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The Company of Women

The Company of Women The Company of Women Best Read || [Khushwant Singh] - The Company of Women, The Company of Women Meet Mohan Kumar He is academically brilliant and quite a catch Unfortunately though his insane sex drive is the plague of his life Of course Mohan would disagree but he enjoys every minute of sati

  • Title: The Company of Women
  • Author: Khushwant Singh
  • ISBN: 9780140290479
  • Page: 450
  • Format: Paperback

The Company of Women Best Read || [Khushwant Singh], The Company of Women Best Read || [Khushwant Singh], The Company of Women, Khushwant Singh, The Company of Women Meet Mohan Kumar He is academically brilliant and quite a catch Unfortunately though his insane sex drive is the plague of his life Of course Mohan would disagree but he enjoys every minute of satiating his libido The Company of Women is the story of a man s sexual exploits and how it defines his life As a young academic he is sent abroad to study and thus beginsMeet Moh. The Company of Women Best Read || [Khushwant Singh] - The Company of Women, The Company of Women Meet Mohan Kumar He is academically brilliant and quite a catch Unfortunately though his insane sex drive is the plague of his life Of course Mohan would disagree but he enjoys every minute of sati

  • The Company of Women Best Read || [Khushwant Singh]
    450Khushwant Singh
The Company of Women

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  1. Khushwant Singh, Punjabi , Hindi born on 2 February 1915 in Hadali, British India, now a part of Punjab, Pakistan, was a prominent Indian novelist and journalist Singh s weekly column, With Malice towards One and All , carried by several Indian newspapers, was among the most widely read columns in the country.An important post colonial novelist writing in English, Singh is best known for his trenchant secularism, his humor, and an abiding love of poetry His comparisons of social and behavioral characteristics of Westerners and Indians are laced with acid wit.

  2. In many other reviews, this book is considered as erotica I disagree I found this book a discourse on the perils of male loneliness, the need for connections companionship The book is also a reflection on how Indian society treats a divorced man what women are capable of desire behind closed doors He develops each of his characters fully makes you vested in each of their journeys By the end of the novel, I felt that I understood Mohan Kumar, his desolation, how temporary pleasures still didn t m [...]

  3. Khushwant Singh is rich and famous I m not sure why because this book was nothing than a wet dream of an old man with a small penis.I lost count of the number of times he mentioned how big his dick is and we all know what that means It s like someone continually telling you that they have a great sense of humour I was given this book by a girl who told me It is NOT an instruction manual It definitely isn t, but it does, however, give an insight into Indian culture and particularly marriage and [...]

  4. Well, the company of women wasn t that enjoyable.I read this book pushing aside all better reads just to satisfy my morbid curiosity Story of Mohan , a recently separated man, with a than healthy sexual drive who is in a constant quest to prey upon wrong word, as the women too wee equally guilty here different women Part one is his escapades after separation, and part 2 in the form of his diary regarding his conquests starting at an early age.On the whole it was insipid The women involved were [...]

  5. I wanted to read a Khushwant Singh book since a long time Since Train to Pakistan seemed quite heavy, I decided to start with what I thought to be a light read to get to know his style And well, I did not like this book at all I knew the book was about a man s sexual escapades, or in his words the company of women he had But the way it is penned is not exactly what I had in my mind The book goes on from his failed arranged marriage to his reminiscence of the various women he had sex with, when i [...]

  6. this book was one exciting adventure for sure its strange and rather sad how a failed marriage can lead to such emptiness so much so that a person is driven to going to such great lengths simply to fill up the void this book simply reiterates my belief that materialistic considerations for marriage is an invariable recipe for disaster mohan kumar wasn t exactly the sort to cheat unless pushed to it sonu s character my dear friends.or should i say, fellow members of the fairer sex should tell you [...]

  7. So it happened, I only bought the book as I am a Khushwant Singh fan of 10 years in my life of a little than 2 decades The storyline was gripping and the book was readable enough, but it was just not one of those that leave you thinking about the plot for long after you have finished it or for that matter even when you re reading it It is a book to be read without much thought I won t go to say anything against the author, as everybody knows he is bold and cares little for the judgement of othe [...]

  8. The Company of Women was a fairly entertaining read and a really breezy one Written in Khushwant Singh s simple, to the point and lucid style The Company of Women despite lacking in serious content and despite for a greater part reading like erotica does manage to evoke some emotion, thought and contemplation It does not match Singh s earlier much celebrated works like A Train to Pakistan and Delhi in either substance or scale but tells a tale that is much intimate and close to our lives in thi [...]

  9. I read a few reviews of this book and I understand that I might be among a handful of people who liked this book I particularly liked the bold writing style of Mr Singh He is a no nonsense kind of an author I liked every bit of this book Apart from being a memoir of a womanizer, this book has showed the true face of Indian society Especially on marriage Unfortunately, in India, matches are based on factors which should be secondary It is quite often that the girl and the girl s family look out f [...]

  10. Despite the author s disclaimer that this is nothing but the fantasies of an octogenarian, this book is definitely not worth our time Each chapter or woman goes through the same set of events which includes an appreciation of the protagonist s enormous manhood , which gets depressingly boring after the tenth page Kushwant Singh calls this book a set of his senile fantasies and they are exactly what he says they are There s nothing here, neither the eroticism of his other encounters nor any world [...]

