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The Deep End Of The Ocean

The Deep End Of The Ocean ↠ The Deep End Of The Ocean ☆ Jacquelyn Mitchard - The Deep End Of The Ocean, The Deep End Of The Ocean Few first novels receive the kind of attention and acclaim showered on this powerful story a nationwide bestseller a critical success and the first title chosen for Oprah s Book Club Both highly sus

  • Title: The Deep End Of The Ocean
  • Author: Jacquelyn Mitchard
  • ISBN: 9780006499091
  • Page: 350
  • Format: Paperback

↠ The Deep End Of The Ocean ☆ Jacquelyn Mitchard, ↠ The Deep End Of The Ocean ☆ Jacquelyn Mitchard, The Deep End Of The Ocean, Jacquelyn Mitchard, The Deep End Of The Ocean Few first novels receive the kind of attention and acclaim showered on this powerful story a nationwide bestseller a critical success and the first title chosen for Oprah s Book Club Both highly suspenseful and deeply moving The Deep End of the Ocean imagines every mother s worst nightmare the disappearance of a child as it explores a family s struggle to endure evenF. ↠ The Deep End Of The Ocean ☆ Jacquelyn Mitchard - The Deep End Of The Ocean, The Deep End Of The Ocean Few first novels receive the kind of attention and acclaim showered on this powerful story a nationwide bestseller a critical success and the first title chosen for Oprah s Book Club Both highly sus

  • ↠ The Deep End Of The Ocean ☆ Jacquelyn Mitchard
    350Jacquelyn Mitchard
The Deep End Of The Ocean

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  1. Jacquelyn Mitchard s first novel, The Deep End of the Ocean, was named by USA Today as one of the ten most influential books of the past 25 years second only to the Harry Potter series by J.K Rowling but second by a long shot, it must be said The Deep End of the Ocean was chosen as the first novel in the book club made famous by the TV host Oprah Winfrey, and transformed into a feature film produced by and starring Michelle Pfeiffer.All of Mitchard s novels have been greater or lesser bestsellers and include The Most Wanted, A Theory of Relativity, Twelve Times Blessed, The Breakdown Lane and Cage of Stars Critics have praised them for their authentic humanity and skilful command of story Readers identify because they see reflected, in her characters however extreme their circumstances emotions they already understand.Mitchard s first story of adventure and her eighth novel of realistic contemporary fiction is Still Summer August, 2007 In the same month, the paperback version of her most critically acclaimed novel, Cage of Stars August 2007 , appears from Warner Books.Mitchard also has embarked on four novels for young adults The first, Now You See Her, from HarperTeen, is the story of a pampered, driven young actress who fakes her own abduction Next spring, also from HarperTeen, All We Know of Heaven will tell the story of lifetime best friends Bridget and Maureen, who are just sixteen when a fatal crash on an icy road and a poignant case of mistaken identity divide their small Minnesota town forever.Now You See Her also is the first novel made visible, in a short series of beginning episodes on the Internet site YouTube, where actress Lauren Collins Peterson appears in several vlogs or video blogs as the fictional Hope Shay.In summer, 2008, The Midnight Twins, first in a trilogy of teen mysteries about identical twin sisters born on New Year s Eve one a minute before and a minute after midnight appears Meredith and Mallory Brynn learn on the night they turn thirteen that their psychic abilities will force them to intervene in dire events, although one twin can see only the future and one can see only the past.Meanwhile, Mitchard is completing her next adult novel and continues as a contributing editor for the Disney parenting magazine Wondertime, as well writing pieces for More, Parade and Real Simple, among other magazines Her syndicated column for Tribune Media appears in newspapers around the nation.At the local coffee shop, Mitchard is best known as the mother of Rob, Dan, Marty, Francie, Mia, Will and Atticus and she can repeat those names in sequence in the space of two seconds the wife of handsome Chris Brent and the best pal of the extremely photogenic mutt, Hobbes.They divide their time between a big Italianate house built by Mitchard s husband on Story Hill in south central Wisconsin and a villa on the Amalfi Coast well, one can dream Her favorite color is periwinkle blue her favorite holiday is Halloween her favorite flower is freesia her favorite word is smite, and her second favorite is Massachusetts her lucky number is 119 anyone who can guess where that comes from wins a pair of startlingly cool earrings or a University of Wisconsin ball cap Her favorite place on earth is Cape Cod where, very unlike the writer Isak Dinesen in Nairobi she owned a home for ten years, and does believe the shadows in the driveway remember her shape.Her pet peeves are PhDs who cannot and will not learn the difference between lie and lay and family signs pluralized with apostrophes She still hopes that Dick Wolf can find it in his heart to let her appear on just ONE episode of any incarnation of Law and Order, as has everyone else in America She still is willing to play the role of a murder victim except one found by earth moving equipment in a landfill though she wou

  2. It s been a while since I first read this but I read it on a trip to visit my mother, finished it at her house and flung it across the room I left it behind and she read it and called me to berate me for leaving it for her to read So count this as TWO negative reviews The climax happens about halfway through the book and then the next 200 or so pages are padding that you end up hating yourself for reading.

