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The Flanders Panel

The Flanders Panel Free Download The Flanders Panel - by Arturo Pérez-Reverte Margaret Jull Costa - The Flanders Panel, The Flanders Panel While restoring a th century painting which depicts a chess game between the Duke of Flanders and his knight Julia a young art expert discovers a hidden inscription in the corner Quis Necavit Equ

  • Title: The Flanders Panel
  • Author: Arturo Pérez-Reverte Margaret Jull Costa
  • ISBN: 9780156029582
  • Page: 205
  • Format: Paperback

Free Download The Flanders Panel - by Arturo Pérez-Reverte Margaret Jull Costa, Free Download The Flanders Panel - by Arturo Pérez-Reverte Margaret Jull Costa, The Flanders Panel, Arturo Pérez-Reverte Margaret Jull Costa, The Flanders Panel While restoring a th century painting which depicts a chess game between the Duke of Flanders and his knight Julia a young art expert discovers a hidden inscription in the corner Quis Necavit Equitem Translation Who killed the knight Breaking the silence of five centuries Julia s hunt for a Renaissance murderer leads her into a modern day game of sin betrayal aWhile rest. Free Download The Flanders Panel - by Arturo Pérez-Reverte Margaret Jull Costa - The Flanders Panel, The Flanders Panel While restoring a th century painting which depicts a chess game between the Duke of Flanders and his knight Julia a young art expert discovers a hidden inscription in the corner Quis Necavit Equ

  • Free Download The Flanders Panel - by Arturo Pérez-Reverte Margaret Jull Costa
    205Arturo Pérez-Reverte Margaret Jull Costa
The Flanders Panel

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  3. I wanted so badly to love this book.The simplest way to describe it is the novelisation of Douglas Hofstadter s opus, Godel, Escher, Bach In fact, it is impossible to believe that Perez Reverte had finished G.E.B than ten minutes before furiously scribing The Flanders Panel I wanted to love it because I love books based on puzzles and logic, and GEB may be one of my favorite books of all time.But the novel is just so weak The characters caricatures were flat and absurd how many times must we he [...]

  4. Well that was just as good as I remembered Everything I said below still holds true The tale may have felt a bit heavy handed this time, but I think that s only because I knew who the murderer was and as Sherlock Holmes says, I only saw it because I knew what I was looking for It didn t diminish the pleasure of the experience.This re read had me focusing a lot on characterization since I didn t have to be obsessively caught up in the mystery What is beautifully done here is showing the importa [...]

  5. My friend Cathy also a chessplayer told me I had to read this, and she was indeed right I couldn t put it down, and finished it in about a day It s well, what is it I read it as a kind of postmodernist reimagining of Alice Through The Looking Glass Other books I immediately thought of were The Name of the Rose, G del, Escher, Bach and Luzhin s Defense Formally, it s a very stylized murder mystery Julia, the sexy but childlike Alice figure, is a Madrid art restorer She receives an unusual commiss [...]

  6. Theo c m nh n c a ri ng t i, t c ph m n y c n hay h n c C u l c b Dumas cu n ti u thuy t l m n n t n tu i c a t c gi ng i T y Ban Nha Arturo P rez Reverte Kh ng c hai c t truy n ch nh ch y song song nhau, kh ng c nh ng b c tranh kh c g mang d ng d p h nh nh nh ng l b i tarot y m nh, B n qu n h u en trung th nh v i m t c t truy n ch nh duy nh t, i s u v o th gi i c vua y tr tu v say m l m n n m t cu n ti u thuy t trinh th m m nh kh ng k m S m nh n t suy ngh i n lo n c a k th c v c i tr ch i gi t [...]

  7. I got this as a birthday present and took it with me on our Thanksgiving trip I wish I had taken the Manhattan phone book instead It would have had a lot interesting characters and none of them would be such implausible things as the characters of this novel The whole structure is so contrived it ultimately collapses under its own weight The book is built around a convoluted metaphor like art is chess is life is art, but the harder the author works at it, the tenuous it becomes The reader need [...]

  8. I have read this book almost 16 years ago, but I still remember how fascinated I was after.For me, back in the 90 00s, if you haven t read a book of Mr Reverte, couldn t have a clue about his writing skills I recommend this one, to anyone who adores art and mystery, especially if they are bond so well in a book

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  10. This disappointed me, especially since it came so highly recommended I just couldn t buy into it though The plot was absurd and unbelievable in numerous places The characters lacked common sense Let s seemeone is trying to kill meI think I ll go out late at night by myself and cruise around the city, hail taxis, go to a nice restaurant, and then head back to my apartment for a quiet night by myself where the killer just so happens to know I live That kind of crap really grated on me, but I press [...]

  11. excellent I love this blend of top shelf entertainment, intrigue and mystery which at the same time informs the reader of the s of the Art World, the in and outs of restoring paintings, and, most prominently, the game of chess As mediocre a player as I am, I was still able to follow the descriptions and logic of the moves and the use of a 500 year old chess game that is relevant to the mystery unfolding before us is just flat out clever.Reverte also wrote The Club Dumas, another book that dazzle [...]

