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A Tale of Two Goblins

A Tale of Two Goblins [PDF] A Tale of Two Goblins | by ☆ H.P. Mallory - A Tale of Two Goblins, A Tale of Two Goblins From New York Times And USA Today Bestselling Urban Fantasy Romance Author HP Mallory Comes The Dulcie O Neil Series H P Mallory has a quick wit a fresh voice and a clever way with words If you li

  • Title: A Tale of Two Goblins
  • Author: H.P. Mallory
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 201
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] A Tale of Two Goblins | by ☆ H.P. Mallory, [PDF] A Tale of Two Goblins | by ☆ H.P. Mallory, A Tale of Two Goblins, H.P. Mallory, A Tale of Two Goblins From New York Times And USA Today Bestselling Urban Fantasy Romance Author HP Mallory Comes The Dulcie O Neil Series H P Mallory has a quick wit a fresh voice and a clever way with words If you like Charlaine Harris you ll love H P Mallory Larissa Ione New York Times Bestselling Urban Fantasy AuthorIf you like your books steamy this is an adult fantasy romanFrom New Yor. [PDF] A Tale of Two Goblins | by ☆ H.P. Mallory - A Tale of Two Goblins, A Tale of Two Goblins From New York Times And USA Today Bestselling Urban Fantasy Romance Author HP Mallory Comes The Dulcie O Neil Series H P Mallory has a quick wit a fresh voice and a clever way with words If you li

  • [PDF] A Tale of Two Goblins | by ☆ H.P. Mallory
    201H.P. Mallory
A Tale of Two Goblins

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  1. I m a huge fan of anything paranormal and I always have been I get super excited whenever they have those Twilight Zone Marathon days and anything ghost or vampire related will always attract my attention.My interests are varied but aside from writing, I m most excited about traveling I m extremely fortunate to have been able to live in England and Scotland, both places really having a profound effect on my books.Thanks for checking out my books and I hope you enjoy them Happy Haunting H.P.

  2. A Tale of Two Goblins was a delightful surprise and a great read The spunky, independent fairy is back and better then ever.There is a Dreamstalker going after people that are connected to Dulcie, causing them to drop into a coma and eventually die, but when Dulcie s best friend Sam falls victim the stakes are raised even higher Teaming up with the sexy Knight once again it s a race against time while things start to heat up in other matters, and not just because he is a Loki The first half of t [...]

  3. ugh can this story line get even frustrating Would they just do it and all these men around her how can a girl get so lucky

  4. Quick Take Dulcie does it again This installment delivered on every promise made by its predecessor it was above all fun, engaging, and charming.Review I was so excited to pick up and read the second book in the Dulcie O Neil series by H.P Mallory, having enjoyed the first one so much As with book one, the cast is the big draw Technically, there aren t that many figures to keep track of which is fine by me It means face time for the fab five Dulcie, Knight, Trey, Sam, and Dia _ Dulcie in partic [...]

  5. The Dulcie O Neil series has quickly won me over I love the fun, light hearted feel to the books Yes, the characters face dark creatures, and fight bad guys, but there is plenty of humor and all around great entertainment The main characters are back in action, from Dulcie, Knight, Bram, even Quillan I did miss Sam a bit, though, as she spent most of the book a victim of the Dreamstalker However, Dulcie faced the villains head on and went to deep, dark depths out of loyalty for her friend That f [...]

  6. Dulcie O neil is the ultimate Mary Sue of characters This book has its moments it really does but I see much telling than showing and it gets tiresome Dulcie gets drooled over and either almost raped or forcefully made out with by literally every single hot dude in the story The reader is told many times throughout the story that Dulcie Is So Amazing, but she makes rookie, dangerous moves and it s not apparent by Dulcie s actions what, exactly, makes her The Best Cop Ever I really wanted to lik [...]

  7. Just when you think her books can t possibly get any betterH.P Mallory proves you wrong A Tale of Two Goblins has an extra pinch of fairy dust that makes it that special than the first book There s action, mystery and romance, along with the side splitting humor that is H.P Mallory s trademark If you re a lover of the paranormal and want a lighter and fun read without stepping away from the genre, look no further and definitely check out this series Read my full review here romancingthedarksid [...]

  8. SPOILERS for To Kill A Warlock Dulcie O Neil 1 A Tale of Two Goblins gets us back in the action with the much loved fairy Dulcie O Neil At the end of To Kill A Warlock she left A.N.S Association for Netherworld Creatures because of the outcome of the last case she was working on Quill Shame on you She agreed to the role of consultant when A.N.S needs her Hopefully this will give her time to deal with the emotional backlash triggered by the events of book 1 It also means time to work on her nove [...]

