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The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever

The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever ✓ The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever ✓ Julia Quinn - The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever, The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever March Today I fell in love At the age of ten Miranda Cheever showed no signs of Great Beauty And even at ten Miranda learned to accept the expectations society held for her until the afterno

  • Title: The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever
  • Author: Julia Quinn
  • ISBN: 9780061230837
  • Page: 154
  • Format: Paperback

✓ The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever ✓ Julia Quinn, ✓ The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever ✓ Julia Quinn, The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever, Julia Quinn, The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever March Today I fell in love At the age of ten Miranda Cheever showed no signs of Great Beauty And even at ten Miranda learned to accept the expectations society held for her until the afternoon when Nigel Bevelstoke the handsome and dashing Viscount Turner solemnly kissed her hand and promised her that one day she would grow into herself that. ✓ The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever ✓ Julia Quinn - The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever, The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever March Today I fell in love At the age of ten Miranda Cheever showed no signs of Great Beauty And even at ten Miranda learned to accept the expectations society held for her until the afterno

  • ✓ The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever ✓ Julia Quinn
    154Julia Quinn
The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever

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  1. 1 New York Times bestselling author Julia Quinn loves to dispel the myth that smart women don t read or write romance, and in 2001 she did so in grand style, competing on the the game show The Weakest Link and walking away with the 79,000 jackpot She displayed a decided lack of knowledge about baseball, country music, and plush toys, but she is proud to say that she aced all things British and literary, answered all of her history and geography questions correctly, and knew that there was a Da Vinci long before there was a code.In 2010, Ms Quinn won her third RITA Award in four years and was the thirteenth author to be inducted into the Romance Writers of America Hall of Fame Her books have been translated into twenty nine languages, and she has been profiled in USA Today and TIME Magazine Her twenty sixth novel, The Girl With the Make Believe Husband, will be released in 2017.

  2. 24 JULY 2015 Good Lord Today I fell in love And then I fell out of love Sigh.I ought to be shameful, I know that What is it exactly Have I the attention span of a squirrel don t ask why a squirrel, I have no idea I wonder, I wonder And yet things had started so well It appears that I can t help myself give me a smart, brave, strong minded heroine who doesn t shy away from her desires and a a what exactly A sexy broken man Put them together and then let the magic begin hilarious and witty banter, [...]

  3. FULL REVIEW 2 March 1810 Today, I fell in love.This book was so good First of all here are some of my emotions or whatever you want to call it image error image error Now you saw how I felt.Now my thoughts 5 incredibly HOT SEXY Stars Now when I first saw this book I was stupid enough to not realize that it was an erotic romance novel and written by one of the best erotic romance author ever Now when you first see the cover of the book you think its like a diary of someone or like a normal roman [...]

  4. My favorite moment in this book is when the heroine has to be physically restrained because she opens a can of whoop ass on a bookstore owner who refuses to sell her a book because he only sells to men Apparently, they had bookstores for men only, and women only WTF You go, girl Our story is about a kid who develops a crush on her bff s older brother and then carries that torch for him for years Even though he turns into kind of an ass, she sees him through rose colored glasses and is madly in l [...]

  5. 4.5 starsA couple of years ago when I first joined , one of my favorite things to do was stalk my favorite authors bookshelves.It probably still would be, but when I say stalk I mean it, so I ve already added anything of interest, and to keep doing it would crossover into creepy territory.Can t have that snickers At the time, I still hadn t ever read a straight up historical romance, but after my success with KMM s Highlander series, I was open to the possibility, so when Ilona Andrews my FAVOR [...]

  6. Fair warning This is a gut reaction review, written under the influence of my monthly gift from mother nature Perhaps if I d read this at a different time, I could have found some redeeming qualities about it But I didn t, so I can t.I m slightly horrified by this book Specifically by Turner and, to a lesser extent, by Miranda herself I can t think of anything in the book I can qualify as romance and still hold my head up high.First, Turner An asshat of epic proportions He s an emotionally stunt [...]

  7. This book really fell off for me in the last third I like Quinn s writing despite the scattering of anachronistic expressions which sometimes threw me out of the era , I mostly liked Miranda, and I was prepared to like Turner if he got over his conviction that his previous lousy marriage entitled him to be a jerk But I was really waiting not for him to fall in love with Miranda but to develop some respect for her and treat her as an adult, a friend, an equal And I felt that Quinn wrote their per [...]