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  13. A t bua de Flandres um romance de intriga do in cio ao fim N o s as personagens da hist ria actual entram no jogo mas tamb m aqueles que inspiraram o pintor flamengo, Pieter Van Huys, a pintar o quadro conhecido por A partida de Xadrez.Gostei do livro mas a parte relativa ao xadrez um pouco chata principalmente para quem n o percebe do jogo.Pieter Van Huys, A partida de xadrez Tentei descobrir se esta obra existe mas n o consegui nenhuma informa o cred vel que aponte nesse sentido.

  14. I loved it This was a recommendation based on my love of The Eight and it was dead on The novel is a murder mystery played out as a game of chess on many levels linking the mysteries of the past to those of the present centered around a fifteenth century painting, aptly titled, The Game of Chess Unlike The Eight, the story takes place in one time and city, though there is an element of magical realism as Julia gets so lost in her imaginings of the past that the painting pulls her in Like The Eig [...]

  15. The book s main theme is a painting by Peter van Huys Julia is restoring paintings and a painting representing a chess game between the Duke of Flanders and his knight is her current task While running her tests she discovers a hidden message under the tablecloth saying Who killed the knight So Julia starts trying to solve the mystery of a murder that took place centuries ago But murders start taking place around Julia and then the chess game becomes a death threat Although the book started well [...]

  16. Adiei, e adiei a leitura deste livro por receio, afinal foi infundado, pois gostei muito de A T bua de Flandres Os dois ou tr s livros que j li de Arturo P rez Reverte n o foram satisfat rios, mas a sinopse deste agradou me e resolvi tentar uma vez mais e em boa a hora o fiz

  17. C est le deuxi me roman de cet auteur que je lis et j appr cie tout autant Il m ne le suspens d une main de ma tre et nous plonge dans cette partie d chec taille r elle captivante.

  18. Overall, I liked this fine Characters had real depth, were idiosyncratic, querky, troubled, colourful, and well developed The plot was complex, and Arturo managed to create an unusual whodunit by peppering his detective story with elements from the arcane worlds of reverse chess and philosophy of perception Beginning to sound a little bit weird Yes that is also what I thought Sure, Arturo differentiates himself from the pack by writing something I might call a literary thriller But I could not s [...]

  19. I would say that chess has to do with the art of murder than it does with the art of war The Flanders Panel is the picture of Chess in its truest form.Every piece is a character Every move is an influence To win it, you must cross death Amazing, he murmured.There is no better word to describe it The enigma itself may not be that surprising, but the steps undertaken to manipulate, and likewise, to uncover it was engaging ooo ooo ooo It s usually the father who teaches the child his first moves i [...]

  20. Como a sinopse refere, uma jovem restauradora de obras de arte, descobre uma inscri o oculta na pintura em que se encontra a trabalhar Um quadro que retracta uma partida de xadrez disputada entre duas personagens, sendo que foi pintado dois anos ap s o assassinato de uma delas.A partir do momento em que este facto, bem como a inscri o misteriosa se tornam percept veis, um desencadear de situa es e de acontecimentos, transformam a vida pacata de J lia a restauradora num reboli o impar vel E quand [...]

  21. I had high hopes with this one Alas Flanders Panel opened up brilliantly and hooked me right in Nonetheless, what started with arts and history culminates into a mundane anti climax You don t see such a miserable finale often Pathetic No spoilers here, but I can t help sharing a particularly foolish, absurd and downright annoying inference from such a sublime and graceful game of Chess Hold your breaths and read this conversation between two characters The mathematical aspect of chess, he replie [...]

  22. Like other P rez Reverte books, this one initially consumed me All the elements of his novels are present interesting and complex characters, a modern mystery that plays out against a historical backdrop, in depth descriptions that bring to life arcane subjects in Club Dumas the antique book trade, in Fencing Master fencing, in this book, chess Unlike other P rez Reverte books, however, this one lost me in the last quarter when the mystery was resolved I found the revelation of who and why relat [...]

  23. I really enjoyed this to start, but by the end I was disappointed What didn t bother me at the beginning did in the end as it was kind of unfinished due to lack of character involvement development which left it all hanging a bit and so unsatisfactory The chess side of things was very clever, but got a bit overwhelming toward the end I felt But a clever alternative view of a murder mystery In a way it reminds me of a Nancy Drew mystery as they often revolved around objects.

  24. Con este libro, me aficion definitivamente a Reverte, de quien tan solo hab a le do por aquel entonces El h sar y la sombra del guila Acusan a Reverte de muchas cosas al escribir, pero lo cierto es que yo disfruto como un enano ley ndole otras novelas m s modernas han dejado de gustarme, como la del pintor de batallas o el francotirador paciente, pero es un estilo distinto Novela muy entretenida y con mucha enjundia hist rica y cultureta Absolutamente recomendable.

  25. Una de las primeras novelas del gran P rez Reverte Una joven restauradora de arte, a cuyas manos llega un cuadro del Renacimiento donde se esconde un gran secreto A partir de ah teje una novela de aventuras y acci n, que sin estar ni mucho menos entre sus mejores obras, se lee con inter s El tejer la trama como una partida de ajedrez le da un toque de originalidad, y cada movimiento de la partida da lugar a un acontecimiento en la narraci n Recomendable.

  26. Ajedrez retrospectivo que llega a su cl max con J.S Bach sonando de fondo Una obra de arte que data del S XV con una inscripci n oculta Una restauradora, un aficionado al ajedrez y un coleccionista de antig edades se ven envueltos en un juego que los convierte en piezas claves.