  3. 1.5 starsI usually compare the book to its film, and almost always the book wins Not this time NOPE.I ve watched the film tons of times, and I loved it, and I cry every single time With the book, only a couple of tears And I adore the characters.The characters here were unlikable, specially Beth Cappadora, the mother I didn t like her from the start As for the rest, I only liked Vincent Reese a little I get that all of them were really affected and damaged when tragedy striked, but most were jus [...]

  4. 4.5 starsI actually read this book 15 years ago when I was pregnant with my daughter It has stayed with me all these years I thought it was a great book Depressing and sad given the subject but very well written and easy to read I read it very quickly over a couple of days.

  5. just can t read it hits too close to home for me as a mom a three year old is kidnapped I had to read the ending to see if the kid is ever found alive I tried skimming a few pages, but when I got to the part where they had to identify a small child in the morgue, I put the book down I just can t do itah, I m a puss.

  6. This book relies heavily on coincidence, which is usually a sign of bad writing In this case, however, the coincidence is of a result of a what if question, rather than a how can I loop this all together scenario I think its an interesting idea, what happens when the little boy is found, but the bad guys feel like the good guys and the good guys don t feel like anything One thing that struck me about this book was how self centered the main character was I can t comprehend what she went through [...]

  7. The kid is found and he s fine That s not a spoiler you can read it on the jacket However, I had to skip to the second half to see for myself, and I read in other reviews that other people did, too I really didn t want to be reading a book about a child being kidnapped and killed or abused And that s not what it was at all, so rest assured.The first half of the book is about what happens with a family when their middle child, a three year old, is kidnapped The second half is about what happens w [...]

  8. This is quite possibly one of the worst books I have ever read It was artistically abysmal and I would not have finished it if it weren t for the library book club I read it for The characters particularly the parents are thin and unlikeable characters The plot left unpleasantly dangling threads in several places where the author would take us to a location or revelation and then stop talking about it including a pointless affair that did not contribute to the overall plot in any way It was the [...]

  9. I ve read and reread this book a thousand times over I get lost in the sorrow I feel for this family Everytime I read this story I feel differently about the choices this family makes I don t have children so it is hard to imagine the heart break of having one kidnapped I think it is impossible to not get attached to these characters.

  10. Wes book review Deep End of the Ocean 2.5 stars Meh, what a mixed bag This book was a great idea that could have been executed much better by another writer with experience in my opinion This was the author s debut novel and I think it showed While it was a quick page turner, one is left feeling a little cheated by what could have been an absolutely stunning novel in the hands of someone with control over their craft PROS 1 Great idea and initial plot development A 3 year old child is kidnappe [...]

  11. The story of a family in the wake of a tragedy When Ben, a three year old boy, disappears in a crowded hotel lobby, his family begins to slowly come apart Nine years later, the boy is miraculously found and restored to the family, safe and unhurt Unfortunately, it is not the happy homecoming everyone wanted Ben does not remember his birth family To him, the Cappadoras are rank strangers he is forced to live with while the father who raised him lives right down the street The pain of all concerne [...]

  12. The Deep End of the Ocean is one of the closest books out there to capturing the harrowing story of a child s disappearance into thin air, but this book doesn t tell the story of the child It focuses on the child s family, their grief and confusion and guilt, and ultimately their journey through the process.

  13. What a depressing book I could actually say I have a lot in common with this book being 1 a bereaved parent although my child died, he did not disappear 2 being an adopted child who found and contacted the birth family as an adult and made an effort to fit into that family and have two families I ve been a quasi member of the birth family for years now, very quasi.Three year old Ben, youngest member of a large Italian family from his father s side and Irish family from his mother s side, disappe [...]

  14. I saw the movie, starring Michelle Pfeiffer, years ago and always had in the back of my mind that I d like to read the book I m glad I did Jacquelyn Mitchard did a masterful job writing this book The characters are rich, complex and fully developed The plot has plenty of twists and turns to keep you guessing And not everything gets explained or tied up in a neat bow much like life The first two sections of the story are told from a single point of view and the rest of the book alternates between [...]

  15. Paperback 464 pagesPublisher Penguin Non Classics October 1, 1999 Language EnglishMy Rating 5This book for me was beautiful and scary Imagine losing your child.e horror of it It can ruin happy families apart, it can ruin marriagesThis is what the book is about ,how the disappearance of a child completely changes the family dynamics and the lasting psychological impact of it.This one is quite a tearjerker I myself wept quite a bit while reading it However I have to say I found myself disliking th [...]

  16. To be honest, I put this book down so many times in the past I just couldn t go through with it It somehow didn t seem to capture my interest I choose this book because I m a big fan of emotion evoking books, I just love them However, as I kept on reading, Beth seemed to actually annoy me rather than gain my sympathy Beth was so self centered and self absorbed that she couldn t see that anyone else was suffering beside her I decided that I really didn t like her when she was so cold toward her o [...]

  17. Well, obviously I did not like it The abstract is that a three year old boy child vanishes, while in the care of his mother and watched by his seven year old brother Family torn apart, police search, ect ect Nine years later the boy is found by accident This is a scenario that should make for a great book, how could all those dynamic elements go wrong Here s how The literary style is very poor so much so that the subject matter is obscured by the sickly sentimental and poorly edited writing Afte [...]

