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Joseph Andrews

Joseph Andrews [PDF] Joseph Andrews | by Ý Henry Fielding - Joseph Andrews, Joseph Andrews Joseph Andrews refuses Lady Booby s advances she discharges him and Joseph and his old tutor Parson Adams one of the great comic figures of literature sets off to visit his sweetheart Fanny Alon

  • Title: Joseph Andrews
  • Author: Henry Fielding
  • ISBN: 9780486415888
  • Page: 127
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Joseph Andrews | by Ý Henry Fielding, [PDF] Joseph Andrews | by Ý Henry Fielding, Joseph Andrews, Henry Fielding, Joseph Andrews Joseph Andrews refuses Lady Booby s advances she discharges him and Joseph and his old tutor Parson Adams one of the great comic figures of literature sets off to visit his sweetheart Fanny Along the way they meet with a series of adventures in which through their own innocence and honesty they expose the hypocrisy and affectation of others. [PDF] Joseph Andrews | by Ý Henry Fielding - Joseph Andrews, Joseph Andrews Joseph Andrews refuses Lady Booby s advances she discharges him and Joseph and his old tutor Parson Adams one of the great comic figures of literature sets off to visit his sweetheart Fanny Alon

  • [PDF] Joseph Andrews | by Ý Henry Fielding
    127Henry Fielding
Joseph Andrews

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  1. Henry Fielding was born in Somerset in 1707 The son of an army lieutenant and a judge s daughter, he was educated at Eton School and the University of Leiden before returning to England where he wrote a series of farces, operas and light comedies.Fielding formed his own company and was running the Little Theatre, Haymarket, when one of his satirical plays began to upset the government The passing of the Theatrical Licensing Act in 1737 effectively ended Fielding s career as a playwright.In 1739 Fielding turned to journalism and became editor of The Champion He also began writing novels, including The Adventures of Joseph Andrews 1742 , Abraham Adams 1742 and Jonathan Wild 1743.Fielding was made a justice of the peace for Westminster and Middlesex in 1748 He campaigned against legal corruption and helped his half brother, Sir John Fielding, establish the Bow Street Runners.In 1749 Fielding s novel, The History of Tom Jones was published to public acclaim Critics agree that it is one of the greatest comic novels in the English language Fielding followed this success with another well received novel, Amelia 1751.Fielding continued as a journalist and his satirical journal, Covent Garden, continued to upset those in power Throughout his life, Fielding suffered from poor health and by 1752 he could not move without the help of crutches In an attempt to overcome his health problems, Henry Fielding went to live in Portugal but this was not successful and he died in Lisbon in 1754.

  2. Yesterday I had a small insight concerning my impressions of Joseph Andrews when I picture Joseph and his friend Parson Adams traveling the English countryside, the weather is always clear, the sunlight a welcoming gold Yet when I see Don Quixote and Sancho Panza on their similar journey through Spain, the sun looks thinner and sharper, above all less forgiving This is all the remarkable when I consider that 1 Joseph ends the first day his journey in a punishing hailstorm, and 2 everybody even [...]

  3. Joseph Andrews is an 18th century picaresque novel, which means your likelihood of enjoying it will depend largely on your yen for country lanes, coaches, inns, innkeepers, alehouses, firesides, drunkards, con artists, storytellers, highwaymen, and other assorted creatures and landmarks one is likely to meet on an 18th century journey through the English countryside There is no plot, per say, but rather a series of episodes and encounters undergone by a trio of wanderers as they make their way b [...]

  4. Oh lucky Henry Fielding Henry Fielding is really one of those blessed people who can count themselves lucky since in Samuel Richardson he had found a man he could despise and abhor or at least if he could not the man, then his works When this spirit of enmity, abhorrence and scorn is felt by a man who can lay claim to intelligence and wit, instead of just hatred and physical power, inspiration is never far down the road.This was also the case with Fielding and his novels Shamela and Joseph Andre [...]

