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Midnight is a Lonely Place

Midnight is a Lonely Place ☆ Midnight is a Lonely Place ✓ Barbara Erskine - Midnight is a Lonely Place, Midnight is a Lonely Place After a broken love affair biographer Kate Kennedy retires to a remote cottage on the wild Essex coast to work on her new book until her landlord s daughter uncovers a Roman site nearby and long buri

  • Title: Midnight is a Lonely Place
  • Author: Barbara Erskine
  • ISBN: 9780006476269
  • Page: 310
  • Format: Paperback

☆ Midnight is a Lonely Place ✓ Barbara Erskine, ☆ Midnight is a Lonely Place ✓ Barbara Erskine, Midnight is a Lonely Place, Barbara Erskine, Midnight is a Lonely Place After a broken love affair biographer Kate Kennedy retires to a remote cottage on the wild Essex coast to work on her new book until her landlord s daughter uncovers a Roman site nearby and long buried passions are unleashed In her lonely cottage Kate is terrorized by mysterious forces What do these ghosts want That the truth about the violent events of long ago be exA. ☆ Midnight is a Lonely Place ✓ Barbara Erskine - Midnight is a Lonely Place, Midnight is a Lonely Place After a broken love affair biographer Kate Kennedy retires to a remote cottage on the wild Essex coast to work on her new book until her landlord s daughter uncovers a Roman site nearby and long buri

  • ☆ Midnight is a Lonely Place ✓ Barbara Erskine
    310Barbara Erskine
Midnight is a Lonely Place

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  1. An historian by training, Barbara Erskine is the author of six bestselling novels that demonstrate her interest in both history and the supernatural, plus two collections of short stories Her books have appeared in at least twenty different languages She lives with her family in an ancient manor house near Colchester, and in a cottage near Hay on Wye.

  2. What did I just read Oh yeah, Barbara Erskine Ummm, does anybody have an extra 6 reading hours to spare I d like to get them back if possible.OK, refocus.In this Barbara Erskine doosie, the murderous results of a Roman Celtic love triangle over 19 centuries old that s 1,900 years to those of you numerically challenged is threatening to engulf our intrepid heroine Kate, her erstwhile poet boyfriend Jon, and the petulant, acts like a 14 year old but is really 27 year old landlord s son Greg These [...]

  3. I read this one actually 13 years ago, but I still remember how it stole my sleep and had me look over my shoulder in the dark of night A great story that will haunt your dreams and suffocate you at times.I really should check out Ms Erskine s other work too.5 stars

  4. This is my favourite of Barbara Erskine s books The first I ever read and the best I originally picked it up because I loved the idea of renting a cottage in the middle of nowhere to write a book, I couldn t put it down once the spooky things started happening.

  5. Less than 3 but than 2 It had potential but disappointed in the end Some scary bits that just sort of wimped out Learned a lot about tides, dunes, a damp cold Kate was an idiot About two thirds into the book Kate faded into the background a bit and some of the interesting characters stepped up The premise was good but the author seemed to be circling around around the same route house, beach walk, smell of jasmine dirt trail maggots, wander through the woods, accident scare repeat And the endi [...]

  6. The first half of the book was okay and had some scary parts that genuinely creeped me out However, at the halfway mark Barbara Erskine had pretty much revealed everything about the ghosts and the murder and so it was no longer a secret to the reader and I thought what on earth can happen I know everything and I m only halfway through The second half of the book was just sooo drawn out it became ridiculous, seriously it did not need to be that long I felt like she had a target of so many words s [...]

  7. It almost causes me physical pain to write this about a woman whose work I so publicly worship butI found this book to be a major disappointment This is an older one of hers but if you re working your way through her back catalogue like me, you can probably skip this one.There are a few reasons I think it didn t quite measure up.Firstly and most obviously, the story was missing the rich tapestry of historical information I have come to expect from her novels She did create a minor story and ther [...]

  8. I m almost at the end of this book and it is the first Erskine book I read, mostly since it is the only one the local library carried of her books I saw it recommended on book list after reading Susanna Kearsley books as a similar genre It has been extremely dissappointing, compared with Kearsley novels The last 1 2 to 1 3 reads like a teenage horror movie with characters continually doing unbelievalby stupid things that get themselves hurt or killed, and is very drawn out There is very little [...]

  9. I thought I d go back and read Barbara Erskine after a long time This was probably not the best one to start with.Loved the north Essex setting, the heroine was ok until you threw in the annoying ex and the at times psychotic neighbour s son admittedly that wasn t entirely his fault The Druid Roman relationship was quite touching at times tooBUThalfway through all was revealed so I thought I was at the end of the book, but still had to plod on through pages of running about in the woods, possess [...]