  8. And the end of the year ends with a sweet romance, so sweet that my teeth ache I loved parts of the book, especially the character of Miranda And other parts of the book annoyed me The whole, Why don t you love me plot was a bit much The book could have been about 70 pages less and got a better rating from me.I ll still continue with the series though because I m sure there will be a story about Olivia and I m looking forward to that book

  9. Oh, this was such a sweet story I loved every page of it I couldn t put it down, which I m sorry because it was over so fast that I feel bad for having spend money in something that lasted useful in my hands only some hours,lol Then again, I can t think in anything better than spending my money in this amazing books,lol, I don t regret it of course It s just that sometimes it hurts to see my money being consumed so fast But I guess you just can t help it when you find a good book.Julia Quinn is [...]

  10. Como siempre una apuesta segura leer a Julia Quinn Es de esos libros que te gusta releer con el tiempo y disfrutar como la primera vezAdoro las historias de as infantiles que con el tiempo madura y se convierte en un amor verdadero me gusta ver como los personajes van madurando y vas viendo como cambian sus personalidades Miranda es un personaje adorable aunque hay veces que la daria un coscorron por ser tannnnnn persistente jejeje , cree en el amor y en Turner y sabe ver los defectos de este no [...]

  11. At the tender age of ten Miranda Cheever fell in love with the brother of her best friend Viscount Turner, with his act of kindness to a awkward growing girl, Miranda never forgot his words that day to her and kept a journal with her thoughts of love since then Now years later the once kind and caring Viscount Turner, Nigel Bevelstoke is left a bitter and cold hearted man after his wife ripped all his dreams of love and family to sheds with her numerous affairs before her death.To return the onc [...]

  12. I have no bookshelves to put this book on The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever was my third book by Julia Quinn, and it seems that the third try is the charm ish.While I wasn t deeply offended by it, as I was with The Duke and I, or so indifferent to it that I found it utterly forgettable, as is the case with To Catch an Heiress, The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever leave still a lot to be desired.What bothered me most, besides the age difference and the fact that the heroine is only [...]

  13. I m not surprised ths one the Rita award in 2008 It very much deserved it A Must Read I ADORE Miranda Cheever She and her sweet friend Olivia are two of my favorite characters in modern writing The story was lovely and unexpected, filled with the unrequited love of a ten year old girl Miranda Cheeser And with the pain and disenchantment with life that comes when all your hopes and dreams in life are shattered Turner Bevelstock And it is about so much , to be sure One of the themes that affects m [...]

  14. RetoRitaUna delicia.Es una novela de esas con una protagonista femenina con car cter, apasionada e ingeniosa Es la historia de un amor infantil, se transforma en un amor adulto, verdadero y apasionado.Turner, desenga ado y absolutamente decepcionado del amor con toda la raz n Los di logos entre ellos son chispeantes, un tira y afloja continuo, muy divertidos.Es una de esas novelas, que sin ser una historia con grandes pretensiones, resulta una delicia Rom ntica, divertida, dulce La he disfrutado [...]

  15. This is a rare one star book that I actually finished, largely because I m still waiting for the two books I want to read to come in the mail and I couldn t sleep last night I m afraid this is everything trite and meaningless about HEA romance I can t stand romance novels in which the crux of the tension is the hero s inability to say three words This book exacerbates the problem because it is so perfectly obvious that the hero does love the heroine and he shows her in a million ways, which lead [...]

  16. 14 libro del RetoRita Hac a tiempo que no le a nada de Julia Quinn y me ha parecido un libro muy de su estilo, entretenido y dulce, aunque mucho m s expl cito en las escenas de amor que la saga de los Bridgerton Aunque me ha gustado la pareja principal, no me han vuelto loca Le doy un 3,5.

  17. The prologue of The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever introduces us to an adorable ten year old girl who still has to grow into herself That was what Viscount Turner, then 19, told her when he escorted her home That and to start writing a journal Their conversation on their way to her house is lovely You ll fall in love with her character right away.So, she listened and asked for a journal from her absent minded scholar father and wrote 2 March 1810 Today, I fell in love Adorable.Fast forw [...]

  18. I was so excited for this book as Julia Quinn is a favorite of mine I normally love her work and I also surprise, surprise love to see the quiet shy girl get the guy Though there was witty dialog and moments that had me laughing out loud, I really have to say I was disappointed and bothered by many aspects of this bookAISE 1 Funny moments that will make you laugh 2 Connection between Turner and Miranda is interesting to watch in about the first half of the book 3 I liked Olivia and Turner s moth [...]

  19. Miranda Cheever fell in love with her best friend s older brother when she was a young girl, now as a young womane s still just as in love Seeing him so wracked with hatred and unhappiness after his philandering wife s death she longs for the man she remembers, the kind and funny man she fell in love with Turner doesn t remember Miranda being so interesting or desirable, but after his bitter marriage full of disappointment and heartbreak he isn t willing to risk falling in love again, especially [...]