  5. Sue me, but I found this book almost impossible Only my obsession with actually finishing books I started kept me going, and the occasional whiff of genuinely funny sarcasm Joseph Andrews was, in my mind, a much worse book than Tome Jones, even though it was supposed to be an obvious parody Tom Jones is satire Joseph Andrews is slapstick The entire thing oscillated between the absurd and the genuinely tedious, and only in a very few moments when Fielding put a velvet glove on his sting did I fin [...]

  6. Henry Fielding devoted a fair amount of literary energy to satirizing his contemporaries, in particular Samuel Richardson, whose Pamela is considered one of the earliest instances of the English novel After the overtly satirical Shamela, Fielding invented the character Joseph Andrews, brother to Pamela, in what might be called the first work of fan fiction In her own history, Pamela is continually pursued for her attractiveness and preserves her virtue with great effort Fielding puts her imagin [...]

  7. OMG I laughed a lot It s really important to read something like this every now and then The funny thing is that this was written as a response to another novel Pamela It s usually said that it is easy to mock something, but it is difficult to create something new That is why Fieldings is truly genius He proved that he can satirize a novel and create a new novel at the same time Though it is really long But I recommend it

  8. I suppose that I could just say for this review Not nearly as good as Tom Jones and leave it at that but it probably deserves a little .Firstly, this really isn t a stand alone it s a parody of Pamela or, Virtue Rewarded although you don t really have to have read it I haven t yet so long as you know the general plot and focuses on the virtuous brother of Pamela, Joseph Andrews, who becomes the object of lust to his wealthy mistress who just happens to be the aunt of the man pursuing the virtuou [...]

  9. The character Parson Adams travels everywhere with his handwritten copy of the plays of the author Aeschylus, who happens to have had as his subject matter tragedies, such as tales based on ancient Greek stories about the Odyssey of Odysseus en.mpedia wiki AeschIf Adams was as sophisticated as he is boringly pedantic, he might have seen he was in the middle of a similar odyssey while traveling in the company of the chaste 23 year old Joseph Andrews Although he is a good hearted gentleman of 1742 [...]

  10. On Fielding s Joseph Andrews and the Real Genesis of Role Playing Games Such as Dungeons DragonsMany commentators and critics hail the present book under review as one of the first novels to be written in the English language along with its progenitor Pamela Or, Virtue Rewarded by Richardson along with Clarissa, or the History of a Young Lady The similarity between Fielding s and Richardson s works are only superficial they share characters Joseph Andrews and Pamela and situations but their styl [...]

  11. Why on earth have I not read Henry Fielding before now This book is delightful The characters are charming The good are so wonderfully good and sometimes surprising, as when the Parson Adams turns out to be quite ready with hands and stick or when Joseph becomes impatient with him, and they argue The wicked are deliciously spiteful and poison tongued yet, their behavior is, in fact, understandable, given their premises The twists of narration, along with the excellent authorial asides and sly ad [...]

  12. Joseph Andrews improves upon Pamela by taking up charity instead of chastity as a virtue, leading us on an episodic journey through affectation and vanity Not exactly a breezy read, but accessible and actually funny Nicely done

  13. Several editions of this book seem to be linked to plot summaries of entirely different novels Thus the original edition that comes up when one searches this title has a summary of Mansfield Park And another has a summary for Tom Jones.Anyway, my comments are about Joseph Andrews I m not sure that this edition is the one I read, as it s been some years, and edition does matter But I d rather people got my comments on a book I ve actually read, if I had my druthers.I have to admit that I probably [...]

  14. Joseph Andrews is Henry Fielding s brilliant homage to Don Quixote, although, ultimately, it is a narrower work than Cervantes sprawling, ambiguous masterpiece One obvious reason for this may be the fact that Fielding s novel is a reactionary response to the work of his contemporaries, dealing frankly with not only the vices of the society in which he was living, but with the sycophancy which he perceived in his fellow writers, who portrayed such vices as virtues with the simple aim of growing t [...]