  11. I m experiencing ambivalency Well, yes it s erotic And it tackles the muddiness of the concept of love and lust, and of sex as a basic instinct.

  12. Khushwant Singh is one of my favourite authors However , the candidness , disarming honesty and effortless humor of his , of which I am a fan , I found faded here The erotica , which should have been the highpoint here , leaves you high and dried up pun intended after the sexual tension which one anticipates purely on the promise of Singh s writing The erotic scenes are blatantly repetitive and very few and far in between Singh bores you with insipid details of his household life and mundane , p [...]

  13. The Company of Women Not exactly a title that we expect from an eighty five year old author, Khushwant Singh It piqued my curiosity to read the amorous creativity of an old man or at least that s the excuse I gave myself for picking up this book from my shelf The narration was simple and lucid, detailing the sex life of the protagonist without describing it, passing sarcastic snide here and there clearly establishing that it far from porn Though I had my smiles at his very subtle references, I w [...]

  14. My first Khushwant Singh book 3.5 Stars I heard a lot about this author and lastly decided to give one of his books a try.As it is said, majority of his works revolves around sex controversy So yes, this book do involves loads of it.This is a story of a rich and handsome Indian guy named Mohan Kumar who owns a male organ big enough to surprize all his female partners Which make them saying you have the biggest, I have ever seen , I had the greatest sex of my life and so onMohan Kumar is a son of [...]

  15. The company of womenAs always Kushwant singh s prose brilliant, entraining and enlightening The Company of Women

  16. I got my reading habits from my mother, she loved to read at a time in her life But then her family became a priority and she moved over books So when she saw a copy of The Company of Women by Khushwant Singh, she warned me that it s not going to be a good read And as always, greed to read hampered my judgement I ignored her warning and experience in judging a good book and started reading it.Recently divorced, Mohan Kumar puts up an advertisement in all India dailies for applications to seek a [...]

  17. This book is the sexual fantasies of an octogenarian.The book starts with the divorce of Mohan Kumar, a father of two,a millionaire in his early forties,with his wife Since he was very active in his sex life, he could control his urge for the bodily needs He advertised in the dailies for a suitable companion to live with him with no strings attached.He started living with many women in his house, for short span of time, with each woman He somewhat started to like each person who he had started t [...]

  18. Khushwant Singh, one of India s most well known and widely read authors, commenced writing The Company of Women when he was eighty three and finished at age eighty five The octogenarian writer has declared as a man gets older, his sex instincts travel from his middle to his head Khushwant Singh loves to shock Oh boy That ll be an understatement of sorts I remember reading a statement by Pritish Nandy something to the effect if he KS hadn t spent than half his time in partying and drinking scotc [...]

  19. I have just one sentence for this book Shittily pathetic piece of a dysfunctional lingum dick in other words What utter nonsense and such a waste of time Khushwant Singh is renowned and respected If for this, then I am glad to have not read his other works.Forget about the writing style which resembles that of any sixth grade student, trying to write a really classic piece of essay on a very complicated subject I really cannot understand the hypocrite mind of Indian writers who want to write on [...]

  20. I stumbled upon this book when I was surfing through an online shopping website to order some books I have always been a great fan of Late Khushwant Singh and I write this review out of the respect I have for him My first introduction with him happened when I was in my third grade and I bought a book on jokes written by him unadulterated and went ahead to gift it to my class teacher without reading it I don t know whether she would remember me but I am sure I might have made an impression on her [...]

  21. ClassicWhen you start admiring Mr Kumar for his romantic adventure, you start sympathizing him at end Kushwanth Singh brilliantly narrated the story with two different point of views

  22. My second book after Delhi Kushwant Singh says he wrote this book between his age of eighty three and eighty five Octogenarian or not, the man has a superb penchant for erotica and a style of writing that is not only on the face, but makes the reader think.The story of Mohan might seem adulterous and Quite a few might dismiss his writing as pure erotica, but beyond the erotica,is a story which questions the basis of a human beings societal existence the eternal conflict between lust and love, wh [...]

  23. All icing no cake.You know a really, really, bad Salman Khan movie You will enjoy it, because Salman Khan has that charm on screen to keep you engaged, but you ll come home thinking, What the hell did I just see Well, this is the book version of that.Khushwant Singh wrote it at the age of 80 He was already a rich and celebrated writer I assume he must have thought, I can write anything, some one will publish it Some one will read it I assume so because he wrote in the Introduction that this idea [...]

  24. Although I HAVE read several books that can be classified as rather risque from all angles , this so called erotica, failed to thrill me forget about titillation It acts as a good book as long as you try to read it as a literary effort to describe honestly what goes inside the mind of a middle aged, lonely, and abandoned man No, I am not sympathising with the protagonist of this novel But this book really didn t work.

  25. The book is an absolute horror considering how well Khushwant Singh writes The characters are weakly constructed and I seriously don t understand why it was called a triumph The Novel is full of cliches and there is not one sex encounter that would go without the woman praising the thing of this guy The later half was tolerable enough to get me through it.

  26. A wet dream of an old guy with a small dick I mean, come on, it got both sad and hilarious at the same as in every repetitious sex scene each complemented on the size of the main character s penis, calling it names you hear used only in porn films

  27. This book is just terrible I just did not like his style of writing Such a boring book It has no substance at all I wonder how someone just took it up for printing and publishing it Avoid if you can