  20. Awful Usually I like Julia Quinn, but this was awful.Why 1 Nigel is a huge douche He knocks Miranda up and does not ask her to marry him even though anyone who s read even a page of a Regency romance knows that just a kiss means you re a dirty dirty whore to the Ton After he finds out he knocks her up, he goes on a six week bender No letter, no communication, just getting crunk in Cornwall or whatever When he finally mans up and goes to her Scotland baby birthing place to do the right thing, he [...]

  21. I think that this is one of those books that lots of people won t like, but I am not one of them I love a bittersweet story of romance The kind of melancholy tale that pulls your heart strings because it s realistic I read some reviews where people complained about a hero not being able to say the dreaded three words I LOVE YOU However, I honestly felt bad for the hero in this story I could feel his pain, and I could feel the heroine s pain.One reason I love Julia Quinn as an author is the way [...]

  22. SoI started off loving this book even though the hero Turner was kind of for a lack of a better word weak I instantly connected with Miranda oh how I love the ugly duckling turned beautiful swan storiesbut something happened that threw the book way off track and it never came full circle for me I have read so many books where the main man went through a great tragedy and never quite moved on until he was faced with the loss of the smartest and the most gorgeous gal in England Turner just didn t [...]

  23. Regency romance with sex I really don t think Julia Quinn even wrote this It just doesn t seem like something she d write There s very little humor in it JQ is all about humor in her stories I didn t like Miranda Her heart is always on her sleeve for what One act of kindness 10 years ago We get the tired old Let s get you out of those wet clothes trope Divested of her virginity, Miranda waits in vain for a kind word or marriage proposal.Turner is a Jerk with a capital J Selfish It s all about hi [...]

  24. RetoRita no s cuantos llevo ya RELECTURA.Pues bien, la primera vez que lo le le puse 4, as sin m s, sin pensarlo o meditarlo Por lo que esta vez, ya habiendo meditado durante, mmmm, 5 minutos tras haberlo terminado, le pongo 5.He disfrutado como una enana con los ellos Miranda y Turner Que personajes m s geniales, bien construidos, con su tes sta parte m s bien por parte de Turner.Aqu nos encontramos con un amor infantil, que se transforma en amor maduro por parte de Miranda Me ha encantado como [...]

  25. It was all rather sweet, writing definitely on the sophisticated side in this genre This whole why won t you love me thing got on my nerves It dragged on for too long The characters of Turner and Miranda were inconsistent But I did not dislike either of them so that was ok This book reminds me ofNine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake, where a little girl who felt insecure about her looks was re assured by a big brother and decided at a tender age that he was THE ONE But Miranda is not a path [...]

  26. So I have this mental list of amazing male protagonists from novels, men who get to stand proud and tall in their billowy tucked in, unbuttoned shirts, as I bestow upon them admission to the exclusive Best Romantic Heroes in Literature Club.Nigel Bevelstoke, Viscount Turner is not one of them Full Steam Spoilers and Rants Ahead First off, I would like to point out that this is the third book by Ms Quinn that I have read, and funnily enough, the three books I have read have been THIS little serie [...]

  27. This book appealed to me in the audio version than when I read it several years ago Jenny Sterlin did a fine job narrating.

  28. 21 del RetoRita, Mejor Romance Hist rico 2008 Entretenida, con un comienzo que engancha y se sostiene hasta la mitad de la novela A partir de ah , se suceden varios clich s del subg nero de regencia que me han aburrido un poco, aderezados por unos di logos que pretenden ser ingeniosos y que a m no me lo han parecido tanto Tal vez, si el protagonista masculino, Turner, o su hermana que es la amiga de la protagonista femenina no repitieran constantemente que ella, Miranda, es ingeniosa me habr an [...]

  29. At some points I REALLY liked this book and at some points I hated it or was bored The first half will bore you to tears The middle will have you uncomfortable and feeling bad for the heroine The last portion will have YOU CRYING.Honestly this book I felt bad for the heroine She has unrequited love for her best friend s brother who had merely said some kind words to her while he was going through her awkward stage She loved him through his failed marriage and everything Luckily she was younger t [...]

  30. I was expecting much , and hence disappointed Bevelstoke2 has been so much interesting , funny and fluffy , ohh well I will never be tired of reading it Mirinda is in love with Turner since she was ten , and she loves him with all his heart , she is not the most beautiful woman but definitely the most lovable one But Turner failed that quality , he is smart , cares for Mirinda , Adores being with her , he sounded like brother till the very end He is a jerk , believe me when I say it , she tell [...]

  31. Story Rating 5 StarsCharacter Rating 5 Stars Romance Rating 4.5 StarsHeat Level 2 StarsOverall Rating 4.25 StarsThis book was brilliant.