  10. Ooohhhh I had chills I first borrowed this book from my library and couldn t put it down I would think of it during the day and couldn t wait until nighttime to pick it back up again The freaky thing was, was when I finally finished the book it was midnight I of course had to return the book but I longed to have it on my own shelf so I hunted it down at a used bookstore It s no longer in print and I was lucky enough to only pay 3.00 for it Now it s mine and I can get spooked anytime I want

  11. This sounded like it would be a book I d enjoy, and if I d been able to get a hard copy from the library I quite likely would have read it all the way through Unfortunately, I could only get it on e copy and if a book doesn t grip me immediately I forget to open it up again I m just not an e reader type of reading person.Also, the book felt like it was winding up to be a horror story, and it s very rare that I ll enjoy one of those The key character has to be particularly compelling, and I just [...]

  12. Great book and had fun revisiting such a fabulous author A must read if you like a bit of the other side flavour in your books Ruth CaukwellAuthor, Blogger, Teacher and Public Speaker plus Proofreader EditorMember of New Zealand Society of Authors NZSA and, Silverfox MGMT ModelWebsite ruthannecaukwellSilverfox MGMT silverfoxmgmt portfoTwitter twitter ruancaRuthInstagram instagram ruancaruth Pinterest nz.pinterest ruthcauk Inspirational facebook page facebook ruthannecaukLinkedIn linkedin in ruth [...]

  13. When I picked up Midnight is a lonely place, for some reason i d I thought it d be your usual romance novel with a paranormal twist.I couldn t have been wrong This book was fantastic It was entertaining, mysterious and scary, wrapped up all together to make a great combination It s not a story to read late at night for those easily frightened.It revolves around Kate, an authour who goes to stay in a cabin further out into the country to finish the book she s writing, after circumstances change [...]

  14. Oh My God I read this on a cold, wet windy March weekend yes,March Global Warming who And I was so hooked.My Mum lent it to me she has had it for years and it is one of the books she has kept and re read, which is odd for a thriller horror story in our house you know whats going to happen right so why read it again Anyway I love everything about this the Roman influence, the light lashings of romance, the terror, the ties to the water and the sea and the Gods and Goddesses of whom I am a fan I j [...]

  15. With a slow beginning, a weak ending and a supposed heroine that had me face palming in frustration, it could be easy to talk myself into not liking this book at all But there was a while there, somewhere past the middle that, even while screaming at the stupidity of the characters, I found myself checking the night black windows of my house periodically to ensure that the ghosts of Claudia, Nion and Marcus had not traveled through the pages to haunt me also.Not every book is perfect after all C [...]

  16. All inizio,l idea dei fantasmi di 2000 anni fa 2 romani e 1 druido mi ha incuriosito molto,anche per come si presentano nel cottage di Kate,scrittrice che si rifugia l in solitudine e per scappare da un a finito Un po di suspance e la voglia di sapere come andr a finire la voglia di vendetta di Marco Severo Secondo,di Nion e di Claudia,liberati dalla curisit archeologica di una ragazzina che scopre nella sabbia qualcosa di strano,mi ha inchiodato al libro per buona parte della lettura.Il finale, [...]

  17. Midnight is a Lonely Place G Erskine, Barbara standaloneAfter a broken love affair, Kate Kennedy retreats to a cottage on the Essex coast to work on her latest project To her alarm, her peace and solitude is replaced by a sense of fear as strange incidents begin to occur incidents that connect, Kate is sure, with the Roman grave being excavated.This book seriously scared me and, occasionally, creeped me out I keep wanting to read another by Erskine, but am not certain I m old enough to read it o [...]

  18. Midnight is a Lonely Place was my second Barbara Erskine and now is the favourite of the two.This one was a lot atmospheric and suspenseful for me.I enjoyed the aspect of the, ghost terrorising everyone and the possession of the younger sister if you get me.On a whole It was a bit too long but never too much of a dull moment.10 10

  19. This is one of my favorites by this author i read it after fining it among my mothers books when i was looking for something to read, it kept me on th edge of my seat, infact it made me slightly jump a few times too i will read this book again for sure.

  20. It was a strange read It sort of had a weak ending after a reasonably good main part of the story Overall not her best work but still a food read.

  21. I could not finish this The characters were immature and shallow, the plot was non existent, and there was really nothing that made me want to continue reading When you get through the first hundred pages of a novel, you expect at least one or two plot details to catch your interest even if it s a mediocre book This one had no hook whatsoever Probably the things I found most irritating in this book were the flashbacks to the Roman times that supposedly connected into the modern story They were t [...]

  22. When an ancient burial on an East Anglian beach is uncovered accidentally by a teenager, buried spirits of the Roman and tribal past are released to replay the trauma that led to their untimely deaths.niclesoftania.wordpress.c

  23. Barbara Erskine is my favourite author, I have all her books and would highly recommend each and every one You won t be able to put them down There are characters from the past and present intertwined in a single story, grounded in historical fiction and they re always full of ghosts Gripping.

  24. I enjoyed the beginning of this book, there was good atmospheric description but it all got a bit daft extreme towards the end I will try and of this author as I love a good ghost story Maybe I ve been spoilt by Kate Mosse.