  9. Originally published at kimheniadisHaving enjoyed the first one so much, I was disappointed by the second It was an okay read, but not as good I kept putting off writing this review because I wasn t exactly sure why I didn t enjoy this one as much After letting the thoughts percolate for a couple of weeks, I ve come to realize it s three different things.The first reason is the love interest, or actually the lack of love interests In the first book, there were three, and some could even say four [...]

  10. This is the second in Mallory s Dulcie O Neil series with vampires, werewolves, goblins, loki, witches, fairies, elves populating the streets of Splendor, CA along with the humans and a new threat causing people from Dulcie s past and present to fall into a coma for days before dying.The chemistry between Dulcie and the three males who want her is off the charts Bram, Knight, Sam, Trey are back helping Dulcie with this latest case Quill even makes an appearance.Bram is celebrating his 300th birt [...]

  11. Well now I ve gone from like to love over the space of two books I liked the plot for book one, but I loved the plot book two It wasn t that it was better written either because the standard was already high, but it was just interesting because it had such devastating repercussions for Duclie s personal life I also loved the new characters that were introduced Dea, for example, was a nice surprise I d grown quite attached to her by the end I hope she s a regular feature from now on And getting [...]

  12. H.P Mallory has struck Urban Fantasy Paranormal Romance Gold She has combined mystery, romance, supernatural creatures, thrown in a heaping spoonful of humor and 3 big hunks of burning alpha male Put this all in a book and shake you get a story that sings to me Let s get the formalities out of the way The story is told in the first person POV Dulcie is a fun smart mouth heroine and I don t think I will ever get tired of being inside her head All the secondary characters are quirky and well devel [...]

  13. I must say that the covers of these books are fantastic as is the protagonist, smart and beautiful, a woman who can do magic but prefers to rely on itself and on the strength of his will and his ability to defend and investigate Dulcie wants to be a writer and also writes a book about pirates, but I ll have to pull the mouth because paranormal romance, you do not find that ironic But the thing I like is the story, but interesting, exciting, being actively involved from the first page and then bo [...]

  14. It s official, I am enjoying this series Dulce is just too entertaining for her own good She is a loyal friend, a badass fighter and apparently a really hot girl.The book starts with Knight bringing Dulce on to a Dreamstalker case What follows is Dulce finding herself in situation after situation, all with varying levels of hilarity, sadness and exhilaration The author takes her heroine to places in this book that truly surprised me Even with its light tone, this book has dark points and Dulcie [...]

  15. I loved it as much as I loved the first book in this series H.P Mallory is definitely in my top 5 of favorite authors.A Tale of Two Goblins is a fabulous book and the story really sucked me in.After I finished it, I immediately bought and downloaded the next book in the series so I could keep reading about Dulcie O Neil and her entourage.

  16. I am obsessed with this series The first book started off a little slow for me, but afterwards I literally could not put these books now H.P Mallory just has a way with words In A Tale of Two Goblins, Dulcie and friends must fight off an unknown and unseen enemy This creature is a dreamstalker that seems to be attacking all of Dulcie s known acquaintances, even some that she doesn t necessarily remember from recent events The killer invades their victim s dreams and attacks from within their own [...]

  17. Dulcie has just finished her first novel and sent it off when she is contacted by the ANC, Association of Netherworld Creatures, police agency where she used to work, to assist on a difficult case Knight, her former boss, wants her because it looks like many of the victims are people associated with her They have been put into a coma by a Dreamsnatcher and one victim has already died All known dream snatchers are in prison so this is a mystery Then Dulcie s best friend, Sam, is put in a coma and [...]

  18. This series makes me grateful for my KU account The series is SO BAD it s like a train wreck you can t look away from Fortunately for the Author I ve spent countless hours on planes, trains and automobiles in the last few days and needed something that wouldn t distract me from everything else going on Where do I start The heroine, Dulcie is some piece of work I thoroughly dislike her, I hate how she thinks she s the best at everything, I hate how she never listens to anyone around her, I hate h [...]

  19. Fantastic and funFun characters, emotional pull, surprise, smiles, and even bittersweet It s got it all and I m going to read the whole series Oh and that illustration for the cover is beautiful, great job all around.

