master vamp that wants to establish his own territory Unfortunately, Jane gets way way than she barg [...]

  14. Also posted at the purlsonline readers forum Raven Cursed opens with Jane in charge of security for a parley between master vampires Jane is confident and competent in her duties But after a while the vampire politics takes a backseat to a mess involving witches, werewolves, and Jane s ex boyfriend Rick, and even Jane s abilities are taxed Raven Cursed has Jane at her independent and slightly feral best, but with a guilt syndrome that seems out of place in such a competent woman Beast is fantast [...]

  15. Faith Hunter s Jane Yellowrock series must be one of the most under rated UF series out there It rarely gets mentioned in the same company as Kate Daniels or Fever, or other high profile series, and it really should These books are every bit as good, and they get better as they go on.Many of the plot lines from the previous novel, Mercy Blade, spill over into this book, as Jane returns to her home turf to provide security for a parley between a local fanghead and Gregoire, one of Leo s associate [...]

  16. Jane needs to stop blaming herself for other people s actions and everything that goes wrong Otherwise, awesome book.

  17. Buddy read with the Wednesday UF Group over at BBB.WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD Jane Yellowrock has climbed all the way to my favourite self I m kind of in love with her Or rather with Beast Beast is amazing I can t believe that a cat can be this interesting Kudos to Ms Hunter for writing such a believable animal character It s time for a change of scenery in the Yellowrock series We re in Asheville for a high stakes vampire parley And Jane was the dubious honor of being responsible for the security o [...]

  18. 4.5 starsI love, love, LOVE these books Jane Yellowrock is one frickin cool chick.

  19. 4.5 stars great This book was pretty great I really, really enjoyed it It kept me reading long past my bedtime so that I could finish it I didn t go to bed until after finishing the final page at about 7am on May 11, 2016 This book even had a couple of lines that almost made me laugh out loud, and one line that DID make me LOL I d give it a full five stars, but it was missing that extra special something that would have made it a true five star book So 4.5 great stars it is This story finds Jane [...]

  20. 3.5 5.0Still loving the series, just wasn t as riveted in this installment It seemed to puddle along a bit slower than the first three I was also perfectly disgusted with the way Jane allows Rick back into her life so easily Especially since she is completely aware, not just of his indefensible cheating, but of the fact that he still drools over every other woman with two legs OBVIOUSLY this is a character trait not a one time indiscretion Why or why does she so easily ignore all that Doesn t ma [...]

  21. Not a bad entry to the series but not something that captured and held me I felt like I d missed something regarding the character Rick and later discovered that there is a short story in the anthology Cat Tales that fills the gaps in a bit I am not always happy with the choices the protag makes in her relationships and this entry was no exception I have a hard time respecting women who constantly choose to go back to men who have played and gamed them, or men who consider themselves players all [...]

  22. More 3.5 stars, really Jane was a bit too something Or maybe it was that she wasn t enough something I dunno, but this one wasn t my favorite It lacked something.

  23. Jane s duties take her home to Asheville, NC in RAVEN CURSED She is providing security for the vampires during a meeting between Vamps As soon as she gets there, there are problems with campers being found dead which leads her to one of Molly s sister witches Jane has been bad ass from day one I have always loved how independent she is Beast always has the best comments and reasoning s to help her along I still have a ton of questions, I hope the next book finally puts some of those to rest I wa [...]

  24. 3.5 starsThis was an infuriating read Poor Jane is always being blamed for all the shit that goes wrong Part of it is her own doing She carries so much guilt over what happened to Rick LaFleur I m still not a fan of his and his somewhat guilty admission of cheating on Jane was bullshit It will be interesting to see what he becomes though and if that opens the possibilities to his relationship advancing with Jane We also find out what Evangelina had been up to Which led to another infuriating plo [...]

  25. This series just keeps getting better Jane and Beast make for an amazing combo This book had non stop action There were lots of plot threads which ultimately came together at then at one point it was almost too complex.The relationship issues were touched upon but not fully addressed Personally I think Jane meets some stemy sex with Leo, Bruiser and Rick Although it appears she is emotionally connected to Rick, as Beast would say, she deserves than one mate I can t wait for the next installment [...]

  26. Their is just something about this series that irks me I want to love this series and I do so enjoy Jane, but I struggle Jane is the type of heroine I like to read about in Urban Fantasy s She s independent, kicks butt, loves tea, has her favorite weapons, and is a skinwalker, something not common, at least to me, to read about However, I feel I struggle in each book with something Some of my struggles have to do with the men in Jane s life vying for her I dislike them as boyfriend lover materia [...]

  27. Jane Yellowrock is one of those series I kept seeing everywhere, right up there with my favorites, but it took me forever to give it try So, binge reading Four books inOk, what the hell was I waiting for Raven Cursed 4 starsState of me after book 4 Why is this series so underrated No, really this series is criminally underrated and it s just as good as Mercy Thompson or Kate Daniels.After that high stakes induced cliffie at the end of Mercy Blade you would expect to jump into story right where w [...]