  18. RSD CRPS is a painful and horribly bizarre disorder Those effected by it, such as myself, face numerous sensory challenges everything from misfiring of nerves to audible filter failures to muscle atrophy and And it is highly amplified via stress good stressors or bad, the outcome can be equally debilitating When reading a book with extreme palatable suspense or adrenalin evoking action or content, I have to decide whether or not such a book the story, characters, potential for gaining understan [...]

  19. THE DEEP END of the OCEAN by Jacquelyn MitchardI decided to read this book because it was recommended by my mum as i didn t know what to read for my book reports.The category i chose for this book is A book with a female main character This was interesting because the female main character was the mother of Ben the boy who went missing in this book and it showed us the pain she had for losing her son and how her family got torn apart.My favourite quote from the book is Where s Ben because it was [...]

  20. I m traumatized Child gets kidnapped Family completely falls apart remaining kids are neglected Everyone is messed up and struggling to live day by day Fast forward a bunch of years Older kidnapped kid is found taken from his not really family He doesn t fit in with his real family and everyone is tragically messed up They work a few things out, but everyone is emotionally scarred and yes, messed up for life What the heck Oprah likes her book club to be super duper sad All the time.

  21. Oprah s Book Club A mother s 3 year old son was kidnapped while her back was turned checking into a hotel I related most with the brother that didn t watch his brother like the mother asked This was the subplot that held the book together The mother recognizes her lost son 9 years later mowing lawns He was innocent in the whole thing and it was sad for him to have two families and to feel torn between having to choose between them.

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  23. I have always been a fan of the books Oprah has recommended on her book club It all began in 2001 I think and since then I have read some of the old ones recommended by her and some of the old ones So I have decided to read all the books chosen by her one after the other What better place to start than the very beginning, isn t it The beginning came in the form of a dark, depressing and quite a hopeful book called, The Deep End of the Ocean by Jacquelyn Mitchard When you read it, you cannot beli [...]

  24. This book is about a kidnapping It is told from the mother s point of view and the kidnapped child s brother The characters really weren t that developed and for me to notice that is saying something The plot was predictable and I didn t even like the parents in the story, so I wasn t rooting for them I only finished the book because I was hoping that something great would happen It didn t.

  25. I enjoyed this book It is a story about a family who lose a child The Mother, Beth takes the children away and asks her older son who is 7, to watch her younger son who is 3 whilst she takes care of a hotel booking she is just across the lobby When she returns, Ben is gone and is nowhere to be found The book then follows the family, including extended family as they try to figure out what happened and where Ben has gone Then, 10 years later Ben re appears not a spoiler, it tells you on the back [...]

  26. As the mother of small children, I didn t think I would have the stomach for the subject matter But Mitchard is so good at slowly doling out the tidbits of info and clues, that I was compelled to keep going As the product of an Italian Irish union I found the extended families entirely relatable, and I thought the character of Candy was especially great There were times when i didn t really understand Beth s behavior If one of my kids went missing I think I would be personally turning over every [...]

  27. This book was like solving a 50 piece jigsaw puzzle, gathering all the pieces together It was really hard to wrap my head around all the characters and the central story However to my surprise, I really enjoyed the novel, it was provocative about a mother losing her absent minded son Vincent her older son left a memorable impression on me as well, although he was ignored by Beth his mother who was only concerned about Ben and his whereabouts Three three characters saved this book average rating, [...]

  28. I did not really care for this one I can t really pinpoint why Maybe it was that Beth was shallow and so empty inside and that seemed to be her before Ben was kidnapped Maybe it was that even though his brother was supposed to watch him and didn t, there was never any real attempt made to tell the brother that it was really NOT his fault MOM was the adult MOM could have held on to him while they checked into the hotel Lord knows I have done it enough with my 3 girls You just don t sit them down [...]

  29. This book was a bit depressing, but ultimately I found it well worth reading The story centers on a family dealing with the abduction of their three year old son The mother sinks into depression and fails to parent her other two children, and, overall, everyone s life deteriorates The topic may not be a real draw for some readers, but life really does throw people under the bus sometimes and their lives are forever impacted This is a well constructed story about the effects a certain tragedy had [...]

  30. Although the author obviously has talent, she has wasted little of it on this book about characters with whom audiences do not wish to identify.The mother in this book is a basket case, completely uncaring about her family, and the reader finds himself unable to sympathize with her over the loss of her son Most readers will sympathize with her husband instead he has born the brunt of her problems for years and continues to do so after she loses her son at a class reunion.I really had problems ge [...]

  31. This book was just ok The plot line was interesting but, honestly, the only character I liked was Reese Vincent Sam Ben I liked, as well, but, since we did not really get to know him too well, this was a minor interest for me I actually had a fondness for Reese That poor kid Anyone interested in psychology might find Reese and his struggles fascinating And I strongly disliked Beth For the main character that we followed in the book, that is not a good thing I also felt the book was a tad long Wh [...]