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Cirkeln [PDF] Download ✓ Cirkeln : by Mats Strandberg Sara Bergmark Elfgren - Cirkeln, Cirkeln Engelsfors Vackert namn risig stad Omgiven av djupa skogar d r m nniskor ofta g r vilse och f rsvinner Sex tjejer har just b rjat gymnasiet De har inget gemensamt f rutom att en ur ldrig ondska jagar

  • Title: Cirkeln
  • Author: Mats Strandberg Sara Bergmark Elfgren
  • ISBN: 9789129676051
  • Page: 388
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] Download ✓ Cirkeln : by Mats Strandberg Sara Bergmark Elfgren, [PDF] Download ✓ Cirkeln : by Mats Strandberg Sara Bergmark Elfgren, Cirkeln, Mats Strandberg Sara Bergmark Elfgren, Cirkeln Engelsfors Vackert namn risig stad Omgiven av djupa skogar d r m nniskor ofta g r vilse och f rsvinner Sex tjejer har just b rjat gymnasiet De har inget gemensamt f rutom att en ur ldrig ondska jagar dem H stterminen har just b rjat n r en elev hittas d d p en av gymnasieskolans toaletter Alla f rmodar att det var ett sj lvmord Alla utom de som vet sanningen En nEngelsfors Vackert namn r. [PDF] Download ✓ Cirkeln : by Mats Strandberg Sara Bergmark Elfgren - Cirkeln, Cirkeln Engelsfors Vackert namn risig stad Omgiven av djupa skogar d r m nniskor ofta g r vilse och f rsvinner Sex tjejer har just b rjat gymnasiet De har inget gemensamt f rutom att en ur ldrig ondska jagar

  • [PDF] Download ✓ Cirkeln : by Mats Strandberg Sara Bergmark Elfgren
    388Mats Strandberg Sara Bergmark Elfgren

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  1. Mats Strandberg is an award winning novelist and journalist He is a regular columnist for Sweden s biggest evening newspaper, has been named Columnist of the Year by Sweden s Newspapers and Magazines organization, and had published three previous novels, with rights sold in numerous countries.

  2. The Circle was an excellent and gritty urban fantasy It was dark enough that I would hesitate to classify it as young adult It is about a group of close friends and magic.It reminded me of that 1996 film, The Craft, which, as you will recall, is about a group of angst y high school friends who find out that they re witches and have to deal with all of the issues that go along with that There s drama, danger and magic oh my For such a large cast of characters, Strandberg does an amazing job flesh [...]

  3. A student died at Engelsfors high school Everyone thinks it s suicide Only a handful of people know that it was, in fact, murder These girls are the Chosen Ones six witches, joined by a guardian who can t remember what he s supposed to do, and a Council who relies on teenagers to do their job Together, they will eventually have to battle evil together They can only stop that if they work together Slight issue here these teenage girls couldn t be any different from one another if they tried.Ther [...]

  4. Do you like reading novels that keeps you up into the wee hours of night If you do then make sure to read The Circle, it is a true page turner The Circle is a young adult fantasy that pulls off something that very few fantasy novels manages to do, it manages to somehow be a kind of a contemporary novel at the same time.Sky high expectations In the Nordic countries The Circle has been receiving so much praise that I was actually scared to read it My expectations where sky high and needless to say [...]

  5. 4.5 StarsThis book was truly a surprise to me The beginning seemed to make things very simple and basic BUT THEN THINGS GET CRAZY.We have a ragtag group of teenagers in a small town called Engelsfors in Sweden and this gritty and poignant novel is a YA urban witch fantasy with a serious punch It deals with topics like drugs, sex, inappropriate adult child relationships, absent parents, bullying and the list could really go on.I adored this story and how the themes of friendship intertwined with [...]

  6. Eh, it s alright Wodehouse This was a mixed bag, so let s be nice start with the things I liked Sorry, but caffeine is failing me today This will be a bullet review Grittiness I appreciated that these teenagers swore like normal people I also liked though perhaps it s the wrong word P that they were open about drug use sex It felt realistic Elemental magic The Book of Patterns its magical process was quite interesting, though both were continually pushed aside in favor of teen dwama This magic i [...]

  7. This book is like a bad afternoon special.I really wanted to like this book I d been looking for a witchy read lately and I thought this might do the trick, sadly it was not to be Note to self Never, EVER trust a blurb from now on You see the blurb to this book makes it sound like some epic, saving the world supernatural story On the back, it s compared to Buffy, The Secret Circle and even The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo How is it then, that this is NOTHING like any of those GWTDT especially, I [...]

  8. Real Rating 4.5 starsI have been sitting here and staring at my computer for exactly 47 minutes trying to figure out how to start this review so since I can not think of anything, this is what I shall give youIt took me a while to actually pick up the book and read it, but I did and I am very glad I did And it is not because I have anything against Swedish authors I love Sweden It s just that most of the time, whenever a book this size is published, it often gets patches of booorrriinngg and I j [...]