  20. A Tale of Two Goblins by H.P Mallory presents me with quite a dilemma How to classify these Some call the series urban fantasy I hate that genre by the way a lot of the stuff lumped in there was PNR, and nice and steamy PNR at that, until this new urban fantasy classification came along and spoiled all that good fun and turned off the hot water Like the stories and authors are too good for those scenes I blame Fifty Shades of Crap for that good authors don t want their stuff thought of as the sa [...]

  21. Review originally posted on ParomantasyAction packed, edge of your seat, heart racing, laugh inducing, mystery solving, tear jerking, sexually charged page turner of a read To sum it up This book has it all, and then some Just when you think H.P Mallory s books couldn t possibly get any better, she writes the next installment to the series and manages to do the impossible to one up a previous book that was thought of as un upable Yes, it s not a word, but this book deserves one of my famous port [...]

  22. I got a copy of this book through Bookish Snob Promotions as part of A Tale of Two Goblins blog tour I read the first book in this series, To Kill a Warlock, and really enjoyed it I have also read Mallory s Jolie Wilkins series and enjoyed that as well This book was another fun read it is focused around a mystery and Dulcie s snarky sense of humor really keeps things moving.Dulcie has finally finished the romance novel she was writing and is working on writing her second book She is no longer pa [...]

  23. Wasn t totally impressed by this book either Like I said in the review of the first book, I want details, explanations of this world Still entertaining and a solid 3 star book.WARNING Contains spoilers from the first book so don t read on if you haven t read the first book Dulce now has a lot of free time on her hands, without being a regulator at the ANC to keep her busy Thankfully that gives her time to finish her book, but unfortunately that means dipping into her savings to cover the rent [...]

  24. Hm Yikes At the start of the book Dulcie s determination to keep Knight at arm s length for what seemed like just because reasons was really annoying I couldn t hang with the excuses about her ex, it didn t fit it felt like just that, a stupid excuse Her whole resistance felt like a plot device that served no real purpose, especially considering the ridiculous jealousy thing she had going on every time Knight sneezed in the direction of another woman Knight s hitting on Dulcie and being super ve [...]

  25. A Tale of Two Goblins is the second book in the Dulcie O Neill series In A Tale of Two Goblins , Dulcie finds herself going up against a dreamstalker, a creature who infiltrates his victims sleep in order to kill them, who has targeted Dulcie through her friends and acquaintances from her childhood With her best friend being the latest victim to be targeted, Dulcie takes it upon herself to fight the dreamstalker one on one on his turf Placing herself into deep sleep, Dulcie comes face to face wi [...]

  26. Another excellent book by H.P Mallory and a great sequel in the Dulcie O Neil series I really do enjoy the grittiness of this series The language that is used, the stories that are told, the seedy underbelly of crime Dulcie may be a Fairy but she is one bad ass Fairy that can kick your butt if needed The characters have flaws and are not perfect and it is nice to see those cracks in the surface every now and again H.P has found a way to blend all of the above with just enough sexual tension and [...]

  27. This is H.P Mallory s 2nd book in the Dulcie O Neil series It is just as fantastic as the first book, To Kill A Warlock As noted above, the evil baddy in this book stalks several people associated with her, from second grade classmates to the landlady from whom her mother rented her house But when it attacks her bestie, Sam, Dulcie is determined, come Hades or high water, to take this creature down She has her vamp bud, Bram, take her to a seedy part of town and to meet a familiar face now invol [...]

  28. In this exciting sequel, former fairy cop Dulcie O Neil, who is now a consultant instead of full time work, has to deal with something she s never tackled before a Dreamstalker, which is a creature that sends it s victims into comas and later comes back to kill them in their sleep Once again, she is paired up with Knightly Vander, her former boss, whom she is desperately trying to suppress her feelings for But when the Dreamstalker claims her best friend, it s a race against time to get the Drea [...]

  29. Wasn t completely blown away by this, but it did pick up towards the end This time, a creature s gone too far by attacking Sam, Dulcie s best friend Not to mention a few others with past ties to her Although initially they believe it s a dreamstalker, they learn that its like a close imitation But with no way of knowing how to fight it, death is coming closer and Dulcie will do anything to save Sam.Including going to Bram in order to find Quinn Finding her wanted ex boss brings back her guilt, [...]

  30. Dulcie O Neil is back again, and this time a Dreamstalker is after her and have been killing off everyone connected to her Dulcie O Neil is a very interesting character filled with pure humor and kick assery if thats even a word She has her positive side, as well as her negative side, which includes the giant wall she built to shield herself from the evilness that we all call men Throughout the book Dulcie is constantly turning down men who likes her, even if she likes them back Her attitude tow [...]