  15. i had some laughs but ,in general, it s extremely boring.if you still insist on reading it ,you should read Richardson s Pamella.

  16. Had this book not been required for class, I would have gladly swung it out the window from the beginning.

  17. A bawdy, wordy novel typical of the 18th century, when it was written It is a take off of Samuel Richardson s Pamela which I shall now have to read Joseph Andrews, a handsome, worthy young man is fired by his employer, Lady Booby, after he rejects her advances Penniless, he tries to make his way home as best he can, meeting up with his village s beloved but hapless minister, and then his innocent young girlfriend, along the way People they meet in their journey home include villains, an illitera [...]

  18. Fielding is so, so funny in a way that you would never be able to tell just from reading Shamela I did not expect to like this book as much as I did, but his cleverness and astonishingly developed characters make it too difficult not to like the story Cervantes Don Quixote had huge influences on this novel, which results in Joseph Andrews being hilarious and likeable and a mess all at once, and the elements of classical poetry are also super important to juxtaposing high and low literature and b [...]

  19. The ending really bumped this up to the 4 stars for me although it was chilly and a bit odd The innocent charm of Joseph Andrews won me over early in the book and his interactions with the corrupt, selfish, and horrible people he encounters I thoroughly enjoyed the way his innocent remarks insinuating the good intentions of those around them would enrage them in actually displaying their ill intent I know that Parson Adams is seen as many as the hero of the story, but to me he was farce in the e [...]

  20. I read 3 4 of this, and have finally decided to give up on it As his first novel, it is glaring obvious that he became refined when he wrote Tom Jones There is so much irrelevant discourse and storytelling in this book, that I can t stand it I don t like or care about any of the characters When I think of reading this book, I feel dread Conversely, when I think of reading Tom Jones, I get excited and happy.This is a terrible read I was so disappointed I should have given up long ago, but I m ju [...]

  21. I like Fielding s writing style having read Tom Jones first which I thoroughly enjoyed , I decided to try his first novel next viz Joseph Andrews While it certainly has all the digs at Richardson and Cibber as advertised, there is much biting and humorous criticism thrown at English society in general.There is not much of a plot to this story, and as Andrews and Adams travel there are some random encounters which don t contribute to the story But Fielding does bind a few things together with a t [...]

  22. My qualms from this book stem from its lack of psychological realism When I read novels, the first thing I look for is how close I can relate to or understand the characters Due to the picaresque and comedic nature of this novel, the reader is not awarded with any version of closeness to the characters Additionally, there is something about the intrusive narrator within the text that hinders my understanding and enjoyment of the plot line This narrator, as ever present as he is throughout, makes [...]

  23. Joseph Andrews was published in the same year as Handel s Messiah and about a year after Hume s A Treatise on Human Nature 1742I refer you to Bill s five star review on because I agree with every word I loved the narrator s voice throughout this book and laughed aloud many times It is wonderful to enjoy the lighter side of English life in the 18th century.

  24. By rights this book should be called Parson Adams as he provides much of what makes this book so special Less a novel, a series of brilliant snapshots of Georgian England from the highest to its lowest.Was there ever such an author as good natured as Henry Fielding or one you would most like to have known

  25. A smart, good hearted story that is a delight to read even centuries later Fielding knew what he was doing, which I find slightly astonishing in that he was essentially inventing the novel form as he went Characters are well drawn and engaging, dialogue is snappy and realistic, and the pacing is a tour de force despite the necessarily episodic nature of the plot Three and a half stars.

  26. I couldn t even finish this one I gave up about one third through it I can t quite put my finger on why but I could not get the point as to where it was going and I found it plodding and uninteresting My apologies because this is a clasic for most readers but I just couldn t get into it.

  27. You should read Richardson s Pamela before you read this book, it is so much funnier if you know the book Fielding is making fun of Contrary to Shamela, which is just a satire, Joseph Andrews is a funny yet thoughtful novel with delightful characters.