  9. I don t usually read YA, partly because I m OA myself and partly because I find the often simplified language and disturbingly simplified characters to be distracting I did, however, take this on since my wife asked me to she wanted another opinion about it, since she has her students adding it to their reading list I was partly pleasantly surprised there are quite a few plot turns and character traits that you probably wouldn t expect but partly my prejudice showed far too true In the group of [...]

  10. Where do I even beginning talking about this book Do I start with the amazing characters Or maybe the intriguing plot Or maybe the insane need to know it creates I carried this book with me the entire day and I read it faster than I ve read a book in I can t even remember how long.After the apparent and graphic suicide of young Elias in the school bathrooms, six girls come to realise that there is to this world than it seems Deemed the Chosen Ones , these girls learn of a prophesy in which the [...]

  11. DIOS M O Eso es todo lo que puedo decir Dios m o qu maravilla de libro El c rculo no es una historia m s de brujas no, ni mucho menos Es una historia, sobre todo, de personajes, de c mo seis adolescentes sin absolutamente nada en com n acaban unidas irremediablemente por la magia Los autores han sabido crear perfectamente unas protagonistas fuertes, carism ticas y totalmente humanizadas Es imposible no sentir cari o por todas y cada una de las Elegidas Adem s, todo el tema de la magia, de los po [...]

  12. Una primera parte impresionante, con unos personajes como no se han le do en otras novelas llegas a conocerlos hasta el m s m nimo detalle y con un ritmo realmente bueno El C rculo es una novela muy cinematogr fica y r pida, profunda, con cosas poco usuales en la literatura juvenil Muy original Ten is que leerla en cuanto salga, no os va a defraudar.

  13. De Cirkel, het eerste deel in een spannende trilogie Ik heb mij zeker vermaakt tijdens het lezen van dit boek en ik ga hopelijk snel verder met de rest van de serie nerdygeekyfanboy recensie

  14. Valoraci n 4,5 5Cu ntos libros juveniles desear an tener un comienzo de trilog a como lo es The Circle Publicado por Maeva Young en Espa a bajo el nombre de El c rculo , la saga Engelsfors nos sit a en un peque o pueblo sueco donde un mal mayor se avecina sin que nadie pueda darse cuenta, prepar ndose para arrasar con todo, y al cual solo los elegidos podr n hacer frente.Cuando me imagino una novela de personajes, me imagino una novela as Si adem s a adimos una trama en la que involucramos magia [...]

  15. I bought this at a second hand book sale Originally I only went to the second hand sale because a warehouse clearance proved to be extremely disappointing barely anything that fitted my niche The only reason I picked this up was because it has the same name as another book I my shelf I just thought I was a different cover.The reviews were mostly favourable, in fact I recall one of them calling this book the Scandinavian version of the craft sigh I loved that movie This books was then that thoug [...]

  16. 3.5Es un libro entretenido, con varios giros que me dejaron el corazon en la boca, me hubiera gustado un final un poco diferente con respecto a dos de las protagonistas pero si lo digo seria spoiler y a la vez no delirios mios

  17. I was totally sucked in from the first page The characterization of the girls in the Circle is so clear and vivid I was trying to describe it as being sort of like Buffy the Vampire slayer, but realistic, without vampires, and set in Sweden But that undersells the book.

  18. Jag vet inte varf r jag l tit den h r serien st ol st i bokhyllan under s m nga r Helt fantastiskt sp nnande bok med s m nga bra karakt rer som f r mig att vilja kasta mig ver bok tv.

  19. My Summary In a little town surrounded by trees, six teenaged girls begin to experience strange phenomena Terrified and confused after the death of a fellow classmate, the six are drawn to an abandoned fairground on the night of a red moon There they are told that they are witches members of a circle Each has their own unique power, and it is their job to utilize their power and stop whatever is killing their friends.But the girls don t take this warning seriously, choosing instead to ignore wha [...]

  20. lskade boken, k nde igen mig i m nga av karakt rerna och deras tankar och personliga problem, gillade framf rallt Minoo.

  21. I loved this book, so I can t wait till I will have time off from work to write a review for this amazing story.

  22. Review in Norwegian, as I read it in Norwegian.3.5 5Denne boka har tatt meg en stund lese, men ikke fordi den er d rlig Det har rett og slett bare skjedd mye i hverdagen som har kommet i veien SIRKELEN har st tt i hylla mi en stund, og f r det hadde jeg lyst til lese den en stund N har jeg endelig kommet meg gjennom den, og jeg gleder meg til sl kloa i neste bok Spr ket er ok Det har en god flyt for det meste selvom det var noen steder det bar preg av v re oversatt, selvom det var fra Svensk.Jeg [...]

  23. May contain slight spoilersVER I was immediately drawn to the cover It s different from any other cover I ve seen in a while It s beautiful and interesting and it got me very excited to dive into the book.5 5PLOT I think the premise of the novel is great I love the witchy feel, especially considering it s a little darker than most of the supernatural novels circulating around In a way, it s really gritty and dirty and sloppy but it still remains tasteful and realistic I really liked that part of [...]